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  1. I wouldn’t call it impossible to get, but you had to be willing to either shell out an extra $50 for pulse premium or wait 9 months like I did. Still, perhaps the most attainable sdcc set in history aside from relative duds like the Netflix defenders set
  2. Yeah for all the overkill with Deadpool figures, at least they've come up with some variations that are fun and quirky (no-pants, pirate) or interesting (venompool) in addition to the more iconic costumes. feels like they are getting pretty lazy with logan.
  3. Yeah this is a super easy pass for me, oh well was hoping for another villain but you can’t win ‘em all
  4. I agree. I think a retro wave would be particularly strange since these don’t seem like characters with broad appeal like the usual retro offerings - if they are part of a wave I think a BAF model would be better. But hasbro would know better than me
  5. yeah, pretty embarrassing for Hasbro to 'award' this guy (whom i assume most of us have never heard of - shartimus he ain't) this exclusive and he promptly shows he couldn't be bothered to take 2 minutes to learn about the character he's presenting (notwithstanding that any true x-man fan would know who Wyngarde is). choose better next time, hasbro lol. oh well the reveal went viral immediately so i didn't have to watch his video anyhow.
  6. mastermind looks great, i will definitely get him. glad they included the alternate head
  7. Well in any case I have a soft spot for punks so I’ll pick her up. She kind of reminds me of Chrissie hynde from the pretenders, but with eyepatch and scar
  8. Yeah they definitely prettied her up some compared to how she is usually depicted. not that surprising i suppose
  9. someone else pointed out that the shouting head version would make a good angry Banner. too bad he doesn't have purple pants! I still like him as 'angry action figure collector', too. But he's the only one whose preorders aren't sold out on target, so i suspect he will be easy to get ahold of. I don't really understand how the hasbro team messed up the hood so badly - why have the cloak be so long that he can't stand up and have it sit properly? Why not use an approach like Cloak or Moon Knight where the hood and cape are separate. Seems like Ronan's hood/shoulder pads all over again, but worse.
  10. I kinda think it is a zero-sum game though, simply based on the economics - seems like there are very few people getting into comics simply because they are prohibitively expensive relative to other forms of entertainment, except perhaps via marvel unlimited, and i'm not sure the low subscription price there is really enough to pay creators. One reason why, as you pointed out in an earlier post, marvel increasingly recycles famous storylines to appeal to their aging fanbase. Not going to delve much into gay representation in comics, except to say it probably partially reflects both a genuine desire on marvel creator's behalf to incorporate such characters into their work, as well as a desire to avoid getting chastised on social media for lack of diversity. If we view the comics as an incubator for ideas to be used in movies/tv, i'm not sure that we can expect too many gay characters to make the leap given opposition from China and other places (including a subset of U.S. viewers). I'm not privy to numbers to the degree that i can tell whether including gay characters helps the bottom line, but i doubt it really hurts comic sales all that much and certainly including such characters is very important to LGBTQ readers, even if they only constitute a small portion of readership. And its not like the comics are running out of straight characters. also - Philadelphia is 25% gay?? i would not have guessed that. City of brotherly love, indeed
  11. The Iron Man wave is the one that makes me scratch my head - how do you charge one price for 1/2 the wave and $3 higher for the other figures in the wave? just bizarre. And yeah, a $3 price hike probably is not going to help sales of this eternals wave any... especially if the figures end up coming out months ahead of the movie like with shang-chi. especially without any comic figures or a comic BAF to help broaden the wave's appeal beyond mcu collectors. Still, hasbro's problem, not mine.
  12. Yeah even aside from preorders I would imagine many will be hunting down Disney plus and/or BOTBG during June. I just hope WG will start getting nova figures in June as well.
  13. Will definitely get Tigra. Maybe iceman. Not much interest in the rest but happy for the AoA fans
  14. all true, but still feels like they are miles better than DC, with its endless obsession with undoing and then restoring continuity, along with an increasing focus on just Batman and related characters (for comparison, i don't see Marvel focusing nearly as much on say, Spider-Man) . although not necessarily a fair comparison as it feels like disney would keep the comics division around just to generate ideas for movies/tv, whereas that concept hasn't particularly worked all that well for WB
  15. I heard they’ve been cancelling maestro preorders as well. Seems like it might be bugs in their ordering system rather than a stocking issue but hopefully they will get it straightened out soon as I’m sure it’s extremely frustrating especially as people often can’t count on local stores having these figures on their shelves
  16. Got notice from target that red skull and arcade are shipping. Hopefully this means the wave will show up in their stores soon! After all the mcu love recently it’ll be nice to get some more comic figs
  17. I had read about some people having issues so I watched the beginning of shartimus’ review to see how to assemble it correctly in other news have spotted Disney plus wave at a couple of different WM now altho I haven’t seen vision yet. One WM also still had a few HoX figs (omega x 2, cyclops, Moira). But most stores just have some of Shang-chi wave (mainly Shang, Wenwu, and iron man) and/or Peter b from spiderverse wave. Still lots of Katy’s at my local target. No sign of bring on the bad guys yet. Haven’t heard of nova hitting any WG yet anywhere, either.
  18. weird elbows aside, this seems to be one of the more well-received figures in the wave. I have him on preorder with target, we'll see if it end up shipping or if they cancel like amazon (altho maybe red skull is the one figure that hasn't been cancelled yet? i can't recall). Anyhow my kitbash of iron skull head on spiderman noir body has served me well but it will be nice to get skull in this look with a head that fits on the neck peg properly lol
  19. Yeah even if it’s only a very brief one off look in the show it’s just way more interesting and fun than what we’re getting with this figure. If this was the best they could do they probably would ve been better off skipping Loki entirely and doing another character from WV or FATWS instead... that is assuming hasbro had any choice in the matter, of course
  20. Given that the BAF was pretty expensive at that time, i was glad to get ahold of him in this wave although yes his artic is limited by today's standards. he's still an imposing figure on the shelf and i like that he came with helmet, sword, and axe. I wouldn't be against a new Ares figure but its not really a priority for me either. He may be a bit too big pitted against classic herc when that figure is released but i'm guessing with a little creativity people can make it work
  21. I half expect that one of these days we'll just see them listed on Entertainment Earth or something.
  22. Oh yeah those are going on clearance for sure. Might have been a different story if they came out closer to the movie release but they are piling up everywhere i go, especially Shang and Wenwu/Mandarin, but also the Katy exclusive. If anyone has held out this long on getting the wave i would wait for the inevitable markdown at this point.
  23. Yes I assume next year will be a different theme - at this point every year is some significant anniversary kinda wonder if the sdcc set will be infinity gauntlet related comic set. I was thinking Excalibur but if those figures don’t require tons of new tooling I could see that being an Amazon set like alpha flight
  24. That is fair. the 10th anniv line had Ronan, Crossbones, Sif, Yellowjacket, "Mandarin", Pepper Potts, Red Skull, i'm not sure if any of the others were new The 80th line had (comic) the Alpha Flight set, and on the mcu side Grandmaster, Korg, Skurge, Luis, Ghost, and Agent Carter. So really the proportion of "new" characters doesn't necessarily change dramatically - it really all depends on how you feel about the versions of previously released characters they are doing. For instance the 80th was my favorite line since we got classic versions of Hulk, Cap, Iron Man, Colossus, and Thor. I guess i'm just not as excited about the this year's new versions but not a big deal, happy for others who thrilled to get updated versions of Carol, Rescue, Cap, Tony, Thanos, etc. Kind of amazes me that they never made a Chitauri figure, though
  25. Yeah in the end we are getting 4 new characters I think? Happy, surtur, monger, Odin. But I don’t begrudge people getting improved or new versions of big name characters, it’s just not for me. I still may end up picking up some of these if they get marked down, probably Odin and surtur are my biggest wants but I can easily live without them, too haven’t crunched the numbers but it certainly feels like there were more new characters in the 10th and 80th lines (let alone the Fox movie line) but again not really all that bothered. I would say I want a golden armor Heimdall but we can see how Midas armor iron man turned out so maybe not such a great idea.
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