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  1. will definitely pick up High Evolutionary and likely Psycho Man as well. Probably my 2nd favorite set of FF costumes so i might get them, depending on what else new/different they bring to the table.
  2. Well the figures definitely look better than the digital renders; that said, i'm skipping this whole wave. Seems like that happens about once a year now (last year it was the venompool wave). No big deal in the grand scheme of things, its actually nice to get a break when hasbro's release schedule has been so fast and furious the past couple of months.
  3. I suspect these are more "keep MOC and hang on a wall display" than "pose them for ACBA pics/set up in an action figure display" since the card art is a huge part of the appeal. also of course for people looking to buy a gift for a kid (or a marvel fan in general) the $10 price point makes these a lot more enticing than $23 ML figures.
  4. heh. a "coach potato" diorama for MLs would be pretty fun. but of course hasbro would charge an arm and a leg and it would likely be easier to just buy some dollhouse furniture
  5. Seems weird that the 6-ep Loki series gets 3 figures while the 9-ep Wandavision only got 2. Especially where neither Loki nor mobius are wearing particularly toyetic costumes
  6. Yes a few months back. I found one at my local WG. From what I remember most people were saying stores were only getting 1-2 of him though, and I can’t recall if he ever went up for order on WG website. this is why people are really wondering why nova didn’t come out already (let alone Quasar)
  7. sounds pretty boring, i think i'd rather re-read Brubaker's Cap run instead. Poor Jen. hopefully it won't be too long before she's restored to her usual upbeat self. probably around or after the 1st season of her tv show, i suppose
  8. Target having a “spend $100, get $25 off” sale for today only. Not that much available on their website imo but if you are interested in AoA wave 2 you could preorder it.
  9. I’m not hating on the new sandman, I just think the BAF is better (despite the ball joint hips) and so I’ll stick with it. But I do think the comparison pics did not make the new version look good. i do wonder if people who don’t already have a sandman prefer this new figure or would rather have paid $30 for a deluxe rerelease of the BAF.
  10. welp, after this of course i walk into WM today and they had just about the whole BOTBG wave on the pegs. Only one missing was Lady D who i'm guessing will be the most popular figure in the wave as x-fans are the largest chunk of comic ML collectors imo. Since i already had Skull and Arcade i went for Scientist supreme so MODOK will have someone to bicker and scheme with. They had 4 dooms so i'm guessing he's double packed and they put out 2 cases and sold one BAF set and the other Deathstrike. Also gave in and ordered Black Tom from amazon, under $12 shipped including tax seemed like a reasonable price to add this noteworthy rogue to the villains club, even if i'd prefer him to be a bit more purple. I don't know exactly when he gained plant control powers but i do have BAF Groot as well as Groot evolution so i'm sure i could spare an arm for Tom if i felt like it.
  11. Theoretically i'd be up fo buying a frost giant figure, but my guess is with hasbro it would probably be too pricey for a cheapskate like me. maybe they'll do a frost giant BAF for the love and thunder wave, although it seems more likely they would do something like a repainted Bor or Ulik from the sdcc set a BAF and save the tooling costs for the mcu figures in the wave. this also makes me think about that D & D set hasbro made last year with the dark elf character. I guess he didn't sell well enough since we haven't heard about any additional D & D figures since. too bad.
  12. Darkstar looks good, but since i don't plan to complete Ursa Major or the Winter Guard, I will likely pass. iirc she was in the Defenders for a very brief stint.. but i might be getting mixed up with the female Red Guardian. as far as the cleavage issue, its hard to find rhyme or reason in hasbro's decisions.... e.g., in addition to the older Black Cat figure, hasbro was OK with making Angela and the WG exclusive Emma Frost. I honestly don't really care if they downsize the chest somewhat, not a big deal to me if that's what it takes to get certain characters made as figures. I do feel like plenty of marvel comic artists still do a lot of cheesecake illustrations of female characters (even if its not as prevalent as it was in the 90s or aughts) , but i suppose comics aren't marketed to ages 4+. I dunno.
  13. If anybody held off on getting the Strong guy wave waiting for a sale, all but the deadpools are available at well below retail on amazon (most in the $10-11 range except Maverick who's $15 or so). they have a few other figures on sale but nothing i thought was particularly noteworthy. I might end up picking up Black Tom, feels like he's an important character to add to the x-rogues gallery... but i just find the figure so bland, not sure why.
  14. I will wait to see a review of this one as i would like to see his articulation and also some size comparisons with ML figures to see if he might work out OK posed with them, especially since i skipped the WG exclusive ML version. But definitely they did a nice job with the sculpt and accessories for this guy.
  15. Feels like the Bad Guys wave is just barely starting to hit retail, though, so i'm not sure what folks are expecting to find at stores outside of the D+ or Shang-chi waves. Of course given that the Bad Guys wave doesn't have many A-listers i could see retailers underordering the wave but it seems premature to assume that is the case. I think most people who've gotten figures so far from the wave preordered them rather than finding them in the wild, but i could be wrong. Target filled my preorder for Red Skull and Arcade a couple of weeks back but i haven't seen this wave in the wild anywhere yet, i fully expect to at some point. Likewise the Iron Man wave seems to be something a few e-tailers have been able to fill preorders for but hasn't hit stores that i'm aware of. And Walgreens hasn't gotten Nova yet. So if you're not into mcu there really isn't a ton to hunt at the moment, i guess some folks are finding she-hulk but i'm not sure what else people are searching for.
  16. I'm not sure the comparison pics are really doing the new version a lot of favors, although sure its nice to see that it doesn't have those ugly ball hips. Otherwise the BAF version just looks way better imo. but probably the new one looks good in close up shots, it doesn't help that they didn't exactly go nuts putting him in dynamic poses, either.
  17. I like the BAF but will probably get this, too, since i don't have a powered down look for Sandy.
  18. I, too, am reasonably happy with the WG versions of the FF,, with the exception of the Torch, whom i'd prefer a more classic version of. Anyhow this set looks great although not having Johnny fully flamed on is a drawback (but i can understand why they went that route)
  19. Not really. usually its about how stores didn't stock *enough* of an exclusive/they sold out too fast, rather than it just not showing up at all (i guess WM's Binary would be a similar case). Also, I think the distinction here is that other stores at least seem to carry current waves of the product, in addition to whatever exclusives they've got... whereas many have reported that they haven't seen WG stock a new ML wave since the Crimson Dynamo wave around March of 2020. Anecdotal, sure, but it makes it seem as though WG has given up on the line. On the flip side, i've read at least one report recently of a WG stocking HoX wave so maybe aside from exclusives stocking ML is up to individual stores discretion or something, or maybe they are going to try and get back into selling MLs now that COVID is less of a concern. Who knows.. The other part of this is that the WG employee who made all the exclusive deals for action figures (and was apparently a big fan of figures) left WG about a year and a half ago, so its not unreasonable to speculate that the dearth of figures is due to whomever replaced him deciding that action figures were not a priority for WG.
  20. Ultron is definitely my most-wanted from this wave. i'm a little worried about finding him because i feel like some folks will be army building him but hopefully won't be a problem.
  21. afaik nova has yet to hit any Walgreens yet, in the entire U.S. Wonder what they are waiting for
  22. Its a strange casting choice not so much for looks but because i generally associate Jameela with roles involving snobby, upper-crust sorts of characters and I always thought of Titania as being a redneck/hillbilly type, what with her nickname of Skeeter. Although iirc she comes from the suburbs - or whatever suburb of Denver arrived on Battleworld.
  23. Yeah pretty boring looking BAF. I do think Ikaris looks pretty good. probably will also get Sersi just because Gemma Chan. But will likely wait for a sale as i don't feel like spending $23 each for them. Say what you want about ordinary-sizes BAFs like Mantis, Okoye, M'Baku and Fat Thor, at least they are visually interesting figures. If anything Gilgamesh should've been regular and make Sersi, Thena, or Ajak the BAF. But would've been even better to make a crazy,gnarly Deviant BAF instead.
  24. Likeness is pretty good but let's face it, its not the most exciting looking action figure. Since he is a target exclusive its likely he'll be available at a markdown price at some point. if i've already gotten loki i would probably get him eventually, but no plan to get loki unless there is a sale. i get that they are part of a soulless bureaucracy but brown /tan suits just aren't very compelling. It is kind of hard to believe there isn't an owen wilson figure from one of the many other movies he's been in.
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