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  1. At least in 2018, i found the spider-waves the hardest ones to find at retail. sp//dr wave only showed up at gamestop, never saw venom wave in the wild. i did see lizard wave months after its initial release at WM & Target, but only the less popular figs from the wave. now i see gwenpool everywhere. Since WM inexplicably restocked the sandman wave last year, i assumed in december we might see the retailers get some of these spider-waves since the spider-verse movie was coming out, no dice though. I know some folks have reported finding stuff at their local comic stores. Luckily the spider-waves tend to be lower priority for me, but it seems like WM & Target are in no rush to stock them unless there is a tom holland movie coming out. I'm not sure if they got burned on an earlier spider-wave or what, i mean a lot of the absorbing man wave and a few of the rhino wave figs pegwarmed pretty hard. The only new figs i've seen in the wild so far in 2019 are Ayo/Dora Milaje (at Gamestop), and Genis-vell and Yon-Rogg at WM. My WM is buried in Gwenpool and Songbirds, plus one Promixa and one Ms Marvel. I think i'm noticing a trend there altho i do like those figs personally.
  2. Where did you hear they are making mysterio available again? just curious - i somehow managed to get him at hasbro toy shop during one of the brief intervals he was available (never saw him in the wild though). I agree in general. potentially the x-men vintage wave might give us a 2nd shot at figs like Jim Lee Cyclops, in the same way it gave people a chance to grab pizza spidey and the orange.brown costume wolverine. it was great to see archangel come out again, and also i like seeing sdcc exclusives being re-released a few years later (although it seems like guys like Gladiator and Malekith pegwarmed hard). While Hasbro has nowhere near the distribution problems that Mattel's DC Multiverse line, it does seem increasingly hard to predict which local retailers will end up getting which waves (aside from movie related waves) and its getting harder to find individual figs available at msrp online (again, movie waves being somewhat exceptional).
  3. Heh. while the assumption that "hasbro are being dicks" may be a fair one, in this case it doesn't bug me much since i was definitely gonna get Mystique anyhow. But yeah, after the BAF mcu Thanos followed a few months later with a better version in the 3-pack ( ditto for Panther costume Killmonger), I suppose you can't put it past them to do something like make a 2-pack with Lilandra and Gladiator (especially if these characters show up in the Phoenix movie, altho i'm not sure they will).
  4. You mean the Annihilus wave Emma Frost? I wouldn't feel too bad about missing out on it, i have the diamond form variant and while its better than nothing its not a great figure by any means. Aside from being kind of ugly, the figure's scale is off in comparison to modern ML and the articulation isn't quite up to snuff either. All that said, i'm not really interested in a black costume Emma so i guess it'll be at least another year before i get a new Emma fig. It always boggles my mind a bit when Hasbro chooses to produce a long-awaited character but go with a look that doesn't come to close to the character's most popular/well-known look (Colossus comes to mind). I mean obviously they will make a classic costume Colossus at some point but why not do that from the get-go? Same for Emma. Better to handle it like Black Cat, produce a classic version first then do a modern/alternate costume version. But i'm sure Hasbro has their reasons.
  5. I like getting these heads, gives me a chance to create some of these characters instead of waiting years for an actual full figure to be produced. As far as whether i would prefer alternate heads or other accessories for the actual figures, i guess that's something i would take case by case. Alternate heads don't seem all that relevant for x-pool, speed demon, or skullbuster. I suppose Chameleon could've had a partially transforming head (like mystique). What other accessories do you think chameleon, speed demon, mystique, x-pool and skullbuster should've come with? I'm not sure they need alternate hands or additional weapons or effect pieces but i'm curious what you're looking for. Maybe mystique could've come with a swappable partially transformed arm in lieu of the lilandra head, but i'm not sure i'd make that trade off. Just my opinion, of course.
  6. Yeah i think something like the BAF Sandman would be the best approach, have 2 pairs of arms to demonstrate his different powers. While WG hasn't been skimping on accessories with recent figs I kind of doubt they would throw in enough for Super-Skrull to show off all his powers. Yeah Super-Skrull definitely seems like a good candidate for the Deluxe treatment like Archangel. Not sure if AA sold well enough to justify more deluxe figs or not, and as much as i like him, I'm not sure super-skrull is a popular enough character to merit the deluxe treatment? I dunno. Yeah its weird to think that the Angela fig was only a couple of years ago. I did see her on clearance at WM for $5 at one point (after i'd paid msrp, naturally) but of course after awhile the prices on figs from older waves can go back up. I really don't care if a female fig shows a lot of skin or not and i don't really mind them downsizing the huge busts/ bootys from the comic depictions, but i do prefer it when hasbro tries to keep the costume accurate to the comics (for ex, wasn't a fan of dagger's costume being changed from her comic book costume, presumably to make the figure a little less racy).
  7. Heh. Yeah i know, making a mountain out of a mole hill. Someone pointed it out in a comment on another side and as mentioned i can't seem to unsee it now. Still a great looking BAF overall. I'm not sure if it was just a case of the sculptor not knowing, momentarily forgetting, or maybe they originally planned to have the jacket buttoned up, in which case the buttons would be in the right spot. Or maybe they plan on reusing the torso for a Big Bertha figure wearing a jacket. Or they just assumed that only a handful of fussy weirdos such as myself would notice or care, lol.
  8. Kingpin looks great but i'm not really personally into the character selection in this wave enough to justify buying 6 figs to build him. I'm hoping he will be re-released at some point, either on his own or in a 2-pack. Minor nitpick but his buttons are on the wrong side of his jacket, making it a ladies' coat. Not a deal-breaker but i can't seem to unsee it.
  9. Yeah, I don't think BP should win for Best Picture. Its nice that it was nominated (and frankly probably deserves to be there more than the Freddie Mercury biopic) but even in a relatively weak field like this year's nominees , it seems like a stretch. Certainly it should win in some of the other categories, costume design in particular.
  10. Good review. Genis-vell is one of the figures i'm most looking forward to in this wave, although I don't see him being hard to find so i'll try and hold out for a sale/discount. The Sentry still reminds me of those marvel masher figures, and not in a good way. I do like the Kirbyesque details, i think adding some light blue "kirby krackle" designs (that match the blue in the eyes) to the purple portions would've made it more appealing to me, but really its just the wonky anatomy that bothers me. 2019 seems to be turning out to be the year i stop caring about BAFs, i guess. At least so far. Caliban is similarly 'meh', and no way am i gonna buy the figs needed to build Kingpin.
  11. I don't want to stray too far into DC stuff in a marvel thread, but I'm not optimistic. I think that we won't see any comic-based highly articulated figures available at mass retail for awhile. Maybe we'll see articulated figures based on the DCEU or CW shows but I think its more likely that Spinmaster will focus on something more like a basic line, with a lower price point thats targeted more towards kids than adult collectors. That's just a guess, though, so who knows. I pretty much gave up on DC multiverse awhile ago so I'm not too upset, just more money to spend on ML and Star Wars Black Series figs.
  12. beast is the one i really, really want from this wave. Choosing 2 from the rest I'd probably go with Jubilee and Blink. The only figure that doesn't appeal to me at all is Forge.. and I'm pretty 'meh' on the Caliban BAF although i'm sure in hand he's pretty cool. I was on a marvel hiatus during the 90s so I don't actually know a lot about most of these characters, but they are visually appealing enough that if i saw any of them on sale for say under $15 down the line, i wouldn't hesitate to pick them up (except maybe Forge)
  13. I think if Hasbro lost the license, I'd be pretty upset. Even though i'm trying to scale back on purchases after going all out in 2018 and engage in more cherry picking of waves, i still enjoy seeing all the figures they produce and the subsequent enthusiasm from fans of the characters, whether those characters personally appeal to me or not (e.g., the Kingpin wave). I don't think any other action figure line available at retail has surpassed Hasbro's achievements, although i'm sure there are a few other lines that might come up in a conversation about the best one.
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