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  1. I’ve heard about this both here and on fwoosh, either they took more preorders than they could handle or hasbro shorted their order. I’m leaning towards the latter but I suppose it could be the former ... either way seems like deathstrike is the most in-demand from this wave, not really surprising given that 90s x-characters are quite popular. Still, pretty strange that they didn’t just push back the date , I think that is their usual practice edit: looks like I was wrong as folks are reporting Dormammu and AIM scientist supreme preorders are getting cancelled too
  2. I'm not sure if you missed it but Ryan Ting indicated that an 18" Surtur "would not have been feasible for a single deluxe style release as part of the Infinity Saga program", and I think its a safe bet that he knows better than you or I what constraints hasbro has as far as mass released toys go. That's the more relevant "realistic vs non-realistic" aspect of this release than whether the fire demon from the movie with the magic hammer guy has a "realistic" height. iow it doesn't have much to do with collectors being willing to accept "a half-arsed representation of the character". personally i have doubts as to how this figure will do at retail. he's fairly pricey without being a long-time classic like MODOK (who also has an upcoming streaming series). maybe if he's fan channel he'll do OK but i can't see Target or WM letting this guy take up shelf space for long - like many of the 'anniversary' figures/sets, he will likely be marked down quickly and steeply. I kinda think they would've been better off making him a BAF even if it meant shaving an inch or two off him, which of course would have led to even more wailing about scales. And its a moot point anyhow as the time for him to be a BAF would've been when Ragnarok came out, and Hasbro decided to go with gladiator Hulk BAF instead (which was the correct choice imo). It does make me wonder about a 2nd ragnarok wave but obviously that never happened. Finally, its kind of silly to compare atrocities committed by a purely imaginary being like Thanos* vs real-world despots/dictators. and many people do view Satan, Lucifer, the devil, whatever you name you choose, to be a real being and thus would raise a stink if they see what looks like a representation of him in the toy aisle. A rational argument is not going to sway such people and its more trouble for hasbro and retailers than its worth. Ditto for including a nazi armband on red skull. *and fwiw let's not forget that as far as humans are concerned, most of the lives Thanos took in Infinity War were restored by the avengers in Endgame.
  3. The nimrod 3-pack is marked down to $45.30 on amazon... I think that’s the most heavily discounted it’s ever been, so far
  4. You might be onto something there, maybe they plan to reuse this head for another character. And i agree, this figure is just weird and a missed opportunity. I guess they figure A-force she-hulk is their "happy" version? I will say the body sculpt is pretty nice, although i think it was more suited to the grey version
  5. I have Arcade and Red Skull preordered (from earlier when target was doing a 25% off sale) but hope to find Deathstrike in the wild. only really interested in Wanda from the D+ wave . But of course if a sale hits all bets are off.
  6. Yep... VERY familiar with the awkward walk in, check aisle, walk out 30 seconds later empty-handed scenario. At least with Target and WG there's something else i'm there to buy anyhow, and Gamestop is geeky enough that i'm comfortable telling any associates who ask that i'm just checking the action figure stock. Gotta say that waiting for nova to show up while Canada's already able to preorder Quasar is pretty annoying, but it is what it is. Guess we should be thankful these characters are getting figures at all, since apparently hasbro does not want to include them in a normal wave.. and at least they usually have a decent amount of accessories in lieu of a BAF piece
  7. Would be nice if nova would start showing up in Walgreens someday
  8. You might want to check the price of the Storm-Thunderbird 2-pack. or the Deadly Origins widow. Or the Starforce Captain Marvel. And i'm pretty sure Katy will be marked down before too long, as well. Heck, i even got the AoU Hulkbuster 2-pack on clearance... it just took awhile. I think the iron spider/man 2-pack and the red hulk are about the only target exclusives that haven't gone on clearance or marked down at some point. Not really feeling today's reveals very much, i guess happy is OK but i don't particularly need gold armor IM. Don't really need another rescue and as far as Carol i'll just wait for the next movie.
  9. I mean, normally a movie earns like 95% of its revenue in the first 45 days. But that occurs when people know it will probably be months before they can see it on demand. I wonder how many people will choose to wait it out since a month and a half is not that long. and of course the other question is how much will it cost to see as VOD - will it be the normal $5.99 or so, or will it be a higher price point
  10. MODOK is awesome, hope your hellfire club arrives soon as it is an awesome set. only real downside is the ladies knees can be pretty gummy so they can have trouble standing. but still, a great set
  11. I guess i don't really get why some people are so upset about other people shelling out $350 for a haslab sentinel. Nobody's forcing you to buy anything and there are other options for sentinels out there if you want one and the haslab version doesn't strike you as a good value, is too much for your budget, etc. Its just a weird thing to get angry about imo. as for me personally, its not only more than i would be willing to spend but also i just don't think i have room for this guy in my display, nor does his size lend itself to the type of toy photography i tend to do. But i certainly don't feel the need to belittle others for getting one or call it a ripoff. And yeah, people will almost surely be able to get back what they paid for this by reselling on ebay... and that will likely only go up as time goes on. Heck you could probably sell the two figures that come with it for a decent chunk of change, and that too will likely only go up as time goes on.
  12. I could definitely see Excalibur box set being the sdcc exclusive - seems like the only other option would be an Amazon box set, unless they just opt for a themed wave. Anyhow I’m guessing it will be similar to last year where pulse premium get priority and the rest get to preorder for the spring. In any case I have no real attachment to Excalibur so I would probably skip it but no doubt it would be extremely popular
  13. I've seen the Shang-Chi wave in its entirety multiple times at multiple walmarts, plus a handful of the wave at Target (and a few Katys). Hellfire Club arrived today, beautiful set and great packaging, definitely a good value for the price although it was a long wait. Still, since its not often everybody gets a chance to buy the sdcc set, i'm not gonna complain about the delay. I'm guessing it will be a similar scenario this year, hopefully they will come up with something as compelling as this set. Now we need Leland and Mastermind
  14. Definitely agree with this. As for why there is an argument, it comes down to two complaints: 1. "I don't want to buy figures for characters i don't want just to complete the BAF - why can't he just be sold separately??" This neglects that of course you CAN buy the BAF separately on ebay etc but it will cost at least $60 in most cases, and often considerably more. People like to point to deluxe figures but in most cases those are priced lower because they are repaints of an existing BAF (that is, the tooling costs were already part of an earlier wave's budget). MODOK and Archangel's wings are the main exceptions that i can think of. 2. "I don't care about the BAF. Why don't they just skip it and give me more accessories instead??" This neglects the fact that without the BAF you wouldn't get nearly as many obscure characters receiving figures - it would be even more Wolverines, Deadpools, Spideys, Caps, Venoms and Iron Men than we receive now. It would be more like McFarlane's line with its endless Batmen. (which, i like the line, but sure wish the character selection was a bit more diverse). And of course if you don't like having random pieces for a BAF you don't intend to complete, just sell them or trade them. Sidenote: the alternative gimmick to BAFs seems to be retro packaging, which while not going quite as deep into the catalog of characters, at least tends to provide some non A-listers. Of course this has all been rehashed a million times before, but people like to complain/vent so i expect it to come up at least once a year. I think people should be happy that hasbro at least attempts to rerelease BAFs for more well-known characters more often, that is a a huge improvement - trying to complete figures like Rhino or Sandman is a pretty tough task now.
  15. I generally cherry pick waves, so i'd probably be better off arguing for more accessories over BAF parts, but in generally it feels like the BAF model has worked well in terms of allowing for more obscure characters to get figures, so i say keep it. You can always sell off BAF pieces you don't want or sell figures you don't want but needed to buy to get the BAF part. But let's not pretend BAF figures don't have their problems. in my experience they are just as prone as any other figure to having loose joints (and for me at least a bunch get loose ab crunch over time) and sometimes you get one where a leg,arm,or hand just falls off constantly. I will say i can't think of any BAF's i've gotten where the joints are stuck or fused, and i've never had one with an arm that broke off at the elbow, and for obvious reasons have never had a leg break off. I don't feel like the character selection for BAFs has been all that great lately, at least in terms of characters i "need" for my collection. Hyde's the only one i've built this year although its possible I'll complete Stilt-man eventually. Not much interest in Xemnu, Tri-Sentinel, Falcons wings (!), or the Eternals guy (at least not yet). Its been a few years since i made the transition from 'completing most of the year's BAFs' to just completing 1-3. And of course when you anticipate a BAF being re-released in deluxe format or as part of a set (Fixit, Venompool) then you can wait and get it more cheaply later.
  16. i think after the infinity war thanos was re-released in a 3-pack, it was "inevitable" that the armored thanos would see a similar re-release. i assume i'm not the only one who didn't bother building armored thanos for that reason. likewise, since i skipped iron man from endgame wave 3 /bro thor wave (as well as skipping the 2-pack with iron spider) this iron man will be new to my collection. anyhow i had assumed this set was an amazon exclusive but if bbts is carrying it i guess its not! despite its popularity i'll take my chances and see if i can get it during a sale, although the $60 price is not that unreasonable since these sets generally have figures at $25 a pop and this one comes with a BAF. the only drawback is that they didn't throw in an alternate right arm for thanos, i mean they have it already sculpted from the original BAF so i don't know why they didn't throw it in with this set. oh well
  17. Well, at $60 (i think?) that Thanos/Iron Man set is not a bad deal, considering the usual price is $25 per figure and one of these is a BAF. Looks like that Nighthawk figure will finally have his day as i foresee a bunch of collectors scrambling to get him to obtain the "normal" armored Thanos right arm. I think this one is an amazon exclusive, right? which to me suggests it won't be as quickly discounted as it would if target or WM were selling it. So all in all probably not a set to try and wait for a markdown. But Odin seems like a figure one could definitely get at a sale price. I don't think he looks that great but i'll reserve judgement until we see more images.
  18. Hmm this makes me wonder if cap is being skipped in this anniversary line. Thought he might be part of a set but now they’ve covered final battle Thor and iron man separately
  19. I think it’s a fine wave but it could definitely pegwarm. I’m getting arcade and red skull but will wait for a sale or markdown on any of the others. Personally I am only into hood as ‘irate action figure collector” and thought it was hilarious when one of the hasbro guys posed him with the mini Antman and wasp figures. I’m sure we can all think of a few posters who seem perpetually enraged about the figures they collect xemnu was cool in immortal hulk but he just reminds me too much of the Wendigo BAF so I’m not going to go out of my way to complete him the lack of yellow flame or eyes etc on Dormammu is my biggest disappointment with this wave but I’ll probably just stick with the modern Dormammu BAF
  20. Pietro was $26.49, i believe. otoh the final battle thor that was up for preorder a while ago was $24.99 . My guess would be that we'll see Pietro level prices for the anniversary stuff going forward but who knows? in any case, at least its seemingly not a $3 increase like one might expect from the price change the regular figures are getting.
  21. The consensus seems to be that WG stopped getting in new waves at most stores sometime last year, with folks reporting that either Demogoblin wave or crimson dynamo wave was the last one they saw. Some theorizethry cut back at the start of the pandemic, others say it’s due to the departure of a relatively high-level employee who set up a lot of their toy exclusive deals. Either way, seems like nowadays the stores near me will get 1-2 figures if the latest exclusive, which sell out quickly and that’s it. Popfindr worked pretty well when moon Knight was out but it hasn’t worked for WG in quite awhile now. And I used to be able to order their exclusives on the website but I’m not sure that’s been an option this past year - I think maybe IM 2020 was the last one you could order online but I could be wrong. I wonder if they will abandon the line once the current set of cosmic exclusives finishes up. Kind of a shame because I never used to have that much trouble finding them for msrp, and more often than not the exclusives were characters I wanted. definitely hoping I’ll be able to find nova, though
  22. I can't speak for JohnF, but personally i just find the neutral expression on the existing head makes him look very bored. I'd prefer a 2nd head that shows some sort of emotion (whether a smug grin or anger) over the Ultron parts. But that's just me. Still a pretty good figure, in any case.
  23. Glad for those who have been waiting for this figure seemingly forever! looks pretty good. personally i don't have a ton of interest in getting him but maybe if he gets marked down at some point (which there's a pretty decent chance of, given the track record for the anniversary line figures). The ultron pieces are a nice inclusion. feels like a more expressive alternate head would have been better, at least imo
  24. The Hellfire club ties into the X-men animated series - it’s the exact lineup from the show (plus the Selene head). As does the haslab sentinel. That series has been a huge inspiration for the X-men waves, it seems like plenty of collectors and at least some of the hasbro team members are really into it.
  25. comics are like $5 a pop these days and its not like they're sold at convenience stores anymore. unless you get an online subscription line marvel unlimited, kids get much more bang for their buck with other forms of entertainment, and that has been true for quite a while, sadly. But i think marvel unlimited is great and a good way to get kids into reading comics. I, for one, am glad to have lived to see the day when it was possible to really bring these characters to life on the big screens. We've come a long way from the 70s Lou Ferrigno Hulk and Nicholas Hammond Spider-Man.
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