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  1. What is this from? EB Games solicitation? I don't even have enough details to speculate.
  2. Hey, if you have some sort of inside info, I'm not trying to be argumentative. I'm going off of reporting done by this site (here) and the facts that 1) wholesalers have not yet solicited for this wave, which they would have had to do in order to get it out in the next month and a half, unless Hasbro is dramatically changing its business model; and 2) we don't know half the figures in the wave yet, which would be unusual (but not entirely out of the question) for a wave coming so soon.
  3. The Deadpool wave with the Strong Guy BAF is scheduled for fall 2020. We get Spider-Man and Fantastic Four January 1st, then Age of Apocalypse and (presumably) Black Widow should be March to May sometime, and Deadpool is the last of the five waves we know about for next year.
  4. I saw Storm and the rest of the retro X-Men wave, along with Sinister, X-Force Wolvie, and Starforce Captain Marvel at the Target on Monument Rd. in Philly just now, for anyone looking.
  5. I don't really have a horse in this race, but I think the more officer-style look of choice #2 is how I always think of the character.
  6. I think we can all agree this thread's going really well. Anyway, I have a question, because I've never read any Ant-Man or really even much in the way of Avengers, but I try to keep up to date on the basics. Is the communicating with ants thing something that has always existed in the comics, or did that get ported in from the movies? Is it just a Scott Lang thing, or does Hank Pym do it too? It's only relatively recently that I finally watched most of the MCU movies, and I had only ever known about the size alteration aspect of his powers before seeing them. I wasn't sure if that was my own ignorance or a Hollywood-inspired development in the comics.
  7. I'm pretty sure Doom has been sold out on Pulse since the day it went up.
  8. Yeah, I feel like Artie and Leech would make perfect sense to package together single-carded in a wave.
  9. You misunderstand me, actually. I don't want you gone. When you can help yourself, you're an engaging and insightful contributor, whose presence would be missed. You just often don't seem capable of helping yourself, and I'd definitely rather see you gone than see others pushed away by your comments. In any event, it isn't up to me. Nobody can get you banned but you. And, come on, I know you're too smart to really believe that putting up with intolerance is an act of tolerance.
  10. It's true. Remember a few years back when Disney had some "hero" called Captain America punch Hitler in the face, and had this whole tedious plot-point about how nazis were an existential threat and America really should stand up for its ideals and do something about them? Or a couple years back when Disney created this team called the X-Men almost solely as a vehicle to comment on the civil rights movement, and then subsequently never stopped using them as a way to shine a light on inequality? It's a real bummer how politicized comics are these days, but at least it's a little vindicating that obvious left-wing political snoozefests like Captain America and the X-Men couldn't withstand the test of time. I just hope you end up enjoying the irony of getting kicked off a board for constant political ramblings about how you wish people with a public platform would cease their constant political ramblings. Blame it on "tattle-tales" if it makes you feel better, but don't be surprised when your hard push to make this board unwelcoming results in no longer being welcome. Dude. This is a low blow. We all know how offended you are by the MCU's decision to have Thor sink into depression after the near extinction of his people, but entirely dismissing someone because of their name? Classy. You really stuck it to his parents, I guess.
  11. Holocaust feels right to me, but Colossus is the character I want most, and I'd love a Sugar Man too.
  12. I feel like Holocaust is the best choice. Apocalypse wasn't really a big part of the Age of Apocalypse storyline. He was a big part of the world, but not the story. Either Holocaust or Sugar Man could be done in a regular X-wave, but Holocaust just feels more at home here. To be clear, of those mentioned, Colossus is the figure I most want, but he and Sabretooth should just be regular figures in the next wave. Abyss would be tough to do as a figure, but super cool if they could pull it off.
  13. Man, the character choices here are so much more to my taste than I was expecting, but I'm not actually thrilled with the sculpts on many of them. Sunspot, Jean, and Beast are all very high on my want list. I wish Beast looked more like his appearances in Factor X, but he seems to be based on his image from the Chosen, I think. The floor pose makes the figure look deeply weird, but he looks really great in the promo shot, so I'm hopeful. Jean looks amazing, but I'm having another colour interpretation difference with the Legends design team and I wish she and Weapon X at least matched, even if they were both in blue (I obviously think they should both be in black, though). Wild Child and Weapon X also look a little strangely proportioned, clearly in the interest of honouring specific artists' interpretations. Finally, Sunspot just looks off to me (and seemingly way worse than the last version from back in the day). The choices make a lot of sense, though. Beast and X-Man both escaped to 616, Sunfire eventually adopted this look in 616 as a horseman and marauder, and a different version of Morph wore this same costume in the Exiles, so they seem to be prioritizing characters who have interacted heavily with 616 or the Exiles. It looks like those and Astonishing X-Men seem to be their priorities. On the one hand, it's sensible to play it safe with a wave like this, putting out characters that have some main universe crossover to reach broader appeal, but it's also a little disappointing that three to four choices from this wave could've slotted into any generic X-Men wave and opened up slots here for versions of characters that wouldn't be likely to appear elsewhere. Given their current pattern, I'd guess Holocaust or Sugar Man is likely to be the BAF, since both also escaped to 616, with a second wave likely featuring Cyclops, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Sabretooth, and a couple of deeper cuts. I'd really like to see Colossus, Havok, and Shadow Cat involved somehow, but I certainly doubt I'm getting all three.
  14. What does this mean exactly? If the new MSRP is $25.99, where does the $22.99 price come from? I'm confused by this statement. For what it's worth, the distributors my store uses have the MSRP of the 2020 waves at $21.49, with EE's suggested additional markup at $24.99. Annoyingly, Hasbro Pulse is still taking preorders for everything at $19.99. Undercutting your own MSRP with your direct sales is basically business scumbaggery 101, so presumably that's just a transitional preorder price to ease into the new pricing, but everyone who doesn't want to pay the new rates should definitely get those preorders in now!
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