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  1. I love Storm, but we already have her best costumes, in my opinion: 80s mohawk and Marvel Now mohawk. I wouldn't resent any new Storm figure, but I'm pretty content with what we've got. I'd mostly only want others to finish various team eras. Now that I'm looking back at this, Longshot is definitely possible for the vintage wave too.
  2. X-Men (BAF: Armor) Bishop (Uncanny X-Force) Magik (New Mutants) Psylocke (outback armour) Senyaka Spiral Sunfire (Age of Apocalypse/horseman) Wolverine (X-Force) [double-packed] X-Men (BAF: Sugar Man) Chamber Dust Emma Frost (Astonishing X-Men) [double-packed] Exodus Karma (Astonishing X-Men) Rachel Grey (all-women adjectiveless-era) Wolverine (Dark X-Men Daken)
  3. 2019's a big year for the X-Men. With this year's Ultimate Riders offerings, the Caliban wave, the Family Matters Amazon three-pack, a smattering of 80th anniversary products, and several Walgreens exclusives, there's a lot of confirmed mutants coming our way. It seems at least possible, though, that the Toy Fair reveals gave us only partial information for the two major X-centric post-Caliban waves: X-Force and X-Men vintage. Here's what we know: X-Force Boom-Boom Cannonball Guardian Mr. Sinister Nightcrawler X-Men Vintage Cyclops Dazzler Silver Samurai Wolverine Following normal patterns (and I realize this vintage wave is somewhat uncharted territory), it seems possible there are about two figures still unknown for each of the above. It's possible Wendigo is the X-Force BAF, but I don't think that's confirmed. Anyone care to hazard any guesses (or hopes)? I think Wendigo probably is the BAF for X-Force, and I still largely expect to see Warpath in that wave. The wave feels like it needs another villain, and we only have one lady revealed so far, so I'm going to round out my guesses by wishlisting Spiral. They did six-armed Spiderman and his doppleganger recently, and I know everyone's been complaining about the articulation on those figures, but I'm not really as concerned about articulation, so I'm still holding out hope. Maybe Lady Deathstrike is more likely? For X-Men vintage, I'd love to see armoured 80s Psylocke to go with outback Dazzler, and it does seem like all the other figures are 80s-themed. I don't think there was an original Toy Biz version to throwback to, which is what the Cyclops and Silver Samurai packaging indicated they were doing, but I think the same is true of Dazzler, so who knows? I'd like to see another villain here too, though, and Pyro definitely feels like he meets the criteria, but--again--Lady Deathstrike feels like she could be a good fit here as well.
  4. Looks like I'm two for seven so far, and practically everyone guessed Boom Boom and Cannonball, so that's not saying much. With five figures revealed, there's still room for one or two more figures on my list to make it, but I'm muuuuch less confident. I expected them to play a little loose with various X-Force eras, but I should've expected "X-Force" to mean "X-Men with a minor X-Force subtheme", a'la the second Deadpool wave. I guess Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler was on X-Force for a little while. Heh. Man, credit where credit is due. You said this, and I thought "obviously they'll stick to that formula", but you nailed it. Wolverine, Cyclops, and Dazzler are probably 90%+ retooled parts, but they're still presented in a much newer way than I would've believed likely, and I'd be surprised to learn that Silver Samurai's not mostly a new sculpt.
  5. Benn


    They're just making up for lost time with the X-Men. Other than a hard-to-find Toys 'R Us exclusive wave, there were 14 Infinite series waves before we saw any X-Men. And then they got one wave per year for two years before they started getting peppered into Deadpool waves and getting spin-off stuff and exclusives. There's honestly not much in the Marvel Universe that couldn't be grouped with Avengers, Spider-Man, or X-Men. I guess the Inhumans could use more love? What stuff would you like to see more of? I actually think they've been doing a decent job sneaking the weird stuff into the big three lines.
  6. Benn

    Toy Fair 2019 Reveals

    Didn't we get classic Deadpool in the first Deadpool wave last year? How would a vintage one differ?
  7. I never saw whatever movie that's from, but surely it's Jeff Goldblum, right? It doesn't look much like Steve Guttenberg to me.
  8. Vintage Wolverine is on Amazon for $19.99 right now, for those interested. It normally hovers around $35. I don't suppose they had any more copies of Juggernaut-wave Iceman, did they? That's pretty much my one remaining want. If you could get it for me, there's a lot of stuff I can get that I'd be happy to trade for it.
  9. It wasn't my intention to "paint you with an intolerant brush". If I came across that way, I apologize. I was asking for clarification based on your last post, not making accusations. If there has been heavy-handed harping on Captain Marvel's gender, I haven't caught it. I've seen a few trailers, but haven't noticed anything about it in any of them. I agree that the Captain Marvel wave seemed really boring, but it honestly didn't seem any different from any of the movie tie-in waves to me; there just seem to be fewer splashy characters in this movie. The comic characters seemed like really weird choices, but I've thought that about one to two figures in virtually every wave, so what do I know? They don't seem to be clogging up shelves near me at all. You're totally right about wasted opportunity with the wave, but it seems more like a casualty of this bizarre mixed movie/comics model than of Disney's social agenda. And, frankly, the whole narrative that fostering diversity is some sort of brainwashing conspiracy is pretty tiresome, and gets weaponized as an agenda far more often than calls for diversity do. It would be awesome if more representative pop culture could emerge organically, but I'd always rather see companies step in and help it along than see that representation stifled by enabling complacency (or worse). "Not seeing colour" is a luxury a lot of people just don't have.
  10. I have, but it's been a long time. Thanks for the clarification!
  11. Yeah, I know her last name's Ferguson, but names get passed down in a variety of ways, and she was also portrayed by an Asian actress in Days of Future Past, so I just wasn't sure. Nevertheless...
  12. I'm sorry. I was with you until you took a hard turn into MRA rhetoric. Are you really saying you're opposed to more representation of women in comics culture? I agree with your assessment that Disney is making a concerted effort to better represent a diverse array of people in their movies, but how could that possibly be a bad thing? More accessibility can only ever be good for the fans in the long run. None of the movies perfectly align to comic history, which is great, because comic history is riddled with really questionable storytelling, much of which is pretty out of step with the world of today. Carol is the iconic Captain Marvel. The fact that they didn't feel it was necessary to have Carol inherit the mantle from a dude is pretty refreshing for a movie franchise that began with a super team of five white dudes and one (also white) lady. I'm not a fan of her Legends wave (which, I might add, is still majority male), but the movie's not out yet, so we really have no idea why they made the character choices they did. On the face, it seems reasonable to focus it around the titular character, though. And all of that is on top of the fact that, regardless of Disney's push, Marvel Legends is still predominantly composed of white male characters. I don't know the non-X waves well enough to evaluate them from memory, but of the recent X-Men waves: Wave 1: six white dudes (one of whom is LGBTQ+) and three white ladies (one of whom is Jewish) Wave 2: four white dudes (one of whom is LGBTQ+, and sort of an alien or a clone or a paradox or all three, I guess), one Asian dude, two white ladies, and one technarch Wave 3: four white dudes, one purple dude, one black lady, one (kind of) Asian lady, and one ancient Egyptian dude Wave 4: five white dudes, one native American dude, and two (?) Asian ladies (I'm admittedly not sure of Blink's race) That's pretty overwhelmingly white and male.
  13. Probably not. They just don't hold any appeal for me. Who knows when they come out, obviously, but my suspicion is 'no'.
  14. That seems pretty flimsy to me. Big box stores have been carrying comic-based action figures since well before there were good, well-merchandised super hero movies. And those sorts of stores really only care about their bottom line. They'll keep carrying whatever sells. And they have entire departments that exist just to analyze those sales in absurd detail. There's not really a sentimental component to their strategy. Likewise, smaller stores are usually pretty in-touch with their customers, and can be trusted not to make crazy assumptions like "nobody will buy these comic figures" unless they're true, which might be the case for movies/music/media stores, etc. I would have to guess the movie figures do great at big box stores but a lot less well at smaller specialty stores, whereas I would think comics figures do great at specialty stores and still do pretty well at the bigger outlets. Ultimately, I'm not all that concerned, personally. Until the X-Men join the MCU I don't really have a horse in this race. The current methodology just seems to bum people out so much, which tells me it's not a very smart way of doing it.
  15. It seems like most people have, at the very least, a pronounced preference for either comic- or movie-based figures, so I assume Hasbro's game-plan is to use BAFs to lure people in to picking up whichever of the two types of figures they least prefer. But isn't that plan just as likely to back fire? I'm firmly on team comics, but I also only care about X-Men-related characters, so I've been lucky so far not to have to deal with mixed waves. I wouldn't pick up a movie-based figure under probably any circumstances, so isn't Hasbro just cutting off customers like me, who would otherwise buy the entirety of a wave if it were all-comic? If the annual X-Men wave suddenly had four movie figures in it (as it seems likely to do after the X-Men join the MCU), they'd sell me four fewer figures that year. If they put out a comics-based BAF that involved buying movie figures, I'd just buy the BAF parts second-hand from a collector who only wants movie figures. I don't know. I'm sure they're getting a lot of people to buy figures they otherwise wouldn't this way, but feel-bad purchases deteriorate enthusiasm for collecting the line, and everything just feels so muddled this way. It seems like separate waves would lead to happier customers more often than not.

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