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  1. I'd personally rather have better looking arms than have them bend just a little bit more, but Spiral seems like she might be a candidate to really benefit from double-jointed elbows if they could make it look okay.
  2. The BAF's not gonna be Death. I think if you go back and listen to Dwight's quote again, he was talking about Thanos being happy with Hasbro's balance between well-known and obscure BAFs, not with the specific choice of BAF for this wave. It was a joke, not a clue.
  3. I wouldn't be mad about that figure being real.
  4. I actually think people are misinterpreting Dwight's comment. He was talking about how they try to strike a balance between obscure and well-known BAFs, and he said Thanos would be happy, with the implication being that Thanos likes balance and Hasbro's doing such a good job maintaining balance on this issue. I think a lot of people didn't connect the two comments the way they were intended, and thought he meant Thanos would be happy about the particular choice of BAF for this wave. I don't think that's what he meant. I'd be surprised if we see Death. I think someone like Bi-Beast is way more likely.
  5. This is nearly exactly the train of thought I went through with X of Swords, which I haven't started reading yet, though I hear it's actually pretty good so far. I want to see the mech-suit Avengers fight the sword-wielding X-Men in the epic sequel to Avengers Vs. X-Men. AvX2: Mech-Strike Apocalyptic Iron Sword Duel Nation Quest.
  6. X-Spanse? I guess X-Pants didn't do well in focus groups? This thing is adorable.
  7. (They're limited to 1 per transaction too, so somebody's been paying attention.)
  8. Agreed. It's an awkwardly-shaped sculpt. This figure looks good otherwise, and is nice for those who missed the last one, or really hate Felicia in fur, I guess.
  9. Eh. I mean, it looks like the source material. It also looks like the kind of figure that wouldn't photograph well. I imagine it looks better in-hand.
  10. That was Dwight talking about how they like to strike a balance between obscure and well-known BAFs. He even made a joke about Thanos being pleased. I wouldn't read too hard into it.
  11. Well, I'm stoked about the House of X wave. Weirdly, I'm much more excited about the dudes this time around, though. Just not a fan of this look for Jean, and rarely a fan of civilian looks like Moira's. Karima might look better in-person, but is a little underwhelming in render form, at least compared to the guys.
  12. It's obviously not my favourite, but I can live with painted-on boots. Those shoes, on the other hand... how they thought they could get away with using molded open-top flats by just leaving the open part yellow is beyond me. I know they've said in the past that their body-blanks are made as kits, so if--for instance--they use the Bucky Cap body, presumably the arms, chest, torso, groin, legs, and feet are all made together. Again, which parts come standard is extrapolation on my part, but it stands to reason that the heads, hands, overlays, and accessories would be separate, and they've basically said that if they want to switch out arms or feet or whathaveyou, they have to be able to afford to make the normal arms or feet that come with that body and the replacement ones, and if they can't make that math work they have to make concessions. I'm guessing that's what happened here? Hopefully that means Jean comes with some pretty excellent accessories (and they indicated she might). I'd be surprised not to see a Rachel head at the very least.
  13. They're just renders. They said during their Pulsecon panel that they're no longer doing physical prototypes, so all early previews going forward will be 3D renders. Once things go up for preorder they'll get the standard product photography, but--prior to that--they're likely to be digital only. That said, I could be convinced that the Cyclops we saw today was an actual figure. The others, no way.
  14. No worries! I like to geek X-Men. 🙂 I would looooove a Tempus toy. She was definitely by far my favourite of the Bendis class additions. In the current X-books she's one of "the Five", a group of mutants who work in tandem to power a pretty crucial part of Krakoan society. (The other four are Hope Summers, Elixir, Proteus, and Goldballs [now known as Egg].) My daughter's name is Illyana, and my wife's childhood best friend has a daughter named Eva, who's just a little younger. I always joke that we have a running time-traveling mutant theme going on with the names. I campaigned hard for their other friend's kid to be David (after Legion), but they went with Neal. I digress...
  15. It's probably Karima, but that's not exactly clear. It's a cohort of Nimrod the Lesser's in essentially an alternate timeline. They call her Omega, but she's never actually referred to as Karima. Karima explicitly appears in the regular timeline in House of X, in her classic look (only with a shaved head), so it's probably her, but it's not explicit
  16. Dwight Stall said, in the video from Pulsecon where they first revealed Moira, Magneto, and Xavier, that all characters in the wave were pulled from the first ten issues of House of X and Powers of X (issues #1 to #5 of each). The wave is 100% based on House of X/Powers of X. People don't seem to realize how long development takes on products like these. There are a lot of steps that go into making an action figure, and it takes the better part of two years to get from character choices to figures in-hand. Dwight was careful to say "first ten issues" (of twelve) because the story literally hadn't been fully published when they started working on this wave. There were two issues yet to be released when they apparently finalized their line-up. Betsy wasn't in House of X, unfortunately. She didn't arrive on Krakoa until Excalibur #1, so she was never an option for this wave. There are lots of great characters in the current titles, but the current titles hadn't been published when this wave was conceived. House of X had a fairly limited cast of important characters, so here's the full list of characters that played any sort of significant role (and even many of these didn't really do much): Apocalypse Cardinal Cyclops Cylobel Cypher Cypher/Krakoa Destiny Elixir Emma Frost Goldballs Hope Summers Jean Grey Librarian M Magneto Moira Mystique Nightcrawler Nimrod the Greater Nimrod the Lesser North Omega Sentinel Omega the Phalanx Proteus Rasputin Sabretooth Storm Tempus Wolverine Wolverine (War) Xavier Xorn various sentinels Are some of the above more interesting than some of the alleged choices? Absolutely. The story was really about Moira, Xavier, and Magneto, above all else, though, and Cyclops, Jean, and Wolverine were the story's visual standard-bearers. Nimrod the Lesser was one of the more compelling villains, but they already made him as part of the Amazon three-pack. I'm sorry you don't like the choices, or at least their looks, but I'm personally excited about most of them. I could do without this version of Jean, but the updated brown costume that Wolverine wears is probably the best look he's ever had (no goofy cowl-boots, no underwear-over-the-tights; the Astonishing costume is to his classic tigerstripes as this is to his classic brown), and the Cyclops and Magneto costumes are taking their Marvel Now looks (Cyclops's best look, in my opinion) and combining them with more classic elements. I get wanting some freaks and geeks mixed in. Frankly, I hope we see Cypher and Destiny in the wave, but I'm not holding my breath. The reality is that the freaks and geeks didn't do much heavy lifting in this storyline, even though they were there in abundance.
  17. I'm okay with the concept of this book, but starting with Adam X? *shudder* I'd definitely prefer these sorts of details get filled in through current stories, rather than bringing us gap-fillers from yesteryear, but I'll give it a shot. This is an especially bizarre plot-thread to pick up, since Gabriel is now living with the Summers family and is pretty firmly established. Where does Adam fit into the "nobody can die, mutants all get along" new world order, especially if they confirm his heritage. I also met Claremont a few years back and really enjoyed our brief talk. He similarly dispelled a theory I had read about, that Eric the Red was intended to be Mystique. That said, his writing hasn't been good in years. The man wrote the vast majority of truly great X-Men stories, and nobody can contend otherwise, but he has long since lost his touch.
  18. They're super inconsistent. I've had orders where one of two items in the order showed up next day and the other took nearly three weeks. I've also had that "awaiting carrier pick-up" tracking status persist beyond the actual delivery of my order. They're a mess.
  19. That is legitimately suspicious. I can't imagine those are final, if this is real.
  20. I'm definitely down for more X-Factor costumes to go with Cyclops! And honestly, I like New X-Men a lot, but the art and costumes have nothing to do with it. X-Treme X-Men had its moments too (but also not because of the costumes).
  21. I feel like there's a place for Astonishing and Dawn of X. There's a lot of comics between 1991 and 2020, and Astonishing was sort of right in the middle at 2004 or so. Between those two eras, you've got two of Wolverine's best looks, two of Emma's best looks, two great looks for Cyclops, one of Beast's best looks, etc. So, ideally, I'd like both, but could definitely do without New X-Men. (I can do without the 60s too, to be honest.) Now that I think about it, there's been a really weird lack of Astonishing looks in the modern line so far. Emma, Cyclops, and Wolverine wore those costumes for over a decade, so it's strange we haven't seem them on modern sculpts. It's a little more flash in the pan, but I'd honestly probably throw Marvel Now in the mix too. We already have figures for a lot of it (including almost the whole Uncanny team), and that era has Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, and Rachel's best costumes, Wolverine's still in his Astonishing look, Magik finally has her own costume, and it's just a great line-up, in general.
  22. The earlier Rogue was the worst X-Men figure in the modern line... and this feels like a downgrade in almost every way. Bummer.
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