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  1. I personally think she looks badass, but I'm a sucker for masks that completely obscure the face, and more importantly I just think she's a really rich, interesting character. An old lady villain definitely defies stereotypes, and I just find her role as the Brotherhood's conscience, who knowingly guides them to do evil in the name of ultimately doing good (from a certain point of view), really compelling. I think her powers are awesome when penned by the right scribe, and she's also prone to occasional moments of extreme badassitude. I know it's a more recent example, but that scene in Powers of X where she rips Moira a new one is bone-chilling and awesome. I don't know. I'm just a fan. I'm definitely always drawn to morally complicated characters (funny to say with Senyaka on my list, but we're all allowed our guilty pleasures, right?), with Magik being my all-time favourite.
  2. Most shows utilize a suite of directors. Very few are directed by the same person episode after episode.
  3. Gotcha. Spiral is definitely a top want that I feel like has to be getting near the top of Hasbro's priority list. I think they could knock her out of the park, but there's definitely a lot that could go wrong too. Anyway, my almost completely different revised list, then: Destiny Exodus Frenzy Lady Deathstrike Senyaka Spiral Zero (the MLF android, not the Generation Hope character) BAF: Blob
  4. How is Diamond Select so bad at heads? I don't get it. This feels like it should've been an easy one too.
  5. An eight-legged dragon emblem that looks exactly like a spider emblem? 🙂
  6. I'd be into getting the following. It's a big wave since we so desperately need more villains: Callisto Cyber Frenzy Random Senyaka Tempo Toad Vanisher BAF: Blob (preferably two head options: shaved sides and classic, so he can go with Mystique's Brotherhood or Toad's) These are all either dirtbags, punching bags, or some comination, but Frenzy, Random, and Vanisher have all spent time on X-teams too, and for Frenzy and Vanisher my preferred looks just happen to be during those eras. Maybe that's cheating. I'd be happy to drop Telford for Bonebreaker (or some other Reaver), and drop Frenzy for Marrow or somebody. I kept trying to put Destiny, Lady Deathstrike, and Spiral in here, as usual, but they just didn't feel dirtbaggy enough. Senyaka's also a personal favourite, but there's no question that he's both a dirtbag and a punching bag.
  7. I should add that Cap and Thing look pretty sweet above, regardless of my previous statement.
  8. See, I think symbiotes pretty universally look cool... but Knull just doesn't to me. I'm sure it's a cool storyline, but his look does nothing for me. Also, I don't know if it's been explained in the story, but what does the god of the symbiotes have to do with spiders? Venom has a spider emblem because of his history as Spider-Man's suit, but I feel like there'd need to be a pretty solid justification for why some symbiote god from across space who seems never to have been to earth before also has a spider emblem.
  9. I continue to be unimpressed by this brand. The sculpted costume details are great, and I like the number of accessories it comes with, even if some of the choices are dubious, but--for the price-point--the sculpting should look a lot better. It's not $80 better than the Legends version (and in some ways it's kinda worse). At least it looks significantly better than their Wolverine...
  10. (It's a nitpick, but Warpath was never in Uncanny X-Force. The grey and black is from Yost and Kyle's X-Force that preceded Uncanny.)
  11. Yeah, the three in front with the different colours were the inner circle when it was comprised of kids who had murdered their wealthy, powerful parents. I didn't care for that story at all...
  12. As an active reader, and one of the posters who would definitely be fine with replacing the Marvel universe with just X-Men, I still agree with your take on this (and I did back when it was announced too; see above). I hope it's good, but it just looks needlessly derivative.
  13. I haven't really got a lot of army builders for Legends, at least not in the traditional sense. I have a lot more for Black Series, but for Legends I have: 3x Dani Moonstar, but they're each set up to be a different character 5x Multiple Man, which probably counts 1x Sentinel (from Days of Future Past box), which I got new for around $50 and planned on getting more, but waited too long to pull the trigger and no longer want multiples at $200 each 5x Sentinel (from Haslab, so same numbers on both Prime Sentinels), but I might only keep 3; I originally ordered 3, but grabbed 2 more at the last minute just because I wanted them to exist and didn't want to pay inflated prices if I realized I wanted them some time in the next year 3x Stepford Cuckoos, with the same story as Dani I want at least 3 Hellfire Club goons, but might go higher.
  14. You only need to pay $50 to get a premium membership, for free shipping, etc. you can still buy these without paying for an account. You'll just be paying shipping too.
  15. Yeah, I did not have a problem finding Red Hulk, looking only very casually. I still have him for trade.
  16. People change. Characters change. Not having characters experience meaningful and lasting changes is terrible writing. I think the bigger problem with comics is their tendency to undo change in favour of returning to familiar, comfortable circumstances. It's lazy. And, man, people need to just get over Iceman already. I'm no Bendis defender, but Bobby coming out of the closet was an excellent call that made so much sense it was unbelievable nobody thought of it earlier. The character didn't "change sexuality". It wasn't a retcon. It was an organic realization by a character who had been lying to himself and his friends for years, and over-compensating with straight relationships to sell the lie. It was a textbook coming-out story, right down to his idiot friend exposing his sexual orientation before he could properly come to terms with it himself. Whether earlier writers had it in mind or not, Bobby was gay.
  17. I'd rather have 616 X-Men releases every day of the week, but they started Age, so now I'll be disappointed if we don't at least fill in a few of the major holes. I'd honestly prefer two-packs (Colossus/Shadowcat, Magneto/Rogue, Cyclops/Havok) and an occasional figure thrown into a standard wave (Sabretooth, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Holocaust) to a second dedicated wave. That said, pegwarming is definitely regional rather than universal. There's not much to be had around here. Occasionally, a Weapon X, but mostly the wave has sold through fine, and I've yet to even see Apocalypse.
  18. Dwight explicitly said during an interview that the delay in releasing the Eternals wave allowed them to fix some of the paint instructions for the factory, to make the wave more screen-accurate.
  19. The existence of a second Age of Apocalypse wave has been a big game of telephone. All they said originally was that they were open to doing a second wave if the first did well, which pretty much means maybe we could see more in 2022, but the internet heard "maybe another wave this year" and the echoes reverberated into "definitely another wave this year", which caused a lot of confusion as that became decreasingly likely. I'd love Age of Apocalypse wave 2 to be an end-of-the-year surprise that conveniently satisfies all those hints, but I think it's much more likely we're looking at gamerverse wave 2, which is definitely coming this year, and which we otherwise know nothing about. I think Vulture's wing sculpt and M.O.D.O.K.'s prominent role in the game lend a lot of support to the notion that Falcon or M.O.D.O.K. could be in the wave, and it's possible the rumoured U.S. Agent isn't actually a Walgreens exclusive, since Rektangular reports misinformation based on bad assumptions pretty much all the time. Also, the people expressing X-Men fatigue are mostly the collectors who either don't collect X-Men or for whom X-Men at least aren't one of their main interests. I don't blame them at all. Movie-related stuff got pushed back due to the pandemic, and so the X-Men extras ended up feeling like they were taking the place of non-X waves. The funny thing is that last year was arguably just as good, if not better, a year for X-Men, with three phenomenal waves (Caliban, retro, and X-Force), along with multiple great 80th anniversary tie-in products (Love Triangle, Havok/Polaris, Colossus/Juggernaut, Family Matters), Walgreens exclusives (Mystique, Emma, Dani, Cuckoos), and fan channel exclusives (Deathlok, cowboy Logan). This year we only had the polarizing Age of Apocalypse wave, a Deadpool wave (which is like half an X-Men wave), a few fan channel exclusives (Storm, Beast, Apocalypse), and the 20th anniversary stuff (including the SDCC sets), much of which is based on movies and isn't necessarily going to appeal to every X-collector. Sure, the comic anniversary packs were arguably better than last year (legitimately tough call), and the fan channel releases certainly were, plus we also got the Haslab campaign (though not the release), and Nimrod, Strong Guy, and White Queen Emma were certainly major checkboxes that needed ticking for a lot of people, but I definitely bought a lot more last year than this year, and was a lot more excited about those purchases on average. I really think people are tired of X-Men only by virtue of the deficit of alternatives right now, not because there's actually a crazy amount releasing. The anniversary theme being entirely dedicated to them didn't help, I guess. Honestly, if Age of Apocalypse and the movies aren't your thing, it was actually a really light year for X-fans, without even a proper dedicated wave of their own. Next year, I expect the anniversary theme to belong to Spider-Man, so we probably won't see much in the way of X-Men stand-alone products or exclusives, but they'll probably still get two to three solid waves, which isn't exactly a drought. It'll all balance out.
  20. I never had any problems with the previous Psylocke's face, but the painting looks a lot better here. Finally watched the video, and I can't say I'm surprised or worried by Nimrod's limited articulation. He usually doesn't exhibit much range of motion in the comics either. He doesn't really need to.
  21. I have to go Jean. I'd rather Selene, but from the neck down this is definitely Jean's look, not Selene's. It'll bother me, so I just have to hope for a proper Selene down the line.
  22. I know it's the same hair, but is that a different head for Psylocke? Or is it just an optical illusion from the different paint job? I haven't watched the video yet, so apologies if this was answered already.
  23. Age of X Wave Avalanche Basilisk (Cyclops) Frenzy Hellion Legacy (Rogue) Legion Revenant (Rachel Grey, kinda) BAF: Nightmare (Pixie) Exclusives Magneto Moonstar Cadre three-pack: Eclipse (Sunspot), Magma, Moonstar I'd like to fit in Dazzler, Douglock, Domino, and Dust, but it doesn't seem realistic.
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