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  1. Those are just a promotional trading card series loosely themed around Marvel Legends waves. The first 7 or 8 are from the Bad Guys wave, and the rest are just “on-theme” characters. That’s not to say we aren’t getting a wave 2, or that some of those characters might not make it, only that that checklist is specifically for wave 2 of a Legends themed trading card set and not a spoiler for anything toy-related.
  2. Nearly 22,000 sentinels sold in the end, but the backer tally was over 23,000 at one point. Yeah, they’ve said there are stretch goals, but it’s not really clear why they aren’t showing them up front. I guess to give people a reason to keep checking in throughout the life of the campaign? Well, technically Galactus is 23% bigger than the sentinel, but only 14% more expensive. A lot of that is his absurdly tall helmet and antlers, though. From toe to shoulder, he’s actually not that much taller, and obviously much less likely to sell in multiples. Also, I think both toys have lights, but neither has sound, right? Something’s making Galactus expensive enough for them to produce that selling him for $400 is only worth it if they can sell 14,000 or more units, so hopefully he’s sweet.
  3. The sentinel had nearly 22,000 units at final tally (down from over 23,000 at one point).
  4. Nova hasn’t even hit the US yet. My understanding is that Quasar is supposed to be the end of the summer, with Nova coming soon.
  5. Yeah, but last year’s Pulse Con exclusives were the figures originally intended as SDCC exclusives, and since SDCC and Pulse Con are both working the same way this year as last year, there’s currently no evidence to suggest that we won’t have the same situation this year with exclusives.
  6. Why are people so fixated on this idea? This body is for characters around 7-feet tall, like Omega Red and Warpath, and he's half a foot shorter than that. Even in the Animated Series, where he was huge, it was all muscle and width, and he was only a few inches taller than Cyclops.
  7. Good catch on this! That's totally a Nextwave TPB sitting under the box. Turns out it actually was a hint.
  8. To be fair, when that happened, the phoenix was on its way to find a specific special host who had been implied to have some intrinsic quality in common with Jean (other than just red hair), but Tony Stark tried to blow it up and accidentally split it into the five nearest creatures. Don't get me wrong, the phoenix has long been a dead horse that didn't need beating, but your take is pretty consistent with the AvX storyline.
  9. The re-release of retro Deadpool coming later this year is priced at this point too. Weird for nearly all-reuse, no-BAF figures to get such a huge price hike.
  10. It looks like that’s actually cardboard packaging just designed to look like an ATA flight case, so it has to be something music or travel-related or else it would be a bizarre choice of packaging.
  11. Madureira was the primary artist drawing her during this storyline, though, so it makes a lot of sense to use him as the reference. As for the other two, they’re using the Colossus body for this Sabretooth, which they explicitly stated was their attempt at representing him huge the way he was usually drawn in the storyline. He’s going to be significantly bigger than virtually all non-BAF figures in this line. Iceman was all over the place, sometimes drawn with huge gangly arms, sometimes drawn with a snake tail instead of legs. His control of his powers during the Age of Apocalypse was so acute he just took whatever shape he needed, so I’m not sure there’s a wrong way to depict him. I think the body they went with is probably skinnier than I would’ve chosen, but he never had the relative consistency that Rogue and Sabretooth did for most of their major appearances throughout the AoA.
  12. That’s what color her hair was in this story. That’s what she looked like in this story. They very, very intentionally picked those hips for accuracy.
  13. I hear ya. The more I look at Shadowcat’s face, the more disappointed I am, and she was one of my most wanted characters from this storyline.
  14. Not the Juggernaut two-pack body, the Warlock wave body. Only the arms were plated.
  15. Same as above! Age of Apocalypse Rogue has a very different body type than 616 Rogue. This figure is proportioned just like she was drawn in AoA.
  16. The Legends team said that Sabretooth is on the Colossus body and that Colossus is on a new, much bigger body, to match both characters being drawn much bigger in the Age of Apocalypse than in 616. Both bodies would be far too big for your suggestions. 616 Colossus (with whom AoA Sabretooth shares his sculpt) is over a foot taller than Bulldozer and this Colossus will tower over 616 Colossus figures.
  17. Rogue looks a lot better, but Shadowcat looks a lot worse. Not sure I like that trade. Magneto and Colossus still look incredible, and Legion looks a bit more accurately slender, at least in the arms.
  18. In all likelihood it would be closer to two years, which is probably why they’re not doing it that way. After two years, many people would’ve forgotten all about it.
  19. Do you think you could cite just one example of vitriolic racism from the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, please? Somehow I missed it on my first watch, and I’m sure that you’re not referring to “black people lamenting how rarely they have been afforded dignity or equality by American society” when you say ‘racism’, since I’m not ready to believe anyone’s capable of such a mind-numbingly stupid and bad faith take.
  20. Well, my experiences with inverted Sabretooth are mostly from Magneto’s Uncanny X-Men team. He was still pretty brutal in that, just brutal with a heart of gold.
  21. Sabretooth effectively had his alignment inverted by magic. He went from chaotic evil to chaotic good. He was still the same person, with the same savage nature, perfectly still willing to kill; he was just motivated by helping others, rather than just himself. It worked, and was an interesting take on the character for a while. Most of the Avengers and X-Men were similarly inverted, but the effects were reversed pretty quickly for most of them. Sabretooth and Havok were notable exceptions, with Havok going from lawful good to lawful evil for a good long stretch of comics too.
  22. I don’t have (or want) either version, but think the new one looks better in just about every way. The skin tone is lighter and doesn’t have a wash on it, so it got a little washed out in those comparison pictures. It happens, especially with amateur photography. The sculpt looks way better to me and the scale is a lot more accurate, even if they didn’t go the extra mile with the paint deco. It’s gonna look great in-hand.
  23. I don’t think the assertion that the Goblyn Queen would be a problem for retail has anything to do with body shape, but instead the quantity and coverage of the clothes she’d be wearing, which are definitely considerably more “scandalous” than a full bodysuit, with or without cleavage. Don’t tempt them! They absolutely would if they thought they could get away with it.
  24. Nah! I own a game shop, but we carry Legends and Black Series just because I like them. Yes, I have it in stock at my shop, and have for at least a month.
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