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  1. That's new hair, at least. I see this one being relatively popular, since the Walgreens version is pretty hard to get.
  2. Or it’s Morph holding a TV remote. I doubt that tease has anything to do with Gambit, because they wouldn’t have mentioned him if it did. For anyone who’s still on the fence about getting the whole animated collection, there are only about 500 Wolverines left in stock and fewer than 100 Jubilees. There are a few thousand Sinisters, and plenty of Jeans and Storms.
  3. Looks like they've already sold 8,448 of the 11,250 they're printing, if that helps you make a decision. I definitely think this set moves Spiral from "quite likely" to "all but inevitable" in the next year or two, which is exciting. I'm not thrilled with the Skottie Young chibi X-baby Wolverine pack-in, either. I'd actually love to see a few X-babies in the line, even with minimal or no articulation, but I prefer the original X-babies. They looked like real-life toddlers, rather than weird bobble-heads. I've mentioned before that I think it would be cool to see X-baby pack-ins with each figure in a wave in place of a BAF. In any event, I'm excited for this set, in spite of Wolverine. The price doesn't thrill me, but it doesn't bother me much either. It's more-or-less in line with the current pricing of the line.
  4. They actually said it’s not a completely new body, but an old Mr. Fantastic body with new arms and legs.
  5. This is definitely and unfortunately true. Once they’ve seen that people will pay higher prices, there’s no board in the world that will willingly walk the prices back, but that doesn’t mean that the need to raise them wasn’t there initially.
  6. Hell, different industry, but Wizards of the Coast just announced that they’re raising prices too. Magic boosters have been $4 for like 15 years, but they’ll be $5 by the fall. Again, I totally get it if these prices are too much for people to pay, but they’re not arbitrary.
  7. Other lines are absolutely raising prices. Many of them are just doing it on the wholesale end, and leaving it up to retailers to absorb the impact or pass it on. What lines are we talking about? McFarlane is raising prices, Mythic Legions is implementing a shipping cost to their retailers, Mafex and Mezco don’t have standard pricing, but their prices are definitely trending upward. I don’t know much about NECA, but I guarantee they’re raising prices soon if they haven’t already.
  8. Guys, I know it sucks to be paying more for figures, but paying for a single shipping container from China that would have been around $5,000 as recently as six months ago is over $30,000 today. Legends already have a wholesale margin that’s only around 20 to 25% because consumer price expectations are so out of whack with actual costs to produce. The alternative to these price hikes is almost certainly just cancelling the line. Pay the price or don’t, but please accept that shipping and production issues are very real and very expensive, and inflation is also out of control.
  9. They literally announced a few years back that zero-plastic packaging was their goal. I think they had set a goal of 2021 or 2022 initially, but I'm sure pandemic fall-out pushed it back. It may not be this exact implementation, but plastic is going to be gone from all their toy packaging within the next year or so. Yes, but people aren't throwing away the vast majority of their action figures. Hasbro's hands are sort of tied when it comes to toys made of plastic, but they can still reduce reliance on plastic by cutting it out of the packaging, and the packaging is actually much worse for the environment, since the vast majority of it is ending up in landfills or largely ineffective recycling programs like those you mentioned. See above. Reliance on plastic at all isn't great for the planet, but at least most of these toys aren't ending up in landfills. This is still likely to have a meaningful impact. On the other hand, I don't see this having much impact at all on the issues people seem worried about. Using some sort of safety seal instead of regular tape will solve the theft problems, and quality control issues that are significant enough that somebody would want to exchange the figure are honestly pretty rare, and getting rarer still in the era of face-printing. This will take some adjusting for most people who are used to buying in-store, and will probably mean in-box collectors move on to other lines, but otherwise it will have very little impact on collectors in the long-term.
  10. He was portly in the 60s and for his very few appearances in the 70s and 80s, but then he got fit and smart in the early 90s and has been really skinny and/or muscular ever since. He just never put the weight back on. I’m not really sure why so many people were expecting heavy-set Toad. The X-Men characters in this line overwhelmingly lean toward 90s looks, and he was pretty obscure and forgettable prior to then anyway.
  11. This is definitely the version of Toad I wanted. I hate the original 60s run of X-Men, and was hoping for his 90s skinny revamp. That said, I kinda hate the heads. They somehow simultaneously pull off Liefeld’s insane, cartoony take on the style of Toad’s face without really matching any of the details. The eyes are too far apart and the smile just isn’t quite as deranged as it should be, as silly as that sounds. I’m disappointed, but it could’ve been worse. I think the body looks more or less perfect, and I can probably get used to the head. It’s not as bad as the upcoming Sabretooth.
  12. I agree that Toad has become this amorphous, directionless character, with powers and personality that suit the whims of whoever happens to be telling the story. And, sure, I guess that began with this version, but Toad was super lame in the 60s--he had lame powers, a lame look, and barely had any personality--and then he barely existed at all in the 70s and 80s. I'm no fan of Liefeld's art, but I actually loved the look of his Brotherhood, and the stories running throughout those early X-Force books were decent, despite the art. I went back and re-read some of them a few months ago, and was honestly surprised how well they held up. That run was when Toad actually became a character with agency, motives, and powers that explained why Magneto might ever have given him the time of day, let alone hired him. And as for that early Toy Biz figure? I'm sorry, what era was that supposed to be from? You seem pretty sure it's the 60s/70s/80s Toad, but I don't see any resemblance to that era or any other when I look at that figure. It's heavy-set, I guess? Otherwise, I'd say that's a weird approximation, based loosely on a number of different looks, but otherwise custom made to be toyetic. Toy Biz did a lot of those prior to Legends, and you already know that figure was shoe-horned in from an earlier cancelled line.
  13. Are you sure that's not Jean? It does look like Gambit in that stillshot, but I saw that during the stream and was sure I was seeing Jean (who would make sense, since she's actually been revealed already).
  14. Hasbro might actually get some Spider-Man purchases out of me. The Spider-Man in the Spinneret two-pack looks basically perfect, and winged Venom looks incredible. Honestly, I've never been impressed with Knull visually, but the toy looks wayyyy better in-hand than it did in renders, and actually looks pretty rad.
  15. Modernized? That's a straight-up 90s Toad, straight out of Liefeld's X-Force.
  16. Man, I don’t care about Baron Zemo at all, but this figure looks so good. It’s tempting me.
  17. Yeah, I'm sure they will. We already have Iron Man in-hand at my shop, and Cap is supposed to be showing up soon too.
  18. Yeah, believe it or not, Moon Knight actually went back up briefly last week.
  19. Seeing this next to the 80th Hulk really hammers home how much better the colour and face is on this one. The hair is still a bit of a weird fit, but man is this an upgrade otherwise.
  20. I wonder if Bandai would ever consider attempting comic-based figures. S.H. Figuarts often seems to beat out Mafex for high-end 1/12-scale Star Wars collectors’ money, but they’re not even trying to compete with Mafex on comic book representations. Or is Sentinel part of Bandai? Is that where they tackle the comic likenesses?
  21. The preorder went fine for Strange for me too, but given his $50 to $70 price-tag online right now, he was never really available unless you preordered.
  22. Mine arrived exactly on schedule, today, Thursday, March 3rd.
  23. This is more or less how I feel too. The only character I feel like I still need is Havok. There are loads of others I’d like, but I don’t need them all at once, and I definitely don’t need them taking up a whole wave and slowing down Destiny, Spiral, and armoured Psylocke’s arrivals.
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