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  1. I mean, several actors from Luke Cage have already played different characters in the MCU. It’s pretty uncanny how much Blade and Cottonmouth look like one another, huh? To think of it another way, lots of other characters have been re-cast just within the MCU already too, from Hulk to War Machine to Red Skull, etc. Is it ideal? No, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal either.
  2. …and it’s Ch’od as a BAF, comprised 90% of Abomination reuse, as expected. Still looks great, though.
  3. There was never any question for me that Spiral would come out on top. She may be the best Marvel Legends figure of all time.
  4. This was not a tough top 5, because it was a slow year for me. 1) Spiral 2) Mojo 3) Bonebreaker 4) Havok 5) Longshot These five had virtually no competition.
  5. Meh. To each their own. Magik, Dani Moonstar, Mystique, Emma, Binary, and the Cuckoos were all big hits for me, especially the former three. Moon Knight and Nova were cool too, and—while the characters don’t do much for me—that Zemo, Quasar, and Medusa all looked pretty great too.
  6. This is actually really funny because I updated my top 100 on these forums a few weeks ago, and nearly gave Franklin spot #100 but switched him out for X-Cutioner at the last minute. Not this version obviously, I would’ve wanted adult Franklin in his X-Men costume from Days of Future Present, an arguably even less popular choice, but just liked the parallels here with what you said.
  7. That’s not really how it went down in AXIS, though. It was more like Tony had, almost subconsciously, thought a lot about how he would defeat the world’s heroes if they were to start playing for the other team—just the idle contingency planning of a somewhat paranoid genius. And Red Skull used Xavier’s telepathy to pull those plans from his brain and (somehow) make them reality. I forget how exactly he made them real. Mind-controlling Wanda, maybe? Either way, I thought that was a pretty realistic plot-beat in a crossover that otherwise largely felt pretty meaningless.
  8. 1. Psylocke (armoured Outback look) 2. Destiny (classic, which is basically the current look, but with tights on; would be nice to have both young and old unmasked heads too) 3. Senyaka (Acolytes uniform) 4. Tempo (all gold costume with both modern and classic helmets) 5. Exodus (classic pink, black, and gold look)
  9. We’ve definitely talked about the M head at length on here. It’s awful. The Emma head is a little off-putting, mostly because—at first blush—it looks so much like the early Hasbro take on this costume. It’s superficial resemblance, though, and it’s a decent likeness overall. The M head is bad from every conceivable standpoint. Just a weird, weird take.
  10. As for the Phalanx, I’m still holding out hope for a Haslab that’s a modular build-a-legion, full of interchangeable parts to build a variety of weird Phalanx monsters. I feel like if I just say it on the internet enough, it’ll eventually happen. Think about it. X-Men-related? Check. Army building potential? Check. Obvious tie-ins for use as tier goals? Check. Able to be done relatively cheaply (compared to other Haslab)? Check, check. The only thing it doesn’t have going for it is name recognition, but if it were priced right and looked great, I think it would be cool enough to overcome that. The trouble with Phalanx as a BAF, is that they’re creatures that you would want as army builders, but that all need to look a bit different from one another.
  11. Husk is who I really want next, but I really want her as a deluxe figure with a ton of alternate parts to show off her powers, and I don’t think she has the star-power to get that treatment. I care very little about the Imperial Guard, but Manta would definitely be my preference.
  12. Last year, I think I said more lady villains. They legitimately have been doing better with that (Spiral, I’m especially looking at you). This year, I’d like to see them keep that up and start working toward more villain teams.
  13. Yeah, Sage's current look isn't my favourite. I just really love Cypher in this look. We definitely need a New Mutants version or two too, though.
  14. New list: Psylocke (armoured Outback) Destiny Magik (brand new post-Limbo gold costume) Senyaka (Acolytes) Tempo (preferably in all gold, with both modern and classic helmets) Exodus Dust Storm (Outback) Deathbird Colossus (Outback) Bishop (Uncanny X-Force) Revanche Magik (New Mutants from the same era as the Dani Moonstar figure) Frenzy (Age of X and following era) Armor Hellion (with detached hands somehow) Magneto (Bendis Uncanny X-Men) Amelia Voght Gateway Trinary Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men) Colossus (Jim Lee era) Karma (New Mutants from the same era as the Dani Moonstar figure, but with the cybernetic leg) Pixie Cypher (Dawn of X, with Warlock sword) Magik (original New Mutants) Phoenix (Excalibur) Phantazia Wolfsbane (X-Factor) Havok (Age of Apocalypse) Sunfire (Dawn of X) Xavier (return from Shi'ar space) Feral (Liefeld era) Sage Arclight Tempus (the Five) Holocaust Danger N'astirh Ahab Quark Askani (Knights of X) Sunspot (Liefeld era) Magma (powered up, but with de-powered head) Rictor (Knights of X druid) Iceman (Jim Lee era, powered down) Proteus Rachel Grey (red and yellow trenchcoat) Banshee (green and yellow) Bloodstorm Colossus (red/white) Selene Mr. Sinister (long-haired Victorian tuxedo) Spoor Scalphunter Nightcrawler (Uncanny X-Force) Beast (steampunky end of pre-Bendis era) Mellencamp Siryn (Liefeld era) Harry Leland Lady Mastermind Honey Badger Beast (Astonishing X-Men) Husk (Generation X) Colossus (Acolytes) Marrow Gauntlet Shadowcat (Astonishing X-Men) Warpath (Wolverine's X-Force) Sunfire (90s) Masque Vanisher (X-Force) Elixir (X-Force) Jean Grey (X-Men Red) Brood drone Sebastian Shaw (shirtless) Cannonball/Cypher/Sunspot (New Mutants three-in-one to match the Dani/Karma/Wolfsbane figure) Daken Xorn Cecilia Reyes Goblin Queen Archangel (X-Force) Sunspot (all black fully powered-up) Wolfsbane (X-Force) Penance Jean Grey (post-Hellfire Gala) Dragoness Tusk Hairbag Storm (post-Hellfire Gala/X-Men Red) Forearm Synch Blockbuster Hope Summers Prism Shiva Riptide Erik the Red Harpoon X-Cutioner
  15. Here's the concept art for Sunfire. No rising sun. I think they were trying to find an interesting way to combine his classic costume with the popular Age of Apocalypse look, in a way that didn't require him to basically be on fire all the time. I really like it.
  16. Quentin Quire in his recent X-Force look may not be most people's number #1 choice, but the figure's reveal made me wonder which X-characters people would like to see in one of their recent looks. Here are some costumes I'd love to see as toys. Askani / Cypher / Jean Grey / Magik / Rictor / Storm / Sunfire / Tempo
  17. Yeah, on closer look, it appears you're right. They look really, really similar until you start tracing particular muscle contours, etc.
  18. Just occurred to me, but maybe Fang will benefit from the "previewed on a different body than release" thing Hasbro loves to do. I don't know why they would ever have considered anything other than the Wolverine body, but hopefully that's what we're looking at. Spider UK was just more available for the prototype?
  19. Fang is baffling, if not on the Wolverine body (and it certainly looks not to be). I think Rogue is on the Scarlet Witch body, from the three-pack, etc. I think Forge's leg and head are both the same as the last version, but the new version is missing the strap over the leg, which dramatically changes its look (and obviously has different boots), and I honestly think the face might look so different just due to face-print. The hair and bandana look identical, but maybe it's just the same hair with a different face? Either way, I agree that the original looks better.
  20. It looks like Chamber's head is attached to the psionic flames, but there's enough wiggle-room that the whole head/flames combo should have pretty good range of motion (considering, anyway). Hard to tell, because they didn't provide much in the way of range of poses, but that's how it looks. Husk and Jubilee will be easy, sure (can't wait to see Jubilee's 90s heads re-used for the fourth time), but Skin? Penance? Mondo? It's actually a team full of very strange physiology. Synch would be easy enough, but would need his own set of male-equivalent costume parts. It would be cool if they attempted some sort of sync field for him, but seems doubtful. The real get for them starting Gen X will be Emplate, though. Can't wait for that.
  21. Nah, still pretty accurate. Emma is a bit better now that I'm looking more closely at the stills. The bar for improvement was pretty low on that one, compared to their last take on that look, though.
  22. I gotta agree. Stoked as I am to see Gen X get started, and with two of the best picks, she's pretty awful. Maybe they'll do a modern take with a better head, and we can go back and revise the figure. Chamber, who's one of my top favourite characters, looks incredible at first blush, though. The trouble with that team is so many members have unique physiology, so it could take them a loooooong time to get going with them.
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