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  1. Yeah, I think most people in the US who already have Quasar ordered theirs from Canada or the UK or Hong Kong. I think Zavvi or Robot Kingdom or something has been selling overseas Quasars to Americans for a month or two now, at a premium. Everyone I've seen asked online about it has said they ordered internationally to get it, and paid $35 to $40. EDIT: Yeah, you can get him here https://www.robotkingdom.com/f02235l00.html for $30. Shipping seems to be like $20 for just one copy to where I live, though, so it would end up at least double the American MSRP.
  2. I get that. I just want people to remember it's an option. My store also marks up a little above MSRP, because it's frankly impossible to make money on the line otherwise, but I've seen much worse. We used to charge $21.50 when the MSRP was $19.99, and now that it's $22.99 we charge $25. The comic shop across town charges $30-$35 or so per figure. It's funny you mention the glorified personal collection, because that's legitimately really the only reason I carry toys; not to show off my collection, but to obtain it. I carry the line so I can get the figures I want reliably and cheaply, and I order a little more for the shelves to make it more available locally. From a business perspective, carrying the toys I do at the prices I do is really, really stupid, but I do it for me. To justify its footprint, I really should be charging $30 to $35 per figure, because those prices hold the margins to compete with everything else I carry for precious limited floor space. If people won't pay those prices, I should stop carrying the line. So, ironically, your local comic and game shops charging way too much money are the ones that really want to be selling the toys. Idiots like me who charge anywhere near MSRP are the ones showcasing their vanity projects or otherwise embracing loss leaders.
  3. It's all well and good to want every character to get the best rendition possible, but it's not going to happen at this line's price-point. If people start being okay with $40 or $50 figures, I'm sure Hasbro can squeeze in plenty of extra accessories and make sure every character gets a uniquely tailored sculpt, but to get the $20ish price-point, sometimes sacrifices have to be made. I don't like it either, but it is what it is. That doesn't necessarily specifically address the concerns here, as I'm pretty sure this did get a uniquely tailored sculpt and most of the other complaints are pretty subjective (and not really related to costs), but--in general--it's true.
  4. I’m just gonna keep pointing out that fan channel also means your local brick-and-mortar non-mass-market retailers.
  5. It’s one of the Pulsecon exclusives. It will be available to purchase during Pulsecon in a week or two.
  6. I ended up with an extra copy of this set if anybody is looking for individual figures from it. I have a trade list over on the trade board.
  7. I think he meant to put a comma after “price of oil”, as in the cost of shipping from China and the cost of oil have both gone up, which is true.
  8. I'm not dying for replacements on most of my figures, and probably wouldn't upgrade just for pinless. That said, there are definitely some figures I'd look forward to seeing revisited, and if pinless is the impetus to get us there, I'm okay with it. I honestly think Hasbro has many, many, many years worth of characters and costumes to explore before the line gets stale and needs to lean heavily on re-dos. Even just with X-Men alone, which is my focus, there are hundreds of not-yet-done (at least in the modern era) characters and looks I'd be happy to see.
  9. She is literally punk Storm with a new head and a pair of armbands. They’re identical sculpts otherwise.
  10. I don’t know what to tell you. I could be wrong, but in nearly every picture I see parts where it appears the paint line doesn’t perfectly match the sculpt line, leading me to believe the entire bikini is sculpted.
  11. Her clothes definitely appear to be sculpted. Look at the neck line, and look at the teeth on the side of her bikini bottom. Those aren’t painted on.
  12. Yeah, totally! Heimdall falls somewhere between Omega Red and Colossus for height, and his body type is probably closer to that of Colossus. He might need a whole new sculpt, though, because of his armour. The typical flat, spandex suit wouldn’t be a great fit for him. Probably the same goes for Skurge. This is, incidentally, why I think so few of Thor’s supporting cast has been made so far. It’s not that Hasbro doesn’t want to do the figures. They just don’t want to spring for unique sculpts for each of them, which they would likely have to do for most of them. I agree that heights are often going to need to be rounded, so to speak. Cyber was bad re-use, though. Colossus is both wayyyyy taller than him AND a totally different body shape. They used the body because of the plated arms, but it was a bad fit.
  13. It’s the Colossus body from the Warlock wave. They also used it for the new Cyber. It’s too big for Cyber, as well as most of the stuff you listed, and arguably even for this Sabretooth.
  14. Yeah, I know, and I’ve considered it. In-hand, I can see why it wasn’t done that way, though.
  15. I removed Callisto from my list now that I have her in-hand. The blue highlights make more sense in-person. I still don't love them, but I can live with them.
  16. She's the captain of a ship. She's not in the military. Do you give Jack Sparrow this much grief?
  17. There's gonna be a deadline to make the switch, which may have already passed. At the very last minute I tried to get Terror Inc. with a subscription last year, but they forced me to sign up for a 1-week free trial first, and then before that converted over to a paid subscription, I had missed the window and it had switched to Spider-Kamala. They told me there was no way to instead get Terror Inc. once that switchover deadline had transpired. Just call them before signing up, to figure out which figure you'd be getting.
  18. That’s about how I remember the event going last year. I actually ordered all the Black Series stuff last year with no names or pictures attached to any of the items, about half an hour before they were supposed to go live. Then they still didn’t have names or pictures until after they sold out. Thankfully I wanted three of the four of them, and the one I didn’t want seemed pretty tradeable, so it was fine, but it was a mess. This year I didn’t want anything, so I Just sort of casually checked things out every few hours.
  19. Presumably the main villain in this movie (or at least a major component of the villain equation) is Mordo, unless we think they’re going to ignore the post-credits scene from the first movie, or shelf it for Doc Strange 3.
  20. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It was a whole thing for me too. This purchase was supposed to use my Amazon card’s points, which should’ve nearly fully covered it, but sure enough they charged the entire thing to my card instead. I could have subsequently just used the points to pay down my balance, with the exact same result, but it was the principle, so I called and complained. They really, really wanted to transfer me to Chase and make it their problem, but after I talked them out of that, they told me I should just cancel the order and buy it again, ensuring the points got used this time. So I did. Five minutes later, I got an email from Amazon saying “sorry, it’s too late to cancel that order”, so now I have two sets arriving, one of which actually cost me full-price. I should be able to return the preorder, and I guess this means I can pick the better looking set to keep, but man what a hassle. How this company ever rose to dominance is beyond me… They’re a non-stop incompetence machine.
  21. People who pack up orders in warehouses can, and probably are, since these seem to be shipping out of Georgia, and the entire south is a warzone right now.
  22. This release went surprisingly smoothly for a Walmart exclusive, huh? It was still available last I checked, around an hour ago.
  23. Yeah, the summary for this essay reads like that too: sentence after pointless sentence, full of unnecessary words. I can’t imagine the “essay” is anything but nonsense, but I’d still buy it for $5, just out of morbid curiosity. I mean, it has to be nonsense. Even if this guy didn’t specialize in verbose ramblings, the premise is just faulty. This wasn’t written in 2008, when Hasbro was still figuring Hingis out. It was written last year when Hasbro was at the top of their game.
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