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  1. People who pack up orders in warehouses can, and probably are, since these seem to be shipping out of Georgia, and the entire south is a warzone right now.
  2. This release went surprisingly smoothly for a Walmart exclusive, huh? It was still available last I checked, around an hour ago.
  3. Yeah, the summary for this essay reads like that too: sentence after pointless sentence, full of unnecessary words. I can’t imagine the “essay” is anything but nonsense, but I’d still buy it for $5, just out of morbid curiosity. I mean, it has to be nonsense. Even if this guy didn’t specialize in verbose ramblings, the premise is just faulty. This wasn’t written in 2008, when Hasbro was still figuring Hingis out. It was written last year when Hasbro was at the top of their game.
  4. Anyone brave enough to buy this? I'm so tempted. I probably would've bought it for $5, but at $15? Instead I'll probably write a competing essay called The History of How Dr. Harrison Sachs Egregiously Ruined the Bookshop.org Self-Published Essay Medium, Why Self-Published Essays Are So Expensive And Are No Longer Affordable To Buy, And The Benefits of Avoiding Long Complex Titles That Demean Your Premise Through Obvious Gross Misuse of Hyperbole. He's got a lot of really terrible-sounding essays I'd be tempted to buy for much less money, actually. So, if anyone does go for it and feels like sharing the edited highlights here, I'm all ears (er, eyes).
  5. It's quadruple the price, and--even after adjusting for inflation--still close to triple. They were $8 originally, which would be about $12.16 in today's dollars. That said, I think people aren't really appreciating just how out of control the cost of shipping has gotten over the last decade or so, and especially over the last two years. As an online retailer, it's literally impossible to turn a profit on Marvel Legends unless you do some combination of marking them up above MSRP or charging the customer for actual shipping costs. And shipping from retailer to customer isn't the only time a toy gets shipped. From China to Hasbro, from Hasbro to distributor, from distributor to retailer, the price of these toys has to reflect between two and four trips around the world. Obviously bulk shipping rates are a thing, but even they are insanely more expensive than they used to be. If shipping a figure goes up by $1, the final price of that figure would need to increase by $4 to $8 for Hasbro to continue making the same margin*. It literally costs more than $8 to ship a single figure between any two points in the US these days, so $8 figures with free shipping and three to five links in the supply chain would be far, far, far beyond impossible. * For simplicity's sake, let's say figures are $20 and Hasbro spends $10 for every $20 they bring in. That's a 50% margin. If shipping suddenly goes up by $1, a fee Hasbro will be paying at least twice (and which distributors and retailers will be paying at least once each, likely also to be necessary to build into the margin), people will be tempted to think "their costs are $2 higher, so their prices should only be $2 higher", but that isn't how it works. They can't just increase the price to $22 because then they'd be spending $12 to earn $22, only a 45% margin. They would need to earn $24 to retain their margin. This is why shipping cost increases lead to exponential price increases.
  6. Yeah, there are plenty of great characters they could do, but not many they really need to. They did the Astonishing X-Men team, they did the main partnership from Weapon X, they did the leadership duo from Generation Next, they did Cyclops, they did X-Man, and they did a few prominent villains, several of whom also escaped to 616. That’s a pretty neat bow for the most part. I think having Cyclops without Havok is a little weird, since they were the main two from Factor X, and missing Holocaust seems weird, given the inclusion of Sugar Man and Beast, but they probably wouldn’t start the X-Ternals, Amazing X-Men, or X-Calibre teams unless they intended to finish them. Arguably, they did already start Amazing with Iceman, but he did appear in Astonishing too, so I guess that’s the rationale. Gambit, Havok, or Sinister probably would’ve been a better pick for his spot, though.
  7. No, they’re definitely not. I phrased that badly. What I meant was “They need to reissue her with the right hair and skin colours, and—while they’re doing that—they should do something about the terrible legs they used for her too.”
  8. I actually weighed mine out-of-box, and it’s about 10 pounds!
  9. Callisto. The blue shading in the hair looks deeply weird. Otherwise, this figure seems great! Cannonball. I'm glad we're finally getting legs, but the blast effect used both times for 90s Cannonball is awful. It's literally not even as big as his legs, so how the hell is it enveloping them. I get that it probably needed to be small for cost efficiency, but it looks bad and lazy. Cyber. I get that they were going for cheap re-use, but Colossus and Cyber's bodies have nothing in common except plated arms. Cyber should be way wider, more hunched, and nowhere nearly as tall, plus he really needs some stubble. Jean Grey. It's not a look I really care for anyway, but the green/yellow Jean from the HOX/POX wave might be the worst figure Hasbro has released in the modern era. From scaling poorly with other Jeans, to being effectively a statue from the waist down, as well as having bad torso articulation and weird hair, there's not much to like here. They should try this again, scaled and articulated better, and with a better head. At least, they did a running change on the shoes. Legion. I actually think the current figure looks mostly great, but it was a bad reuse of the far-too-buff Shang-Chi legs, and from online pictures, it looks super distracting. It also seems like the overspray may have gone horribly awry with many people’s figures. Magneto. Hasbro really seems to struggle to get Magneto's head to fit in his helmet without looking awkward. The Apocalypse-wave Magneto headsculpt is great and the new Age of Apocalypse one looks pretty good too, but neither features the classic costume. The angry head that comes with the three-pack is okay, but I would love to see a deluxe Magneto in the classic red and purple, with a big magnetic force-field effect to envelop him, and with much, much better care taken to give him a great headsculpt. They've tried their hand at this look twice, but haven't gotten it just right yet, and he's a character that really deserves the deluxe treatment. I'd also like to see his HOX/POX figure with a better head and accurate ribbing on the costume (or ideally redone with the additional subtle costume changes necessary to run him alongside Walgreens Emma, Walgreens Magik, and Jubilee-wave Cyclops), but that's a lower priority. Mastermind. This figure looks incredible, but I'd love to see it in the colours from the original Dark Phoenix Saga. Omega Sentinel. Karima is a woman of Indian descent. And while they're reissuing her with the right hair and skin colours, they can do something about the terrible legs they used for her too. They fixed Jean's shoes. This really should have been fixed too. Quicksilver. Similarly to Magneto, the Quicksilver from that three-pack has a pretty awful head, and I'd have preferred to see it released without the black speedo, to better represent his days in X-Factor. Rogue. They've tried their hand twice at 90s Rogue, and I hope they do it again. The body they used both times is terrible, and the head isn't great either. Shadowcat. I don't have it in-hand yet, but nothing I've seen online has me feeling much better about the headsculpt on the Age of Apocalypse Kitty. People were upset about Invisible Woman, but this looks so much worse to me. Storm. Another third-time's-the-charm opportunity, but the 90s Storm really needs to be released in the silver-y colour that many of us associate with this era. Not trying to get into black vs. white vs. silver debates, but they did release black and white. Time to release it again in the correct colours. 🙂 Wolverine. They have Wolverine basically down to a science at this point, but that Astonishing version from the Jubilee wave is terrible and really needs updating, up to and including a much-improved unmasked head, since shirtless Wolverine finally put that option on the table. Since the start of the Infinite series, these are the only ones that significantly bother me (that are relevant to my collection, anyway). I have minor nitpicks with many figures, but these are the few that really bum me out. Unfortunately, a huge percentage of them are from this year. Hell, three of them are from the same box-set. If I'd made this list last year, it would've been 6 figures instead of 13. Maybe a few of these will be better than anticipated once in-hand, but this has really been a pretty rough year for quality of output, in my opinion. EDIT: Now that I have the Wolverine five-pack in-hand, I'm rescinding my complaints about Callisto. I don't love the blue highlights in her hair, but I see why they did them. She would've looked super washed-out with black hair and virtually all black clothing. I think some dark gray highlights would've looked better, but I know the blue is more reminiscent of old comic book colouring. My complaints about Cyber and Mastermind stand, though the Mastermind toy is exquisite. I realize it's just a new head on the Hellfire male body, but it looks incredible. Too bad about the colours... EDIT: And I now have to rescind my complaints about Legion and Shadowcat. Legion’s legs don’t look nearly as inconsistent in-hand as they had appeared in renders and early photos, and it seems like they got the overspray issues worked out after the first run. Kitty’s head is still not my favourite, but it too works better in-hand than I was expecting.
  10. Acrylics, but not art-class-style acrylics. Get the little pots of paints intended for painting models. Go to a game shop or hobby shop, and look for Vallejo, Citadel, Reaper, P3, Army Painter, or the like! The same shop should be able to recommend brushes (and several of the same brands make them), but you probably want a detail brush for painting models or miniatures. I’d generally recommend at least a base brush, a detail brush, a wash brush, and a dry brush, but it sounds like you may only need the detail brush.
  11. I think—in this case—they’re Bachalo’s tone-downs, same as with the Walgreens Emma. Oh wait, not Bachalo. Madureira, right? Emma was based on Bachalo’s art, but surely Madureira designed this incredible 90s disaster. 🙂 Bachalo did Generation Next, which—along with Factor X—was always my favorite Age of Apocalypse title, but Joe Mad did Astonishing.
  12. Hang in there. It took about a week from the time I got a “shipping notification” for FedEx to actually pick up the package from the Georgia warehouse, and then it made it to Philly and was out for delivery the next day. During that week, I also got a survey email. Pulse will email you again with a “yay, your package was delivered” email once it actually is. Meanwhile, no movement at all on the other five that should be heading to me… it seems like they started with orders containing only one sentinel, and are working their way out from there.
  13. This one? They talk AoA from about 33:30 to about 47:30, and I don’t hear anything about this being the last Age of Apocalypse wave. Not trying to be a troll, but genuinely curious to hear what they said. I’d be surprised to see another Age of Apocalypse wave (and, while there are other characters I’d love to see, Havok and Holocaust are really the only major omissions so far, from my perspective), but I just don’t remember it ever being confirmed.
  14. No further dedicated waves is a reasonable extrapolation of the facts, but do you happen to remember where this was said? I stay pretty tuned in, and heard no such comment from the Legends team.
  15. Woke up to an “out for delivery” status on one of my sentinels today. I had slated them to be delivered to work, and I started to get worried that FedEx would deliver before we were open, so I pulled up the security camera feed, only to see—in real-time—the FedEx driver leaving the signature-required sentinel package outside of my then-closed store. I don’t think the shoes have ever materialized on my feet faster, and I made it into the shop in record time. Thankfully it hadn’t been stolen yet by the time I arrived, which is actually amazing. A package left outside a door in Philly has very little hope of lasting the ten minutes this one did. In any event, this thing is ridiculous. I had seen plenty of pictures, with plenty of scale-references, and I knew the measurements ahead of time, but nothing could have prepared me for how massive this thing seems in real life. The joints are all nice and tight on mine, and it truly is an engineering marvel. The Bastion figure is great too. The head sculpt is fantastic. My only complaints with the sentinel at all are that the Mastermold head looks weirdly proportioned, the battle-damaged hand has no articulation, and the neck is really stiff, which means that turning the head is usually just swiveling the head on its peg, rather than actually turning the neck, which in turn causes the eyes not to line up with their LEDs anymore. The tri-sentinel head doesn’t really make any sense either, but I knew that going into all this. I know there are a few people on here who like to look down their noses at those of us who were willing to pay the asking price on these, but they really are worth every penny (which is effectively no pennies, since I bought a few extras to sell, which should render my entire purchase completely free).
  16. You’re just not using the term A-list in the same way as everyone else is. It has everything to do with popularity and name recognition, not power level. I agree with the notion of team-specific classifications, but power level is not part of the equation. Onslaught is probably one of the greatest threats the Avengers or X-Men have ever faced, but he’s a long way from being A-list.
  17. I still don’t think this version of Sabretooth is out of the question. I’d prefer the Marauders version, but my Apocalypse-wave Magneto sure is lonely.
  18. Nightcrawler being double-packed was the best call, along with tiger-stripe Wolverine.
  19. Damn! I wish I could come across that. My daughter damaged my Darkstar’s head by stuffing her in the cockpit of the Paw Patroller, so I’ve been looking for a deal on a replacement.
  20. Getting the Vault team of Darwin, Wolverine, and Synch all in one fell swoop like that would be amazing, and would be a huge preference for me over a Deadly Genesis Darwin or almost any version of Logan, but given the additional existence of the Vulcan figure, I think the Deadly Genesis version of Darwin is far more likely. As much as I’d prefer first-appearance/Marauders Sabretooth at this point, I wonder if they plan on adding more figures to Apocalypse-wave Magneto’s Uncanny X-Men team. I wouldn’t hate that version of Sabretooth, and I’d love to see a follow-up Mplate.
  21. I wouldn’t bother. Dude is the king of stupid, lazy stereotypes, and he’s not likely to stop. He literally uses the term “China virus”. In other news, my five-year old has a small but growing Marvel Legends collection, which she loves, in addition to playing video games.
  22. I get that. It would make sense to revisit that costume larger as an animated series figure (although, I personally don’t think the Colossus body is wide enough to sell it; I think it would need a new sculpt). I would just be really bummed if that body was used for his other comic book looks or became the new standard for the character.
  23. Eh, I disagree. I don't think he needs to be bigger, and would be super bummed with a Colossus-sized 616 Sabretooth. I don't love the Hyperion body, but it looks proportionate to the average figure compared to the way he has looked in the vast majority of his comic appearances, especially with the Jim Lee costume and his original costume. Jim Lee never drew him huge, and nobody drew him that way in his original look.
  24. That’s not a new body! It’s the old Colossus body, and when they first revealed Sabretooth on that body they made sure to note that they chose it because he’s depicted so much bigger in the Age of Apocalypse than 616. He’s 6’6”, so the Colossus body is actually wayyyy too big for him in the 616, and the Hyperion body (while it has flaws) is about the right size. I know he was depicted bigger in the animated series and some video games, but generally in comics he’s depicted as a tall, well-built, but not enormous dude.
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