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  1. Yeah, I know her last name's Ferguson, but names get passed down in a variety of ways, and she was also portrayed by an Asian actress in Days of Future Past, so I just wasn't sure. Nevertheless...
  2. I'm sorry. I was with you until you took a hard turn into MRA rhetoric. Are you really saying you're opposed to more representation of women in comics culture? I agree with your assessment that Disney is making a concerted effort to better represent a diverse array of people in their movies, but how could that possibly be a bad thing? More accessibility can only ever be good for the fans in the long run. None of the movies perfectly align to comic history, which is great, because comic history is riddled with really questionable storytelling, much of which is pretty out of step with the world of today. Carol is the iconic Captain Marvel. The fact that they didn't feel it was necessary to have Carol inherit the mantle from a dude is pretty refreshing for a movie franchise that began with a super team of five white dudes and one (also white) lady. I'm not a fan of her Legends wave (which, I might add, is still majority male), but the movie's not out yet, so we really have no idea why they made the character choices they did. On the face, it seems reasonable to focus it around the titular character, though. And all of that is on top of the fact that, regardless of Disney's push, Marvel Legends is still predominantly composed of white male characters. I don't know the non-X waves well enough to evaluate them from memory, but of the recent X-Men waves: Wave 1: six white dudes (one of whom is LGBTQ+) and three white ladies (one of whom is Jewish) Wave 2: four white dudes (one of whom is LGBTQ+, and sort of an alien or a clone or a paradox or all three, I guess), one Asian dude, two white ladies, and one technarch Wave 3: four white dudes, one purple dude, one black lady, one (kind of) Asian lady, and one ancient Egyptian dude Wave 4: five white dudes, one native American dude, and two (?) Asian ladies (I'm admittedly not sure of Blink's race) That's pretty overwhelmingly white and male.
  3. Probably not. They just don't hold any appeal for me. Who knows when they come out, obviously, but my suspicion is 'no'.
  4. That seems pretty flimsy to me. Big box stores have been carrying comic-based action figures since well before there were good, well-merchandised super hero movies. And those sorts of stores really only care about their bottom line. They'll keep carrying whatever sells. And they have entire departments that exist just to analyze those sales in absurd detail. There's not really a sentimental component to their strategy. Likewise, smaller stores are usually pretty in-touch with their customers, and can be trusted not to make crazy assumptions like "nobody will buy these comic figures" unless they're true, which might be the case for movies/music/media stores, etc. I would have to guess the movie figures do great at big box stores but a lot less well at smaller specialty stores, whereas I would think comics figures do great at specialty stores and still do pretty well at the bigger outlets. Ultimately, I'm not all that concerned, personally. Until the X-Men join the MCU I don't really have a horse in this race. The current methodology just seems to bum people out so much, which tells me it's not a very smart way of doing it.
  5. It seems like most people have, at the very least, a pronounced preference for either comic- or movie-based figures, so I assume Hasbro's game-plan is to use BAFs to lure people in to picking up whichever of the two types of figures they least prefer. But isn't that plan just as likely to back fire? I'm firmly on team comics, but I also only care about X-Men-related characters, so I've been lucky so far not to have to deal with mixed waves. I wouldn't pick up a movie-based figure under probably any circumstances, so isn't Hasbro just cutting off customers like me, who would otherwise buy the entirety of a wave if it were all-comic? If the annual X-Men wave suddenly had four movie figures in it (as it seems likely to do after the X-Men join the MCU), they'd sell me four fewer figures that year. If they put out a comics-based BAF that involved buying movie figures, I'd just buy the BAF parts second-hand from a collector who only wants movie figures. I don't know. I'm sure they're getting a lot of people to buy figures they otherwise wouldn't this way, but feel-bad purchases deteriorate enthusiasm for collecting the line, and everything just feels so muddled this way. It seems like separate waves would lead to happier customers more often than not.
  6. I don't think that's true. Where did you hear that? As far as I'm aware, the only connection between the two companies is that EE carries Diamond Select products. Diamond owns a lot of other companies, but they're all based in Baltimore. EE is based in LA. I don't think they're related.
  7. I'd want to see: Apocalypse and Ozymandias (or one of any number of horsemen; Wolverine, Gambit, Sunfire, Banshee, Hulk, etc.) Krakoa and Vulcan (or maybe Cyclops, just to make the Dark Phoenix two-pack version more accessible) N'astirh and Darkchylde (or the Goblyn Queen)
  8. I'm probably stretching the definition of civilian somewhat here, but I'd say nobody on this list identifies as a super hero or villain. Cameron Hodge (pre-cyborg/phalanx) Cecilia Reyes Graydon Creed Moira MacTaggert Senator Robert Kelly Stevie Hunter Reverend William Stryker
  9. The big ones for me are Magik in one of her New Mutants uniforms, Psylocke in her 80s hooded armour look, and X-Force Wolverine.
  10. It's definitely possible. If the rumours pan out, there will have been at least four X-Men characters by the time they return to Fantastic Four, though: Magik, Mystique, Emma Frost, and Danielle Moonstar.
  11. Do you think they're still doing Fantastic Four? It seems like they switched to X-Men.
  12. Yeah, Dani and Illyana both have unique flare to their uniforms. What would be great, though, would be a Karma figure that came with Rahne and Amara heads, so that the Wolfsbane and Magma figures could portray them with their powers activated.
  13. Yeah, let me know if you see Iceman or underwear Deadpool on sale anywhere. (: To assuage your concerns, though, Hasbro definitely isn't taking any direct losses by retailers putting figures on sale, I assure you. They might be taking indirect losses if the retailer is clearing the line out, but I'm sure Hasbro isn't discounting anything on the wholesale end. At the rate they're putting out new waves, there's no way it's a failing line.
  14. I haven't heard any rumours about Nightcrawler, but I feel like the next proper X-Men wave after Caliban pretty much has to have him in it. He has to be the most requested X-character that still needs to be done. 90s Storm seems like a pretty safe bet too, but we just got 80s Storm so I could see Nightcrawler coming first, if they don't end up in the same wave. The Caliban wave actually completes the classic blue team, though, right? Not too many more to finish the gold team too...
  15. That would be awesome! Dani did eventually join X-Force, though. (: (And the Mutant Liberation Front.)
  16. I feel like it would almost certainly be the purple costume from early X-Force, but I'd prefer the black and white costume from later Uncanny X-Men, or just a New Mutants uniform. That Madureira costume would be sweet too, though.
  17. My list above was specifically addressing the OP's inquiry about army builders, but I'd love to see more two-pack variety too. There's plenty of potential for great buddy/couple packs: Banshee & Emma Frost Fantomex & Psylocke Magik & Shadowcat Mirage & Wolfsbane Nightcrawler & Wolverine And a whole slew of great Age of Apocalypse possibilities too: Cyclops & Havok Colossus & Kitty Pryde Jean Grey & Weapon X Magneto & Rogue Sabretooth & Wild Child
  18. I'd be really hyped on Cannonball if it included some sort of attachment to cover his legs and simulate blasting, but that would be pretty big for an accessory. I don't know how likely it is. I guess it's possible in the absence of a BAF? I'm mostly just hoping for Spiral (however unlikely) and gray Wolverine, honestly, though.
  19. I saw a blurb about it here: http://marveltoynews.com/spider-man-marvel-legends-lizard-series-order-2018/
  20. I've seen a few people mention recently wanting to organize trades by way of leveraging our respective local buying opportunities, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Feel free to post your own lists of figures you're after and figures you can still get locally, and let's start swapping shop inventories! Looking For Underwear Deadpool from Sauron wave Iceman from Juggernaut wave Can Get Phoenix from Juggernaut wave (it's a little more expensive, but would trade for Iceman) Magneto from Apocalypse wave Magik any figure from Sasquatch wave any figure from Okoye wave any figure from Warlock wave except Colossus or Cyclops various others (Cloak and Dagger, I think, etc.), so feel free to ask about anything recent
  21. Amelia Voght, Armor, Beast (Astonishing era, and AoA), Bishop (Uncanny X-Force), Black Tom, Blindfold, Blob, Callisto, Chamber, Colossus (classic, red/white 80s, and acolyte), Dazzler (80s), Dust, Emma Frost (Astonishing era, regular and diamond forms), Exodus, Havok (classic), Hellion (telekinetic hands), Holocaust, Karma, Legion, Magik (New Mutants), Masque, Mojo, Mirage, Nightcrawler (any 616, and AoA versions), Pixie, Proteus, Pyro, Psylocke (80s armour), Rachel Grey (red hound, and red/yellow jacketed look from six or seven years back), Rogue (80s, and Legacy era), Sebastian Shaw, Senyaka, Sinister (more Victorian, long-haired look), Spiral, Sugar Man, Sunfire (AoA/horseman), Sunspot, and Wolverine (post-Astonishing era, and X-Force), to name a few. Really, I'd be into the whole early New Mutants crew, but especially Magik and Karma. I'm not picky about whether they use their original outfits, or the 2000s reboots. The originals hold more nostalgia for me, but Karma has a bit more visual identity with her cybernetic leg, and Magik also used the more recent outfit on the extinction team, which would allow her to fit in with more characters.
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