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  1. I did not see this coming (I doubt anybody did), but I honestly kinda like it. Yeah, its a black guy, everybody's gonna have an opinion on that whether they voice it or not, but you gotta admit, there's nothing inherently strictly white about this character's story. I love the character, so as long as they capture the essence of what he's about, then that aspect will only allow for some more interesting angles. Especially if they do the story where he becomes an actor.
  2. I'd reeeeallly love it if he was playing another character, but I'm pretty sure he's not. No Way Home got everybody's multiverse love on full power so now we can look forward to an endless barrage of unnecessary franchise crossovers that everybody loves but can't articulate why beyond spewing "SO KEEEWL!!!"
  3. God DAMMIT! I swear to GOD, what the hell is wrong with these guys?! It seems like every other figure has some huge glaring scale discrepancy that absolutely should have been avoided. They design these things in COMPUTERS, so everything should easily be kept in proportion. Its like they're hand-sculpting them with their eyes shut. Wong's head = way too small. Tony's head = way too big. Obadiah's head = way too small, and the list goes on and on. I'm sorry to sound ungrateful, but this #$## has been going on since these things began. They've got the occupational accuracy of a Wendy's being run by a bunch of drunk teens. Get this #$## together.
  4. I never realized how badly she needed a suit upgrade until I saw these two figures side by side. I loved her suit that she wears for like three seconds at the end of AoU, and I guess I just sort of went along with her costume from Civil War through Endgame, but this is a major much needed step up.
  5. He's a great actor, but picking an actor that already has a MCU credit just feels like such a classic patented Sony-middle-finger. I guess he's dead. But still.
  6. I agree, we had the whole show to see him in that new Falcon suit, I was kind of hoping we'd get a figure of that too. Maybe that'll be the suit they give Joaquin when he becomes the new Falcon and we'll get a figure then.
  7. This is what I'm talking about. It's a beautiful figure, and I hate to sound like I'm complaining, but you'd think if they were gonna make a figure of a suit he wears for literally two minutes, they'd get it right.
  8. I hope the stones are magnetic so they kind of pull away from your fingers and snap in place like they do in the movie. Great choice using rubber around the knuckles so the fingers are flexible regardless of how big your hand is. A lot of thought went into this.
  9. Also, I didn't expect to start seeing reviews for these so damn soon. A lot of scalper c***-suckers on ebay already seem to have theirs, too. Guess I'll just sit back like a sucker until August when mine shows up.
  10. This. This will never cease to infuriate me. 100% of the reason these characters get new suits and new looks every time they appear in a new movie or show is to make you buy the new toy its gonna yield. And yet, every single time, there's at least one case of a character where there's glaring errors in their figure because the toy producer didn't have accurate art to go on. Like, you'd think they would be your top priority to ensure your product is accurate.
  11. I get what people are saying about scale, and I'm stopping to remember back when Toybiz would actually give us BAFs close to this in size. But there are more than enough large-scale comic characters to justify a limited wave focusing on doing them in scale. There can be a gray area between normal releases and extreme Haslab projects.
  12. This is another one I won't be getting personally, but I'm so glad they made it for people who will. They did a fantastic job on this; the translucent plastic, the texture, the choice of scale. As for the inert crown accessory, I could see a customizer 3D designing/printing one and doing well selling casts.
  13. I'm sorry to report that Brie Larson specifically mentioned in a featurette regarding the making of the movie that they were deliberatly avoiding the sexy onesie for what I assumed were obvious reason. But it would be very un-MCU to take her from a suit like the one in this two pack and suddenly put her in something so scandalous. Although that concept art isn't bad.
  14. I always laugh at the Monaco racetrack fight scene in this movie. Tony at the beginning, jumping out of a plane in the Mark IV, freefalling several thousand feet and then landing on a stage: his hair is perfect when his helmet comes off. Later, Tony taking off his (much larger) racing helmet: hair is flattened and sweaty.
  15. Yeah, I know, I was just saying its going to take her out of the element were used to seeing her in, so it'll kind of feel like a prequel as we learn more about where she came from.
  16. I love that design so much. This is a way better look than the trailer even gave us. Something about the lighting there really didn't make him look any better than fan-art I've seen where they've put a red tint over Riot. This looks like Carnage. Here's hoping we don't have to wait two years after this movie to get a Marvel Legends of him.
  17. Damn. I'm right on the fence with this one. There's very little of this I want; but the parts I want, I really want. I have no need for any of that Thanos. They did beautiful work on it, but the damaged paint job over his chest armor looks awkward. I guess its early to tell what the actual figure will look like exactly, but this is a rare case where a re-release of an Ironman movie armor is less attractive than their first attempt because I don't love that candy red or the black in between the seams. But that unmasked Tony head looks awesome. Its a goddamn shame we had to wait until literally the last figure were likely to ever get of him to get the perfect RDJ likeness. I guess I can always get the head from somebody on ebay for $50.
  18. I've been waiting for this for so long. While I have a major love/hate relationship with the first one just because I hate how Sony has handled a lot of their Spider-related property over the past decade, but I love everything about the design of this Venom, including the voice. So I'm psyched to see Carnage. All the pieces exist cinematically now to imagine a live action Carnage: Family Feud storyline (which is one of my favorites).
  19. I don't know about anybody else, but I actually like that we've had so much distance between this and her last appearance in Endgame. I think that'll lend itself well to the fact that while this isn't a prequel, its taking us so far back to the origins of this character that it'll feel like one.
  20. These are awesome. I love the originality in the design and how they feel new and familiar at the same time. Very cool blending of a new and retro aesthetic. Beast is the star of the group. Keep up the good work!
  21. That is beautiful sculpting on this thing. It looks even better in this color than it did in the gray.
  22. I've said it before; fabric clothing on anything smaller than a 1:6 figure will always look weird to me.
  23. I didn't realize how short Deathstryke was until I saw her next to the old Toybiz one. I didn't have a lot of interest in this particular wave, but I can kind of get what everybody's disappointed with. Some odd choices in here. Also, Carrot Top looks terrific in a white suit.
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