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  1. While I would prefer the original recipe Hercules, I would accept the '80s "Under Siege" era version, along with the rest of the heroes and villains from that era that we haven't seen yet. But '90s Avengers? Ehh.... not my bag. The only '90s teams I'm really interested in filling out Marvel Legends are New Warriors and Guardians of the Galaxy.
  2. I heard a rumor months ago that Katherine Hahn is supposed to be playing Agatha Harkness, and I think this trailer supports that theory. Another idea, however, is she may be playing a gender-swapped Doctor Faustus. No idea, but either way I'm excited to see this, and really pumped to see grownup Monica Rambeau.
  3. I don't think Vapor from the U-Foes is impossible, but I imagine her entire lower half and possibly more would be one molded gaseous affect like they did with Cannonball, which seemed to piss a lot of people off since he ain't got no legs.
  4. Being that faithful to the comics would not only defy logic it would contradict what we know about Banner/Hulk in the MCU. When Bruce was working at the bottling plant in The Incredible Hulk, he frantically tried to shut down production when he got cut because he was afraid that even a drop of his blood would contaminate the juice, which we saw happen with Stan Lee's cameo. Later in the movie, he freaked out when he found out Sterns was collecting his blood samples and experimenting with it. He wanted all the samples destroyed. Banner knows that his blood is radioactive. Transfusing his blood into another person would either a) turn them into a Hulk-like monster, which is the best case scenario, or b) poison them, as Tony pointed out to Banner in the first Avengers movie ("That much gamma should've killed you.") In Savage She-Hulk #1, Banner decides to treat Jennifer's blood loss himself by breaking into a doctor's house across the street, because he says there isn't enough time to wait for an ambulance. You know's a lot faster than an ambulance? The Hulk. He could carry Jennifer in his arms and reach any hospital in seconds just by leaping across town. We saw him do that in Avengers: Age of Ultron when he carried Black Widow to the hovering Sokovia and then escaping onto the Helicarrier. Also, the Hulk's current status is "Professor Hulk". He's got all of the Hulk's physical abilities and all of Banner's scientific knowhow, so he would know the deadly medical and ethical consequences of injecting his own radioactive blood into another person. And the fact that he has the Hulk's power would negate the desperation of any situation that would call for such a life-or-death decision. Now, I do agree that Jennifer getting the Hulk's power via transfusion is a cool and easy-to-understand part of her origin, so I'm all for keeping that part. But she should NOT get it from Banner/Hulk, or, at least, he should not knowingly donate it, because that damages his credibility. That's why I suggested she could be tested on by Sterns, or it could be Hydra or some other villain who gets access to Hulk's blood through nefarious means. That takes the ethical responsibility factor out of the equation.
  5. I would be stunned if they don't drastically alter her origin story. A blood transfusion like that is preposterous even by Marvel Universe standards. No hospital or healthcare provider would give a patient blood from an unknown/untested source, and Bruce Banner/Hulk's blood is absurdly compromised. Plus, Banner himself would never knowingly donate his blood or tissue given the likelihood of infecting someone else. Even in a world with talking, gun-toting space raccoons and Infinity stones and magic teleportation rings, even with all of that, She-Hulk getting her powers through a blood transfusion from the Hulk is unbelievable. My hope is they bring back Tim Blake Nelson to from The Incredible Hulk movie to play Samuel Sterns/The Leader and uses his samples of Bruce's blood and does genetic experiments that end up creating She-Hulk. She doesn't even have to be related to Banner in the TV show if they don't want to. That way, She-Hulk can be--in part--the sequel to Incredible Hulk that we never got.
  6. Oh, if we're talking about any and all villains, then I definitely want classic comic book versions of: Ultron Kang the Conqueror The Mole Man Annihilus Red Skull Ronan the Accuser Princess Python Attuma The Executioner Nightmare Baron Mordo Zzzax Mephisto Baron Zemo The Lizard (Ditko version) Gladiator (Daredevil villain) The Owl Deathbird Wizard Blastaar I should probably stop at twenty, except that I've recently re-read the DeFalco/Ryan run of Fantastic Four and now I want that '90s version of Kristoff Vernard with removable Doom mask.
  7. Griffin could be a build-a-figure in one of these waves, too.
  8. I would love a classic Vanisher. Such a weird looking costume/hood piece.
  9. I can't forget about The Ringer. This guy is such a mort that Spider-Man actually got bored in the middle of kicking his ass and left to go on a date.
  10. Constrictor Razorfist Chemistro Plantman Crossfire The Death Throws gang
  11. I don't have any of my Marvel Legends displayed right now; I had to take them down to make room/redecorate my kid's room, so the last pictures I have are from my fledgling collection back in November of 2018.
  12. I've been re-reading some '90s Fantastic Four and it occurred to me that last year's Doctor Octopus body could be re-used very easily to make Zarrko the Tomorrow Man. Basically just a redeco and new head and boom.
  13. These are easily my most desired army builders. I would want at least eight Skrulls and four Kree.
  14. I forgot about those but yea, they count, especially for Multiple Man. I would've gotten three Dani/Rahne/Karma figures if they were in the classic New Mutants uniforms instead of the updated versions. And I guess, based on those, Nick Fury would count, too, since he also came with the masked S.H.I.E.L.D. soldier head.
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