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  1. X-Women wave Storm - first appearance Rogue - Brotherhood look Shadowcat - Excalibur look Phoenix (Rachel) - Excalibur look White Queen - classic Hellfire look Magik - New Mutants look, armored arm and sword Destiny - Brotherhood look Build-a-Figure: Brood Queen
  2. Anaconda was my first thought for a female build-a-figure. Stature from Young Avengers could also work as a BAF, although she’d be just as undersized as a Giant-Man BAF.
  3. All good lineups and suggestions. I definitely think the Hand needs to be army builder style without a BAF part. I also remembered that I want another Typhoid Mary in her original costume from the Nocenti/Romita, Jr. run. Much cooler than the one that came out in the Venom wave.
  4. Inspired by a few other threads, including leokearon's Make an Iron Man Wave, and also inspired by this particular cover: I know we've already got very good Elektra, Bullseye, and Kingpin figures recently, but Daredevil did exist before Frank Miller took over the book, and he had quite an interesting rogues gallery. Daredevil wave 1 (Stilt-Man build-a-figure) Daredevil (classic) - solid red for entire costume, including gloves, boots, etc. ; packaged with BAF head) The Owl - packaged with BAF right and left arms Gladiator - packaged with BAF right and left lower legs/feet Electro - classic version; packaged with BAF torso Leap Frog - packaged with BAF right and left leg extensions Jester - packaged with BAF right and left leg extensions BAF: Stilt-Man - head/torso/arms are all the same size as a standard 6 inch figure, but with leg extensions he stands 14-16 inches tall This was just the first wave I thought of that would be fun to assemble with Stilt-Man as the BAF. There could be additional waves with alternate versions of Daredevil, such as the black and red armored version from the '90s, or the recent version of Matt in the red suit and tie. There are also unused villains, such as Mister Fear, the Matador, Purple Man, Echo, Elektra in white, and of course the Hand ninjas What do you think? What Daredevil wave(s) would you make?
  5. I wouldn't call this a harder round as all of my answers came pretty easily. I did include runners-up, however, to show that that there were lots of characters in nearly every category that deserved tons of praise and could've been favorites if not for the obvious winner. Newcomer: Night Thrasher Runners-up: Grey Gargoyle, Silver Samurai Remake: Nightcrawler Runners-up: Spider-Woman, Mystique, Scorpion, Union Jack 80th Remake: Hulk Runners-up: Colossus, Iron Man, Magneto, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Thor Rerelease: Spider-Man (black suit) Runners-up: Juggernaut, Kraven (Last Hunt) Villain: Magneto Runners-up: Juggernaut, Kraven, Mystique Lady: Scarlet Witch Runners-up: Mystique, Spider-Woman New Costume: Genis-Vell Runners-up: Hydro-Man, Loki Spider: Spider-Man (Kraven's Last Hunt) Runner-up: Spider-Woman Wolverine: First Appearance (80th Anniversary) X-Man: Nightcrawler Runner-up: Colossus
  6. This is a great wave, and I actually do like Xemnu, but he's the one character I would swap out. I would move Blastaar over to the BAF position and replace him in the line with Daredevil's villain Gladiator.
  7. Incredible Hulk wave These would be more like a wave of deluxe figures, as each would be closer to 7 to 9 inches in height, to keep them closer in scale to the three new comic book Hulk figures that came out in 2019. Joe Fixit - gray-skinned Hulk in gangster suit; a little smaller than the exclusive gray Hulk that came out this year Maestro - white-bearded Hulk from the future; same size/upper body mold as new Hulks Abomination - not just a repaint of previous BAF; needs to be a little bit bigger than current Hulks; could have interchangeable head with the new Facehugger-looking thing from The Immortal Hulk The Leader - smallest individual figure, no bigger than classic Spider-Man, and possibly even Ultimate Spider-Man body; what qualifies him for this wave is he comes with a vehicle, either his Murder Module or something like the Redeemer exo-suit; the legs can be folded up in the package so it's not two feet tall Zzzax - electric being, comparable to Hulk in size Rhino - smaller than the old BAF, closer to 7 inches, more accurate to his classic comic appearances, but still thick Build-a-Figure. Bi-Beast - 12 or 13 inches tall
  8. Single: 80th Captain America, though Mystique was a close second place 2-Pack: Kraven’s Last Hunt Multi-Pack: Family Matters Fan Channel: I don’t care about any of these, but I voted for Big Time Spider-Man
  9. Sub-Mariner wave Namor - black costume with "wings" - this is not my favorite costume for Namor, but I already have the green trunks one that came in the Black Panther wave; but I know other people want to see this version of Namor, and I would like a new head sculpt that's more faithful to his really odd hairline and eyebrows from the Silver and Bronze Age Attuma - should be at least the size of Hercules or 80th Thor Lady Dorma General Krang Llyra Triton - the Inhuman's resident merman Stingray Atlantean Soldier - army builder; doesn't come with a build-a-figure piece BAF - Orka
  10. Hah! I was debating between Luna and Cerebra for a couple minutes and finally settled on Cerebra because I know Luna already had a toy way back. Also, and this isn’t her fault, but La Lunatica’s appearance is pretty much the same as the Black Swan in Thanos’ Black Order.
  11. Not my ultimate, but another niche wave: after Age of Apocalypse, a Marvel 2099 wave. Spider-Man Doom Punisher Bloodhawk (from X-Men 2099) Skullfire (from X-Men 2099) Cerebra (from X-Men 2099) Ravage Build-a-Figure Hulk Riders Series Ghost Rider
  12. Classic Magik in her NM uniform with armored arm and modestly sized sword (like in your profile pic) is my third most desired X-Men character after first appearance Storm and Excalibur Shadowcat.
  13. I bet we get a classic Moon Knight figure in the next year or two. Could be a good vintage wave figure if they do more of those.
  14. Probably the Walgreen's exclusive Fantastic Four figures. That's what got me collecting 6 inch Marvel Legends. I had about 30 of the smaller Marvel Universe figures but I had resigned myself to the idea that they weren't going to make my beloved Fantastic Four. Then I saw the Invisible Woman and I fell in love. At first I was just going to get those four. Now I have almost 100. I'm also thankful for the Walgreen's Silver Surfer, because he looked so cool that I started digging into the character's history in the comics and now he's one of my favorite Marvel characters. There are a ton of figures I cherish, but I'm especially thankful that I got to collect all four FF members and the Silver Surfer for their regular retail prices.
  15. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for some of us, and in the spirit of that holiday: Which Marvel Legend(s) are you thankful for? It could be your favorite figure? It could be the first one you ever got that started your collection? It could be some obscure character that you never thought would get made but did? Maybe it's a figure whose production far exceeded your expectations?
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