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  1. These were the first examples I thought of; Mr. Fantastic and Kamala with tons of elongated or enlarged body parts. I also think a few Fantastic Four rogues could fit in with this. Mole Man with two Moloid creatures that are about the size of a 4 inch Marvel Universe figure. The Red Ghost with his super-apes. Green Goblin with a larger glider and improved pumpkin bombs and effects.
  2. So, some of these figures have already come out as Marvel Legends, but I missed them and now they're too expensive. Spider-Girl (May Parker) Spider-Man 2099 Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) - can't decide if I want the comic version or the Into the Spider-Verse one. Electro - classic Tarantula Black Cat Green Goblin - needs a revamp with brighter, more vibrant colors; also, give him a bigger more substantial glider in place of a BAF piece BAF. Rhino - scaled more classically/realistically, like The Thing instead of like the Hulk and Juggernaut.
  3. I wonder how many people were voting specifically for the MCU Surtur or for a comic based version, or if that distinction even occurred to anyone.
  4. I love this idea as I am a fan of both the classic '70s Marvel horror books as well as the '90s "Midnight Sons" era, which is more of a guilty pleasure since the quality was... ehh... Anyway, I would maybe swap out the Spider-Man related characters for the '90s Blade and Lilith, the Mother of Demons. N'Kantu, the Living Mummy, is another taller-than-average character who could possibly be a BAF.
  5. Wait, by this logic, does that mean we have to wait 79 years to get a 2099 wave?!!
  6. I would love a Firestar figure as both part of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends as well as the New Warriors series. She also joined the Avengers during the Busiek/Perez run in the late ‘90s, so there are lots of places for her. I would like Hasbro to finish up the New Warriors Cast they started with Night Thrasher, so maybe Firestar could be in a Spider-Man wave along with Speedball or Nova.
  7. Voted for Bill Foster, Frost Giant, Galactus, and Sentinel.
  8. I also want a Black Goliath BAF this year so we can all appreciate that glorious ab window!
  9. I mean, if Hasbro was gun-shy they could even include the comic book Iron Spider version of Spider-Man with a bunch of Iron Man characters to make it a stealth Iron Man wave. 😉
  10. Unless they did a full Iron Man wave, which I think there is plenty of interest in.
  11. It's tough to project desirable build-a-figures because it requires an entire wave's worth of figures I want and so far that has never, ever been the case. However, some larger scale characters I would love to get figures of include: Annihilus Blastaar Titanium Man Ulik the Troll (I know he was already released in the box set) Stilt-Man Orka
  12. Interestingly, two of my favorite female heroes in Marvel's stable, Spider-Woman and She-Hulk, were created in for the comics just to beat TV shows to the punch (same for Batgirl). Regarding the new costume. I'm not a fan at all. Jessica Drew's classic costume first designed by Marie Severin and perfected (I think) by Carmine Infantino (who gave her the long black hair) is one of my favorite superhero costumes. I love the boldness of the red and yellow with the thick black lines on her chest and around her eyes, plus the web wings. This new look does nothing for me.
  13. Yeah, in fact the opposite. Stan Lee wanted Marvel to create a Spider-Woman so they could hold the trademark before a TV studio used, it. But he also didn't want her to be involved with Spider-Man in any way in case she was unpopular and potentially damaging to the Spider-Man brand.
  14. Bizarrely, comics are the one medium I don't feel I have a nostalgic blindness for. I got into comics largely with the '90s X-Men and I collected all the mutant books and old ToyBiz X-Men toys for years. But now, I don't feel any longing for those stories or those versions of the X-Men. I tried re-reading some of those comics a couple years ago and I hated them. My X-Men sweet spot is the mid- to late-70s long before I ever started reading comics. In fact, my favorite Marvel comics in general tend to be from the '70s before I was even born. Today I have zero interest in the Jim Lee X-Men designs or figures based on them, even though that was the look when I first met the characters. I would much prefer the "classic" looks from Giant-Size X-Men instead. But then again, I don't even care about the X-Men that much at all anymore. Give me the '90s New Warriors figures instead (which I wasn't reading at the time)!
  15. There could be a Thor and Frost Giant deluxe set in the same style as the Days of Future Past Wolverine vs. Sentinel pack.
  16. These are all based on the comics, not the MCU. THOR wave 1 Thor (like the 80th anniversary figure but with a beard and helmet that covers half his face) Beta Ray Bill (Simonson design) Lady Sif (either the classic white and magenta outfit or the Simonson red/white look; no preference) The Executioner Odin (Kirby-style) The Wrecker Build-a-Figure: The Destroyer THOR wave 2 Thunderstrike Fandral the Dashing Hogun the Grim Hela Seth Hildegarde Build-a-Figure: Volstagg the Voluminous THOR wave 3 Thor ("War of the Realms" version) Balder the Brave Karnilla the Norn Queen Heimdell Hercules (classic) Gorr the God Butcher Build-a-Figure: Ulik the Troll (yeah, just re-use the SDCC exclusive since I never got him) Riders series Thor with chariot pulled by Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher Valkyrie with flying horse Aragorn
  17. I wanna say the first vintage wave Wolverine (brown costume) was out of stock for like six months and then randomly showed up again on BBTS and I saw him in two or three retail stores within a week or so of that.
  18. I totally forgot he was already available as a BAF. Okay, maybe I’d swap him out for Dr. Faustus or another Serpent Society like Viper 1.
  19. Captain America wave 1 Captain America - I like the 80th Anniversary body, but the dark blue kills me; would prefer something brighter Bucky - classic sidekick version Falcon - classic with wings and Redwing accessory Red Skull - but without the swastika Baron Zemo - Silver Age "Heinrich Zemo" Diamondback Arnim Zola - classic Build-a-Figure. Puff Adder Captain America wave 2 U.S.Agent Nomad Spitfire Baron Blood Baron Strucker Flag Smasher Constrictor Build-a-Figure. Hydra Sleeper
  20. Can anyone tell at a quick glance if the Dynamo's arms and legs are repaints of the Kree Sentry from the Captain Marvel wave?
  21. Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Navy blue field uniform like the comic book Nick Fury (from the Onslaught wave, I think). A male version could have heads for Jasper Sitwell, Jimmy Woo, Clay Quartermain, etc. A female version could have a head for Maria Hill, maybe Bobbi Morse before becoming Mockingbird, maybe even Melinda May from the AoS television series.
  22. Hmm... I read all of Morrison’s New X-Men, so I must’ve read the part where two died and just can’t remember. Were their names Sophie and Esme? Those are the only two names I remembered.
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