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  1. Even though I got into X-MEN in the early '90s at the end of the Jim Lee run and during the animated series, I don't feel a nostalgic longing for that era. I prefer Claremont's first hundred issues on the title, the era of Cockrum, Byrne, and Smith, so those are the X-Men figures I would like to see. On the heroic side, the X-Men I would like to see are: Storm (original costume designed by Dave Cockrum) Kitty Pryde (either in her classic training uniform or the blue Excalibre look) Magik (classic New Mutants costume with eldritch armored arm and a reasonably sized sword) Rogue (original green hooded costume, short hair) Cyclops (basically the same one from the Dark Phoenix two-pack with the optic blast features from the new Vintage wave) Villains Toad The Blob (I really haven't got a good look at the BAF version; if that works, fine) Mastermind White Queen (classic Hellfire Club Emma Frost) Pyro Destiny Avalanche And since this is all about flight-of-fancy wishes and whatnot, sure what the hell? I would really like four or five 18 inch tall Sentinels priced at $20 like a normal figure. 😄
  2. Finally got Nightcrawler and yes, he’s terrific. I might post my Top 10 later when I get the chance.
  3. I thought you meant Johnny wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants like he's working at Walgreens. 😂
  4. Power Pack Alex Power / Zero G Julia Power / Lightspeed Jack Power / Mass Master Katie Power / Energizer In order to capture the real sense that these are little kids, these would all have to be brand new body molds, probably closer in scale to the 3 3/4 inch Marvel Universe figures than the average Marvel Legend figure. Just using the Ultimate Spidey body for Alex Power isn't going to cut it.
  5. I haven't decided if I'm going to get this box set or not, but looking at the pics, I gotta say... I love the head sculpts on Northstar and Shaman!
  6. The Kamala Ms. Marvel? I agree that figure could use some improvements. I'm really disappointed in the lack of articulation and movement on her arms with the interchangeable embiggened hands.
  7. What is it about that version that you didn't like or want changed? What about those versions don't you like? Body mold? Paint? Accessories
  8. Hasbro has been crushing it lately with their Marvel Legends releases, but let's face it, they don't hit the mark every time. Sometimes they make a figure that is great in every way except for one glaring problem, such as Doctor Octopus with the lame, non-bendy arms. Sometimes they release a figure that is universally loved, but you, personally, have some grievance against it, like, for me, Nightcrawler with straight/spiky hair. And sometimes they produce a figure that everyone should be excited for, except they don't use the classic, most iconic version but rather something current that will be outdated in a month, like the newly announced She-Hulk. (Seriously, I am so pi$$ed that they're wasting She-Hulk on dumbed-down gray version that debuted last year.) So, which Marvel Legends character, already produced by Hasbro, would you like them to redo? Which toy gets a mulligan? It could be a big thing, like completely redesign the body mold and design (Captain Britain), or a medium thing (replace the arms on Doc Ock), or a really small thing (recolor the 80th Scarlet Witch to make her legs and arms more pink like they should be). Which Marvel Legend would you like to see redone or corrected?
  9. Forgot this one earlier... The Inhumans Black Bolt - needs a new body mold and improved paint; he should be black not dark blue Medusa - really get creative with her hair, maybe incorporate bendy wire; or else a minimum of three interchangeable heads Gorgon - Karnak - Triton - Crystal - Lockjaw
  10. I love some of the teams already mentioned above, such as New Warriors, Serpent Society, Byrne-era Fantastic Four, and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. I'd also love to get Guardians of the Galaxy (classic versions from '70s and '90s comics) Starhawk Yondu Charlie 27 Martinex Nikki Heroes of Asgard Balder the Brave Fandral the Fair Hogun the Grim Volstagg the Voluminous Lady Sif Heimdall Heroes for Hire (from Power Man & Iron Fist and Deadly Hands of Kung Fu) Luke Cage Iron Fist Misty Knight Colleen Wing White Tiger El Aguila
  11. Ordered the Hulk/Wolverine 2-pack from HasbroPulse on Tuesday and got it delivered today! Very happy with that service, and, y'know, the figures themselves. I'm waiting for BBTS to ship my Nightcrawler, but there aren't any other new figures that I want right now. Over the weekend I picked up some older figures that I needed (Daredevil, Nick Fury, Spider-Gwen) at Fan Expo Boston. There are a few other older figures (Thundra, Vance Astro) that I might pick up if I see them cheap, and there are some build-a-figures I really want (Man-Thing, Absorbing Man, Sandman) but will probably need to get them off eBay. So... yeah, I'm basically set until next year when they release Doctor Doom and Shang-Chi.
  12. I completely agree. She-Hulk is one of my favorites. I would love a figure based on Byrne’s Sensational She-Hulk, or one in the Fantastic Four costume, or even a first appearance Savage She-Hulk. Any of those would be awesome. Instead, we get the new gray-hued stupid version. Blech!
  13. The grey skin and brownish orange shirt on this guy really remind me of Marvel’s Frankenstein monster.
  14. This doesn’t surprise me, and does, in fact, please me. Right after the SDCC Vintage style Hulk was unveiled I saw someone make a grey Hulk custom and it looked far better than the official one.
  15. I realize my post may have come off way more harsh than intended. While I was being snarky, I didn’t mean it to sound like an attack on @Gigantor or anyone else. No offense intended.
  16. My first choice would be Northstar and Aurora in the same wave, but if we can’t only get one Alpha Flight member, my pick is Snowbird.
  17. I didn't realize that. Okay, forget everything I said about liking the figure. He sucks. I'm gonna throw him in the dumpster now.
  18. Other than Princess Python, which I think is a good possibility, and the Ringmaster, which is a maybe, I don't see many members of the Circus of Crime making it to Marvel Legends. Now that we've got Night Thrasher, I hope Hasbro releases more members of the '90s New Warriors like Speedball, Namorita, and Firestar. I'd like to see some more obscure Marvel Cosmic characters like Adam Warlock, original costume Gamora, and Pip the Troll from the Starlin era, along with the classic Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu, Martinex, and Charlie 27 (BAF). I also love me some Marvel Horror, so bring on Dracula, Werewolf by Night, Frankenstein's monster, N'kantu the Living Mummy, Brother Voodoo, Lilith Dracula's daughter, Satana, Daimon Hellstrom, classic Blade, the Orb, etc.
  19. I found the Hulk & Wolverine 2-pack on HasbroPulse this morning. Immediately ordered it from there and cancelled my BBTS order that's been sitting unfilled. That's the fifth pre-order I've cancelled from Big Bad Toy Store in the last month because I've found the items either in retail stores or other websites FASTER AND CHEAPER. At this rate, I can't imagine every shopping at BBTS again.
  20. Not sure if this would fit the Vintage wave or would be better for the next Spider-Man wave, but I would love an INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE version of Mile Morales with the black and red suit but also the jacket and hoodie.
  21. I bought that set primarily for Scarlet Witch with Quicksilver being the bonus so they could accompany my Avengers set. Magneto was an afterthought, but when I took him out of the package I'm like, "Damn, this is a good Magneto!" Most pleasant surprise for me is probably the Walgreen's exclusive Silver Surfer. I knew I would like him, but I didn't realize how much I would love him. I've had so much fun posing him and placing him around my home. Probably my favorite Marvel Legends figure at this point.
  22. I'm not a Venom fan, but I agree with this. Were I to get one, the regular version seems too smalll but the BAF monster version too big.
  23. Most figures also forget about Magneto's signature gun that he uses all the time.
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