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  1. I would be shocked if they're not sitting on a 12-inch Goliath buck to be unveiled after this Giant-Man campaign ends, whether it's successful or not. They made a 12-inch Super-Adaptoid so there is obviously a willingness and market for figures of that scale. And with minimal retooling, the Hank Pym Goliath could be repurposed for Bill Foster and Hank Pym.
  2. Hank Pym is one of my favorite Marvel characters, so I was pretty confident I would back this HasLab as long as the Marvel brand guys didn't go too far, like make him Galactus-size, or charge $300 for him. I still would've been perfectly fine if he was in the 18-20 inch range, but 24 inches is fine. The promo art is definitely evoking the Alex Ross MARVELS iconic image of Giant Man, so that works. About the price... They released a 12-inch Super-Adaptoid this summer for $69.99, so you'd think doubling the size would double the cost and this should only be $140, but in practice we know that's not true. There is a lot more complicated texturing and articulation and face sculpting for Giant Man. Plus, it's Marvel; Hasbro HAS TO charge more for their Marvel and Star Wars product because they pay licensing fees. They can charge less for G.I.Joe and Transformers projects because Hasbro keeps 100% of the profit. So... I'm fine with the price. It's crazy that I backed two HasLabs this year (the Dragonfly and Giant-Man, assuming he funds), and still spent LESS money than the Star Wars GHOST cost! But looking at the numbers, this guy is moving sloooooooowly. Only 33% funded on the first day, and there is always a huge drop-off after that. It's going to be a long, slow crawl for the next month as the numbers tick up little bit by little bit, just like Galactus. I think the lack of extra six-inch figures is really stalling the momentum for this project. And I completely understand Hasbro not wanting to trap highly-desirable figures behind the HasLab paywall. But the G.I.Joe brand team figured out you can still release figures--just not ESSENTIAL figures. A six-inch version of Giant-Man, perhaps with an unmasked head, maybe a lab coat, would be a simple extra incentive. Giant-Man and the Wasp is a no-brainer. And luckily, Wasp has a hundred variants to choose from! It makes sense to release the first-appearance Janet on her own, either as part of a wave or solo, like the Target exclusive Astonishing Ant-Man earlier this year. But the HasLab could include another version of Jan, like the yellow and red costume she wore when she married Hank Pym. Or the white, one-legged costume that George Perez designed for her. Or the black and yellow costume she had when she was chairwoman of the Avengers during the "Under Siege" story arc. Any of these would work as added incentives for the Giant-Man HasLab, and they wouldn't leave too many collectors feeling locked out of an essential character. Whether they add any other tiers, though, I do think Giant-Man himself is worth the money and I'm happy I backed it. I hope it funds so I can add him to my collection, but at this point I don't care if they move one unit beyond 10,000 because the Zombie and Skrull face/heads are meaningless to me.
  3. Wow, I had to stop checking the Target website for a while because, y'know, actual life stuff. Finally got around to checking after the pre-order had been up for two whole hours... and I still got him! Couldn't believe he was still available.
  4. I think a repainted Modular Iron Man with more vibrant red and yellow colors is a lock. I would also expect a classic Whiplash/Blacklash figure, and some form of The Mandarin. I would also hope for Madame Masque and a First Appearance or Golden Avenger Iron Man, the classic comic Mark 1 either in gray or gold (and once they do one, I'm sure they'll repaint it in the other color later on).
  5. Ordered Firelord and one Sentinel from Pulse. Waiting for Bag Man to become available.
  6. Sorry if somebody else mentioned this, but wasn't a previous tease a soft-goods jacket? And now Ryan is begging for Gambit without the jacket? Could maybe the animated style Gambit have a soft-goods jacket so it's fully removable?
  7. Good reveals. Definitely getting the retro Sentinel... maybe a couple of them. Also definitely getting Bag-Man and Firelord. It was cool to announce a retro card Iron Man line, but now that line has to come out this year, right? Because Hasbro is going plastic free packaging by the start of 2023. So whatever retro card Iron Man (and possibly Ghost Rider) figures they have planned must come out in the next seven months.
  8. Looks excellent. Mole Man is one of my most-wanted villains right now.
  9. Regardless of how we feel about windowless packaging, we must assume this will kill the nostalgia-fueled retro-card and anniversary lines, right?
  10. Since I don't care at all about packaging, I'm all for this. They can ship figures in white boxes with the names printed on the side for all I care. On one hand, I feel bad for the collectors who keep the figures in box. On the other hand, if it's a choice between helping the environment even a fraction or sacrificing this hobby, peace out, toys!
  11. Disappointed that the new Doc Ock in the two pack with Silk doesn't have bend-e-wire tentacles, but I found it interesting that Dwight said they're exploring ways to get those to us. Hopefully they'd be available without having to buy another Doc... maybe a much-desired accessory pack...?!!
  12. That retro Lizard could end up being my favorite figure of 2022. He's my favorite Spidey villain and they did him exactly the way I wanted. Also looking forward to first appearance Spider-Man and anniversary Toad. Also... if anyone wants Knull but does NOT want Venom, let me know and maybe we can work out a trade or split the cost.
  13. Captain America arrived today, a day later than expected, but still good to have him.
  14. Looking at the listing on Pulse, it looks lije a case of 6: two Things, two Thors, one Widow, and one Goblin.
  15. Is it me, or are these facial paints/sculpts not good? They're not retro Sue Storm bad, but they look pretty bad to me. Also, they don't really look like Jean from the cartoon. Wasn't that the point?
  16. I wonder if they'll bother to change it. The collection was Sold Out briefly this afternoon and now it's not. I wonder if that's because they upped the stock or because a whole lot of people like me cancelled our pre-orders with Pulse and got them off other sites.
  17. What the ever-loving hell?!! Hasbro Pulse has the set of four listed as $87.99!!! That means each individual figure is valued at almost $22, or roughly the price of a basic Marvel Legends figure. Why on Earth would they be charging $40 more than other online retailers?!! Do they not want people using Hasbro Pulse anymore?
  18. I wonder why they're only doing Baroness and Lady Jaye for this event, and not Gung Ho and Destro, who are also in the first wave of retro cardbacked Joes.
  19. I had Zemo shipped to my Walgreens store to save a couple dollars. Got the arrival email yesterday and picked him up this morning. As everyone has mentioned already, he's a great figure. I just wish the theme for these exclusives this year was Barons, such as Blood, Mordo, Strucker.
  20. Okay, the bracelet thing--assuming that's where her power comes from in the series-- looks like a mystical artifact, but the fact that Kamala described it as feeling "cosmic" makes me hopeful that it's something like the Quantum or Nega-Bands that other posters have said. Actually, I would be happy if they kept it all in the family and revealed that the bands were something Mar-Vell was tinkering with before the Tesseract. That would connect Kamala to Mar-Vell, which adds more substance to when Ms. Marvel meets Carol Danvers in THE MARVELS.
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