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  1. Sold! Very fun wave. Love the addition of mouthless Eros and Cyclops' head in the box. 😆
  2. Gangs of New York Wave In light of next year's new Hammerhead and Jigsaw figures, and especially after the release of everyone's favorite figure of 2021, The Hood, I think it's time we get a whole wave of Marvel's most dastardly street-level thugs and crime bosses. Yes, it's essentially an entire wave of guys in suits. The best part, though, is they're all different shapes and sizes, so Marvel would have to sculpt new bucks for just about all of them. The Owl -- Could maybe use the Foggy buck, but will need new arms and the Inverness cloak/cape and oversized bow tie. Talon claw accessories. Tombstone -- New suited buck, as tall as the Thor/Hercules body. Two interchangeable hands: fists and open hands. Open hands can hold two machine gun accessories. Montana -- The first of the three Enforcers. Could recycle the old standard suited buck; new head with hat. Two lasso accessories: one neutral to hang loose and one in action. Fancy Dan -- The second of the trio of Enforcers. New suited buck, at least a full inch shorter than Montana. Knife accessory. Black Mariah -- Large black woman, but... not so exaggerated (offensive) as the original depiction. Mr. Negative -- Could also recycle the classic suited buck. The Burglar -- The infamous thug who murdered Peter's Uncle Ben; BAF - Ox -- The third of the infamous group known as the Enforcers. As stout as he is tall, almost as broad as The Thing, definitely not as the BAF Rhino or Armadillo.
  3. I wonder if there is anything to the fact that Ryan pulled the backpack out of a backpack. Dan said, "I see what you did there," as if that was a clue itself.
  4. Reminds me of the covers to the Rampaging Hulk magazine, but Hasbro has been all about that hair lately. the anniversary Iron Man and Captain America, as well as the Walmart Doctor Strange all have that luxurious hair. 😆
  5. Pre-ordered D'Spayre, Sleepwalker, and Hulk. Looking forward to Havok and first appearance Sabretooth, which I prefer to the Jim Lee version anyway. Also really, really happy about Ulik... although, as a Walmart exclusive, ehhh... less happy about that, but I had no problems ordering Doctor Strange, so hopefully that works too. Seems to confirm that Super Villains is the theme for the Walgreens' exclusives in 2022. I'll probably get Jigsaw just to have more gangster characters, and that head does look awesome. Hopefully it's easier finding Baron Zero than it was Nova.
  6. They just gave us Wanda's new Scarlet Witch costume in the D+ wave. If her look is significantly changed in the movie, they might want to save that for later.
  7. Not unprecedented. The post-credits scene at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger was just the teaser for The Avengers. And the post- (or mid-) credit scene in Ant-Man was just a clip from Captain America: Civil War.
  8. I'm surprised the neutral head doesn't look a bit more... well, neutral, so you could pass him off as classic Thor. I think more people would be inclined to get him. As it is, I only want the spinning hammer effect and I'm not ordering this guy just for that.
  9. Pym Particle Wave Ant-Man -- retro Spidey buck. Three interchangeable heads: one with classic helmet, one Hank Pym, one Scott Lang. Two pair interchangeable hands. Three miniature Ant-Man figurines: one standing neutral, one punching, one riding on an ant. Wasp -- first appearance costume. Two interchangeable heads: one with cowl, one with classic bob haircut. Two pair interchangeable hands. Two wings. One Wasp sting effect. Two miniature Wasp figurines: one standing neutral, one in flight. Yellowjacket -- Two interchangeable heads: one masked, one Hank Pym. Bio-energy sting effect. Two miniature Yellowjacket figurines: one standing neutral, one in flight/action. Egghead -- Happy Hogan buck, lab coat. High-tech laser pistol. Plant Man -- Two interchangeable heads: one classic with face covered, one with cowl showing face. Two tendril vines accessories that can wrap around Plant Man or other figures. Radioactive Man -- Simple subtle redeco of the three-pack figure. Ultron-1 -- First non-humanoid version of Ultron. Build-a-Figure: Black Goliath -- either of his classic costumes; they're both kind of ridiculous.
  10. I would buy this wave. Not familiar with Lash but I like the rest and it would be worth it to get Blastaar.
  11. X-Men Wave 1 Seven figures. Six include a BAF piece to construct the build-a-figure Blob. Cyclops -- classic costume on the Vulcan buck with optic blast effects Rogue -- Brotherhood of Evil Mutants/first appearance costume with interchangeable hood up/hood down effects, interchangeable hands with gloves off effect. Destiny Banshee Magik -- classic New Mutants Illyana in her X-Men training uniform with eldritch metal arm and modestly sized Soulsword. Emperor D’Ken Phoenix -- no BAF piece, instead, tons of fire effects/wings/halo to make the Phoenix shape around her BAF - Blob
  12. Got emails from Pulse saying that due to unexpected delays, the new anticipated ship dates for the Skrull trooper army builder is March 1st, and the S.H.I.E.L.D. trooper 2-pack is April 1st.
  13. I used that app to make my dream Classic Hawkeye wave a couple days ago. It was very fun. Thanks for starting this thread.
  14. My preferred version of the Mandarin would be one with the long green and gold robes.
  15. Nice work! I wonder if, given the character's popularity should rise in the next couple years, I wonder if we'll get another comic version that's basically a re-release of this version with the brown leather jacket from the Harras/Epting era. Would you want that version to have the neutral face on the contemporary helmet, or would you feel like you wasted all that time and effort?
  16. Paying full price for a figure just to destroy it in order to "fix" a flawed version that I also paid full price for, yes, it was very annoying. But Sue Storm is one of my favorite characters, so... some things had to be done. I posted more pics and described my very low-tech process in one of the comments in this thread:
  17. Best newcomer: Miles Morales (Spider-verse) Best remake: Miles Morales (Spider-verse) ... not sure how they can be new and remakes, but whatever. Best repaint: Deadpool Best costume: Captain Carter Best villain: Surtur Best female: Captain Carter
  18. I started making a rough list and I got twenty characters deep before I even reached any villains. Whatever, I guess these are my Top 20 Remakes for hero characters. Monica Rambeau -- We got a more modern take on Monica/Spectrum in the A-Force box set, but my most-desired figure at the moment is classic Captain Marvel II/Monica Rambeau as she first appeared and became a mainstay of the Avengers during the Roger Stern and John Buscema era. With grownup Monica getting her powers in WandaVision and set to make a bigger deal in The Marvels, I know her popularity is about to blow up so it's a good time for Hasbro to give us a classic comic version before the inevitable MCU figure.] Also: Once the figure is done, they can eventually re-release a powered-up version of her in her light energy form, like the translucent Invisible Woman or Living Laser but with a yellow color. Yellowjacket -- put him (the Hank Pym version, obvi) on the retro Spider-Man buck. Interchangeable unmasked head, but the head with the mask should have a cocky smirk on his face. The Falcon -- I know we just got a remade retro-carded one, but that's not the version I want. I want the classic with the deep V-neck costume that was so prevalent he even got a Secret Wars action figure despite not being in the Secret Wars comic. He needs to come with Redwing; the G.I.Joe Classified line included a Freedom eagle with the new Spirit figure so no reason Falcon doesn't come with his own bird pal. For even more bonus points, they can include an interchangeable arm/hand with the talon grappling hook shooter that Sam used before he got his wings. I am also happy to get the first appearance wingless Falcon in his green costume. Luke Cage -- Simply put, we need a new version of the classic Power Man. And with Luke comes Iron Fist -- classic Danny Rand on the retro Spidey buck. Should have lots of interchangeable hands, like the comic Shang-Chi did, as well as the glowing power Iron Fist effect. Daredevil -- classic red suit on the new Vulcan buck. Cowl, suit, gloves, boots, all the same red; use a paint wash to give him more definition and shadow. The Wasp -- Need to get Janet in one of her more iconic costumes from the Silver or Bronze Age. Either first appearance, with interchangeable heads so she can have the cowl and antennae as well as one without; or her yellow and red costume from around the time she married Hank; or her dark blue and yellow costume from the "Under Siege" era. Gamora -- The classic Jim Starlin version with the dark green fishnets bodysuit and the black fur half-cape. Adam Warlock -- Also the version from the Jim Starlin era that preceded The Infinity Gauntlet. Rogue -- I want first appearance Rogue when she was with Mystique's crew. Short hair, green costume with removable green hood, and the same glove/ungloved hands that they've done on other recent versions of the character.
  19. So these are the top ten figures you want Hasbro to remake in the next 19 days?
  20. Yeah, right out of the cover to Generation X #1 (and, like, every issue after). It makes more sense for Skin than Reed.
  21. Yes, I used the head from the modern Sue in the Super-Skrull BAF wave with the hair from the new retro version.
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