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  1. That would be cool, but since they said Hulk and Toad won't be released at the same time I'm not expecting it. But yeah, it would be nice.
  2. I guess. I'll just shrug my shoulders and continue to wait for Disney to buy Hasbro so Marvel can finally reprint ROM Spaceknight comics. 😉
  3. Not exactly sure what the impetus was for the joint effort, but if you look at the promotion on Hasbro Pulse's website, the image they feature for the Disney+ discount is from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. I think this Pulse/D+ promotion started on Black Friday. Why they chose Disney over HBOMax or Paramount for example, I can only speculate it has to do with the Marvel and Star Wars crossover appeal. Hasbro was desperately trying to fund the HasLab Star Wars Black Series Rancor, which failed ("sad trombone"), so maybe that was part of the extra incentive.
  4. So, I was happy to be getting a powered-down Johnny Storm because I love me some Fantastic Four and wanted to support the retro-carded wave, but I didn't think I would have much use for posing him compared to either of my flamed-on versions. I also really wasn't looking forward to the figure. Based on the promo images, I thought the paint scheme really accentuated the flaws in the Sunfire buck, namely the shoulders looking so droopy. I also didn't like hair they chose for him. Johnny's hair was always wavy, the way I pictured it based on the comics. However, upon opening the figure tonight, I really like this one. The flame accessory that sits on his shoulders nullifies the problem with the Sunfire sculpt (still, though, bring on the new Vulcan buck). I also don't mind the hair as much, because it's not as flat or spiky as I pictures, and he has enough of a smirk on his face to clearly convey this is Johnny freaking Storm. So yeah, happy I got him. Hopefully the transparent Sue Storm will arrive within a week or so.
  5. Dan also tweeted yesterday that he thinks this cryptic barrel tease from earlier in the year will be revealed/explained in December, so presumably during this livestream.
  6. Pulse Johnny Storm arrived today. Invisible Invisible Woman and the 3.75" Phoenix and Wolverine 2-pack are in transit somewhere.
  7. I have no idea which figures have and have not had Legends figures prior to 2017, so I wouldn't presume to make my own list, but I like your list, @tarot and I would probably get all ten of those. Also like a lot of the other names I've read on this thread, such as Porcupine, Crystal, and Zzzax.
  8. If they wanted to ensure profits, I wonder if they could approach it similar to a crowdfunding campaign, where they say essentially offer a pre-order window of a month or so, and you can order however many you want. But when the window is closed, they might not offer it again for a whole year, or something. I'm not sure if that's any better than the current system.
  9. Got word that my exclusive Johnny Storm finally shipped from Pulse and that the transparent Invisible Woman will also be shipping early.
  10. I hate the scalemail textured effect that Hasbro used on the older Hobgoblin and on the Green Goblin figures. That's just not how I've ever pictured the suit to look or feel. I would almost rather they just use deco to give it the texture effect. Anyway, all that is to say I prefer the smooth arms and legs of this new Hobby to the older version. I wish the colors were a little more muted, but I do understand what they were going for. The biggest problem with this version, to me, is the eyes are too small and the face is too light/washed. They're not deal-breakers. I don't have the other Hobgoblin so I'm happy to get this one, but there is still room for some improvement.
  11. I would be all for Destiny, Spiral, Hela, Morgan Le Fay, Madame Masque, Viper/Madame Hydra (who I believe is confirmed for the Avengers wave coming soon), Princess Python, Titania, Lilith, Diamondback, Anaconda, and a classic Typhoid Mary.
  12. After watching One Night in Miami last year, I love Aldis Hodge, who played Jim Brown in the film. I would've loved for him to play Luke Cage, or even a recast T'Challa picking up for Chadwick Boseman. Unfortunately, I think Hodge is going to be busy playing Hawkman in DC's Black Adam movie.
  13. I would not be surprised if Daredevil and his supporting cast and the Punisher are the only members of the Netflix group that Disney makes any effort to incorporate into the main MCU. They won't give the Punisher another show but maybe guest appearances or cameos. With Daredevil, they don't really have to acknowledge much of the Netflix series because of where season 3 left off: Matt and Foggy are lawyering again with Karen working for them. Kingpin may be in prison or may be out; we'll find out in Hawkeye, most likely. And a few villains like Bullseye and Gladiator are waiting in the wings, either of which could be recast although I hope not. I do not believe we will ever see the Danny Rand Iron Fist again. I believe Marvel made the changes to Shang-Chi's lore and powers so that he could essentially function as the Iron Fist of the MCU, and they can drop all the baggage of the Netflix series that most people didn't like, as well as the controversy over whitewashing a martial arts character. Jessica Jones was good... but do we really need more of her? Ehh... As for Luke Cage, I like the character and I would love to see more of him in the MCU, but I think he needs to be recast if they do. And is that worth the headache of the fans to even try?
  14. I hope they retain as much of the cast as possible. I only just finally watched season 3 this past week. I found the Netflix shows started strong and then the quality dipped and I stopped caring years ago (never even finished season 1 of Iron Fist or The Defenders). But the third season of Daredevil was astounding. So yeah, by all means, bring back Elden Hanson as Foggy, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen, Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk, Wilson Bethel as Dex/Bullseye, and Matt Gerard as Melvin Potter/Gladiator. Give the latter two upgrades so we can see them in costumes. I do believe the series reached a point of critical mass with the realistic grim urban vigilante. I think a Disney+ series or movie could take the same world of characters and lighten the tone a little bit. Inject more fun, swashbuckling man-without-fear into the world. Let Matt square off against some of his more colorful villains, like Leap-Frog, Mr. Fear, and Stiltman. Yes, Stitlman. Don't tell me he's too ridiculous for a universe that has Groot and WandaVision.
  15. Best newcomer: Frog Man Best remake: Ultron Best new costume: Classic Red Skull Best repaint/re-release: A.I. Iron Man Best villain: Ultron Best female: Tigra Best Spider-person: Spider-verse Miles Best X-Men: HOX Marvel Girl
  16. Um, the picture for this article on the homepage is not of Charlie Cox. That's Wilson Bethel playing Ben Poindexter impersonating Daredevil.
  17. I would love to get a classic Daredevil on the upcoming Vulcan buck. Same color red for the entire costume, bodysuit, cowl, gloves, boots, Ds, all of it. Use a wash to give it more definition.
  18. Got an email that the retro line 3.75" Phoenix and Wolverine 2-pack is shipping soon. Also got the email about Johnny Storm last week but so far that hasn't shipped yet.
  19. This is awesome, but for real, somebody bought four Jackals for their collection?!!
  20. I would rather not dwell too much on the worst of the year, other than the obligatory shoutouts to The Hood and Sue Storm's botched facelift. I don't want to get anymore negative than that, knowing that we all have different expectations, desires, tolerances, etc. for these figures, and also my genuine belief that Hasbro tries to produce good figures every time. Big picture, I think this year was really strong year for classic comic villains. I mean, the fact that we got a Bring On the Bad Guys wave was really, really cool. The highlights for me are Red Skull and Dormammu, just because these are characters I've wanted for a while, but the Lady Deathstrike and Scientist Supreme were both great looking, as was the BAF Xemnu. Classic Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet in snapping position was a big win, as was the other great deluxe figure M.O.D.O.K., who was even better than I hoped he would be. Other amazing villains this year are the new retro carded Sandman, the retro FF Psycho-Man, the delightfully wonderful Frogman, and, of course, Ultron. The best BAF, however, is Stiltman. I love how Hasbro packed his leg extensions with army-builder Hand ninjas. That's so brilliant. I've got three extensions on him so far, but I might need some more ninjas to make him even taller. After all, somebody's gotta look my Galactus in the eye when he arrives! For the heroes, Hercules and Tigra are the best by wide margins. These two are great, beatiful sculpts, tons of personality, gorgeous to behold. Wish every figure was as good as these two. I really wish I could be more affectionate toward the retro Fantastic Four, since those are my favorite characters, but every one of the figures has a nitpicky issue that bothers me. Perhaps that's my own expectations, though, which is why I don't want to spend any time taljing about the worst figures. Also need to shoutout Firestar, because she's adorable. Overall Top 10 from 2021 Hercules Ultron Tigra M.O.D.O.K. Stiltman Thanos Red Skull Psycho-Man Frogman Sandman
  21. Weird, I just talked myself out of this one, after defending it as a solid placeholder. Cancelled my pre-order. I'm sure the Falcon's popularity isn't going to dip very much as Sam Wilson's prominence rises in the MCU, so I can wait for a better more classic version of the figure.
  22. I like this version well enough as a modern update of his classic look. Really, the bare biceps are the reason I skipped the last version and waited for this one; weird detail to be hung up on, I'll admit, but I think it's part of the character. So yeah, happy to get this one as a place holder for now, because I love Falcon, but I do hope we get both the first appearance green costume designed by Gene Colan as well as classic/iconic red and white look by Sal Buscemi. That's the version we're getting in the retro 3.75" line (which also comes with Redwing) so I believe it's only a matter of time.
  23. Didn't see this on the news page yet: Marvel Legends of Barton and Bishop from the Hawkeye Disney+ series. https://twitter.com/preterniadotcom/status/1466815446129254404?s=20
  24. How about theme-specific accessory packs? For instance, a Spider-Man accessory pack could have various web effects, pumpkin bombs with explosion effects, bend-e-wire Doc Ock tentacles, long-range Electro electricity attack effect, etc. There could be other packs specific to X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Doctor Strange.
  25. Quite a few of the upgraded figures I hoped for we either got, or they're in the pipeline. Sadly, not nearly enough of the new figures I wanted.
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