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  1. Picked up a cowboy Logan at gamestop here in yuba city CA. they had 4 of them and they still have multiple night crawlers. I actually really like the cowboy logan figure. wasnt sure at first but i do loves me some wolverine. the new screaming head looks great on the brown and yellow suited retro fig as well.
  2. None of them are available. 😞 such a tease! lol! gotta head down in person and check it out tomorrow.
  3. This is why we cant have nice things. It's probably some kind of ploy. they got something planed. maybe Disney has had there fill of the web slinger and think there good with there acquisition of X-men and others. I don't really know how to feel about this. I'm not a huge fan of this version of spidy yet so on one hand I'm like o well and on the other i want to see where they can take him. But i would like to see a spidy movie with Holland that's not focused on the MCU and just focused on spider-man. Guess we will see how it turns out. Only thing to do is wait and cross our fingers that what ever direction it goes it remains a good spider-man movie. Not a big fan of how Sony is handling there movies right now but into the spiderverse was fantastic so maybe a glimmer of hope is amongst the crap.
  4. Interesting. Hopefully there not using this to up the prices on them. My collection is growing pretty quick and at the same time my storage space for all there boxes is shrinking so i could go for some non essential packaging. I also buy a lot of my figs out of package anyway so not a big deal really. they will most likely use a more biodegradable "plastic" that degrades in 20 to 30 years. collectors should be fine. I don't remember what they were but i seem to remember some figs in cardboard blisters in the past. if they did that with just a thin biodegradable window that could work well.
  5. Nice! she might be around here soon then. thanks for the heads up!
  6. Ya this ones all Disney fault for being greedy. I hate Sony most of the time but this was all Disney. I was super surprised it wasn't Sony's fault this time around. Disney doesn't need anymore money, they all ready own everything. Except spider man, of course. Greedy mouse messin things up again! Sony are still under contract for one more spidy movie so we will see how that goes. I knew this wouldn't end well.
  7. got an extra black cat for her hair and body so i worked on fitting the hair to storm. think its coming along pretty nicely. i would like to add a wash to it to match the other figs hair so i didn't glue it to well yet. i dig it though. I also lowered the head a bit so shes not so much of a bobble head.
  8. Finally got the 80th iron man from amazon yesterday. ended up getting a $1.50 discount for some reason so that worked out i guess. Love the figure, but i think they made the tony head a tad to big. they really struggle with that don't they. looks good on the fig itself but any other fig and its pretty huge compared. I Was hopping it would fit on the Everett Ross body but it's a bit to big and the Ross body's neck is to short. i tried a captin america head on it and it works great as for as scale goes. to bad. Gota get my hands on the mcu stark head. Also FYI, if you want a hand with a joint on it the retro iron man hand does work with it. It's a bit smaller than the 80s hands but i think it's fine. the retro release has the left hand and the older first release with the bigger boots has a right hand but i don't have one of those so i cant test that one. it may work just as well.
  9. I've seen JJ head on the claw body a few times, i believe one was on ebay. I almost picked up a claw the other day just for this but i haven't gotten my hands on a chameleon yet anyway. keeps slipping though my fingers every time! Anything spidy and I'm down. i missed most all the early spdiy figs.
  10. it does work pretty well. does that iron fist have the same body as the black suit and pizza spider-man? The waist on them is so squished.
  11. Just got this fancy group today from ebay for less the 5 bucks a figure! Not counting the BAF parts that came with it. Old man Logan and deadpool are brand new sealed in package. love me some good deals.
  12. Its a great figure but hes pretty tiny. very much a teen spidey. still highly recommended. now if i could get the other spideys on my list. really been trying to get the Ben Reilly spider-carnage fig. super hard to get under $40 or $50. My ever vigilant watch of ebay continues!
  13. Got this in the mail today as well. pretty happy with this since I missed this wave and I'm a huge spider-man fan. Another ebay find at a very decent price. New in box never opened.
  14. huh, I'm wondering if i canceled my preorder and reordered it if i would actually get it tomorrow.
  15. since i was playing around with the new storm I wanted to see what the punk storm head would look like with different hair so i popped on the new black cats hair on her. It still has the pegs on the hair so it doesn't fit to well at the moment but i think it might look pretty good if fit to her.
  16. Just got storm so here's a head swap with her 80's punk version. I like it! still think her head sits to high, on both actually. I may fix that.
  17. Got my hands on a storm finally. it was on ebay and not in store but ill take it. And it wasn't over retail so I'm happy. she is hard to stand up on her own, wow. shes got a lot of hair! Also, my Walmart in Marysville CA still has all the new captain marvels and it doesn't look like they have been touched since they came in. Still now new stuff other than captain marvel. I gave up on finding it in store so I preordered 80th iron man on amazon. it was released on the 15th but still hasn't shipped, yet it says it is in stock right now and i would get it tomorrow if i bought it now. of course. we will see what happens i guess. Says I'm supposed to get it on monday.
  18. Just did the rounds in my area again. Target was a bust again with nothing new but Walmart did have a beast! didn't grab this one because i just found one at target a couple weeks ago. and they had the binary captain marvel by the truck load. lol! i have a feeling there gonna be real cheap here soon. Stopped by game stop and they had the new Hela and Skurge 2 pack. pretty cool and they still had a bunch of rescues. you guys want to grab me a few of those retro figs and send them my way? 😉
  19. He is one of the nicer figs from that wave. i might just sell him though. the Walmart near me never has anything new. they have had the same waves for months. the only new fig i have spotted there was spiderwoman. The one further in to town did have most of the caliban wave so that was impressive. hopefully they will get more.
  20. went by target again today to see if they had done a reset and they moved things around but still no new stuff. But i did find yon-rog and talos from the cree sentry wave for 5.96. i knew that all the rest of the wave atwas on sale at another target, all exept furry so i headed over there and picked those up as well. i all ready had captain marvel with the bomber jacket on so all i needed was furry to complete the BAF. i figured i would just order him on amazon cause hes only $16 on there right now anyway. on the way home i noticed a game stop and swung on in to see what they had. To my surprise they had nick furry on clearance for 12 bucks. lucked out so i now have my first completed BAF of the cree sentry. not the best BAF but its pretty cool and i got it all on clearance pretty much. That part i like. Not really into most of these figs, cept for furry and maybe talos so ill probably end up selling them here soon but it was worth it for the BAF pieces.
  21. I'm with you, i hate fabric soft good stuff on figures. Even as a kid i hated it. i was disappointed when i first saw the fig for the first time. Still gona pick her up if i can but ya. If anything just to put her head on the punk storm figure. i really like that one.
  22. it was like $55 about 2 weeks ago. i need another black widow and wolverine so i might pick this up before it sells out.
  23. Is Walmart's stock numbers more accurate than targets? targets site says that the skyline sirens black cat is in stock at my local target. It's not, unless its under an old shelf somewhere.
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