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  1. I found a local Walmart in my area that had the 2-packs marked on clearance for $30. I picked up the Grandmaster/Korg and the Skurge/Hela sets. The Ant-Man set was there also for $30. They also had the 80th Thor and IM for $15. Unfortunately, someone stole all the blast effects from the IM. They also had the Colossus/Juggernaut sets for full price ($60).
  2. One reason some people are reluctant to share their location of where they found stuff is they don't want scalpers hitting up the stores and clearing them out. I think it's also kind of analogous to fishing and fisherman not wanting to disclose their favorite fishing spot for fear of others beating them to it. It would be nice if we could share sighting locations where fellow collectors could find the stuff they are looking for, but when stores carry so little stock of everything these days that's the nature of the beast unfortunately.
  3. Yup. The weapons around his hands are supposed to this one. So, perhaps it's best to use the fists when using that accessory.
  4. It doesn't bother me when people say that. I know they really mean "few asked for" or really "I personally didn't ask for". It's just common to exaggerate everything these days it seems. Everything is "amazing!", or "absolutely hilarious!", or anything clever or smart makes someone a "genius". Luis C.K. did a funny bit about it. Or should I say Luis C.K. did a "hilarious" bit about it. 😋
  5. I think that is part of it. Quite a few Targets in my area are doing resets and that screws up getting new arrivals on the shelves/pegs. One Target is doing a full blown remodel and is a complete disorganized mess with regard to the toy section. If not for the street dates I'll wager we would have seen them out before the resets started. I think the only reason the IM/IS 2-pack was street dated was because they were supposed to be an SDCC debut. Kind of dumb of Hasbro to do that IMHO. Who cares about where/when it debuts if it's going to be widely available anyway. These are sets from movies that have already come and gone for a while now. It's bad enough how infrequently Target and Walmart stock the toy aisle without having to worry about street dates and holding product back.
  6. Had a similar experience where many Targets in my area show in stock, but nothing on the shelves. A couple of Targets showed in stock when I checked online, but when I asked at the store they said they were out. Keep in mind this is Sunday afternoon (couldn't get there in the morning like I originally wanted to). Finally, the next day, the 5th Target I went to had them in the back, so the stock lady went and got one for me. It was a pain for sure, but I'll bet we see a restock later. When it's a set I really want I feel better when I can just get one as soon as possible just in case.
  7. Yup. It shows in stock at all the Targets in my area. I actually saw 3 on the shelf at one, but when I tried to scan it at checkout the register wouldn't take it and gave a message about the street date. The cashier had the stock pulled from the shelf until the street date. I had a feeling that was going to happen, but I thought I'd try just in case. So, glad that a desirable set like this is Target exclusive and not Walmart. It's the one I want the most and Target exclusives are historically easy to get as they usually stock them everywhere and in decent numbers. I've even seen restocks of the Hawkeye and Black Widow Endgame set at several Targets in my area.
  8. I second your opinion on Iron Man. This Iron Man has a cool paint scheme that looks to me like an MCU take on a classic comic Iron Man. To me it's the best of both worlds. On a different note, regarding Iron Patriot. Looking at the Hot Toys images and comparing it to the Marvel Legends, the Marvel Legends Iron Patriot is not bad IMO. I like the look of the gun pods on top the most.
  9. Here's a pic of Hulk with the nano gauntlet. I know there's a better pick somewhere, but I haven't come across it yet.
  10. An unmasked head would have been a good idea, and maybe he could have come with Loki's scepter as well to complete the look of the scene in Endgame. Regarding Iron Patriot, I am kind of the opposite feeling. I somehow like the look of the Iron Patriot paint scheme a bit more. I didn't like the proportions of War Machine in general as I felt it was too exaggerated with a much too narrow waist and bulked up torso and arms/legs. I passed on him since I didn't need him for the BAF Hulk. But, somehow the proportions of Iron Patriot don't bother me as much even though he's even bulkier with what looks to be an added piece on top of his torso to attach the weapon pods and the extra weapons around his wrists and at his thighs. I don't understand why I like Iron Patriot, but not the War Machine? I can say for sure I do like the add on weapons for Iron Patriot much more than War Machine.
  11. Really liking that Iron Man. It's nice to get 4 blast effects instead of just 1 or 2. It looks to me like the repulsor blasting hands have a swivel so you can pivot the hand up and down. Really looking forward to that feature if that is indeed the case. Also, I read that the nano-gauntlet is supposed to fit on the BAF Hulk. If it does then I assume the gauntlet is hollow up to the fist. I could have sworn I saw an image of Hulk wearing it on a video or something, but now I can't seem to find any image. I wonder if this also means you can fit it on the non-armored Thanos? Lastly, I think the hand with the quantum GPS is meant for Thor, so Iron Man really has 2 alternate hands (a fist and a repulsor blasting hand). Anyone have any thoughts on Iron Man? Is what I said seem correct?
  12. It's more like an "FU 3000" tour. Nothing in NY, Dallas, Atlanta,..you know major cities. They've filmed lots of Marvel stuff in Georgia, so I would have hoped they would have done something in Atlanta.
  13. Cap with motorcycle can be ordered on Hasbro Pulse, so not sure if it's really a Walmart Exclusive as well. I hope it is still an exclusive to Walmart because maybe Hasbro will sell everything on Pulse in addition to being a store exclusive.
  14. Haven't watched his show in a long time. My guess is that he did some kind of skit or will show a skit this year dressed as Iron Man? I know he usually does some special shows for SDCC.
  15. I noticed that too. I scanned the Nick Fury and it came up $10. Didn't bother to scan the Starforce Cap, but it did have a clearance sticker indicating the $10 price. Took Fury and Cap to the register and the Cap rang up $20, but the cashier did a price adjustment. Now I realize that perhaps they put the clearance sticker on it by mistake. On another note, my 1st 10 Years 3-pack (Iron Man, Thanos, Dr. Strange) came today. Ordered it from Pulse. Overall, pretty happy with it, but the angry Thanos head had his eyes painted too low on the head. I really hate Hasbro's quality control. I don't mind so much any paint mishaps on the body of the figures. The only thing that I'm super OCD about are the eyes. I have to have good eyes on my figures. It can make or break the entire look of a figure. The neutral face turned out OK, but really bummed that the angry head is off like that. Totally, regret not picking it up when I would see the set at Target. This is why I don't like ordering figures online. It's almost enough to make me want to return it, but who knows if the replacement they send will have both heads with wonky eyes. I am even debating if I should try to repaint the eyes and try to fix it, but I've never done such a thing. I had to return and re-buy a Shuri figure for the exact same issue. I didn't notice her right eye was off until I came home and took a 2nd look at it.
  16. Actually, not a bad option. If one is good at customizing with additional paint and detail work even better.
  17. I'm glad Hasbro included "Des" and "Troy" accessories with the Skurge figure. I'm always happy to get regular guns in 1:12 scale. Coming into ML late in the game I needed a Hela figure. I feel fortunate to have a chance to get the newest version. Should I assume the waldos on Iron Spider are not removable? I was thinking about picking up the prior release, but I knew the 2-pack was coming. However, if the waldos are permanent on the new Iron Spider I may also pick up the older version as well.
  18. Because hard core collectors (and/or scalpers) frequent the stores enough and snatch up all the figures you are looking for. On my most recent trip to Walmart, for example, I saw the remnants of the latest Endgame Hulk BAF wave. Only 2 War Machines, 1 Shuri, and 1 Loki were left. I had popped in on Friday and I went back again on Sunday only to find the leftovers. Normally it's just a bunch of Cul Obisidan BAF peg-warmers along with a ton of Gwenpools. I even saw a couple of sets of the Caliban BAF wave figures blow through that Walmart in just a few days. Someone who may go only on the weekend would have never known they had them at one point. I find that if I go often enough and try to mix up my schedule I usually find everything I am after eventually.
  19. That is my regret as well. Not getting into the line sooner. My biggest blunder/regret would have to be when I was at Five Below and they had the entire GotG vol. 2 wave (Mantis BAF) except for Gamora and I passed on them. As you know they were all $5 each. At that particular time I wasn't collecting any Marvel Legends figures at all. But, even though that was the case I was really tempted. It was almost the moment I would start collecting ML figures. I had them all in my hands and decided to pass since I wouldn't have the complete wave and the Quill figure wasn't the version I preferred. Really a bone-headed move.
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