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  1. so, i admit i only looked forward for the stream to be able to know about the MCU stuff, at least we know when we can order them... but i most come clean when i saw the boxes of the future Marvel legends stuff and being frank i don't think i'll be that invested on the line more really.

    i mean yes it is not uncommon to see closed boxes like Lego sets do and hopefully it is slightly better than the Transformers boxes where they got a plastic free window with theft likelihood, and yeah even i understand it's to help with the environment, But still i'm not even sure if i want to gamble on buying a box that has said item inside with good conditions and if it is 100% there and not a swapped figure without a clear plastic window that shows it,

    and granted there can be an after chance that someone will likely sell the figure outside the box with all accessories but there is the horrid risk of expensive prices, even way more expensive than i can imagine and it's clear that the idea will spread to my other favorite G.I. Joe classified likely, it's not gonna stop me from collecting other toylines and it might not even stop me from buying potential new Marvel products in the future that i still do not know, but i can say my most likely last buys from Marvel Legends would likely be Moon Knight, King Valkyrie and maybe even Mighty Thor/Jane Foster (the last one i'm still debating whether i like it or not), but likewise i don't want to feel like i got to gamble whether i'll get the figure or what not.

  2. so short opinions for each one as i see these images

    Thor: well i did said i like his new design during a previous post and still do, but i feel like the figure itself seems off for me, it might be the head,  ironically i still prefer his armored Bro-Thor look in endgame.

    Mighty Thor: she looks amazing, despite that i never was familiar with Jane Foster as Thor, it's a good figure that's for sure,

    Valkyrie: out of all this wave, she is the one character i'm looking forward the most, i dig her character and this new design is amazing nuff said.

    Gorr: i mean he looks alright, probably once i see the movie maybe i might like him or not, for now simply put i'm neutral towards the figure.

    Star-Lord and Groot: oh man don't pitchfork me for this, i enjoy the Guardians of the galaxy movies but i'm not that invested on the figures related to the team itself lol.

    Ravager Thor: Now that's badass looking, whether it is Thor or not, the mold itself could be a nice custom potential.

    Korg: looks nice, i dig the new look really.

  3. I'm not sure what to really expect, probably other than the possiblity we'll know when will the 3rd D+ wave might come, it would surprise me if they do in fact make another Scarlet witch figure not that i would even want to go for a new one, more like surprised cause i wouldn't think that odd would be possible if that were the case.

    Though as odd as it might sound, but definitely an awkward wishful thinking i have is it would be awesome if they redid the Multiverse of Madness strange and probably give him a proper peg cape with a peg hole on his back... yeah, odd and wishful as it sounds and highly unlikely.

  4. On 1/27/2022 at 1:00 PM, JohnF said:

    Definitely a possiblity but I'd rather not. I'm fine with the Scarlet Witch from the D+wave and with everything that's coming, I'm gonna have to hold back on some figures. Releasing her as a single figure would be tempting enough, but it would be up to me to pass or buy, but making her part of a two pack means that I could be forced to get her just for the other character...It'd be a nice bonus but a costly one too. 

    Couldn't agree more, in both ways i always did had that mentality when i bought the Scarlet witch from the 1st D+ wave, one that would work as Wandavision and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of madness display.

    I mean it could be possible we'll get a new Scarlet witch figure or not, but even so i'm already happy with my Scarlet witch figure and well the prices raising up eventually i doubt it'll be something that i'll add to my wishlist.

    Edit: AAAA i hate it when i forget to mention something, but there is one thing i do wanna say, if Doctor Strange: Multiverse of madness does by any chance make basic figures like with Spider-Man No way home i may go with that option not gonna lie 😅

  5. i for one did expected this, i'd say regardless of reasons this might had come anyway. and i mean with Marvel Legends it shouldn't be much of a trouble i guess since i'm not so sure if there are any other more figures of the line i'd be invested to get, even some MCU ones, perhaps it might affect a lot if i where to get more Marvel legends which doesn't seem to be much of a case, but i do know that with G.I. Joe Classified perhaps this will affect me more worst since i've been into that line lately.

    Even so i'm not entirely sure about the newer legends coming, i confess X-men and FF4 stuff are a pass for me since i'm not a huge fan of them, but for other waves of the lines there isn't much of a selection i'd be into, granted when it comes to the MCU ones i think i'd be just looking forward for Mordo, Wong and both Hawkeyes (Clint and Kate), so far that's just about it, maybe?, yet even if Hasbro by any chance does make some MCU characters that need a figure i doubt they'll be worth my money really because of price increase and personal preference for me.

  6. On 1/3/2022 at 3:06 PM, tarot said:

    The only people who think this will peg warm are those that still think that MCU doesn't sell as well as comic but as you can read in this very thread, there are hundreds of people who collect only MCU figures.

    and there is no arguing on that, i confess even guilty as charged i'm into some but not all MCU figures.

    gonna make a wrong guess on this one but this might be the last ML wave that will use more plastic on the box since they might change the packaging after all, my opinions regarding this wave are still unchanged, but i did forgot to mention that i hoped that the cloak is removable and it is, plus the reason why i won't bother on getting Defender Strange it's because well it does remind me a bit of Druig's outfit, i do love red and black but i just don't like how the costume looks that's pretty much it.

  7. So i am sure the three main figures i'm going for here are gonna be Doctor Strange, Wong and Mordo that's for sure, maybe America might be an interesting character which obviously we'll have to wait for the movie to see that but even then i'm not that hyped for the figure.

    Not gonna lie about the defender strange and this comes from me who likes Doctor Stange and often the red and black combo but ehhhh, um, i don't dig it, not even the effect he comes with is doing it for me, now i feel weird for saying that but it's just true ya know lol.

    the Astral Doctor Strange kinda makes me laugh, literally, i can't unsee that lamp as the genie's lamp from Aladdin, what's next? Stephen singing a friend like me? i mean the cloak of levitation already acts like the magic carpet 🤣

  8. On 12/31/2021 at 12:38 PM, Falls22 said:

    I think it was just a way to get that “infinity war” strange out to more people because that set became expensive for a while. Because this new Strange we got is a bit of a different costume in this MOM wave. And if anyone else is like me like a completist then they’re gonna want both costumes. 

    can't argue with that and it almost looks like that problem still is going on, the NWH Strange is definitely going to high prices on my spot and all thanks to the fact the wave came in late for christmas.

    but yeah i would love to at least get 1 MCU Doctor Strange so far and looks like Multiverse of madness will come eventually, not really a different costume completist i will confess that.

    Side note: dang it now i'm envious for that figure lol 🤣

  9. welp, never doubted for a second there'd be a Doctor Strange Multiverse of madness wave, nah lemme word it better was there any doubt?

    i confess when i went to stores and hadn't got the No Way Home Doctor Strange figure i'd be worried i won't get a chance to get an MCU Doctor Strange figure since i never got one before ("shocking" isn't it?), so with Multiverse of madness coming next year i might patiently for my second chance.

    I'd say Mordo and Wong might be the other figures i'd like to get, probably alongside D'Spayre (i mean that is the most ghastly looking character i've seen in my life and i am not familiar with him lol).

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