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  1. No sorry, while huge in size, Sasquatch is not a distant cousin of Quasimodo.
  2. OK, yeah, that is an improvement! At least now, he would be bigger than both Hulk/Jugs as well he should be. And next to normal sized 6 footers, he would look a bit more towering. I like those extensions sir. Problem with painting them is that Hasbro somehow has these hard to match paints that you have to mix & match paints just to try & find the exact color. I'd rather order them already painted. Again, that added inch of hgt make a huge difference. Why someone at Hasbro or even Marvel gave the green light to that underscaled Sasquatch is beyond me, I woulda shut it down & told em to at minimum, make him 9' scale if not the entire 10'.
  3. You can name call name call me all you want, Those figures were phoned in by Hasbro back then by just using the most outdated & outta scale buck they could find which was that awful T-bird buck from 2010. They are extremely outta scale with just about every ML figure both past & present. None of the crew is Hulk sized, so "slightly" scaling them down wouldn't work as they would still be taller than the 80th anniv Thor which as I stated before is 6'6 & T-ball who is also listed as being 6'6 would still tower over him. So again, no, they have to be way more than "slightly" scaled. Either the new classic Thor & or the new BRB buck is the one that Hasbro needs to use for a re-do of the classic crew. How anyone could look at those 2 pics & be fine with them towering over everyone & be Hulk sized, is beyond me.
  4. "slightly scaled down Wrecking crew"? No, a way scaled down Wrecking crew. Those figures made them into 8ft giants. Re-do the WC on the new 80th anniv Thor & Herc bucks as no member of the wrecking crew is taller than Thor who's 6'6. Only Thunderball is as tall as Thor at 6'6, all the other members are under 6'6
  5. This Eternals wave, if all MCU will be an easy pass for me then. Even Hasbro knows that an all MCU wave line will not be a huge seller. You have to mix it up with comic based characters as well. Like I said, give us a comic based classic Thanos & it will sell more than if the BAF is MCU based & making the BAF a normal sized figure is not gonna sell out the entire wave imo. Classic 1st app Starfox, comic 90s Sersi & BAF comic Thanos will be essential imo. We get 2 more Avengers to round out 80s & 90s Avengers lineups & us Thanos fans finally get a classic comics based Thanos after nothing but umpteenth MCU Thanos's & a modern costume Thanos.
  6. Why Hasbro hasn't done the original White Tiger/Hector Ayala yet is beyond me. Sunfire Buck plus new gloves, lower legs & headsculpt & done! Put him in next Spidey related wave or in the Shang Chi movie wave!
  7. Proper Sasquatch/Beast scale pic Beast is 5'11, Sasquatch 10ft tall. We need a JB Sasquatch in 10' scale with alternate snarling head sculpt like in the pic that JB himself provided & and a George Perez Beast in his proper scale. Not a fan of Giant Jim Lee Beast. GP Beast is much in demand form the classic Avengers fanbase.
  8. I'd have to see a picture of how he looks next to Gaurdian for example, also adding an inch+ would make him look too long legged IMO. Hasbro had to make Sasquatch in an all around larger scale, not just the legs. A new in scale John Byrne Sasquatch in the 80th anniv line with alternate "snarling/growling head sculpt & open hands/closed fists would be the ticket. I'd get that for $39.99 as it being in accurate 10' scale would make for a bigger box
  9. Bout 3 of each. Great thing is you can take it apart & recreate a totally new dio depending on what you want to make. I just think it's better than the extreme dio sets that can be pretty pricey & do take up a lot of room due to their large size. The extreme dio sets are great for people that make comic based stories & use different scenarios for their stories.
  10. A ML comic based figure of this version is waaaaay over due! 80th anniv line is the perfect wave for him. Alternate "mean" head sculpt plus open hands/closed fists along with eyebeams & cosmic blasts effects too.
  11. Lando Tucker states: "but I do think collectors would take Box over GotG Titus (euuuu), MCU Smart Hulk, MCU Molten Man or even the Lizard. I think if a BAF looks cool, even if you don't know the character, you buy the whole wave. And if it looks cool and is an essential figure for completists, it's a no-brainer. Box nails it on both". I concur 100%.I'd also add Spy/der or whatever that thing is called. I can think of at least half a dozen better known, more popular characters that rated a BAF before most of the ones you listed. Classic Box would be one of them.
  12. Animated movies is where DC blows Marvel away. Marvel does kiddy friendly animated shows while DC does more adult oriented animated movies. I'd love to see a more adult animated Marvel movie about the classic DOFP X-Men 2 parter. Animate it in John Byrne's style & give us some graphic death scenes like when the Sentinel fried Wolvy & the other one speared Storm.
  13. Depends on what your idea of "decent" sized is. The alley dio I just made measures 9' tall by 17' long by 5' wide. So if you wanna build something larger than that, you might have to buy like 5 bags of each assortment imo.
  14. I may be wrong but I feel that the original classic Box is the most iconic version of the character & that will be the version we get in ML figure form. The Madison Jeffries version is more Transformers looking & was probably influenced by the show at the time. I guess to some, scale is irrelevant & they don't care much if Thor is made in the 8' scale but to me, scale is very important & I will simply not buy a figure if it's scaled incorrectly. I'm not talking bout giant sized characters such as Sentinels, Kree Sentries, Giant man, Big G, etc. IMO, making a large sized character at minimum, 12' tall would be sufficient for me as Sentinels range in various hgts from man sized to 100ft tall as the O.N.E. Sentinels are. I prefer the DOFP Byrne Sentinels who were in the 20ft range, it seems like the perfect hgt for these robotic Terminators on roids. The TB 16' Sentinels are outstanding but I know we'll probably never get 16' scaled ML figures ever again, but 12' scaled DOFP classic Sentinels is very doable IMO, They can either be BAFs or Amazon exclusives. Putting a character such as the Wrecker, who's 6'3 onto the outdated 2010 T-bird buck was just Hasbro phoning in the wrecking crew. None of them are 8 footers. This looks horrible & the classic WC needs to be redone on the new 80th anniv Thor & Manbun Herc bucks
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