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  1. I wouldn't mind the John Byrne "swim trunks mindless" Hulk from his run when Banner got separated from the Hulk. Rulk as well would be cool. I was never into Skarr or any other ripoff characters.
  2. Could be based on McFarland's version? Shame they couldn't have put it on a smaller scaled buck as original Grey Hulk was only bout 6'6.
  3. I guess because I grew up reading Marvel comics in an era where Marvel adhered to the listed hgts/wgts of their characters & drew them in their correct hgts, I got used to thinking it would always be that way & that the editors, who's main job is to spot/point out inaccuracies/mistakes & have the writer/artist correct them & nowadays, I just feel like the staff at Marvel could give 2 poops about respecting the source material. An artist wants to draw the Thing as an 8 footer, editor says, "feh, knock yourself out", Same thig seems to be going on at Hasbro, who ever's in charge at Marvel of OKing said figure should have looked at the Thing prototype & said, "nope, too big in hgt, knock off an inch", When it comes to characters that are heavily muscled/thick like Thanos, Hulk, Thing, Juggernaut, Abom, Rhino, I'd happily lose the double elbow, double knee POA in place of being the correct scale & thickness. All those figures mentioned are at least an inch + too tall. Thanos is listed as being 6'7 but thanks to the MCU, he's now an 8 footer so of course the comics have to follow suit, Jugs was originally 6'10 but nope, let's push him up to almost 9ft tall for no other reason than artistic license cuz ya know, being 6'10 isn't big enough. Kingpin BAF is at least an inch too big as well, he's 6'8, now he is drawn as being a 7-8 footer as well. I know that the odds of ever getting any or all of these large sized characters ever getting re-done at their more correct hgts is slim to none but I just hope that Hasbro does their best to make characters truer to their actual hgts in the comics with future releases. I'll wait for a Perez based Beast to be done as the Jim Lee version is over scaled as well. Hank McCoy is 5'11, not 6'6.
  4. I use OHOTMU as well. Main problem IMO is that over at Marvel comics nowadays, the editors/writers & artists have very little or zero respect for the source material & they just do whatever they want with certain well established characters.
  5. Here's a very good site that you can just type in the name of any character that you may wanna know about, it lists all their physical stats as well as powers/abilites. http://www.writeups.org/tombstone-spider-man-marvel-comics/ Some people get all offended when I bring up the stats on Marvel characters like as if I'm just making them up outta thin air. No, the very people that work at Marvel comics & created the characters, gave em these physical hgts/wgts so I just hold em accountable to stay accurate with the listed hgts & wgts of the character. If the Surfer's listed hgt is 6'4, then when a figure is getting made of him, someone at Hasbro should be looking at the stats & choosing the correct buck that best suits that character. They totally blew off the wrecking crew when they just phoned them in by using the 10yr old T-bird buck for them & turned them all into 8ft giants when the tallest member is Thunderball at 6'6. I never bought them & really hope that Hasbro does the classic wrecking crew again utilizing the newer Herc & 80th anniv Thor bucks for them. Silver Surfer stats Real Name: Norrin Radd. Marital Status: Single, once betrothed. Known Relatives: Shalla Bal (‘wife’), Jartran Radd (Father, deceased), Elmar Radd (Mother, deceased), Fennan Radd (Half-brother). Group Affiliation: Defenders, The Star Masters. Base Of Operations: Mobile across the Universe. Height: 6’4″ Weight: Unrevealed. Eyes: Black, red or silver Hair: Bald
  6. Just got my Hulk/Wolvy 2 pack from DST yesterday. After many, many, many yrs, I can finally take action pics of my favorite Marvel characters in their classic looks. This is the 1st Hulk I've owned since the FFF BAF wave of 2010. I don't collect MCU, so skipped on all those numerous Ruffalo based Hulks. Now this, this is the classic 70s Hulk I've wanted to see in plastic form all my life, same for IM, Thor & Cap. Here's a few pics I took of em.
  7. The squadron Supreme was modeled on the JL, IG was modeled based on the LOSH. DCUC line made the entire core membership of the LOSH in one boxset! Would it kill Hasbro/Disney to do the same with either team as some sort of exclusive set sold by either EE or even on Amazon? As a die hard fan of both teams, I'd spend the $$ to get a boxset of 8-10 core members of each team in their classic comic garbs. Heck, DCUC even knocked out the Crime Syndicate of America in a boxset. That's 2 DC teams that Mattel/4HM did for the DCUC line.
  8. Snowbird can be packaged with an artic Owl, artic Wolverine or wolf figures to demonstrate her animal shapeshifting abilities. A new re-done Puck with a non pea sized head & better articulation is my main want, followed by Shaman, then the twins, then Snowbird, in that order. Classic 1st app Box in either his red/blue armor & Windshear are 2 other members I'd love to see get done.
  9. Asides from Gladiator, Hasbro has yet to make another single member of the IG, they need to. Same goes for more members of the Squadron Supreme such as Dr Spectrum, Power Princess & Blue Eagle.
  10. Silver Surfer is 6'4, the buck they used for him was not the right one to use as it has him looking more like a 6 footer. The Captain Universe buck shoulda been utilized for Norrin Radd. The less I say about the Molten man BAF, the better.
  11. Damn shame that those 2 shows were cancelled, both improved by leaps & bounds in their 2nd seasons in both writing & animation. Especially FF, as they animated them in John Byrne's art style & even did a few stories based on his run on the comic as well as a bunch of Lee/Kirby stories as well! I was so hoping for a 3rd season & hoped they would do a 2 part episode where Gladiator of the Imperial Guard came to earth chasing 4 Skrulls that then disguised themselves as X-Men & Gladiator beat the living crap out a the 4, especially poor outmatched Ben. I have the FF boxset but only watch the 2nd season episodes as the 1st season was atrocious!
  12. I have zero problem with Hasbro making an "armor wars T-man with 3' scale posable Gremlin but wouldn't want him to fit in the torso cuz there goes the ab crunch/waist swivel articulation. I just much prefer the 70s T-man over any other versions. Shockwave, Controller would be welcome indeed, the more shellhead villains, the better!
  13. Remember the DCUC LOSH 12 pack? Not asking for a 12 pack of figures from a team but at minimum, a 6 or 8 pack consisting of the core members of the 2 teams that have been grossly under represented in the ML lines both TB & Hasbro & that would be the Imperial Guard & the Squadron Supreme. Gladiator is the only rep of the IG & Hyperion is the only rep of the SS. Yeah, we got Speed Demon & Nighthawk, which I've added to Hype's team but I don't think they are the SS versions. Here's a couple of pics of the most popular members of the IG My list of core IG members for a boxset would be these 9. Gladiator- with new Angry face sculpt with attachable eye laser FX, open & closed fists Fang- with alternate open mouth growling/yelling head sculpt & open/closed fists Smasher- with open/closed fists Starbolt- with open/closed fists & some sort of fire blast fx Hussar- with electro whip FX accessory Manta-with open hands & better improved soft good manta cape Quasar-very thick body sculpt & open/closed fists Warstar- 8' scale & comes with open compartment in the back that fits a 4' scaled B'nee Titan- 12' scale, comes with open/closed fists I'd have no problem with Earthquake & Electron being added as well! For the Squadron Supreme box set Hyperion- on the new Herc/Thor buck with alternate POed head sculpt & open/closed fists Nighthawk in his Black/grey costume w/open/closed hands Dr Spectrum-with open/closed fists, power beam accessory Power Princess- both helmet version & non helmet head sculpts plus sword & shield Whizzer/Speed demon - in Yellow/Blue costume w/open/closed hands or Black/Yellow costume Blue Eagle- with Mace & Shield, open/closed hands Skrullian Skymaster- open hands/closed fists, Golden or Black Archer- compound bow/quiver & a few trick arrows As a deluxe team boxset, You would figure to pay close to if not $200 for this but that's what we'd pay for them on an individual per figure basis. This way, we get to knock off two very overdue teams that have loyal fanbases & can now go head to head with our X-Men & Avengers teams.
  14. TB version looks like it was kept in starvation mode for a month, all gangly looking. 90% of Hasbro MLs wipe the floor with their TB counterparts, that's not even debatable.
  15. Here's my NYC destroyed /BD city block dio.
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