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  1. Looking at that Crossbones figure, I think the head is sitting way too high on the neck peg. Once I get it, I'll just Dremel the hole in the head a bit deeper & that should fix the Giraffe issue. These are due to hit the pegs sometime in March?
  2. Same here bro. I just stick to rereading my 70s-80s-90s- early 2000s comics collection. This multiples of every big name character by Marvel is a complete joke! White Hulk, Asian Hulk, White Spidey, Hispanic Spidey, female Spidey, male Wolvy, female Wolvy, male Thor, female Thor, White Cap, Black Cap, etc! Freakin joke! When's female Galacticia coming out? In the MCU FF movie?
  3. Nice! Hasbro needs to make a classic Iron fist figure with same hands accessories as Shang plus 1 "Ironfist"!
  4. So glad I quit collecting Marvel yrs ago. What's wrong with bringing back Jack Russell? Hmmm, I think we all know the answer to that.
  5. Shang Chi & Vulture are the 2 winners of this wave, both are great figures & you can use Chi's extra hands for Toomes as well!
  6. Classic DOFP Sentinels along with comic based Pym Goliath/Giantman would be the only Haslabs I would be interested in & only if they were at least 16' - 18' tall. Don't really need a 2ft tall Sentinel/Pym.
  7. Huge pass. Not a thing about this fig catches my fancy. Good for those of you that do like & will purchase it.
  8. Not a "slippery slope" at all. It's just people voicing their opinions on how they think the fig shoulda looked. I don't collect MCU figs based on actors myself but if I did, I'd want a accurate figure of the actor/ actress it's based on & if that actress has 38Ds, why would it offend anyone that the figure represent that?
  9. 5yrs! You give em too much credit, I say this series is canked in 2yrs tops.
  10. Rather they just re-release the TB Sentinels again so the ebay sellers are stuck with their $200 ones. Make it a deluxe 3 pack repainted in their classic DOFP colors & include some laser eye & palm blaster FX beams. $149 price tag & I'd get 2-3 boxes of em!
  11. Found all of the wave on Friday minus Shulk. I bough the right arms that go with Shulk on ebay so should be getting them later this week. Only wanted Doom, Thing & Kl'rt so other 3 FF members have already been sold off as I prefer the classic Walgreens versions asides from that cruddy Torch figure, which I ended up making my own more accurate classic version of. Did some custom moding to my SS fig as he is too tall sporting the Venom buck, I swapped out his lower legs with a Captain Universe buck I had in my fodder box, kept the feet though. Primed them & painted appropriate colors & now Kl'rt is the same hgt as Doom. Also gave his normal arms painted Black open hands that belonged to that Ex-nihilo fig. Will post pics soon as I get the arms. Overall, Super Skrull is a long overdue figure that needed to be redone & Hasbro knocked it outta the park! They now need to do regular army builder Skrulls in a future FF wave as Kl'rt is bigger & more muscular being as he is a scientifically augmented Skrull imbued with the powers of the FF. The Walgreens Mr F buck would be a great buck to use for regular Skrull soldiers imo.
  12. Totally agree. Just bought the Super Skrull arms on eBay for $13 as I had zero interest in this version of her.
  13. Hasbro needs to start making 2 alternate heads for every figure released from now on, a stoic head sculpt & a "going into battle, gritted teeth or yelling head" sculpt & at least 3-4 different sets of hands ala Shang Chi. I'd take that over a BAF that is of a lame character or a normal human sized character that didn't rate the BAF treatment in the 1st place! Shang Chi is severely lacking the alternate yelling " Hiyaaaaaaa" head sculpt & I hope that Hasbro includes it in some future Shang Chi movie based wave later in the yr.
  14. Asides from Warpath, no one else interests me in this wave. May have to snag Strong guy on ebay. In the past 2yrs, Very few waves if any, have characters that I have to have all of em. I cherry pick just the comic based characters that I like & grew up reading about. The 90s era of Marvel was not great imo. The huge shoulder pads & tons of useless pockets & human sized plasma rifles were laughable. AOA was also just an alright story arc. The only character I wish Hasbro would make in a AOA wave would be a BAF 16' Sentinel, that was a very cool alternate universe design for them imo. I'd buy a box of that wave to build at least 2 of em & sell off the individual figs.
  15. When it comes to comic based Ironman, Hasbro has a treasure trove of characters to still give us. I for one, still want a classic comic based Living Laser figure.
  16. I want every Iron man version except that Hulkbuster. Replace it with his "Operation Galactic storm " space armor.
  17. Nah. His arms would be severely restricted by those giant sized shoulder gears. Classic version is way to go.This character has never been made in 6' form & has been around since the 80s' , his 1st Marvel Legends figure should be classic. Hasbro already dropped the ball by making modern manbun Herc 1st when the vast majority of us Herc fans wanted either his 70s or 80s version. I recall no figure fan poll ever asking if we wanted a manbun Herc !
  18. Hasbro would be losing easy $$ if they don't do this figure. Common sense would dictate that they will release a 2020 Arno Stark Ironman figure. The already have the base body in the 80th anniv classic bronze age Ironman, just needs new head, chest plate attachment, shoulder & chest pieces & new belt with new hip attachments.. An classic comic based Ironman wave would be the ideal way to include it in.
  19. I would say that he was shirtless in like 50% of his comic book app in his own series back in the late 70s early 80s. I also have no doubt that Hasbro will be making him with his gi in his own wave when the movie is gonna come out early next yr. Wouldn't be shocked to see it at SDCC this July.
  20. Asides from Galactus, there's really no other large sized FF character I would care to have or can think of. Hasbro already made a crap happy meals looking Kree Sentry so I highly doubt they'll ever revisit him & make him in his proper Sentinel sized scale. I just want a classic John Byrne 80s FF boxset with a properly scaled Thing in the 6.5 scale. A classic Inhumans boxset ala Alpha Flight via Amazon would be very welcome as well. I'd like them to be sporting the costumes they had in the 2nd season of the 94' FF cartoon. BB, Karnak, Triton, Gorgon & Crystal. I've always been meh on Medusa due to her hair powers never translating well to figure form.
  21. I don't collect the MCU figs, only comic book based, so either way they weren't getting my $$.
  22. "Never in my life"!!!! Wow, like you've lived a great long life huh? You've seen & been around the world? I don't see millions of people from all over the world trying to sneak into your country, wonder why that is? Don't hate.
  23. Outta touch with reality? Lol. Nah bro, I just speak facts. As a former US Marine who went to play in the sandbox in Iraq & Afghanistan a couple of times , I got to know the people there really good & believe me when I say that they hate the type of people that you & Hollywood are catering too with a supreme passion. Go look up the vids of them tossing people off buildings & then stoning them to death if they survive the fall. America is the greatest country on the planet . Anyone who says otherwise is the ignorant one. Go live in the middle east as you do here, see what happens. You wanna see "hate", go hold another man's hand in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, see what happens? Semper fi 2/8
  24. Sentinel -Kree Sentry- Frost Giant-Eric Josten/Goliath. 16' scale being the minimum.
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