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  1. I've got 2 HAND Ninjas but was never satisfied with the unremovable cowl that Hasbro slapped on him and I prefer the classic un-cowled Ninja myself so I utilized the Death Dealer & Movie SS heads for my modified HAND Ninjas. And Wolvy is not having a good day at the hands of the HAND!
  2. Dunno bout that. Otherwise, we woulda had classic Sentinels a while ago. Classic Mandroids would have to be max of 8'-9' tall, Hasbro is always using the "large figs take shelf space " excuse card so I think the only way we'd get these "deluxe" figs would be via Hasbro Pulse ,Amazon, EE, etc. Speaking of deluxe, Hasbro needs to redo classic Sasquatch at an actual 10 inch scale being as he's a 10 footer in the comics, with alternate snarling/yelling head sculpt, open claw raking hands , grabbing hands & fists!
  3. Only "enforcer" type they need to throw in for SHIELD are the classic Mandroids with a removable helmet that then you can pop on a SHIELD grunt head. Either release them as a deluxe package with a Dum Dum Duggan or as a BAF in an Avengers wave.
  4. Saying it's better than the other 2 MCU movies isn't really saying much. I'll give this a Redbox rental in a month or 2.
  5. Damn, did they screw up on the hgt scale of the Hul... I mean Thing. maybe one day Hasbro will give us a scale accurate classic Perez/Byrne Thing.
  6. And now Disney will have an excuse card for why movie didn't fare well at the box office.
  7. Another crap creation of the 90s. War Machine was the best character creation of that era imo.
  8. classic Starjammers, IG & Squadron Supreme core members are all long over due & perfect to include in future X-Men & Avengers waves, sick of numerous redos of X-Men members that they've already pretty much depleted the well of when it comes to various outfits that they have worn over the decades. Make a Starjammers box set ala the Alpha Flight boxset & start sprinkling in the Imperial Guard members in X-waves, including Gladiator on the retro Herc buck with alternate head sculpt with eye slots for his laser eye beams.
  9. Ang Lee's Hulk, & the recent FF debacle are saying , "Thank you Eternals"!
  10. Perez Beast buck has to be smaller than Lee Beast Buck but slightly bigger than Jackal buck and by bigger I don't mean in hgt, I mean in build. Should be no taller than Jackal buck. Be nice to see him pop up in an Avengers classic wave.
  11. I'll check it out on Redbox in January or February with my 75 cent rental code. Bout all it's worth.
  12. Hasbro will be scraping the barrel with this future figure.
  13. That's if Hasbro pulse is gonna re-release these and Skrull grunts again. I need both as well.
  14. You nailed it 100% The Sons of the Dragon & White Tiger Hector Ayala are characters created in the 70s who are of diversity and different ethnic backgrounds, but Marvel would rather let them gather dust & cobwebs in the basement & just go the lazy route by changing the gender/race of well known established characters & then expect fans of those characters to be content & happy & continue buying that comic cuz if they don't, they're the problem. And yeah, Manga outsells Marvel/DC combined cuz they write stories about good guys fighting bad guys & leave the BS out of their stories. I use to buy comics as a kid to escape reality, not read about who sleeps with who & who's LGBTQXYZ, I could give a rats ass about any characters sexuality. I get a kick outta that ignorant writer who a few yrs ago said, "if you don't like my politics, don't read my comic", she was soon outta work after that. Marvel now hires untalented writer based on their gender/race/politics & not their writing talents. Go woke, go broke.
  15. More scale comp pics with his fellow Avengers Ironman 6'3 425lbs in armor, He's listed as 6'6 in armor but that's BS as he's never been depicted as being as tall as Herc or Thor who's 6'6. WarMachine 6''3 450lbs Vision, 6'3 300lbs. He needs to be on the new Vulcan buck!
  16. To show how Hasbro nailed retro Herc's scale, I've taken some size comp pics with his fellow Avengers & their listed hgts. Hercules is 6'5. Captain America 6'2 240lbs Namor 6'2 320lbs Black Panther 6' 185lbs
  17. Would be perfect for classic Vision. Guy's 6'3 300lbs & they put him on the Sunfire buck, same goes for the Silver Surfer who's 6'4!
  18. Since they're fictional, they hardly age, therefore they don't have to be "retired" in order for new stories to be told. Marvel just needs to hire writers that actually know how to write good stories about well established & loved characters such as Danny Rand/Ironfist. Creating a new "diverse" character to replace him will hardly make me wanna buy & read their comics. Then when sales are tanking 4-5 issues later, they hype up the miraculous return of the new & improved Danny Rand/Ironfist who can now transform into a Dragon or some other stupid gimmick they think the fans will find "kewl". Here's a unique concept, how bout creating a new diverse martial arts character to interact with Danny? How bout bringing back the original White Tiger/Hector Ayala & the sons of the Tiger, Mucho diversity right there!
  19. I'm with you on the classic Wrecking crew getting a long overdue redo. That outta scale limited articulation atrocious buck that Hasbro threw them on is a complete joke. Tallest member is Thunderball who's 6'6. Wrecker is 6'3! Instead we got these beauties below! 3 members of the crew sport cookie cutter costumes that the Retro Hercules buck is perfect for. Wrecker is the only one that requires new tooling due to his attire.
  20. Then Marvel wonders why their monthly sales are tanking.
  21. 1st off, their Inhumans offerings of Medusa & Black Bolt were duds. Medusa's hair limits her pose ability & Black Bolt was put on a small buck when he shoulda been on the Grim Reaper buck at minimum. So if they're gonna do the entire royal family in the near future, they need to figure out a way to do Medusa's hair FX right, probably gonna take multiple head sculpts with one being a relaxed mode & the other with her hair tentacles going wild. With the cost of these figs going up, they need to give us our money's worth! Black Bolt can now go on the new Vulcan buck while Karnak can go on the Pizza Spidey Buck & Gorgon can be put on the new Herc buck with new lower legs & hoofs. As far as the IG is concerned, they can start including at least 2 per X-Men wave or even Avengers waves as they have battled both teams. Use Warstar as the BAF in either an X-Men or Avengers wave. That we only have Gladiator as the sole representative of the IG in 20 yrs is unacceptable!
  22. Tell the truth, freak making Fang just for another Wolverine, Hasbro has to make Fang to start building up the core members of the Imperial Guard. And a New Gladiator on the retro Herc buck is a must! Vast majority of the bucks exist for these characters with only Warstar needing a new buck & he can be a BAF in a future X-men wave. The new Vulcan buck would be perfect for many of the male characters & the NightCrawler buck can work for Hobgoblin. Fang can utilized on the Wolverine buck as he is only 5'4. Titan could be a deluxe figure in 12-14' scale Neutron would need a more squat buck as he's not as tall as Colossus, but he is more massive/dense in musculature.
  23. Think my angry/yelling head alternate head custom for Herc came out pretty well. I'm happy with it till Hasbro comes out with their version for the sash wearing, leg straps Herc version.
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