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  1. Wow, these writers have gone way overboard on altering Iceman's power set. I was fine with him being able to just freeze things, make ice sleds, shoot icicles. He is not an omega level mutant. That's a slap in the face to those that truly rate that classification such as Magneto & Phoenix. How many re-launches of the titles does this make now, 5-6?
  2. Oh wow, this might get me to buy a comic for the 1st time in like 10yrs. It's a 1 shot & it features the classic looks of my favorite Avengers & takes place after the classic 'siege" by the MOE, oh yeah, wish there was more art to be seen from this. but Imma gonna get it! Nothing like ol school classic Marvel! With 80th anniv Ironman out, the next no brainer to make is the silver centurian armor in the 80th anniv line.
  3. Found 80th Cap at my local wally world this morning. Will post pics tomorrow. Now just waiting on my Hulk/Wolvy 2 pack to hopefully arrive in the mail sometime this month & I'm done with the hunt for classic comic 80th version figs.
  4. You're not alone in wanting a classic BK. I was so stoked when I saw that Hasbro was making a figure of him & with not 2 but 3 different head sculpts. I sliced off the wings on my BK & made some cosmetic mods to it so I could have both a serious face BK & a pissed off BK. Dane Whitman is a very integral part of the history of the Avengers & was a key player in the classic "Siege" of Avengers mansion story line when the Zemo led Masters of evil overran it & Mr Hyde beat the tar outta Dane who was too busy thinking of Jan liking Paladin. He is more than worthy of a ML action figure. I'm just glad they didn't make him in the lame jacket crazy 90s look.
  5. My all villain wave plus BAF which would be in the 9'-10' scale!
  6. I may be wrong but I really believe that Hasbro has gone thru a ton of Spiderverse related characters & are now just tossing names in a hat & seeing what comes out. Only 2 Spiderverse characters I even care to own that have yet to be released are these 2 guys.
  7. "The comic Captain Marvel would be a good figure to redo, but I know most people want newer figures not rehashed old ones." Really need to speak for yourself with that statement. The immense popularity of the 80th wave figs is proof that there is a huge fan base of classic comic fans out there buying "re-hashed" MLs, even hardcore MCU collectors are saying they're gonna buy the comic based 80th anniv waves. Hasbro has re-hashed a ton of Toy Biz characters & they have blown away the previous 10-15 yr old versions. The articulation & sculpting today blows away what TB did as well as the aesthetics of the figures. There's a huge fanbase that has been wanting a classic Carol Danvers for yrs. I prefer the Warbird version of her myself & have her in my classic Avengers display. But a lot of fans want this version & instead they get a Rabbit girl.
  8. So with these 2 reveals I still will just be getting Shang Chi & Vulture from this wave & depends on who the BAF is, will determine if I get that as well. I may be in the minority but the last few Spiderman waves have lacked any real popular figures & instead we're getting some pretty super obscure characters & umpteenth different version of Spiderman. A classic Tarantula is long overdo for a re-do as the last one they made was a latin midget wrestler sporting the suit. Good for those of you that are fans of these characters but very underwhelming wave for me.
  9. I hope not. I want 12-16' scaled DOFP classic John Byrne Sentinels. Much more bad ass & intimidating! I'd get 6-9 of these & have 3 triads of Hunter/killer Sentinels.
  10. I've been waiting a very looooooooooooooooooong time to finally do a battle between classic 70s/80s Ironman & the Sentinels. I always imagined what kind of a fight Tony put up during the classic "Days of future past" storyline where the Sentinels not only went after mutants, but all enhanced/superpowered beings & metahumans. I would imagine it woulda taken a handful of Sentinels to take out Ironman as 1 or 2 might not have been enough. I need to get another TB Sentinel but damn these scalpers want $175-200 for just 1! I really wish Hasbro would do a deluxe classic DOFP Sentinel in at least 12' scale with open hands/closed fists, eye beam & palm blaster FX accessories & an alternate BD head sculpt. I'd easily buy 3-5 at $69.99 a pop, plus that would make the asking price of the TB versions to go down if Hasbro were to make their own DOFP Sentinels. I would love if Hasbro were to make 2 different versions of the Sentinel. The DOFP John Byrne version & the Sentinels that went hunting for the new Mutants that had the ability to shot liquid nitrogen from the eyes to freeze/incapacitate mutants.
  11. Bought the wave about a month ago just for Kinpin, already sold 3 of the figs in the wave, got 3 more to go. I decided to make an office dio for Mr Fisk, took me bout 2 weeks to do, I had to make the office chair from scratch from items at Hobby lobby as well as the office. Bought all the office desk items online & also at Hobby Lobby.
  12. Wouldn't mind 80th anniv AR style versions of all these armors in the background, not at all!
  13. My Walmart is getting ready to do resets of the ML aisle later tonite & I saw price tag stickers for both Cap & Thor. So is Walmart getting 80th anniv Thor as well?
  14. Classic look all the way but as far as everything else is concerned, Hasbro modern version all the way. TB BRB can hardly stand with those wobbly hip balls & huge cape. Hope Hasbro is planning on re-doing BRB in his classic look in the near future as I will be getting it. Can't ever beat the classics!
  15. Got Thor along with ironman yesterday! Some pics of the Son of Odin. At 6'6 640lbs, Thor is taller than any other male Avenger with only Hercules at 6'5 coming close to him in hgt & physical muscle mass. Namor is no slouch in the comics at 6'2 320lbs & pressing over 100 tons when fully submerged underwater Thor makes him look like a guppie. Vision is 6'3, 300lbs but as an android, is almost always portrayed as very lean & muscular & can press 75 tons. Ironman is 6'2 300lbs in armor. Black Panther is 6ft 200lbs, Black Knight is 6ft 190lbs, Quicksilver is 6ft 175lbs, Hawkeye is 6'3 , 230lbs. Of everyone I mentioned, I feel Hawkeye should have been on a slightly bigger buck. Posted a few scale comp pics of shellhead for reference as well. Hasbro really nailed the scale with these 2 legendary Avengers! They are both the perfect hgt.
  16. I would imagine that Shang Chi will be getting at least 1 movie wave so Hasbro should make a classic comic Gi wearing Shang in that wave to go along with the shirtless version we're getting in the Spidey wave. Hopefully he also comes with forearm bracers to deflect shuriken's & bladed weapons.
  17. Finally scored Ironman yesterday at my local Target! Been waiting a loooooong time to do a battle between a classic Bronze age Bob Layton Ironman & classic Sub Mariner!
  18. Classic Wrecking crew re-done on the newer Hercules buck & 80th anniv wave Thor bucks. In proper scale classic Perez or Byrne Thing classic White Tiger aka Hector Ayala 2 pack of classic Ironfist/Powerman classic Swordsman classic Starfox US Agent-John Byrne version More Imperial Guard core members More Squadron Supreme core members Rest of Alpha Flight core members including re-dos of Sasquatch & Puck! classic 80s Trapster & Fixer Mr Hyde 80s Titanium man, "armor wars" 9-10 inch scale classic 80s Crimson Dynamo "armor wars" Guardsmen army builders- "armor wars" Classic SHIELD Mandroids in 8' scale classic Spymaster 70s/80s version classic 70s/80s Living Laser classic Stilt man with extendable 12' legs classic 80s Blacklash "Perez" Ultron classic Count Nefaria- powered version classic Falcon classic 1st app Wonderman & 2nd app as well classic Yellowjacket classic Warmachine
  19. 4 MCU based characters- BW/TM & Red Guardian, Belova classic 80s Titanium man from "Armor wars" Vanguard Darkstar classic comic based BAF of either 70s/80s Titanium man 9' scale or BAF of 8' scale Ursa Major This would be a great wave to knock out comic versions of the core members of the Winter guard
  20. Wouldn't be an accurate depiction of John Proudstar, he's 6'1-6'2 , his brother is the 7 footer.
  21. Concur 1000%, what ever happened to sticks & stones? Some people just need thicker skin. I don't say "nobody asked for this" per se, but when I see someone asking for a character that either just came out a few months ago or wants a figure of a character wearing something they only wore for a single issue or 2 or just a panel or 3, that irks me due to the fact that there are a ton of way more established & deserving characters that have yet to get a figure in the 6' scale & yet here's someone asking for the flavor of the month fig. I'll use the recent Hercules figure that Hasbro did, I don't recall a huge call amongst Herc fans for the modern NOW version, vast majority of us wanted these 2 iconic looks. I would like to think that Hasbro is not done with him & will be giving us fans figures of the son of Zeus sporting his 2 more popular looks. I believe Hercules rates the 80th anniv treatment & would come with both open hands/fists his Adamantine mace & sporting both a grinning/smirk look but not the old Burger King smile & a serious , you are about to receive" the gift" head sculpt. I'd be ok with either one getting the 80 anniv treatment.
  22. Well, unfortunately, both the MCU/Marvel artists have mutated the Hulk into the 8ft realm so a Warpath fig on the Omega Red buck would be ideal for a 7footer.
  23. I voted for Ultron/Pym Don't care for Pym, gimme Perez Ultron! Guardsman/Force- would army build those Guardsmen! HAND Ninjas- Need at least a dozen to throw down with Wolvy, Ironfist, DD & the up & coming Shang Chi next yr! Classic Ironfist-Steel Serpent Been wanting a figure of this guy since I 1st read about him in the Marvel Team up issue of Spidey & Ironfist teaming up to fight him. And again, another Martial arts villain for Shang Chi to throwdown with as well as HAND Ninjas! An undated classic Ironfist on the Sunfire buck is long over due as well. And Hasbro, plz make the army builders all the same, stop with the making one larger & on a different buck with parts from other figures. That's just mailing it in. I want a cohesive army of Guardsmen/HAND Ninjas, not individuals that look different from each other,
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