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  1. I don't know, intolerance seems to be making a comeback these days. You used to be able to have swear words in PG movies and some nudity in PG-13. And, with all of the controversies, both racial and political of late, it's almost becoming a crime to even think independently. But I digress...the same people who would have complained about this 30 years ago and claimed that video games were training devices for serial killers are the same people who would complain about it now. And there are a lot of them. And a lot of them buy Disney toys. The only difference is that the Disney brand is enormous and all-encompassing now. So they have to pick their battles when it comes to this sort of thing and releasing Satan in plastic form probably isn't one worth fighting for them.
  2. He was an unlockable that was seen outside of Haslab *before* the project and tier was announced. It's a very important distinction. It's your opinion that the unlockables should be the only exclusive part of the project but I think you'll find it's a very unpopular one. Many people would not back these without the tier rewards and exclusivity of said rewards. If they want to put create some cartoony comic version of Mephisto that looks nothing like the Haslab version, I wouldn't care much about that. But if they're going to paint him a different shade of red and throw in some "clothes", that would definitely discourage me from backing a future project. For the record, I backed the HISS tank and in large part because of that final 'classic' Cobra Commander. And the fact that it couldn't be obtained any other way. I didn't see anyone on the Classified Reddit subs or discord saying they expect to see it again. On the contrary, every one of us who backed the HISS do *not* want or expect to see him released in that sculpt again. As I said before, exclusivity is what inspires people to back these products. No tiers in a funded Haslab have seen a rerelease in any form so I don't see why they would suddenly start now. This is just rhetoric that I've heard from non-backers on previous projects.
  3. Surfer had already been released several times before Galactus--why would you consider that exclusive to the Haslab project? Ask me about Morg or Nova.
  4. Ah, yeah if it doesn't get funded (it will but for hypothetical...) I don't see why it couldn't be released. Hasbro has actually been very good about keeping funded Haslab figures out of the rerelease. Two years and no Bastian or Female Prime, not that they would be 'hot' releases or anything. If they were to release any of the heralds that come with Galactus, I'd be out. I think a general Mephisto release will be tripped up by whatever has been keeping him at bay for the past decade. Whether it's for religious/image reasons, as some would have you believe, or other reasons. There has to be a good reason he hasn't been put out there until this; people have been asking for him for ages now.
  5. The moment they start re-releasing (or repainting or whatever) Haslab exclusive figures is the moment people stop backing them altogether. I'd never buy any of these if I knew I could simply get a repaint a year later. Most people wouldn't. It's one of the most appealing elements of the projects; they actually offer a truly *exclusive* product.
  6. Great figure. Somehow worth yet another price hike. Must be because of all the extra expensive plastic.
  7. Am I seeing things or is the price actually reasonable for this 3-pack? Basically two regular figures and a deluxe.
  8. 90% sure it's Orb's. Especially considering the upcoming Haslab and, well...they finally will have found another use for the Mysterio head sculpt.
  9. Pretty much this. It's like they had no idea what to do after Endgame but 50 vague concepts and just decided to act them all out and see what sticks. And 2025 means we have another three years of this to set through and maybe/kinda/hopefully it all works out and comes together in the end. But yeah, no structure, a million loose ends and creating even more by the month, movies and characters that *could* be part of a new team or Universe but no idea if or how they would fit in, the multiverse which just confuses things to the millionth power unless you've already read the comics for 50 years...it's hard to be hopeful at this point. Now imagine the 'X' teams somehow being rebooted and integrated into all of this in some fashion and just head explode basically. Between the re-releases and what appears to be years of 'updated' and recylced MCU figures and the ridiculous price hikes, my budget for Legends is about 10% what it used to be. I've switched over to some other brands and the GI Joe Classified series recently, which somehow continue to be cheaper and include more in the way of accessories than Legends. And don't have to come in enclosed packaging.
  10. This thing is pure amazing, imo. I'm not a huge fan of the Doom head either but the heralds figures look great and the effects they come with (for me) more than make up for the silly head. Really digging Haslab these days. I ordered the Cobra HISS tank as well. Now give us a Fin Fang Foom!
  11. At least it's not an exclusive. So...$15 on amazon two months after release.
  12. Maybe it'll be a "Whoops! We accidentally mispriced the Mojo "4" pack and it should actually only be $100!" More likely though: "Whoops! We accidentally mispriced the Mojo "4" pack and it should actually be $150!"
  13. I don't think FOMO is going to be an issue here. On every board I've checked, people think the price is ridiculous. And, historically, 'deluxe' figures and sets have gone down instead of up. You can still get a MODOK for $35 ffs. It's a Pulse exclusive, so I suppose it will (eventually) sell out. Maybe. But I would bet dollars to donuts they're not going to waste that sculpt on an exclusive and not try to sell it independently for $80. People have been asking for Mojo for a long time. This is just crapping on your customers.
  14. $150? Yeah, no thanks. When did they drop the free shipping on $50+ orders? Hasbro just upped their projected revenue for this quarter but blamed shipping and materials cost for the three price hikes in one year. Time for me to find a new hobby...
  15. At least that one was (sort of) poseable. The Spidergwen and Noir one that we get just stands there. Useless.
  16. The entire line has seen a 25% price increase in less than a year (with another to come) and the Kull/Venom was $80. This is a Modok-sized figure and two standard figures. There's no way this is going for less than $100 and most likely more, if I had to guess. Mojo is huge. Kind of have to forget about what was "done before". They've changed everything from price to packaging in this line recently.
  17. Can you elaborate? I didn't catch the details but does that mean Pulse (paying member) exclusive? Sadly, I cannot justify both a $50 sub and a $120 pack. Hopefully they release him as a stand-alone figure at some point. People have been asking for him for a long time...
  18. Generally no. You will always make more on higher volume/higher sales. This is kind of weird territory when it comes to collectibles because the actual value of a product is determined exclusively by us, the consumer. Hasbro has had years to establish metrics for manufacturing so I'm curious if they're just going to assume that retail will simply go with 'standard' quantities at the higher prices. Unfortunately, even if there is some sort of mass exodus when it comes to ML sales, Hasbro wouldn't really know about it or be able to adjust to it until months later; major retailers order, aren't able to sell, adjust order quantities accordingly over time until finally Hasbro sees their profit margins diminish and they're stuck with huge amounts of unwanted inventory. That's a big reason why this move seems to ridiculous to me, especially considering the price hikes we've already seen. It's a leap of faith based exclusively on brand loyalty and, what, a year's worth of incremental price increases? Seems like way too small a sample size to be make this sort of decision. Almost all recently released waves are selling below MSRP and are readily available anywhere. That should already be giving them pause before they try to screw over their retailers even more.
  19. I hate to say it but I'm also done. I have over 200 of these things anyway and not enough shelf space to hold them all. But what was a fun and relatively cheap hobby now shows signs of doubling in cost within a single year. I'm not buying the "cost of shipping/raw materials" affecting prices this much. And, the problem with that argument is that they won't go back on this precedent when the manufacturing costs go back to "normal". You'll never see a "Hey, things are better now, so we're reducing prices!" announcement. I really do hope they rethink this. It's the people like us that keep this otherwise dead industry alive (action figures in general). And it will most certainly be noticed when people who regularly buy entire waves suddenly stop because they can't justify a $200 purchase. Also... Manufacturing cost my ass. News of a price hike followed by 3% stock growth and a big jump in operating profit growth? wtf
  20. This will be my third Spiderham, including the Venom BAF one. At least that one could actually *do* something. This newest iteration just stands there like a paper weight. Which is probably what I'll use this one for.
  21. Every time I see a new release posted, it's 10% more than the previous time. Seriously, for the past year. Why are these 150% the price they were just ONE year ago? I thought the $22.99 was supposed to be the price hike. Not the first of three...
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