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  1. That is interesting, I honestly had no idea and I consider myself pretty well-read in the comic world. I do like the figure but I already have the new MCU one on pre-order and I try not to 'double-up' on characters as much as possible. 😕
  2. There's almost no benefit to being "Pulse premium" or whatever they're calling it now, aside from the free shipping on single figures. I'm a non-paying Pulse member and still get free shipping on $50 and above, like most other sites. No problems today buying the Pulse "exclusive" Excalibur 3 pack. The few times during that first year that I was able to order truly exclusive items (as in, when I was paying for membership), the items were sold out within mins so I said screw it. Pulse is a decent place to buy if you don't mind waiting a month or two longer than other distributors. In fact, there's really no reason at all going through BBTS unless you just want your stuff super fast and are willing to pay more for it. My current purchasing method: Pre-order everything I want through Pulse and then cancel individual figures if I find them cheaper/on sale faster than Pulse. I never miss out on a figure that's hoarded that way and still minimize spending. In most cases, I end up saving $20-40 on a set because it takes that long for Pulse to fulfill my order and I've already picked up a few figures $5-10 off by the time they ship.
  3. Just what I need another Wolverine... Might as well throw a Deadpool in there too.
  4. You're not following the same logic here. What I'm saying is, and this applies to most products, if you're going to sit there and screw around with it until it starts to loosen up, don't be surprised. How many people here do you think actually *play* with these figures versus how many pose them once or twice and then they stay on a shelf for months or years? No one is saying you shouldn't be able to pose them. But if someone is sitting there on cam for 20 mins flexing the wrist back and forth, over and over again and then it finally looses some of it's rigidity--congratulations, you just broke your figure. It didn't "come loose", you made it that way. I just want to make sure that distinction is clear. A lot of people will say "My figure was loose right out of the box" but neglect to mention that they spent two days creating dioramas with it and that their kid happened to play with it for a few hours. There is no Marvel Legend that, upon repeated flexing and posing, will continue to stay rigid and perfectly posable forever.
  5. Most likely. I haven't seen a Pulse exclusive NOT restock at least once or twice. Especially the 'builder' figures.
  6. There's a little more nuance to the process than that. First of all, it is *always* better for a toy manufacturer to under-product and sell out rather than be stuck with unsold stock. Second, for anything non-exclusive, they are contractually obligated to only sell a certain number of the product themselves, as it undermines sales for other retailers. Heck, even exclusives are sometimes outlined in broader contract terms; they want to make carrying their toys as appealing as possible for major retailers--it equates to FAR more than they could ever move independently and on the Pulse website.
  7. If they really are loose right out of the box, that's obviously a problem. But I know some people will open ML figures up, pose them for hours and effectively loosen them up themselves...then complain about it. Heck, just reading some of the Amazon reviews is enough to make me smh; these aren't toys meant to be smashed around and beaten up. Even on the Sentinel review videos, I can't help but to cringe a bit when watching owners display joint articulation, literally working the joints a dozen times and then posing them 20 different ways. You buy it, unbox it (or not), display it and leave it alone. Any figure or product in general with a moving joint is going to wear down. Especially when it's three feet tall, made of plastic, and supporting a decent amount of weight.
  8. And I have the one from the Kingpin wave with the weird feet and eyes. But still...a black suit Spidey is a black suit Spidey. Glad this will be easily available for people who missed out on the first three versions.
  9. They'll be in transition mode for a decade. A new mold needs to be created for every pinless figure, so it's basically a gimmick at this point until there are brand new bucks for the entire product line.
  10. That Armadillo BAF would fit Rhino really well. All of the 'armor' piece are snapped on and/or easily removable. Just need different feet and a horny head sculpt. Here's hoping...
  11. Depending on the card you used, you probably got $4-8 back in rewards points! But yeah, I couldn't really pass up either the Sentinel or Galactus. This has less to do with those projects on their own and more with the hundreds of ML I've collected in the past few years. I can't just look at these things all shelved and pretty knowing that some of the most iconic (and large) characters were created and I passed on them. Sadly, I do tend to think in terms of "wave cost/value", so these did each represent multiple wave purchases that *could have* been made. But most of the waves released this year are of no interest to me. Even the BAFs. My collection isn't losing much without the 'villians' set, the AoA second wave, Shang-Chi (you can get the whole thing on clearance already), Mr. Hyde, Joe Fixit, etc. I guess it all worked out in the end.
  12. I mean, most people would argue that it's not even worth the original $350. For collectors, price and value are very subjective. Do I understand people paying a premium for this at twice the value already? Not really, but eventually. I think very few of us here can say every figure we own was purchased at original MSRP.
  13. I can't speak for everyone but I personally am more worried about OTHER people I might expose to the virus, whether I am vaccinated or not. Isn't that crazy? Actually being accountable for the health of others around me instead of just myself? Your thought methodology has largely contributed to how we got where we are in the first place. And why we're now going backwards; everyone is so caught up in "ME, ME ME, MY RIGHTS, MY BODY, MEEEEE!" that they've clearly stopped thinking about anyone else. And, because I know I'm going to have to dumb this down, a realistic scenario is this: 1) Vaccinated person is exposed to the virus. 2) The same vaccinated person is then exposed to someone who thinks there are nano machines or something in the vaccine and so has decided to abstain. Maybe this happened in a crowded movie theatre. 3) Non-vaccinated person then gets sick. Rinse and repeat. It really is that simple. I'm really disappointed in how this country has politicized something that should just be basic common sense and human decency. If wearing a "face diaper" might save someone's life (even if there's just a chance it will), I will gladly wear it. Only truly selfish people would put their "rights" above the health of everyone around them.
  14. Just depends on which they choose to do. I don't see any from the "Antman" episode (or whatever you want to call it), and that was my favorite so far! 😞
  15. I don't recall saying that I spoke for everyone--can you please quote this? It's also a given that you don't speak for everyone either. They're called "opinions" and we're all entitled to our own. P.S. I don't really want a Quinjet, I just want Coulson, tbh. For me (personally, as in myself, my own opinion, what I think and not speaking for anyone else), Marvel vehicles aren't an appealing prospect for future Haslabs. I identify with those as more SW-specific collectibles because there are so many iconic ships, speeders, etc. that help define the franchise. When I think "Marvel", my mind immediately goes to characters and not a black creeper van. Again, this is just my opinion in case there was any confusion.
  16. I'm not buying that "shelf space" crap either. I bought my kid one of those LOL dollhouse things a few years ago and it was HUUUUGE (and on a shelf) at only $100. And at Walmart. That's the silliest excuse I've ever heard: "We can't make the figures bigger because the stores won't let us put big boxes on their shelves!"
  17. Foom has connections, comic-wise, to the Collector, the Mandarin and several other mid to high profile characters. They could easily justify the inclusion of some of these as tiers, along with some killer fire effects. And, yes....of course a Doom head. In fact, I would like to see every Haslab project going forward, regardless of the IP, include a Doom head as the final tier. I dunno, if they can get people excited about the Rancor, which is basically just another big monster thing, Fin has potential. I just can't think of any other large scale heroes or villains that would necessitate Haslab backing. Please no one suggest the frickin' Fantasticar or Punisher van...I just cringe when I think about that dumb "car". P.S. I would back a Quinjet if it came with an Agent Coulson. I *need* Coulson.
  18. lol! I love it! The real problem now is...how are they going to top it? In terms of epic A-list Marvel characters, I don't know who else they could bring out to dethrone the Galactus Haslab. Would I love a Haslab-sized Fin Fang Foom? Of course. I'm just not sure 30k other people would and Fin is much less well-known and appreciated than Galactus. They're going to have to dig deep for 2022... And, while they're at it, please remake a Blob deluxe figure. I would gladly drop $50 for him and my Brotherhood guys just look so incomplete without him.
  19. After now watching the majority of $50+ two packs and 'deluxe' type releases being sold for steep discounts a few months after release, I'm not pre-ordering any of these things again. Modok is $33. The Korg set, Ghost set, Loki/Glaive, Mark 1/Stark, IM/Pepper/Mandarin, I could go on and on...all of these ended up going to 50% and lower even. Don't get me wrong, I'm buying this thing, along with Hydra Stomper, Surtur and probably everything else they come out with. But I'd bet dollars to donuts that they follow the same path as the others. $40 Iron Monger on Black Friday (or before)--you heard it here first!
  20. Yep, just got my charge notification as well. Hasbro's billing system is top notch! I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised this did so well. I was one of the people who, just a few weeks ago, didn't think this was going to make it. It creamed the Sentinel and without the whole 'army building' potential. Heck, it even beat Star Wars Haslabs and I didn't think that'd be possible. If they had any doubt about doing additional Marvel Haslabs, this probably took care of them completely. 35" Fin Fang Foom next! 😉
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