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  1. It's a 3D rendering. Like they did for the AoA wave. They probably have dozens of these things in queue, some of which we'll see, some maybe never. I suspect most wave "reveals" will be like this going forward as it gives them a chance to build hype earlier than waiting for the actual prototypes to be finished.
  2. It'll make 20k; the numbers/hour have been up, not down and three more 600 days will be easy. But I think that'll be it. I'm surprised on two counts: 1) That they went from 1k tiers up to 2k for the last incentive. 2) That this is the last tier. I really would have been happier with an effect of some sort than another herald, especially this one. And they could have easily done a single release of him after Galactus and sold a fair amount. Who knows, maybe we'll get another 'thank you' like we did with the Sentinel! Grats to every else who helped fund this!
  3. lol what? How many BAFs, other than those you listed, can you name that are the same as normal sized figures?
  4. I'm doubting the third tier will be another figure (if there is one). I wouldn't mind an accessory/effect at this point. A mini textured planet would be cool for solo posing.
  5. I mean...two weeks ago you said this: And they said they would be coming out with Rachel soon. We already have Nightcrawler and she's the last of the original five we'd need to complete the team. Not sure why you're all twisted about this all of the sudden. You wait a month or two, get your Rachel and you're set. And you've saved on your hypothetical 120 purchase price.
  6. Dorkside always sells the BAF figures without the rest of the wave if you want to save yourself $60+. They also sell loose figures at a discount if you don't want the BAF parts. Unrelated, I just read the "pulse exclusive" part for the Excalibur 3 pack. Guess 90% of us will never get it since they always sell out within 2 mins...
  7. Wow, what great reveals! Def buying this whole wave now. And the Excalibur set--my wallet! 😞 Anyone else see how easily they could make a Rhino out of that Armadillo?
  8. I was talking about why he thought they'd go from 2k backer incentives to 3k or even 4k.
  9. It doesn't make sense for online retailers like BBTS and Dorkside to buy these and then "sell for a premium". Not unless that premium is at least 50% (and usually more) and they're buying direct from the manufacturer. There's no way they'd buy 1,000 of these to only make say $100 on each figure, less the cost of tax, shipping and manpower required to sell. That's a ridiculously slim profit margin for retail. That said, the number did go up by a thousand within a very very short period of time...
  10. I've been refreshing every 5-10 mins and seeing 20+ new orders every time. Crazy. This may even hit 18k.
  11. Now this is exciting. 16k easily by 8/30. I was going to wait until this weekend to order but I'm doing it today. 🙂
  12. I remember buying that as a kid for like $30? I'm not sure how improved a version they could make Rancor for a Haslab project. I wouldn't mind seeing a full-sized Millennium Falcon remake though.
  13. You're probably right but, at this point, every unit sold increases profit margin. And I suspect they put some money into the prototype for the Nova figure. At this rate, and assuming they still average 300+ orders/day, we'll be ridiculously close to that 16k. It'd be a shame to hit, say, 15.5k and not get the Nova. I represent just one small pocket of collectors in one state and we'll be adding 18 to that number on Friday. It'll be interesting to see where we're at at the end of the week! Also, did they confirm the next project will be Transformers? I'm feeling a bit burnt on those after collecting all but Constructicons but Scrapmetal and not being able to find him for less than $100 now. Then they release the whole collection for less than the sum of all 8 and I'm sitting on a bunch of figures I can't even resell at cost.
  14. The smart move here would be to extend the deadline by two weeks. That'd give more than enough time to reach the 16k backer milestone. I'm waiting until the last minute to order mine. I suspect there are many out there doing the same.
  15. The cost of plastic to manufacture is probably the least expensive thing about this project (or any figure they produce). You might as well say a building is only worth the sum of the concrete and steel it requires to construct.
  16. Isn't this just the Joe Fixit body with Thing hands and head swapped in?
  17. "Multiverse" is basically different dimensions, not different storylines within the main (616) storyline. All MCU properties are assumed to be taking place in the same dimension. Those you mentioned simply didn't directly impact the main MCU plots (for the most part) and didn't demand cross-over. In the few instances where they did do it, it was done with precision and intent. The reason so many of these failed or were just 'ok' was mostly poor writing. Shield had almost no 'mutants' at first and was still really well-received. Then it became the go-to show to explain the Kree and Hydra, as well as other components of the MCU. None of this was necessary but it helped fill the gaps between all of the individual IPs before they all essentially joined together. They really tried to push the Inhumans agenda with the show but somehow the *actual* Inhumans show was horrible, All of the concepts and comic lore from the Inhumans (basically the origin of mutants) worked perfectly in Shield. We're in a transitional phase now where they just seem to be throwing a bunch of stuff out there and seeing what sticks, while the next phase promises to revisit the remaining Avengers and their successors to bring the new team together. Whether that features Eternals, Shang-Chi, New Mutants or even the X-Men remains to be seen. Anything is possible, though; Kang exists in nearly every multi-verse and has touched the stories of every major Marvel IP.
  18. Ah, yes, I see what he did there. The old "I don't buy these, which renders everything I have to say about them moot but I'll imply that you're a racist if you don't buy them" trick. I hadn't seen it in so long, it caught me by surprise.
  19. lol what "other bias" would that be? What a strange and presumptuous comment. There are "pretty" action figures everywhere. Does that mean I have to buy them all otherwise, I harbor some suggested bias against the heroes they're based on? People aren't hyped for them because it's a relatively unknown IP. Just like the Shang-Chi wave. I'm glad you like them, though--I assume your pre-order at full price is already in? Or is there some other bias preventing you from ordering?
  20. I could be persuaded to sign back up for Pulse if they made a few changes. Like making shipping free again. Or restocking more often and with more variety. And not shipping products two months after all other retailers. Actually nvm, even the "exclusives" are sold out within minutes. 😞
  21. I'm not a fan of this Captain not being a super soldier. That's the whole point of Captain America; he's a badass super-strength dude who passed the "syrum test". This is just Falcon with a shield. Basically now on the same level as Hawkeye and Black Widow, the least liked/capable members of the team.
  22. This is a good comparison sheet. I'm just not buying that cost of shipping and plastic in the past year drove the requirement to back to 230% (over the Sentinel). Maybe it's time to look at domestic manufacturing. Since all of these are apparently being sold in the US anyway.
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