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  1. Isn't this just the Joe Fixit body with Thing hands and head swapped in?
  2. "Multiverse" is basically different dimensions, not different storylines within the main (616) storyline. All MCU properties are assumed to be taking place in the same dimension. Those you mentioned simply didn't directly impact the main MCU plots (for the most part) and didn't demand cross-over. In the few instances where they did do it, it was done with precision and intent. The reason so many of these failed or were just 'ok' was mostly poor writing. Shield had almost no 'mutants' at first and was still really well-received. Then it became the go-to show to explain the Kree and Hydra, as well as other components of the MCU. None of this was necessary but it helped fill the gaps between all of the individual IPs before they all essentially joined together. They really tried to push the Inhumans agenda with the show but somehow the *actual* Inhumans show was horrible, All of the concepts and comic lore from the Inhumans (basically the origin of mutants) worked perfectly in Shield. We're in a transitional phase now where they just seem to be throwing a bunch of stuff out there and seeing what sticks, while the next phase promises to revisit the remaining Avengers and their successors to bring the new team together. Whether that features Eternals, Shang-Chi, New Mutants or even the X-Men remains to be seen. Anything is possible, though; Kang exists in nearly every multi-verse and has touched the stories of every major Marvel IP.
  3. Ah, yes, I see what he did there. The old "I don't buy these, which renders everything I have to say about them moot but I'll imply that you're a racist if you don't buy them" trick. I hadn't seen it in so long, it caught me by surprise.
  4. lol what "other bias" would that be? What a strange and presumptuous comment. There are "pretty" action figures everywhere. Does that mean I have to buy them all otherwise, I harbor some suggested bias against the heroes they're based on? People aren't hyped for them because it's a relatively unknown IP. Just like the Shang-Chi wave. I'm glad you like them, though--I assume your pre-order at full price is already in? Or is there some other bias preventing you from ordering?
  5. I could be persuaded to sign back up for Pulse if they made a few changes. Like making shipping free again. Or restocking more often and with more variety. And not shipping products two months after all other retailers. Actually nvm, even the "exclusives" are sold out within minutes. 😞
  6. I'm not a fan of this Captain not being a super soldier. That's the whole point of Captain America; he's a badass super-strength dude who passed the "syrum test". This is just Falcon with a shield. Basically now on the same level as Hawkeye and Black Widow, the least liked/capable members of the team.
  7. This is a good comparison sheet. I'm just not buying that cost of shipping and plastic in the past year drove the requirement to back to 230% (over the Sentinel). Maybe it's time to look at domestic manufacturing. Since all of these are apparently being sold in the US anyway.
  8. Sounds like a misunderstanding. It's not "You can swap heads to make a different character" it's "We can use this mold to make additional characters in the future." At least that's how I hear it. Alluding to future large figures with easy modification of the current mold. Oh yeah...and lmao @ "rising cost of plastic".
  9. lol omg I remember seeing that and thinking the same thing. I'm usually not a fan of anime-styled figures and these were no exception. I think the only ones I've actually liked were the GI Joe Sigma Series. But that was more because of the arsenal and personal footlocker each one came with, I think; bad posability. 😞
  10. I mean, if you're going by the comic books, the multiverse stories have existed for decades. Since long before any MCU or X-Men movies were released, long before any of the Spider-Man movies and so on. It's a predominant storyline that allowed them to create amazing books they wouldn't have been able to otherwise. It proceeded the 80's, though I can't really think of many movies that featured the time travel element then other than the Back to the Future series. It's recent decades that have over-used time travel as a plot device not the 80's. But I digress. Just because this 50 your old enormous over-arcing plot has finally made it to a couple of movies, doesn't make it a fad. It's a thousand books in the making with some awesome stories that we finally get to see on the big screen and will probably be a predominant fixture in the MCU forever. Bring on Kang and the next 10 years of awesomeness!
  11. You need to make up your mind. Either you're trying to point out that comic-based figures sell worse than movie figures or they don't. Either ticket sales directly correlate to figure sales or they don't. Either critic reviews dictate the success of figures or they don't. You can't stick to one argument and pivot every time data is introduced that doesn't jibe with whatever 'point' you're trying to make. You're presented with multiple references and ignore 90% of them. You just make random claims without providing evidence and then proclaim that the burden of proof (or disproof in this case) is on me. This is standard Internet straw man BS that prevails most forums but I rarely see it here and call it out when I do. At this point, it's entirely feasible (and likely) that you didn't buy the figures at release or recently or we wouldn't be having this conversation. I did. They were easy to pick up at $15 (all of them but Mysterio) six months after the movie. And you can still buy the entire set for $155 at the BBTS mark-up. So, since the mod has warned us both now, I'll leave it at that. But I would advise for future dialogue that you understand people are going to challenge you and, for the most part, just write you off when you fail to deliver on your claims. That's what happened with multiple posters in this thread, not just me. And learn to use the word "anecdotal" in the proper context. Otherwise, have a good day.
  12. But wait...if you look at Homecoming, Cosmic Spider and Moon Knight (both at $60) are selling for more than the suited Spidey figure ($38). They were in the movie, right? Oh wait... Logic flawed.
  13. Since you're so desperate for links that you're too lazy to look up yourself, here are a couple from the FFH set: https://www.amazon.com/Spider-Man-Marvel-Legends-Hydro-Man-Collectible/dp/B07Q4XCRMN/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=marvel+legends+far+from+home&qid=1628782380&sr=8-4 https://www.amazon.com/Spider-Man-Marvel-Legends-Spider-Woman-Collectible/dp/B07Q61WC1B/ref=pd_bxgy_img_1/139-0605727-1001029?pd_rd_w=wGiJg&pf_rd_p=c64372fa-c41c-422e-990d-9e034f73989b&pf_rd_r=11FARYR77MJV2DAPX2JX&pd_rd_r=4ff65a3d-5483-4b31-b9a2-e822732d19ea&pd_rd_wg=zGLGS&pd_rd_i=B07Q61WC1B&psc=1 This is just two from that wave at or below MSRP (and this is Amazon-lol). You can also find them, as well as Scorpion and Doppleganger on sale or below MSRP at BBTS and/or Dorkside. And forget about ebay...I can find all four there below MSRP accordingly. So your claim is that "selling well" is two thirds of the wave selling at or below value two years after release of the movie. With the others still available in the $30 range. Compared to Homecoming which, as I pointed out earlier, are all now selling at 2-4x release price. You proceeded our discussion by telling others that the new wave are all going to sell like hotcakes "just because their Spiderman IPs". And claimed the Shang-Chi line was discounted everywhere because the movie wasn't released yet. So, now that I've done your busy work...do you still think this is "selling well" or are you going to go back to talking about the ticket sales? According to your logic, these should all be $100+ in after-market by now, much less available at a discount. EDIT: Food for thought--Captain Marvel ($426+ million) received 'generally favorable' reviews as well but I can buy the whole wave new for $60. Tell me more about how ticket sales correlate to toy sales.
  14. You're confused because we're talking about toy sales and watanabe has veered off on this tangent that exclusively about the quality of the movie. I really couldn't care about the movie at this point--the toys didn't sell well. When watanabe realized that they didn't, in fact, sell well, he continued to assert that the movie was great because...well, I have no idea? Because he has nothing left to argue about? This really all started when he chimed in claiming that people here said they "hated the movie" and asserted that the toys "did sell well". Neither of which is true.
  15. No need to repeat yourself, we get it; you're still caught up in this tangent about the movie that now has nothing to do with the toys. Because you can't possibly believe people didn't like the movie as much as you did. Roger that.
  16. If you can't be bothered to use Google yourself or visit Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. I'm certainly not going to do it for you. Again, grasping at straws. And now just plain lazy. As for the toys, half of the set can still be purchased in many places for below MSRP. The others average around $30 in the secondary market, as opposed to 'Homecoming' set, all of which couldn't be found for less than $40 (except Vulture) two years after the movie and now all average around $60-70. For the record, I've already proven that box office numbers mean nothing (see above). So the two quantifiable ways you mentioned are actually personal opinion and published reviews, depending on how much value you place on the latter.
  17. a) The movie wasn't as popular as most Spider-Man movies: fact b) The toys didn't and continue to sell poorly compared to all other Spider-Man waves or single figures: fact In other words, you just cherry-picked one thing out of my post to focus on and cited box office performance in order to "prove" something. What, I'm not sure. But it didn't dispute either 'a' or 'b' above. You know what else grossed a lot? Grown Ups, the Last Airbender, TMNT, The Smurfs, Transformers: AoE (made more than SM!), Jurassic World (also made more). All of these movies sucked. So, again, I'm not sure what point you're trying to make as it relates to my original post. Except that maybe you just really liked the movie and can't believe that anyone didn't or that the corresponding toys didn't sell well (they didn't) so you're just grasping at straws.
  18. I don't recall anyone saying people "hated" the movie but it certainly wasn't as popular as the previous entries. Heck, Spiderman 3 did well at the box office but is often panned and parodied. The toys were (and some are still) easy to obtain at MSRP or below. Trust me, I ordered the set from Pulse thinking I'd need to pre-order or be left in a lurch and then I see the things on Amazon six months later--all but Mysterio--at $15-18. That's not selling well. Do you know what an anecdote is? Ignoring the reality of a situation to try and sound "right" about something doesn't mean everything else is anecdotal. It just means you don't want to be wrong, regardless of tangible facts.
  19. I'm not a huge Spider-Man fan but this wave looks pretty promising. At the very least, I'll pick up JJJ and the Dr. Strange (who has been severely under-represented in ML for years). How good the wave sells will largely be dependent upon how good the movie is. Far From Home was pretty awful and the only figure that sold well there was Mysterio.
  20. The numbers are just trickling in on this now. Barely hitting 100/day (if that) and now need to be at 175+/day to make it. They really fumbled on this one with their projections. Should have been 10k for base, 12k and 14k (and so on) for the extras. Bummer, it would have make a cool addition to my collection.
  21. Oh great...another one of those "this figure should be a millimeter taller" people...
  22. Prediction: It'll probably barely make it to 14k and Nova will be included anyway. Even if the have to extend the deadline. Statistically, they're on par to hit just over 14,300 if the purchasing trend continues. I can't see them scrapping the whole project because it either needed an extra week or was only slightly short of their goal. It was a ridiculously high goal to begin with. They know it. We know it. Get the backpeddling out of the way. And be more reasonable with projections going forward because, hey, we're still mid-recession/pandemic guys...
  23. Just remember...none of these movies would exist without Happy (John Favreau). He deserves an MCU figure just as much as Stan does.
  24. I was all excited about this until I read the 16k part. I mean, they were on track for 14k by end of month but this is gonna be a stretch; 200/day for the rest of the month... 😞 It'd be a a real shame for her to not be included with the figure.
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