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  1. I'm starting to think this will be less successful than the Sentinel, watching the numbers very slowly increase. It'll make target for sure but I wouldn't expect it to break 20k. Don't get me wrong, I'm getting one and I think it's gorgeous. I just don't see it as iconic a figure as the Sentinel--people were crazy over that thing and it met target within just days. Maybe the better move would have been to price this $50 less and kept the faceplates as one of the 'tier' rewards. It would have made more sense really.
  2. You haven't been to ebay lately. Go check out previous Haslab prices there. It will help explain why people buy multiple.
  3. Exactly this. Unfortunately, most people aren't smart so they just make Hasbro out to be the bad guy instead of actually investigating why they're not shipping this thing to Cambodia or Yugoslavia or whatever. It's not as simple as just tossing it in a box and slapping a shipping label on it. I feel bad for how much crap Hasbro has to deal with because of this. And wish people would do a simple Google search before proclaiming themselves experts on e-commerce and import laws.
  4. This thing is brilliant. I thought I would stop myself after the Sentinel and the wife knows how much this thing costs but I just can't help it. As for the 'tiers' and potential herald inclusions, it's Hasbro; they're going to use models they've already created. So Silver Surfur is probably 99% likely here. That's not to say there won't be others, but common sense prevails (and less money on their part spent). Just like with the whole "Kang" thing in the Loki series, even though everyone kept suggesting these silly C-list villains. Or people thinking this reveal would be the stupid jet. Anyway, awesome figure, grats to all who are able to get one. Don't hate if you can't.
  5. It's Kang. His whole schtick is time travel and he was well-known in the comic world. It will not make any sense for them to bring in a B-lister or otherwise obscure villain, especially if the plan is to create a whole phase of movies around the confrontation. Not only that, he's potentially even bigger and badder than Thanos. Anyone who has read the comics knows how chaotic Kang "variants" are capable of creating cosmic mayhem. This story is literally built to prime everything about comic Kang. Anyway, feel free to speculate and entertain all of these conspiracies but MCU isn't exactly known for subtlety or plot twists. When the answer is 99% likely to be one thing, it probably is.
  6. Not gonna lie, the BAF looks SO much better. And not because of the 'lighting' issues or whatever. It's just a better representation of the character when he's at his purest, most impressive form. The effects are much better as well. I don't know why they didn't just re-release it as a deluxe. This is like...mini-Sandman.
  7. Wow, what a good likeness for Owen Wilson. That said, unless you watch this show, you're not going to recognize Mobius from the comic. And he'll be rather obscure as part of the MCU unless he makes follow-up appearances in other films. I'm a completionist, so I'll be getting him but I understand why many people won't. And, hey, let's not forget about Coulson. Totally plain and otherwise uninteresting figure that I would die to have for my collection without paying over $100. Coulson was just a likeable character and a fan-favorite accordingly, which is a niche that I think Wilson's Mobius will fill.
  8. Iron man sells. Spider Man sells. Deadpool sells. Which is why we see so many iterations of those heroes (and related characters) and so often. The molds rarely change and they always sell out through multiple runs. It's a shame, but it's also what helps pay to make the more obscure figures we get every once in a while.
  9. Yep, which is why I don't think they should even try it. I'm sure they'd be thrilled to sell plastic balls for $100 but, aside from hanging the thing in the corner of a room, where would it even fit into a collection? And it's just a textured ball with a face on it, right? Might as well just get out the paper mache and make my own Ego.
  10. Ok, I was afraid the they would ruin Iron Monger but this looks pretty good,, It's a little odd to see it priced at $70 to get an 'extra' character that most people won't care about though. Ironically, they could have given Sutur an extra six inches with a $70 price tag and I'd have been all in. Either way, I'm glad to see these figures being released. I only own four Iron Man figures but I've seen some awesome collections posted by people who *really* like Iron Man. lol This will be the centerpiece of those collections.
  11. Yeah, that figure was terrible. This is how she *should* look:
  12. That'd be fine since there are already ML of the other team members. But five is the magic number for a BAF, so that's what it'll be. No idea why it's taken so long to release a figure for Rachel Summers. She was huge in the MU when I first started reading comics (not long after Secret Wars).
  13. I don't really see why screen time would have anything to do with the size of the figure. The shorter the screen time, the shorter the character? I don't think Hasbro has been shy about raising the pricing on "Deluxe" figures in the past and I mentioned the DoFP Sentinel earlier as a good example. I think many people would pay a extra for a more accurate representation. There needs to be a middle ground between Haslab and 'standard'/Deluxe figures. I think a lot of people would take issue with a 13" Fin Fang Foom if they threw that out there. They wouldn't just say "Well...at least we got something."
  14. No one is arguing that it won't sell. It's whether they've taken too many liberties with the character size just to get it out there. Is it better than nothing? I mean...maybe? Would anyone complain if it were 20" tall instead of 13? Nope. I think that's what gets lost on these height discussions; it's like people are picking a 'team' or something and feel the need to defend it. It's not buyer versus non-buyer. It's realistic versus non-realistic. If people are happy with a half-arsed representation of the character, so be it. It's your dollar.
  15. I can see Mephisto soon, especially with all of the speculation around Wandavision and the upcoming Loki shows. They are priming the audience for a new round of supervillians and a redefining of the team. Some will be new, some old but as far as adversaries go, Kang alone won't sustain another 10 years of MCU movies. Also, without getting into a fact versus fiction type argument here, Thanos is far worse than Mephisto, Red Skull, and certain real life bad guys in terms of the sheer size and scope of his destruction. He has murdered millions across multiple galaxies all in the name of "balance". And that was all before Infinity Saga. The movies weren't shy about blood, death, genocide and other atrocities and I don't see Disney/Marvel shying away from B-list comic villains compared to how much they've celebrated others.
  16. Again, I don't see where I'm not respecting other opinions. I was not involved in any of these other height discussions, so I have no common point of reference. And this sort of reads like "Ok, we've discussed height, now no one else mention it anymore..." I've actually gained more insight into how the height of the figure has been received based on other poster replies and it's been different than I thought it would be. Not the other way around. This is kind of like having a discussion at my local comic store (a civil one) and someone jumps in and says "Whaooo guys, take it down a notch. Some people got into an argument about this last week." How is does that apply to my discussion? Again, you just literally said "don't talk about the height". What happens to anyone else who mentions the height going forward? Totally confused.
  17. I think his point was that no one is really "arguing" over the height of the figure. There is no need to issue pre-emptive warnings at this stage of the discussion. If we can't talk about the height, can we also not talk about accessories, color variations, comic versus MCU styles, etc.? These are all things that have been up for debate/discussion in the forums previously and all pertinent to the figures. We're talking about toys in a toy thread--what is ok to discuss?
  18. I posted a picture from the opening scene earlier. He is *at least* three times Thor's height, if not more. A truly accurate portrayal would put him in the 20" range. As for people claiming this is a store/stocking issue, no...you guys obviously haven't been to the store recently and seen Barbie (and other toy brands) HUGE packaging for product that is $30-40 (and sometimes less). It's not an issue of shelf space. It's an issue of Hasbro not wanting to spend additional manufacture costs for a movie-accurate representation. As I said before, 6 inches on 1/6th scale is negligible. But 8 feet? Would anyone take issue of the Jeb figure couldn't visibly fit into Iron Monger or would we just gloss over that one too? If they're willing to release a $100 Sentinel from DoFP, they can do so for Sutur as well. I'm sure most of us would pay it (even if we pretend on these forums like we wouldn't...).
  19. *shrug* I've never cared much about capturing the difference of 6 inches or whatever on a 1/6 scale figure. It's just more noticeable and harder to swallow when you start working with larger characters like this. It's not a minor difference any longer, now it's VERY noticeable. I'm sure I'll end up buying it anyway because I'm a ML sucker. But it's one of the first MCU ML that I've been disappointed with. I have a feeling Iron Monger will be the next if they take the same liberties with it.
  20. Yep, edited my post to suggest that after you replied. IMO, why release anything that's supposed to be movie-accurate if it's not going to be movie-accurate. There are plenty of other characters from the franchise that still need to be done. It just bothers me to see people 'ooo'-ing and 'ahhhh'-ing over the size of a figure when we've had 12" ML figures for years. Which somehow cost less on release...
  21. 13 inches is *way* too small. See image below (early movie when Thor is battling 'small' Sutur). That's why I was saying this should be at least 24 inches/Haslab type project. Instead we get this tiny, inaccurate version of the character.
  22. With how much damage the Inhumans tv show did, it's unlikely they'll be making that wave any time soon. It's also just not a very popular franchise. Yes, I'm tired of seeing the same figures over and over again, whether they're new (or old) variations or not. But I also know I wouldn't put a dime into an Inhumans wave. And I buy pretty much every ML figure possible as soon as pre-order is available.
  23. You mean where he's 4x the size of Thor? That'd put him at a good 20+ feet tall even in his "small" size.
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