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  1. Again, I don't see where I'm not respecting other opinions. I was not involved in any of these other height discussions, so I have no common point of reference. And this sort of reads like "Ok, we've discussed height, now no one else mention it anymore..." I've actually gained more insight into how the height of the figure has been received based on other poster replies and it's been different than I thought it would be. Not the other way around. This is kind of like having a discussion at my local comic store (a civil one) and someone jumps in and says "Whaooo guys, take it down a notch. Some people got into an argument about this last week." How is does that apply to my discussion? Again, you just literally said "don't talk about the height". What happens to anyone else who mentions the height going forward? Totally confused.
  2. I think his point was that no one is really "arguing" over the height of the figure. There is no need to issue pre-emptive warnings at this stage of the discussion. If we can't talk about the height, can we also not talk about accessories, color variations, comic versus MCU styles, etc.? These are all things that have been up for debate/discussion in the forums previously and all pertinent to the figures. We're talking about toys in a toy thread--what is ok to discuss?
  3. I posted a picture from the opening scene earlier. He is *at least* three times Thor's height, if not more. A truly accurate portrayal would put him in the 20" range. As for people claiming this is a store/stocking issue, no...you guys obviously haven't been to the store recently and seen Barbie (and other toy brands) HUGE packaging for product that is $30-40 (and sometimes less). It's not an issue of shelf space. It's an issue of Hasbro not wanting to spend additional manufacture costs for a movie-accurate representation. As I said before, 6 inches on 1/6th scale is negligible. But 8 feet? Would anyone take issue of the Jeb figure couldn't visibly fit into Iron Monger or would we just gloss over that one too? If they're willing to release a $100 Sentinel from DoFP, they can do so for Sutur as well. I'm sure most of us would pay it (even if we pretend on these forums like we wouldn't...).
  4. *shrug* I've never cared much about capturing the difference of 6 inches or whatever on a 1/6 scale figure. It's just more noticeable and harder to swallow when you start working with larger characters like this. It's not a minor difference any longer, now it's VERY noticeable. I'm sure I'll end up buying it anyway because I'm a ML sucker. But it's one of the first MCU ML that I've been disappointed with. I have a feeling Iron Monger will be the next if they take the same liberties with it.
  5. Yep, edited my post to suggest that after you replied. IMO, why release anything that's supposed to be movie-accurate if it's not going to be movie-accurate. There are plenty of other characters from the franchise that still need to be done. It just bothers me to see people 'ooo'-ing and 'ahhhh'-ing over the size of a figure when we've had 12" ML figures for years. Which somehow cost less on release...
  6. 13 inches is *way* too small. See image below (early movie when Thor is battling 'small' Sutur). That's why I was saying this should be at least 24 inches/Haslab type project. Instead we get this tiny, inaccurate version of the character.
  7. With how much damage the Inhumans tv show did, it's unlikely they'll be making that wave any time soon. It's also just not a very popular franchise. Yes, I'm tired of seeing the same figures over and over again, whether they're new (or old) variations or not. But I also know I wouldn't put a dime into an Inhumans wave. And I buy pretty much every ML figure possible as soon as pre-order is available.
  8. You mean where he's 4x the size of Thor? That'd put him at a good 20+ feet tall even in his "small" size.
  9. If it's an MCU Sutur, the thing should be a Haslab project. lol How is this thing going to be movie-accurate in size at $50? As for Iron Monger, that will also be an enormous figure and well worth $50. If it's $70 because they're adding Jeb, it's a huge mistake; does anyone really want a Jeb figure or would you just rather pay $50 for Monger? As for Modok's price--if anyone has seen this thing next to other ML's you should understand why it's priced the way it is. It's a gorgeous figure and a near-perfect comic representation. People have been asking for him for years and, if he was a BAF, it'd cost a lot more than $50 to pick him up.
  10. Except it is..."curly" versus "wavy" and I can't believe I just spent five mins looking through comic images of Cletus, many of which are "curlier" than others. What a ridiculous thing to argue about. lol Let's just agree to disagree.
  11. I mean...if you want to argue semantics? They tried to make him look like the comic book character. If that's all you took away from it, maybe you should skip the movie. It at least definitely see it by yourself. lol
  12. He does, if the Marvel Legends figure is any indication. Their latest Venom figure was spot-on as well.
  13. I mean, that's what Cletus Kasady's hair was like in the comics. Anything that they can incorporate into the movies to stay true to the books is a win in my book, even if it's a stupid haircut. God knows they took plenty of liberties with Venom, and not very many good ones...
  14. The 'test' they did was the Sentinel. It had a very low requirement for funding and surpassed all expectations--otherwise, I suspect we probably *would* be seeing more vehicles. They've done the barge, they've done the Mando ship, vehicles are proven sellers. But big robots? Again, Sentinel paved the way for Galactus. And, while I believe there may be a few hundred fans stoked to see some random Marvel vehicle, I promise you there will be 40k+ who won't touch it, specifically because they're wanting Galactus. There's plenty of time to make a Quinjet. Let's give people what they've actually been asking for the last 5 years.
  15. Guys...it's Galactus, ok? I can't tell you have many times I've seen requests for him here and on numerous other boards, especially since they Sentinel Haslab was revealed. None of this other vehicle crap is realistic when Hasbro already knows they they can sell tens of thousands of Galactus, even if they jack up the scale and price to $500. Releasing some obscure vehicle or something, which would in turn means we'd have to wait *another* year or two (at least) for Galactus, would make zero business sense. That said, I am so stoked they're finally going to do this and it will be the centerpiece of any ML collection. I would be amazed if it isn't their most successful project yet.
  16. The hypothetical 2-3' "monstrosity" would be made because that's what most of us actually *want*. Trust me, Hasbro doesn't throw together these Haslab projects because some employee demands it. Toybiz did a 10" BAF before and it looks ridiculous. The character is supposed to eat planets, not globes. Let's give him the comic representation that he deserves, not serve up people who are too cheap to buy a crowd-funded project.
  17. So don't buy it? I'm not really sure what the problem is here. People have been asking for what is (hopefully) a Galactus fanfund for ages. If we get it, how is that not GOOD for collectors? Also, the Ursa is def not a combo of those figures. And the hands and feet, especially, haven't been seen on any other ML.
  18. Let's be real here--the reason they don't do this with most female ML figures is because they would be ridiculously tiny and prone to breaking. Even the double-joints on some Spidey figures are incredibly delicate and I've managed to break one being extra careful. I'm holding a Wasp figure right now and couldn't imagine dealing with a double joint if it was even slightly brittle out of the packaging. So yeah...it's not a discriminatory thing, it's not something they just "don't want to do" or "forgot", it's a logistics thing; the more narrow the appendage, the less feasible it is to incorporate elbow joints.
  19. People are awfully critical about the re-use of the hulk mold. Let's take a moment to acknowledge how amazing that sculpt is. It's the absolute best hulk they've ever done, imo. Makes sense to use it for the other color hulks as well as Maestro. I mean they use the same body for dozens upon dozens of other heroes and people are dissing this one because it doesn't have boots. So six figures, five of which are hulks, and that's all they're allowed to do? To each their own, I suppose... Anticipated and pre-ordered.
  20. The Black Order box set is a huge slap in the face. It makes me not want to pursue BAF any longer, especially with the frequency they are re-releasing them now. In most cases, I end up buying half the set to complete the BAF. And then I can get it for $30 a year later instead, saving $60+ in the process. What's worse, the RR is often BETTER than the original BAF. Make up your mind, either have BAFs exclusive and actually collectible or ditch them altogether and just release the $30 exclusives.
  21. My point is that they didn't have to. They broke their goal by 6k on the back of the final tier (and people waiting until the last minute). Since 25% of the total buyers tagged in at the last minute, I'm doubting yet another tier would have made much of a difference. People got what they paid for with this one...
  22. I would agree that they could put something like this together once/year. But, for me, and many other collectors this was a huge purchase. Both literally and financially. And the Sentinel is such an iconic Marvel/X-Men character, there are probably very few others that would generate this level of interest. Galactus comes to mind but I suspect that, if they wanted to do him justice, he'd be twice as large and cost twice as much. That said, I wouldn't fork out even more money for another size of Giantman. I wouldn't pay more for a Sasquatch that's slightly taller than the BAF I already paid plenty for. The DOFP Sentinels were flawed technically with some design issues--keep in mind these were also up to 50% off multiple times as well. Honestly, they just hit the nail on the head with this in every way. And the fact that there won't be 10 times as many of these in circulation is the icing on the cake. This wasn't about variety, it was about it being sizeable, accurate to original designs that fans grew up with and limited supply. Take out any one of those factors and it the sales will suffer.
  23. Not sure if this is a dumb question, but why would anyone order these from BBTS when you can get them several other places for less? Is there any advantages to ordering from there as opposed to Dorkside, or Pulse, Amazon, etc.?
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