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  1. In my area, it has always been very hard to get figures at retail. My two Walmarts have failed me since 2009! Before then, they were an okay source, but they don't stock stuff and I'm now able to verify with brickseek, etc. Target is the only retailer now I can use since TRU is gone. I had to hit up my 4 locations frequently to find the nuggets. However, none of my locations got Red Hulk and they haven't put him online. So I'm frowning on that. I feel real lucky to have scooped Yelena since the rest of the wave was gone. She was my priority and at least in this case, the other scooper didn't care.
  2. I agree that this figure turned out way better than the prototypes. I do like her, but there is room for improvement. The Black Widow head in this wave is disappointing compared to Infinity War, Endgame, and white deluxe. So in that regard, Yelena is my favorite figure in this wave.
  3. While the face sculpt is way better than the Winter Solider version, it is completely behind Infinity War and Endgame versions in my opinion. At least the $30 white deluxe version is very good. I had this and Yelena on Amazon pre-order and they were canceled with listings removed. Luckily, I found Yelena at Target, but BW was gone. There is a good chance I won't be able to pick this figure up.
  4. Inventory still shows 0 in my area. The inner city price looks to be $36.59 when they do get it. I'm all in at $30, but I might be out if it was any higher.
  5. There are some head sculpts with paint apps that are amazing. Black Widow Infinity War and The Wasp MCU. This Black Widow seems like she was well received and she looks just like Scarlett Johansson. The Wasp MCU pegged warm hard and I was surprised. The head sculpt and paint app alone that looks like Lilly Evangeline are worth $20. She peg warmed hard and I've gotten extras on clearance. I now have a small Wasp army. Other nice heads and figs worth noting are Jessica Jones Netflix, Punisher Netflix, Scarlet Witch TRU, Peggy Carter, Captain Marvel MCUs, Nick Fury (Cpt Marvel), Mary Jane Homecoming, Luis from The Wasp. I'm really disappointed that the Black Widow movie figures don't have that MCU shine and are comic book styled. Did Black Widow Infinity War cause a backlash that I'm unaware of? Why downgrade the MCU sculpting and paint app that was so good? Other figures I love outside of MCU are Nico Minoru, Elsa Bloodstone, White Rabbit, and Stepford Cuckoos. Collectively, these figures listed have drawn me into Marvel figures.
  6. This figure is so awesome. Second only to Stepford Cuckoos. Would have wished for an inclusion of a killer mutant bunny and explosive carrot if there was no alt head and hands. At least we get the shooting umbrella. I love her backstory and it makes me interested in her vehicles and some associates. I've purchased 4 Fortnite Wild Cards for her elite henchmen and 6 Fortnite Rabbit Raiders as goons. I can't find any images of Bunnymobile (or Flying Hare). Does anyone have references to those? I don't even know what issues these would have appeared in. I think I need to get an extra Slambulance when it's released and make a Bunnymobile. With her, I would love to see a full Menagerie set (Panda-Mania, Skein/Gypsy Moth, Hippo). I think she makes a good base for a Harley Quinn custom.
  7. Wow Walgreens already took down the page. I've only been able to find one copy in person. I was able to pick up 3 Wasps at $10 each at one Target. Another Target had Far From Home Spiderman (basic suit) for $10.
  8. The decision for me will come down to if articulated hands can grip the 6" figures King Kong style. Those Unicron hands wouldn't pass the test.
  9. This is the best news. I can continue to look forward to more ML with confidence.
  10. Haslab is known to release only large expensive items thus far. (I do think they should use the platform for more products that might struggle at retail but fans would go crazy for.) From what I've seen, the Amazon Sentinel is way under-scaled compared to these references. I don't know what height they will get, but I'm sure it will be a massive sized Sentinel.
  11. Thank you for the tip on the Slambulance! That thing will be great when customized. Just remove the WW's and the "SL" and you got a cool 1/12 toy. I agree it will be $50 or $60 and at that price point I will get a few and customize them. I can already see two of them all painted black ready for Agents of SHIELD, etc. I should pick up more copies of the WWE car. I was waiting for a sale, but I feel like that won't happen and $30 isn't bad. I hope Hasbro keeps making more 1/12 vehicles.
  12. I want to army build Maggia goons. I would do a small army of ninjas. If they did MCU Hydra or SHIELD guys, I'd be all over that. (Please give me the Agents of SHEILD cast too.)
  13. I just purchased the Kingpin BAF wave ($155) just for Kingpin and was going to sell 6 of the characters on eBay. I do like the all white suit, but I would enjoy more Kingpins especially at $30 a pop. He's my favorite human enemy. BTW: For Maggia goons, I find the WWE Elite Mr McMahon to be very suiting. He is 7", but some of the Maggia goons are extra large. Just need to remove the WWE paint and he's ready. It would be cool to get a Maggia set at some point.
  14. I now see that the Amazon 16" Sentinel was way under scaled to the 6" figures. If Wolverine is just as high as the Sentinel head and if Sentinel uses a 1:8 head to body ratio, then it would be maybe around a 48"+/- Sentinel. I might be interested if it is super articulated especially with the hands.
  15. Patrick Stewart, Ian McCullen, Hugh Jackman: YES!! I would love a non-blue Mystique, but doubt this will ever happen. An army of Peter Parkers for the body (please have an alt clean head). An army of Gwen Stacys. Just for heads: Black Tom, Rogue, Nega. I'll probably get the Deluxe Punisher, but Netflix Punisher will be my favorite. This Punisher will just be civilian. I wish the van rumor was true ... I'll always hold that candle. Need at least two 1/12 scale vans. The Jazwares A-Team Van is for 1/18 unfortunately. There is a huge cargo army plane at Target for $60. A van would smaller and even after licensing could be as low as $80. Even at $100, it would still be a success. Red Hulk: I like oversized human freak foes. For Haslab, the hint is Marvel Legends X-Men Jubilee enemy. I guess it must be Sentinel. Is it going to be a giant Days of Future Past version? Maybe I will pick up the entire movie line if this is the case. For the Hasbro Pulse vote, I'm going for Silk because it has a good head.
  16. BBTS failed me once with unable to fill LEGO Minifigures Series 1 cases. Luckily I had a backup preorder for that via Entertainment Earth, but for only one case as I was counting on BBTS for 3. This was out of BBTS's hands as LEGO made a short run for both Series 1 & 2 and under estimated demand. They left BBTS out to dry. It was hard to get any cases even for future waves and could find them from importing from amazon.fr at retail prices. I also had one item in my loot that they "lost" when it came to ship. I forget what it was, but I was bummed at the time. Overall, I still love BBTS and I think I've gotten over 1000 items from them. Had no issues with Dorkside or Hasbro Pulse or even Amazon, but the number of items are just a few dozen each so the sample size is way different.
  17. I would definitely buy at least 2 and really want it! I think the price point would be around $100, but I would still get if it was higher. Besides the Marvel Legends motorcycles and the WWE car, we are really lacking in this area. The 6" GI Joe vehicles are going to be likely jeeps/hummers/buggies. They could be painted to be almost street friendly, but they are so militarized that it's no where close to being as cool as a van could be.
  18. How about the people who buy 3 at a time? Almost worth it getting them off eBay. I've gotten 15 from eBay in lots of 3, 3, 6, and 3. Really just need 1 more to have my 4x4 squad of 16 and will try to get last in person.
  19. I eventually plan to. I have purchased some Extreme Sets 1/12 scale dioramas. But everything is packed up and I don't know when I'll be able to actually play. I have a feeling that these sets might not give me the depth I'm looking for. I will probably end up building environments by hand and 3D print accessories. I've thought about the NECA building, but I feel like I won't get much out of it as I need way bigger environments. I do like MCU and I'm a daily MPQ player. When it comes to the figures, I like to spin off canon and make them something else (keep what I like and change everything else). I like what I know about White Rabbit thus far. No super powers, just crazy with an adorable outfit. I also think she is a great candidate for a Harley Quinn custom. I know I sin for crossing the DC universe, but I can't help it. I've picked up 2 White Rabbits and have a 3rd that was previously pre-ordered on Amazon. One is to keep original and two to make two different HQ customs. I've already drafted part 1 of a Deadpool vs Harley Quinn photo comic (more sinning). I guess what I need more of is the civilian population. They are what make the world more alive. Also Jemma and Fitz are the best part of Agents of SHIELD for me. They need to be figures so badly! Anyway, don't expect anything productive from me for years. I have a lot of life obstacles in the way. In the meantime, I collect items that will be of use in the future.
  20. Hasbro has done a good job with Marvel Legends and I would hate to see that change. I think the SW 6" line and license could learn to allow for head and hand swaps compatible with ML. That would be a game changer for me. I started with getting certain MU characters to blend in with SW, but I guess that was a limited opportunity. I'm a huge SW TVC 3.75" collector. I have been collecting POTF2 up through present including Jabba's Barge in the 3.75" scale. My SW soul belongs in 3.75" land. But I've been spending my money on ML instead because there is so little happening in TVC. I keep buying troopers and ordered the new Imperial Transport (will get more on sale). Half the fun of SW are the vehicles and that does not work at the 6" scale. The 3.75" scale also allows for more variety of figures to be released. I think Hasbro really blows it outside of 3.75" and 6" scales. I just see a waste of plastic, opportunity, and shelf space. It would be nice if they would invest in environment (playsets)/accessories and plus keep product on the shelf. Adjust cases quicker and buy back the low demand peg chokers. I'm jealous that Barbie gets so many playsets, vehicles, and accessories. However Mattel cannot be trusted as DC looks so bad right now. I'm a die-hard Harley Quinn fan, but she looks terrible with most products.
  21. Any alternate "street-attire" outfit gets my vote (e.g. Jessica Jones Netflix). Extra hands and heads (especially clean non-attached accessories) can make the difference for a purchase or not. I've made several purchases just for nice clean heads. I'm using suit-n-tie versions of every Legends that gets released plus anything that doesn't look like a comic book character or can be easily painted (Punisher Netflix).
  22. I've been a casual street-attire-focused collector starting with Winter Soldier. This figure alone has made me jump in a serious binge and now I'm registered. I've gotten 12 Cuckoos from eBay thus far. The one nice local Walgreens I had closed down a year ago. I think my goal is 16 so they can be a 4x4 squad. I'll mix with all sorts of suitable heads. I'm happy they used my favorite outfit and included 3 heads and extra hands. If more characters had 2-3 heads and hands, I would buy more. I agree with leokearon: I just wish they didn't have powered up eyes. I'll experiment to see if I can at least add irises. Maybe someday they'll make The Gifted version?! It wouldn't be too far fetched or an idea since we had Electra Netflix and comic versions released close together. Since the release of this character, I've been buying more Legends and now either for extra heads (e.g. Invisible Woman) or other ideas.
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