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  1. Generally speaking, I preorder everything. But if you like going in store, you’re kind of at the mercy of the people stocking the shelves. I ordered Thena for in store pickup, and out of curiosity went to see what was on the shelves. There was nothing. But the website says they have 8 each of Ikaris, Sersi, Druig and a few more of Thena. Obviously they just haven’t gotten around to putting things out. So again, if it were me, I would check online to see if it’s in stock and order for pickup. Unless you like the thrill of the hunt!
  2. They announced it for October 7th and 8th, with new products available for preorder online at 7 AM ET both days.
  3. In fairness, Walmart exclusives have been more accessible than Target, in my opinion, and certainly better than Walgreens. The Venomized Captain America, Compound Hulk, John Walker Captain America, and Deadpool Cable are still available on the site. Infinity War Cap was available online for months. No, it probably won’t be found in the stores, but if you’re ok with ordering online, I’m optimistic this won’t be that hard to get.
  4. I’m thinking that between MODOK, Surtur and the Hydra Stomper, when the time comes for Blob and Mojo it will be a single deluxe release at the $50 price point. Those characters feel too big to do via BAF, which is probably why we haven’t seen Hasbro do them before. Now that Hasbro has gotten its feet wet at that price point, we may very well see those in the next 1-2 years.
  5. It’s a bit unfair to criticize Disney, in my opinion. They likely went this route because of Scarlet Johansson’s lawsuit. The contracts for the actors and actresses in Shang Chi are likely the same as hers, meaning they get paid based on box office. If the Disney+ premium watchers suppressed the box office numbers for this film due to a simultaneous release, they would be in the same situation they find themselves in with Scarlet Johansson. Going forward the movie industry needs to and will adjust the way these contracts determine what/how the acting talent gets paid. In the long run I doubt the theater industry ever makes a complete comeback. That’s disheartening as an MCU fan as I’m concerned if the quality will dip, or cease altogether if Disney determines they can no longer bank on $800m to $1b in box office receipts on these films. If anything, this proves that the Disney+ premium sales for Black Widow didn’t suppress its box office numbers as much as Scarlett Johansson felt it did. The truth is that there’s still a large contingent of the population which is uncomfortable cramming themselves into theaters sprinkled with unvaccinated and non-mask wearing viewers for several hours.
  6. I could be wrong, but I think he’s referring to them nearly 1,000 backers over Tier 2 with no idea what Tier 3 is.
  7. It depends on which picture you’re looking at. The ones with Galactus definitely look more Iceman-like. Hopefully that’s just an early render. The official picture with the board, hands and effect pieces looks like more grayish solid color.
  8. And here I was thinking I was clever for doing the same thing. That’s exactly how I managed to get a hold of Endgame Worthy Cap at Walmart, and Moon Knight at Walgreens.
  9. Someone mentioned the foreign retailers may be waiting to put in their orders at the end of the campaign. So it could be that. But what you suggested would make a lot of sense too. Why wouldn’t a large e-tailers put in large orders and sell them after the fact for a modest markup? Look at the demand for the Sentinel on eBay. There are bound to be people who will decide over the next year they want a Galactus. Seems like it would be a good idea for EE, Big Bad, and others to buy some.
  10. Yes! I get a lot of people here aren’t MCU enthusiasts, but for those that are, it’s relief to not end up with only a fraction of the characters in the film. If you got the WandaVision figures, you probably thought “well what am I supposed to do with Wanda without Agatha?” Or if you snagged the Dr. Strange film figures, thought, “where’s the Ancient One, Wong or Kaecilius?”
  11. Definitely interesting. I had been doing a similar thing on my end, until someone on these boards mentioned something about a late bump, which is apparently common in these Haslab projects. Is that something you have factored in? Or are you extrapolating based on just the backer count/pace to date?
  12. Admittedly I don’t know as much about those projects, but I feel like the Sentinel, from what I can tell, was a wholly different animal, build-wise. I think it was new territory for them.
  13. I agree they aren’t trying to rip anyone off, in fact i think it’s the opposite. I think they probably realized they were off on the internal estimates to make the Sentinel and adjusted accordingly with Galactus. This will never happen as it would reveal their internal price points, but I think it would be a great idea if instead of a set price they had each backer give a maximum price they would be willing to pay. For example, you could nominate say $500, at which point the unit minimum is maybe 6k or 8k. So if they don’t hit the minimum backer count at $400, maybe they would at $500. Let consumers decide (with a floor price) what they would be willing to pay for it. Heck, if it barely tops 14k, I would be down if Hasbro emailed me and asked if I would give another $25 if it meant getting Frankie Ray made.
  14. In other words, increased prices made a figure increase 15% from $20 to $23. That’s the same percentage increase from $350 to $400. So is the product itself really that much better in size and articulation than the Sentinel of that they had to more than double the backer count? I doubt it. I just think they were way off on what they thought it would cost to make the Sentinel.
  15. After watching the beginning of the interview, I found myself wondering whether costs (including due to COVID) have really drastically risen enough that they had to more than double the backer count (relative to the Sentinel), and if there really is that much of an improvement. I actually think there is something else entirely going on which says more about the Sentinel than it does Galactus. I wonder if they found after starting production that at 6’000 units they were way off on their estimate of cost per unit? Because it got 22k backers they still made a lot, but I can’t help but wonder if they had only gotten 6-7k, maybe they determined they would have lost a lot of money?
  16. I think it depends on how much of a deep cut you want in character selection. I’ve seen a lot of people on these boards clamoring for some pretty obscure characters. With a requisite piece to complete the must-have Finish-A-Figure, the obscure character doesn’t sell enough to warrant Hasbro making him.
  17. The timing of the MCU movies and figures are really causing some odd gaps between announce and actual release dates. These aren’t getting released for more than 6 months, which feels long. But there’s still AoA wave 2, Eternals and No Way Home waves to be released this year, and they already announced the What If? wave which comes out a month earlier than this wave. So I guess it makes sense. But it feels odd.
  18. I feel like they’re actually two different groups. Those wanting to see the tiers were wanting something to get them over the hump to justify the price. Since they revealed Frankie Ray, there has been a fair amount of people on these boards who probably never had any intention of backing the project but who really want a Frankie Ray. It is latter group which held out hope it would be rereleased later if Galactus doesn’t get funded. If you believe the Hasbro team peruse the message boards, then their comment was to this crowd to not get their hopes up. I can’t blame this group for hoping, but I also think it’s fair for Hasbro to state that it’s not going to happen in the near term, if at all. After all, if I back the project and the tiers are an incentive/reward, it kind of devalues it if the reward just gets released later.
  19. Fair enough. To be clear though, that’s exactly what I was doing, explaining why I personally am fine with female figures not looking exactly as they do in the comics. I don’t begrudge anyone for feeling differently. But since I explained my reason for not having an issue with the discrepancy, my view has been treated with nothing but contempt. I’ll refrain from commenting anymore on this issue in the future.
  20. Because I think this is an important issue, I’ll bite. Putting action figures aside for a moment, this issue isn’t about feeling secure in my own appearance, and I have no idea why you took if that way. Rather, whether anyone here admits it or not, there are serious issues with the way men view and treat women in this country (i.e., as objects), which is why the Me Too movement is even a thing. And if you don’t think the way women are drawn in comics contributes to the objectifying of women, you have your head up your ass.
  21. Apologies if my comment earlier came across offensive. I didn’t intend to call anyone here a “perv”. For me, I have never understood what the point of over-sexualizing comic characters was. It has always felt gratuitous and unnecessary. My broader point is, diehard comic fans are only one segment of the action figure collecting world. If toning down the overt sexuality of certain characters gets the action figures on the shelves, for me that’s an acceptable trade off. I understand that is not the case for many others on this board. But if the choice is do it accurate or not at all, well for me that’s a bit too purist for my blood.
  22. When it comes to accuracy, it is valid to ask why Jean Grey HOX is smaller than Love Triangle Jean Grey. It is also reasonable to ask why Silver Surfer is not on a larger body mold. If they have the molds to fix these discrepancies, they should. But fixating on a female action figures cup size is odd. You can call it political correctness if you want, but the fact is in the comics world the artists and fans have a fetish for how they want their females to look, which I find to be funny. Most women do not look that way. But if that is what the small comic community wants, who am I to judge? But to expect that to translate to toys that say “Ages 4+” and get mad when it does not, come on.
  23. To be clear, I have backed it and want it to succeed. I am simply pointing out that much of the initial excitement has died out. I am surprised, actually. The backer goal is huge, but I did not anticipate the drop off that has occurred over last ten days to be so steep. A declining curve with a bump at the end is inevitable. But I’m of the opinion that the count needs to be north of 12k by the last week (assuming a generous 2k last-minute buyer bump).
  24. Well, I’m calling it. Galactus is not getting funded. It got less than 120 backers on Saturday, less than 70 yesterday, and has only gotten 25 today. It needs to average 140 per day to hit the goal (let alone stretch goals). Unless something comes to juice the numbers, it’s not even going to be close.
  25. If there was a broad consensus, sure. But if there is one thing I have learned from these message boards it is that there isn’t consensus on anything. Some want every character done to scale, others are just happy the character got made at all. Some hate expressions on the heads, others don’t want the figure looking bored. Some only want new figures, others like rereleases since it gives them a chance to get something that they missed before, usually because it was released before they started collecting. So I’m not sure what you’re hoping Hasbro to draw from all of that. It’s a diverse community, and some of the products you will like, and others you won’t. But being negative about what you don’t like isn’t going to change how Hasbro does things, because everyone 100% does not agree on what they want the company to make. In the end it’s a hobby that we should all derive a measure of happiness from. If that’s no longer the case for some, then it’s time to find a new hobby.
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