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  1. I think the Hasbro team knows that, as much as the Hellcharger was obviously a misfire, changing the “rules” midstream in order to get it funded would just backfire on future projects. Better to just ride it out and hopefully learn for the next one.
  2. *slaps forehead* Ummm, so this is the part where I embarrassingly admit that I misread the dates on your post. I just saw your response today and for some reason thought I read the date as having been posted yesterday, which is the only reason I replied. I don’t read these boards often and I thought it was odd that it had been so long before you replied, but I am apparently an internet illiterate. Though I’d rather admit that than anyone thinking I’ve been randomly stewing on this one topic for the last two months. I swear I will not post on the cursed BP Legacy wave ever again.
  3. I understand your idea about production minimums, but what you’re describing is unfeasible to say the least. 1. Storing things is expensive, and virtually all modern supply chains are designed to limit or eliminate having product on hand doing nothing. Your idea would have required Hasbro to store thousands (tens of thousands?) of half finished figures for five years. Any accountant would have a heart attack at that idea. It would literally be more cost effective to destroy the entire lot than to just sit on them for no reason. 2. Your idea would mean that they were still producing BP figures at the factory months after they hit retail and decided that they weren’t selling well. There is no way that happened. The manufacturing would have been finished well before then, possibly even before the first figures were hitting stores. 3. Hasbro does similar reissues like this wave ALL THE TIME. Their production pipeline is clearly able to spin up to make reissues/repaints without too much hassle. 4. Again, your narrative is entirely dependent on the idea that the original BP wave didn’t sell well, but you appear to be the only one who remembers that being the case. As I said originally, the idea that these are somehow leftover figures just isn’t reasonable.
  4. 1000% in agreement. I was so disappointed when they streamlined him to the extreme for IM3 and Ultron. It took away everything that makes War Machine amazing. Aside from the original IM2 suit, my favorite is Infinity War. It’s huge, beefy, and has an absurd number of weapons sticking out. That’s War Machine.
  5. So true about the skirt. I would actually buy this version because I love MBaku and I like this deco. But every time I take my BAF out I’m disappointed all over again at how his legs literally can’t move.
  6. It’s all good, that was definitely me. To be fair I tried exactly that but something went wonky on my iPhone browser and it kept deleting the first quote/response. So I gave up and just posted twice. Sorry, I’ll keep things tidier from now on.
  7. This is 100% what they’re going to do, and I’m honestly surprised how many people don’t seem to accept that. If they knew that this definitely wasn’t going to be the same Murdock, then they’d just say so now and avoid making people angry. They’re going to write around any potential inconsistency’s, so that huge fans of the original show (like me) can assume it’s the same character, while likely never continuing a single specific plot thread from the old series. And honestly I’m fine with that. I much prefer it to a hard reboot of the character.
  8. The headsculpt looks great, but man that’s a fugly figure. Those hip joints are hideous.
  9. You keep proposing that the BP Legacy wave (as lazy as it is) is somehow just repainted old stock. There’s literally no possibility of that.
  10. Generally speaking, we receive back from others what we put out. I think it’s less a matter of “People don’t like my opinions” and more “ “My responses are so extreme I come off as very angry.” If I were to tell a friend “I don’t think that haircut is very flattering to you.” I would get a very different reaction than “Your stupid new haircut is incredibly ugly, and it makes you look like an idiot!” The post about Kamala as a character and her costume reads very much like the latter.
  11. Good lord, that’s…. a strong stance. I guess I’ll only say that I really enjoyed the show, and honestly thought it was one of the best of an extremely uneven D+ crop. It actually made me really feel for the characters as people, which is something they really struggle with lately, when trying to shove them into the factory, MCU template. And as someone who was pretty much solely an XMen fan growing up, I could care less who the first mutant they introduce is. And given that they’re fictional, I doubt they care much either.
  12. Hasbro said a few months ago they didn’t know about the secret until the film came out, hence the delay in the figures.
  13. I agree that they should recast T’Challa, but honestly I think you overestimate how much character recognition played into the success of the MCU as a whole. Even A-list characters like Captain America and Thor were barely known to non comic readers. The Guardians of the Galaxy certainly weren’t know at all. No one knew who Shuri or M’Baku were, but the MCU turned them into household names. I personally don’t think that lack of character recognition is the problem with Eternals. It’s that they introduced 10 (TEN!!!) brand new characters in one film, and expected to be able to make the audience care about any of them. That’s just never going to work.
  14. The problem is that they almost certainly have to have everything approved from Disney. Sure they probably “knew” they were coming, as it was pretty well known, but that doesn’t mean they could actually go into production on them without approval. If they weren’t given the info from Marvel Studios, and they started production on figures, and artwork or samples got out as they always do, can you imagine the ****storm that would cause from their biggest licensing partner?
  15. You're absolutely right. I didn't mean to imply they COULDN'T use a game model, just that the work they would have to do to use it for a CAD file for a figure would be so extensive, I can't believe that it would be easier than building a model from scratch.
  16. Well I can speak personally to translating game files into something that’s 3d printable. It’s not usually simple. But more than that, I’ve read several interviews with toy designers over the years where they specifically refute the idea that you can just add articulation to a 3d model. The interior space of a game model is just space; an action figure has to be broken down into many smaller parts, which interlock correctly. The tolerances and thickness of the plastic have to be measured and applied. The proportions need to match other figures in the line, etc. It all has to be sculpted in from the beginning. The part where you sculpt the basic likeness requires talent definitely, but on something really basic and straightforward like this Spiderman, it wouldn’t be a giant part of the process.
  17. Generally speaking, game models can't just be translated over into CAD files. They're designed very differently. While it's possible, the amount of work that it would take for Hasbro to translate a game model to tool a physical figure would be more time consuming than simply creating a new model from scratch.
  18. I don’t understand what you mean? There’s only one Green Goblin in the film, Dafoes version. There’s none from ASM2. Dafoe apparently changes his outfit a bit at some point because we’ve seen images of both his original green mask look, and an altered version where he just has a hood. But it’s still the “Raimi” goblin.
  19. No, it’s definitely supposed to be Thanos from Endgame. When he snapped the first time it didn’t physically cause him any damage, as is represented in this figure. This was after he destroyed the stones. But you’re also completely right that Endgame Thanos had a totally different “casual” look without his armor, so the figure isn’t really correct for anything. It’s just Hasbro trying to give us a compelling reason to buy a figure they’ve already released three times, but not being willing to go all the way and remold 60% of it.
  20. I don’t know, that one shot of She Hulk looked in the 6 1/2ft-7ft which is what she should be.
  21. These are being released on Disney+. There's not much of a cash grab to be had. Besides that, they're not exactly hemorrhaging money. The last three MCU films are still making very decent returns. Lower than they would have pre-COVID, but stacked up against the overall box office, they're still doing pretty great.
  22. I don’t know. Personally for me, it’s definitely essential, as we needed an Endgame version of Capt Marvel. Rescue might be less so, but the number one complaint I heard after the first release is that she didn’t have her repulsive drones, which were integral from what most would consider her most iconic shot. That said, maybe some people are on the fence about the set, but given it’s already running over twice the retail price on the aftermarket, clearly more people want it pretty bad.
  23. Training suit Wolvie actually HAS been made by Hasbro before, in a two pack with Forge. It was baaaaad. The whole Xteam in training suit costumes has been a dream of mine for years. It’ll probably never happen but I’ll continue to hope …
  24. Mostly because it would break the whole Haslab system. They’ve told their customers that these items would not be available afterward the initial offering. You would have a tremendous number of angry buyers from the initial run if they suddenly changed their minds. And for those who say “Well Hasbro doesn’t care how their customers feel!”, they do if it impacts their sales. And the next time a Haslab project is trying to get funded, their backer numbers will take a huge hit because everyone will just assume they’ll be able to buy it later. The FOMO is a big driver for a lot of people. As well as the backers who buy multiples specifically to sell later.
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