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  1. Of which I am not. Hasblow doesn't need more of my money, especially when this is an entirely new line that doesn't match the line I’ve been collecting for years. It’s entirely unnecessary in my opinion. I don’t have any more cash to throw away…and Hasblow’s emphasis on modern over classic costumes annoys the hell out of me.
  2. I’ll stick with my Marvel Legends. Big pass for me. What a pointless waste of plastic.
  3. Now how do you get that? DC comics has sparked what are inarguably the most critically acclaimed cartoons and films. They’re in a completely different league. When Ironman was a fantastic popcorn ride…when Dark Knight is getting Oscar buzz! Not just no-named categories either, we’re talking the big honking publicized categories. The ones people actually care about. Doesn't sound second rate to me. Batman the Animated Series was light-years ahead of anything Marvel spawned in the animation department. It’s not considered one of the finest comic based cartoons ever made, it’s considered one of the finest cartoons ever made. Period! Then to top it off, they’ve got easily the two most recognizable and iconic of the superheroes. Batman and Superman are only rivaled by Marvels Spider-Man and possibly the Hulk. You walk up to anyone on the street and they know who Superman and Batman are. They've transcended pop culture. Words like “superman” have broken the comic boundary and become acceptable descriptive terms used in society. DC’s even got the most iconic villains like that of the Joker and Lex Luthor. The number one most selling superhero title of all time was none other then Shazaam/Capt. Marvel. I was darn surprised! Today he’s consider a second-rate DC character, but he still holds the record. The Death of Superman sold more copies then any other trade ever made. Don’t believe me? Look it up! Even Batman: Hush sold more copies then any comic in the last ten years. Again…doesn’t sound second rate to me. So play fair and show some respect. Marvel is not always above DC! That’s just a very unfair statement from an obviously bias Marvel fan.
  4. People always make a big deal out of which company they prefer. They always make it specific or have a bias. I always say I’m a comic book guy. I don’t have an affiliate. I hate people that make it some sort of competition. It’s utterly juvenile. Truth is that one couldn’t exist without the other. It’s a symbiotic relationship. They’ve both bit off each other soo much it’s borderline shameless. I think Marvel is more versatile. I personally enjoy a much wider array of their characters. From mainstream to B and C-grade, there are very few Marvel characters I dislike. However; I feel DC has the finest specific comic book characters ever created. They have the archetypes. I also feel DC’s produced the best and most intelligent stories the comics industry has yet to see, although I‘m not as fond of all their characters. So I’m fairly balanced between the two companies. As for the toys I prefer…it depends upon the era. At this point in time I find DCUC not only the better figures, but the better selection and buy. Hasbro doesn’t cut it for me. Too much of an emphasis upon newer modern garbage in a so-called legends line. I’m so tired of the resculpts and repacks. The cutbacks on articulation were completely uncalled for whilst the price tag is raised. Their obnoxious price increases make me gag at the corporate greed. I’ll never understand how we’re given less for more. Way to go! But Toybiz’s heyday was the top of the ladder. They can’t be beaten. Their Marvel Legends were something else entirely. Completely changed how toys were made. We came to expect better from our action figures. They set the standard. Those weren’t just the finest comic book figures ever made…they were arguably some of the finest mainstream toys ever made. Period. Pity Hasbro screwed with the formula.
  5. I'd still debate that. The board has never been the same as those Toybiz days. It’s as if Hasbro completely excommunicated half of our members. So many people! We’ve not felt that rush for over a year and a half now. You can chalk that up to Hasbro changing the formula. People love to hate um…
  6. *YAWN*...Someone wake me up when Hasbro makes original Spider-Man toys worth buying. I think I'll be asleep for a few years.
  7. I’m not buying it. What I mean by that is if this turned out to be hypothetically really…I wouldn’t touch anything from this run on X-men. Ever! I’m still trying to pretend it never happened. But this is obviously a custom to begin with. I’m at a loss as to why on Earth someone would want this Cyclops to begin with.
  8. Pssh! Kick this guy out…why? Because he speaks the truth? Nay! This forum is boring these days. Face fact. Hardly anyone even bothers posting. It’s on life support with a foot in the grave. Terribly boring. It’s the last place on my internet agenda anymore. We were hurt when TNI suddenly decided to separate everything into it’s own category…and then Hasbro being completely lazy with Marvel Legends doesn’t particularly help conversation. Besides...this guy has the best signature. I'd much rather look at his then freaking firestar.
  9. I’ve been sticking to Indiana Jones. I haven’t been able to find much of anything else. With Marvel Legends, they’re just not releasing anything. Wave 2 of DCUC’s is essentially impossible to come by up here. I can only find Batman from the Movie Masters series, which I’m really only after Joker and the Goon. Then Star Wars is a rarity for me these days, I’ve not come across any of the evolutions sets and they’re not even considered new anymore. My collecting days as of late have been very…bland. Plus to top it off, my friends have been having party after party and gas isn't cheap. Money is hurting these days.
  10. There’s a lot I’d want but ultimately I’d say the perfect Mysterio is my answer. The Spider-Man classics one just doesn’t cut it. The Chameleon is up there too, but considering this is a fantasy then I’d wish it to include extra bodies (suit/casual wear) and many interchangeable parts. A classic 60’s era comic style Mr. Fantastic with tons of interchangeable parts would also be a vision.
  11. With some of the decisions Hasbro has made is this really so unbelievable? If this is true then congratulations goes to Hasbro…you’ve lost me as a customer. Your wonderful work has really made me thrilled to lose the line. You’ve made Marvel Legends not even worth my while. Interest was hardly trekking along to begin with. My wallet’s sure to be happy! What’s that? Hello DCUC! I can't wait until the day DCUC suddenly goes to Hasbro for seemingly no apparent reason and they mess that up too! I'm eagerly anticipating it! Huzzah! Hurray for Hasbro's incompetents. It saves us all money in the end. If it’s true I say it’s a blessing in disguise. I was getting tired of buy Hasbro’s sub par attempts to begin with.
  12. If you want to be truly honest, the boards have been hurting for a long time. Compared to the heyday of toybiz, this place is downright barren even when it seems crowded these days. Believe it or not but there was a time when these boards were none-stop. When a toyfair came, you couldn't even sign on. The traffic was so high that everything ran so slow. Hasbro lost a lot of Marvel fans. Like um or hate um, you cannot deny a lot of people disliked the direction Hasbro went. Then prices of toys continued to rise, but the amount of everything we were given seemed to decrease. This made me less and less interested in collecting Legends. I just can’t pick them up like I once could. Then the boards changed. That’s lost a lot of posters as well. I can speak from myself when I say that I’m not especially fond of the new setting and it’s caused me to post far less than usual.
  13. Call me cynical…but I’m very skeptical of all this. Some I really like…but a lot I find underwhelming and far too modern. I’m going to have to have another look through to see if I’m more pleased or disappointed. Either way I scarcely believe this to begin with.
  14. It's going to take me a while to get used to. I think I'll like it better once I do. Until then I think it needs some work, but obviously it's new and still being worked on. Oh...and where the heck did the DC toy section go?
  15. Pretty much all of my major boxed set wants have already been mentioned. Though, I do have one that I don’t believe has been mentioned before. I certainly wouldn’t mind the Sinister Syndicate. That would be our chance to get a new Beetle and Hydro-Man along with the never before made Speed Demon and Boomerang. Then for the fifth slot, why not axe Rhino, we’ve had enough of him, instead replacing him with Constrictor (a member of the second Syndicate)? I’d totally buy that…but I suppose it will never happen. They're way too B-grade. Nothing wrong with dreaming though.
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