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  1. This looks REALLY cool. The West Coast Avengers never get any love, so it's pretty exciting to see something like this come out. Classic Mockingbird has been on my want list for a VERY long time. Here's hoping she comes with an alternate ponytail head. Hank looks awesome. Julia Carpenter is one of my all time favorite characters, whom always gets largely ignored, and this one is actually nicer than the figure that came out three or four years ago. Tigra has a nicer paint job than the previous one, but other than that, she and Iron Man don't bring much to the table here. Still, very cool set. Maybe as a bookend, we can get a Force Works set, with Century???
  2. Just saw the cover to Avenger #4. Thor is back to his original outfit, so it looks like it's actually happening!
  3. Does this mean Thor is actually getting his original costume back in mainstream continuity? Not a flashback story, or alt-universe kind of deal?
  4. "The Marvels" comes out this November. It's fairly obvious that they're going to have her resurrection coincide with the movie release. She's also very likely going to be resurrected with the Mutant gene. Probably a new costume, too. Always gotta have that MCU synergy to water down the comics. It's too bad, I would've actually been excited if I thought her death was actually going to stick. I can't stand her character, and with her around, Carol will never take up the old costume/identity ever again, which angers me.
  5. They're gonna kill off Steve Rogers. Mark my words. I've been saying it since they announced "Cold War". I even said that Steve's book would probably end, which is now confirmed. And I've known this was coming since they put Sam Wilson back in his Cap costume. They're gonna do the MCU synergy thing. Steve Rogers will be benched, and Sam Wilson will be the only Captain America. Plan on this status quo lasting for at least the next two or three years.
  6. I get that they're oversized...but $8.99? I can't justify paying $9 for a comic book, even if it's something that looks as good as this does. Marvel HAS to realize that sales are going to suffer with this book because of the price tag. The regular $4 price point was already beyond pushing it, and I'm fairly certain that $4.99 will become the new standard in the next year or two.
  7. Somebody mentioned elsewhere that this series is going to be $8 per issue?? Can anybody confirm that?
  8. And this is exactly what I'm talking about. The whole trying to replace Mutants with Inhumans thing was complete crap. And they tried to do it because of the Disney/Fox feud. Same reason why the Fantastic Four was banished from the comic books for three years. When you try to turn the comic books into the movies, all you're succeeding in is ruining the comic books. The movies are fun to watch, but then then they're forgotten about. They should NEVER dictate what happens in a comic book, especially books like Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four, which each carry 60+ years of continuity under their belts. Wanna make MCU-based comics? Great. Start an imprint, like Ultimate Comics. Let it have its own separate universe. You can water down the characters as much as you want, and have all the bland adventures and terrible retcons your eyes can handle. Just leave the mainstream comics alone. They were fine for 50+ years before the MCU came along, and they'll be around long after the movies are no longer being made. They (and the true fans) don't deserve to have decades of continuity tossed out the window, just because they want to synergize with an upcoming movie that no one will care about in six months.
  9. I don't think their parentage and their status as mutants were specifically tied into each other, but, I absolutely hate the fact that they undid it. Having Magneto be their father was a fun way to tie the X-Men and Avengers universes to each other. The editorial reason for taking away their mutant status was due to Disney/Fox hating each other, and dropping their mutant origin was the only way they could appear in the MCU. Naturally, as always, the comics have to suffer because of it.
  10. Oh, it was completely stupid. And don't get me started on the whole Wanda and Pietro no longer being mutants thing. Yeah, let's just erase 50+ years of established continuity, just so we can have the comics synergize with a movie that nobody is gonna care about in six months... Superior Iron Man was interesting, but would've gotten old real quick. That's probably why they planned to have it come out just before Secret Wars (2015), because they knew they were hitting the reset button with the event, so they could really just do whatever they wanted beforehand. Probably the same reason that final issue of Hickman's Avengers book looks like it ended with Captain America and Iron Man dying while fighting each other.
  11. Savage Avengers was basically a vehicle to integrate Conan into the modern day Marvel Universe. After the opening story arc, there wasn't even really a team. It mostly featured Conan, and Dr. Doom. I never cared for Conan. The guy wears a loincloth and knows how to wield a sword...got it. Still, the writing was on point, at least with the stories that didn't tie into larger event books. And, Deodato's artwork is always a visual treat. So, it was a decent book. It just shouldn't have held the Avengers title on the cover. This would've worked much better as a Defenders book. But, well, as I stated before, the Avengers brand sells, even when it's not really an Avengers book.
  12. Kinda, it put Sabretooth on the road to redemption, and had him replace Wolverine (after Logan's death) in the Uncanny Avengers. That's the only real carry over, from what I remember. It was still one of the better event books in the last decade or so. Fun story, with decent artwork.
  13. I'm thrilled to see the title return. But, this squad absolutely needs more Avengers representation. This just looks like an X-Men team being led by Captain America. I feel like an Uncanny Avengers squad she be about 60% Avengers and 40% X-Men characters, much like the previous volumes. The original volume added Wonder Man, Wasp and Sunfire to the team around the fifth issue. I'm sure more members will be added to this one. They probably just don't want to give everything away in a promo ad, especially a promo for a free book.
  14. Save a little room for Jason Aaron's Avengers. Absolute garbage five year run on what should be Marvel's premiere team book.
  15. I'll never understand what people find fascinating about Fin Fang Foom. I want Clint Barton Goliath. Or, at the very least, 90's Giant Man.
  16. Not even. Have the movies brought in money? Absolutely, without question. Have the movies brought in new comic book readers? Hardly. So when I see a new Eternals "ongoing" series being promoted, I laugh, knowing that the series won't survive past the one year mark. Case in point, their most recent series couldn't get past 12 issues, and that's even with the writers attempting to use the X-Men and Avengers to boost their sales. If they want to make MCU comics, then by all means, have a separate imprint, such as the Ultimate Universe, and go nuts. You can have your watered-down version of the characters with uglier costumes, and make whatever changes you want. But when you take a comic book that's been around for 40, 50, even 60+ years, and you fundamentally change characters (both by looks and personality) just to synergize with a movie that people will watch once and then forget about? That's a slap in the face to the fans who've been buying the comics and following the stories for decades. Stop watering down the mainstream comics to promote a movie. It's not going to gain you new revenue.
  17. I absolutely hate when they try to turn the comics into the movies. They disregard literal decades of character history to promote a movie or series that people won't care about a year after it comes out. It doesn't bring in new comic book readers, it just pisses off the already loyal ones.
  18. I would probably go with bomberjacket first, since it matches the Sersi that we're getting. Maybe a year later they can release a Crystal/Sersi two-pack in their classic green and yellow. Maybe give the packaging a Galactic Storm theme. Hell, I wish they would do entire waves dedicated to story lines. A Galactic Storm wave with a Clint Barton Goliath BAF would be amazing. For me, that's basically the pinnacle of early 90's Avengers.
  19. I could live without that one. Retro Herc checks off all the boxes I need. Definitely wanna see Crystal. Not sure if I would prefer her classic yellow outfit, or 90's bomberjacket outfit.
  20. Sersi is LONG overdue. And, I think we just need Crystal now to complete that era. I would still REALLY like to see a Clint Barton Goliath, as he was seen in Galactic Storm. So much good stuff coming. My wallet is going to kill me.
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