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  1. I'm thrilled to see the title return. But, this squad absolutely needs more Avengers representation. This just looks like an X-Men team being led by Captain America. I feel like an Uncanny Avengers squad she be about 60% Avengers and 40% X-Men characters, much like the previous volumes. The original volume added Wonder Man, Wasp and Sunfire to the team around the fifth issue. I'm sure more members will be added to this one. They probably just don't want to give everything away in a promo ad, especially a promo for a free book.
  2. Save a little room for Jason Aaron's Avengers. Absolute garbage five year run on what should be Marvel's premiere team book.
  3. I'll never understand what people find fascinating about Fin Fang Foom. I want Clint Barton Goliath. Or, at the very least, 90's Giant Man.
  4. Not even. Have the movies brought in money? Absolutely, without question. Have the movies brought in new comic book readers? Hardly. So when I see a new Eternals "ongoing" series being promoted, I laugh, knowing that the series won't survive past the one year mark. Case in point, their most recent series couldn't get past 12 issues, and that's even with the writers attempting to use the X-Men and Avengers to boost their sales. If they want to make MCU comics, then by all means, have a separate imprint, such as the Ultimate Universe, and go nuts. You can have your watered-down version of the characters with uglier costumes, and make whatever changes you want. But when you take a comic book that's been around for 40, 50, even 60+ years, and you fundamentally change characters (both by looks and personality) just to synergize with a movie that people will watch once and then forget about? That's a slap in the face to the fans who've been buying the comics and following the stories for decades. Stop watering down the mainstream comics to promote a movie. It's not going to gain you new revenue.
  5. I absolutely hate when they try to turn the comics into the movies. They disregard literal decades of character history to promote a movie or series that people won't care about a year after it comes out. It doesn't bring in new comic book readers, it just pisses off the already loyal ones.
  6. I would probably go with bomberjacket first, since it matches the Sersi that we're getting. Maybe a year later they can release a Crystal/Sersi two-pack in their classic green and yellow. Maybe give the packaging a Galactic Storm theme. Hell, I wish they would do entire waves dedicated to story lines. A Galactic Storm wave with a Clint Barton Goliath BAF would be amazing. For me, that's basically the pinnacle of early 90's Avengers.
  7. I could live without that one. Retro Herc checks off all the boxes I need. Definitely wanna see Crystal. Not sure if I would prefer her classic yellow outfit, or 90's bomberjacket outfit.
  8. Sersi is LONG overdue. And, I think we just need Crystal now to complete that era. I would still REALLY like to see a Clint Barton Goliath, as he was seen in Galactic Storm. So much good stuff coming. My wallet is going to kill me.
  9. I know the majority of fans hate that era, but I always had an affinity for it. There are definitely some character designs that I would love to see finally get figures. And, if they're gonna include Cap, Iron Man, and Thor, let it be from this era, too. They can do Cap's armor from Fighting Chance. And, I can't stress enough how much I REALLY want to see a Century figure before I die. I freaking loved Force Works. I wish they'd bring back the comic. No reason they can't. The majority of those characters are sitting on the sidelines, anyway. Especially since the comic book writers only care about MCU synergy nowadays.
  10. There's so much 90's Avengers goodness that needs to be covered. I would LOVE a Clint Barton Goliath BAF. We haven't gotten Crystal or Sersi yet. I would kill to see Force Works get a boxset, or at the very least, a Century and USAgent figure from that era. They need to start drawing inspiration from story lines like Galactic Storm, Bloodties, and The Crossing. I don't want to see more standard versions of Cap, Iron Man, and Thor. They've been done to death, and they need to give other characters a chance to shine for a while.
  11. You're definitely right with the Legacy Numbering, particularly with X-Men. When the Krakoa era began, the first issue of X-Men (adjectless) had Uncanny X-Men's Legacy Numbering (#645, I believe) which was confusing enough, but then they dropped Legacy Numbering altogether after that issue. Marvel stated back in '17, that going forward, all their books would carry legacy numbers on their cover, both to honor the history of the series, and to avoid confusion about which volume you were reading. They now just seem to be picking and choosing which books get the numbering, and which ones don't. Very disorganized.
  12. I don't normally like Hickman, not because he isn't a good writer, but because he makes things too complicated, and stretches out his story arcs for YEARS. However, a four-issue limited series? I'm intrigued to see what he can do in a short-form story. I always enjoy The Illuminati, so that should be interesting. And, Brian Hitch on art? Sold. I'm not an Ultimate Universe fan, but as long as they keep it separate from the 616, and not pull another Miles Morales on us, this could be very cool. I just hope they don't try to use this as a vehicle to do more MCU synergy with the main 616. When I see "Transformation Of The Marvel Universe", I get worried, because it carries "Marvel NOW!" vibes, and I hated everything about that initiative. They gave every character terrible new costumes, they started retconning every character's backstory to align with the MCU, and they just basically decided that the fans who actually read the comics and the 50+ continuity that comes with it no longer mattered. They also cancelled Fantastic Four, and ruined X-Men, all because of the Disney/Fox feud. The comic books and the movies should be two completely separate entities. The comics will be around long after they stop making the films.
  13. It's too bad the Select figures aren't in scale with Legends. Some of them are really nice. But, I'm not collecting another toyline. I don't have the money or closet space. The only exceptions I've made are Mephisto and Watcher, since they're meant to be larger than the average character. She looks great, though.
  14. I absolutely get that. It's just my hatred for MCU figures combined with the fact that they've already been done at least twice over. It's just redundant. I totally get the need to include MCU figures, but, maybe at least do characters that haven't been done yet? Kang is a given, of course. Instead of Scott and Hope for the umpteenth time, how about doing MCU Hank and Janet? Oh well, either way, I won't be buying them. I only buy comic-based figures, and the ones they chose for this wave really don't excite me. There are some way better choices they could've made, while still keeping their selections in the Pym/Lang/Van Dyne family.
  15. Really not blown away by this wave. I don't buy MCU figures, but, even if I did, who really needs ANOTHER MCU Ant-Man and Wasp figure? Crossfire looks pretty cool, and Egghead doesn't look bad, but I don't have enough interest to buy these guys unless maybe they were on clearance. Ultron is basically the same one that we got not too long ago, and it's a HUGE wasted opportunity to not give us PymTron in favor of another generic Ultron figure. PymTron has the coolest Ultron body design, and they easily could've given us the alternate heads. Future Ant-Man reminds me too much of DC's Manta Ray, and I really think it's unfair that a brand new character who's only had one appearance in the comics already gets his own figure, while others who've been around for decades aren't even being considered. Money saving wave for me.
  16. Every incarnation of The Avengers since Bendis' original New Avengers run has had "wildcard" members thrown into the roster. Some worked out pretty well. Others, namely all the new members Jason Aaron added in have been terrible. Personally, I would take the opposite approach. I would bring back forgotten/obscure Avengers to the fold, and give them a revamp. There are so many great former Avengers sitting on the sidelines, and instead of showing them some love, they continue throwing darts at a board, and picking characters like Squirrel Girl and Nighthawk to be on the team. It's a joke. I'm happy with this new lineup. It's gonna be the first time since 2005 that we've had an all classic roster. Maybe we can finally have Hank Pym back?
  17. Finally! An all-classic lineup! We're finally finished with the era of throwing darts at a board to see who hasn't been an Avenger yet! I'm a little miffed at the lack of Steve Rogers, but THIS is a roster I can get behind! Love seeing Vision go back to his 90's look, and it's awesome to see Vision and Wanda on the roster together. And, that cover is damn near poster-worthy. We're finally getting CLASSIC Avengers again! Let's just hope that the interior art will be worthy of the lineup. Too bad we can't have Immonen as anything more than a cover artist. He's amazing.
  18. I'm calling it right now...this is gonna end with Steve Rogers either dead, or giving up the Captain America mantle. I've seen this coming since I noticed that Sam Wilson's title is carrying the Legacy Numbering. Steve will be out of the game (for at least a couple years) and Sam will be the only Captain America, once again. And it just makes sense, if you figure that the latter day comics always follow MCU synergy, (which makes the comics worse) and knowing that Sam Wilson will be carrying the mantle in Captain America 4. I guarantee this is coming, and it's a status quo that will remain, at least until after the movie is in the rearview mirror.
  19. Wow. Money saving wave for me. These are hot garbage. The only one that doesn't look completely atrocious is Spider-Gwen, but, A) I'm not a fan of the character, and B) how many times are they gonna release her in action figure form? Zero interest in buying any of these.
  20. I expect that "Avenger Prime" is gonna turn out to be someone like Starbrand or Ghost Rider. A character that I don't care for, that shouldn't be an Avenger to begin with. I can't wait for this boring ass run to be finished. Thank the stars that Aaron is coming up on his home stretch. Hopefully, his successor will be someone who actually cares about classic Avengers characters and their lore. I'm tired of the current books kowtowing to MCU synergy and/or throwing crap at the wall to see who/what sticks. I don't want Nighthawk, Blade, Ghost Rider, Starbrand, etc. on the roster. It's time for characters like Wanda, Vision, Simon, Pietro, Clint etc. to return to the fold. Make the Avengers a classic flagship title again.
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