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  1. Namor's an Avenger from the classic era. I have no problem with him sticking around for a while, BUT, anybody who knows Namor is aware that his temper and/or ego is eventually gonna make him part ways with the team. My money would be on sooner, rather than later. That being said, I want characters like Vision, Wanda, Clint, Simon, Pietro, etc. to come back to the fold. Characters like Nighthawk, Ghost Rider, and Starbrand just don't belong. I would just like to see them go back to using characters from the 'pre-Avengers Disassembled' era, with the only possible exceptions being Luke Cage and Spider-Woman. They earned their spots.
  2. It was my favorite title of it's time, and it was better than any of the other Avengers or X-Men books on the shelves. I'll be thrilled if they're bringing it back. Now I'm just hoping they announce somebody worthy of taking over the main Avengers book, because Aaron sucks. So glad his writing tenure is coming to a close. I want better writing, and more classic Avengers characters back in the book.
  3. If that Avengers/X-Men book means that we're gonna get a new run of Uncanny Avengers, I'd be VERY okay with that.
  4. I can see people wanting this as an homage to MVC, but, to me, he isn't War Machine without the shoulder turrets. It does look kinda cool, but I'll pass on this one, unless I see it on clearance for $12 or less.
  5. There are currently two Cap books on shelves. They gave Sam Wilson's book (Symbol of Truth) the official Captain America Legacy Numbering on the covers. This tells me that this Cold War story is probably going to end with Steve Rogers either dying, or giving up his costume...making Sam Wilson the 616's only Captain America again, and most likely ending Steve's title (Sentinel of Liberty). It makes sense. The fourth movie will be all about Sam. Marvel Comics for the last decade or so have been all about movie synergy in the books. Good story telling be damned. I guarantee that this is the route they are heading down.
  6. OMG...we're finally getting Jason Aaron OFF the Avengers books!!! It's about damn time! This has been the most boring, mediocre run on Avengers since Hickman. And it's been going on for nearly five years. I hope whomever gets the next gig has more respect for classic characters. I'd love to see Wanda, Vision, Clint, Simon, Pietro, Bobbie, etc. return to the fold. These amazing characters have been benched too long, and I'm tired of the book always being dictated by MCU synergy, and I'm tired of them throwing non-Avengers on to the team just to see what sticks. I want my favorite book to become my FAVORITE book again.
  7. It's exactly the same as 2014, when Marvel pushed aside the X-Men and Fantastic Four in favor of The Inhumans and The Guardians of the Galaxy. Running around screaming "They're popular! They're popular!" won't make them popular. Same thing with Carol Danvers. When she was still Ms. Marvel in her black costume with the lightning bolt, she was one of my favorites, and I considered her a top-tier Avenger. Now, they took away her uniqueness to make her too much like Mar-Vell and a Wonder Woman knockoff.
  8. OMG War Machine on retro '96 Iron Man card gives me hope that we might someday see Force Works USAgent and Century! I would freaking die if Century got a legends release. I would also love if they reissued Modular Iron Man on that same card with a better paint job.
  9. If I can snag a Watcher this time around, I will. I was pretty pissed that my pre-order was cancelled last time. Although, I gotta say, the What If BAF Watcher kinda scratched the itch I was having to own a Watcher figure. He's pretty cool. I think his costume is actually a better design than the classic version, and he blends in perfectly with my comic-based figures. If I can get the reissue, I will, but it's not as urgent now that I own the BAF version.
  10. I really hope the Eternals just go away once this event is over. Focus on characters that people actually care about.
  11. I've heard about Land copying previously used art, but has he stolen other artist's images? Or has he just reused/traced his own work? It's too bad either way, because he's actually a great artist. His work is beautiful, it's just too bad that he's tainted his reputation with shady practices.
  12. I'm really hoping this is gonna bring some classic Avengers back to the fold. Characters like Vision, Wanda, Clint, Bobbie, Simon, Janet, Pietro, and even Rhodey have been criminally underused as of late. Hell, maybe this book could even fix the whole 'PymTron' debacle. Hank Pym got screwed big time.
  13. This is probably the most underwhelming Iron Man armor yet. Speedball is an absolute need. Viper is meh. USAgent looks good, and he'll probably be bought upon first sighting, I just wish his costume was gray instead of black, or that he had a different costume altogether (Force Works, Maximum Security) since I already have the Epic Heroes version (one open, one mint in box). I like Thor, but not a fan of the Tiara head. I'll probably swap it out with a classic winged helmet head, so it more closely resembles the current comics. Quake/Maria Hill always looked like the same person anyway, (both very generic looking) so having both heads is appropriate, but I suppose she makes a good female SHIELD builder. Blue Marvel looks okay, I'm just not a big fan of retcon characters (Blue Marvel, Sentry, etc). And lastly, Controller. Fairly obscure character, and a disappointing repaint of Thanos. However, I'm glad that I'm not super excited about the BAF. That means I can be more selective with my wallet.
  14. You can actually order more than one, just gotta do separate purchases. I just ordered two, and did them as store pickup to save $ on shipping.
  15. Hmm. I wonder if you just might be referring to the Inhu - whoops, I meant Eternals. This is EXACTLY like a few years back, when Marvel tried to shove the Inhumans down our throats, and took their audience from simply not caring about the Inhumans to actively loathing them. Running around screaming "They're popular, they're popular!" isn't going to make people like them.
  16. I'm getting close to the end. ML's were $6.99 when they first hit shelves. Between price hikes and the fact that I am very much running out of space to store and/or display my toys, I don't know how much longer I can keep up with the hobby. My days of wave-collecting are finished. I'm only cherry picking the occasional figure from now on.
  17. Since they're already doing a SHIELD army builder two-pack, they should make a female version as well. Alternate heads for Sharon, Maria, Quake, etc., with alternate gauntlets for Quake. Don't waste a BAF wave spot on a generic character like that. It's a waste.
  18. Meh. Quake is too generic-looking for my tastes. She looks exactly like Maria Hill, right down to the short hair. I'd much rather see a classic original costumed Ms. Marvel, with an alternate head for Karla.
  19. I want THESE guys, in these costumes, along with Century, who is probably my most-wanted Legends figure of all time. Put them on retro cards, with the 90's Iron Man animated series packaging and I can die happy.
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