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  1. I so disliked this movie & the way it butchered Wanda's character that I can't bring myself to buy this figure -- though I kind of want the Darkhold for Agatha. The likeness looks good, but it will just make me grumpy to have her on my shelves. The only other SW figure I've boycotted was the first Civil War one -- the face sculpt looks exactly like Kate Beckinsale as Selene in "Underworld". Not a bad thing in of itself, just not a very good likeness of Lizzy.
  2. I gave up on waiting for a correct ML one and ordered the Select Vision a few month back. He's amazing, tbh. Much less plasticy-looking than the MLs and he scales well with the original Hasbro "Maids of Might" Allfather wave Scarlet Witch. (She's got legs for days!) Finally decided that while I doubt I'll ever part with my fugly ToyBiz SW, the Vision from that line is way past his shelf expiration date. Bye, bendy-footed toaster man!
  3. Not exactly my Saturday morning cartoons -- but then again, those were primarily in the 70s/early 80s -- but they're pretty cute. That ain't Wasp's SECRET WARS costume, though. Not even a mis-colored take. But I still give it all a thumbs-up! Now we need a Villains version...
  4. Couldn't agree more -- on all counts. Looks like a must-read (haven't said that about an X-book in a while). And that Dauterman cover is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Here's hoping that we soon get a Legends Destiny.... ...and that a good writer finally does a similar story to clean up/clarify the mess that's been made of Wanda & Pietro's parentage.
  5. I'm so confused. I know these are more kid-driven that even the recent limited articulation vintage style 3.75 mini Marvel Legends line, but are these "epic" plastic chunks replacing those "legendary" ones? Either way, it's time for Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver!
  6. Have we seen in-hand review images of the Tigra included in this set yet? Just curious to see if the orange is less neon enough to justify the hunt for her. I'm really not that interested in any of the other figures included, but I'd love to have a Tigra that I CAN'T spot from across a dark room. And with better hair! 🐯
  7. SO on the fence about this, yet excited that (some) effort was made. However. I have a few thoughts... Why do I need another chunk of armor when we could have gotten Wanda in her "Darker Than Scarlet" costume? That gray Black Widow head is just screaming to be reused for it. I know I'm in the minority, but a man in a tin suit is about as exciting as Batman or Spider-Man πŸ₯±πŸ˜΄πŸ’€ The "extras". Since when do what apparently seem to be mostly just a lot of extra hands qualify as "16 comics-inspired accessories"? Hasbrahs, please. We all have fists. Stan & Jack didn't invent those. πŸ™„ Bobbie's sleeves. WTAF are those pointy little elbow things actually supposed to represent? The box art does away with them entirely, underscoring the fact that what we're getting is an obviously cheap cop-out. Mockingbird's classic costume is ALL about those billowy sleeves -- for ALL the reasons (particularly the previously mentioned hiding her battle staves). Tigra. OMG. They got her right. No more Day-Glo orange. And. Aaaaaand new hair!!! Y'all all missed that. So many complaints about the slicked back circa 1994 runway model hair her prior release had and none of y'all noticed how wispy and bouncy and perfect the hair on the "pretty face" reissue is. She's the ONLY must-have in this box for me. (Anyone wanna trade?) Despite the fact that they still haven't painted on all of her stripes. Her inner thighs and arms should have deco too, fellas. πŸ™€ OK. Hasbrahs, listen up. The OBVIOUS follow-ups to this are: Inhuman Royal Family: classic Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Triton & Maximus. Lockjaw + Luna as a deluxe. Warriors Three + classic Balder & Karnilla New Mutants: Sam & 'Berto in their training uniforms -- plus Magma (powered up), Cypher & headmaster Magneto (the purple & white "M" costume) Young Avengers: those ToyBiz things are almost as fugly as your Kate Bishop. Redo her, classic look. Pus OG Wiccan, Speed, Stature & Eli. Release Iron Lad & Kid Vision with Viv as a 3-pack. And Hulking as a semi-deluxe. Lady Liberators: Wasp (yellow & red cowled classic...only the top two wings -- who told y'all she EVER had 4 wings?!? Also, make her short for once), Medusa (OG masked), 70s Black Widow (with zipper AND bouffant + bangs), Wanda (for god's sake, get her classic colors, boots, 40s hair, etc right for once), and classic Valkyrie (OK, it was really the Enchantress, but just go with it). Women You Keep Criminally Ignoring: Marrina, Talisman, Madelyne Pryor (get the costume right), Hepzibah & Feral
  8. Well done! These are fantastic -- big fan of all your customs! I'd been thinking the AoA Kitty Pryde would make a good base for Arclight -- those armor details might translate well. But maybe she's too short/slight of build? Anyway, congrats on the terrific work!
  9. Psst... Hasbrahs. Simon's goofadoof expression does not read as "matinee idol" good looks. Ditto for the anything-but "Pretty" Boy's face in the X-Villains 5-pack. Good grief. They both look like they were beaten with an ugly stick.
  10. I'm really hoping we'll soon see a new ML figure of Wanda in her modern costume -- either the one Russell Dauterman designed for her current series or this one by Kevin Wada for her Robinson one.
  11. The paint apps -- or more specifically the lack of them -- makes this Thor look like a basic figure, not a Legend. It doesn't share an iota of the nuances in the Klein/Coipel artwork. Where's the starfield? Why is everything so flat (all the black) or washed out (his har, his eyes)? What little facial paint there is looks sloppy (eyebrows/diadem). Would it have killed them to do some shading/air-brushing? Ditto for the crows -- they look like something out of a discount store tube of plastic animals. This level of blah doesn't bode well for what might be hidden inside of the new windowless packaging. Do better Hasbro.
  12. Definitely Moondragon, though I'd prefer the headband to be removable -- as she didn't wear it that often during her Avengers tenure, if I'm recalling correctly. But, bravo! I'd like to see her in a wave with Monica Rambeau in her classic Avengers look & a Defenders-era original Valkyrie -- and maybe a new Wasp in her red and gold outfit with the cowl neck. Lady Liberators for the win! Also Crystal, a new classic Medusa & their Inhuman cousins. Would a Lockjaw with li'l Luna pack-in be too much to ask? Oh, and Bova, please! Did I miss the part where everyone was invited to offer their critique of the customizer's skills? πŸ™„ I'm sure all of those offering opinions are at the ready to supply images of their obviously superior personal work. Good grief.
  13. Fingers crossed that Rintrah can be repurposed a bit to make a Bova custom. Probably too bulky, but maybe... I know I'm in the minority here, but I could care less about MU/MCU Doctor Strange (or Spider-Man for that matter), but looking forward to Wanda (and hopefully the return of the twins) in "Multiverse of Madness". Still, nice looking wave all around. The America Chavez sculpt, especially! That Sleepwalker creature looks like a grown-up Leech. πŸ™‚
  14. Target also has pre-orders up for 3 more WandaVision Mini Moments "living room" sets -- 50s, 60s & 70s! Funko's original announcement indicated there would be 6 sets total -- I'm guessing one will be Halloween-themed (90s) & the other spotlighting the "final battle" (2000s). It would be great to get Wanda, Viz, "Quicksilver" & the twins all in their Halloween costumes! Do these remind anyone else of vintage Tree Tots figures? πŸ™‚ 50s set 60s set 70s set 80s set
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