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  1. Man I hope his family got a good chunk. I hate to see how some of these pioneers get screwed out of their creativity.
  2. I'm not unintrigued but what say we get the movie right first? Well at least it's in the hands of a capable game maker.
  3. Hahaha......! What can I say my friend? Ya got me. I still maintain my statements but every once in a while there is an exception to the rule. Or as my grandpa would say. Even a broken watch is right twice a day. Echo is one of the times they got it right. Most times in comics when they try to make a character with a disability they just throw them in a wheelchair and give them abilities. With Echo they did it right. She has a disability and they gave her abilities based on one of her other senses that she has to use to compensate. He sight allows her to view and copy other people's non-super abilities. Not totally unique due to Taskmaster but it was very appropriate in this case. Of course I understand they had to change her powers to differentiate her from TM but it just sucks that they had to change one of the few good characters they created in modern times. And she had a great look too. But we all know these changes will most likely retcon into the comics and it would be nice to get a figure of her before all those changes happen. But to call her powers lame is not only an insult to the character but an insult to her fans. I can't remember if it was the writer or director who said it but really who cares? The portrayal of her on Disney+ has been so boring to this point I have no hope for the show.Took the thread off subject but I do love a good friendly debate. But as far as this figure goes I did go in for a closer look and even though first perceptions looks like just the Shriek mold but it is indeed different. I don't know if they gave the Kate mold bigger thighs or if they made the Shriek mold to be interchangeable with the Kate mold but it seems to be a combination of the two. But with the double jointed arms. Which I also went back and checked my White Elektra. Which I bought on ebay because it was the only good thing in that 3-pack. And it is the make up. Which is accurate because they're both ninja girls. I know it's probably too soon but I hope they can eventually go back and revisit that old Red Elektra on on the old rubber legs Kate body and redo her on this model model. Maybe with a Skrull 2-pack like they did Spider-Woman. With a slightly different Super-Skrull. Seriously just make any previous figure on an improved body model and put it in SS 2-pak and I will buy it. Better yet do a Veranke two pack. That way we can get some female Skrulls into the mix.
  4. Yes this thing reeks all day. It was bad from the start. Simply having an army builder as a BAF in a wave where there was no other real incentive to purchase more than one set is just insane. Then to make it so undersized and so out of scale I really don't intend on buying any more if and when they do get released as army builders. I'd rather have none then a bunch that don't look right. Seriously my collection is fine without them. Honestly the only good parts of this wave were Clea and Lady B. And to a lesser extent Blade. I'm getting a serious case of buyer's remorse from that sad statue Power Man, that fugly skinny DD, the shorty short Fist and the pointless IM. Just throwing it on my stack of reasons to embrace my cherry picking side.
  5. Lol. Good luck with that. Every hack on the beat is out there trying to out scoop the other on a second by second basis. I don't thing there has been an actual surprise in any movie since the invention of the internet. If there is a leak out there to be had you better believe it'll get out. The only way you don't get hit by a leak is if you make a conscious decision to avoid any and all avenues that could expose that leak to you. And I have actually done so. But even with the limited leaks that we've already seen this thing looks so cool there is nothing in Heaven or Hades that can steer me away from seeing this movie. You can spoil the whole darn thing and I'm still going to want to see it in person.
  6. As long as whoever they cast does a good job. I just think there were better actors for the role than PP no matter how hot his stock is right now. And I so agree with you about Kaley Cuoco as Sue. She has the look. She has the personality and she's just downright adorable. And I also think she would be one heck of a live action Harley Quinn. She already does a pretty bang up job on the animated series and her strong athletic build is just made for a BA like Harley. And freaking Georgey as the smart mouth cocky Johnny Storm is genius. I don't like Anson as Reed. Somehow I'll always just never get past his coma inducing portrayal of Blackagard Boltagon. LOL! Might I suggest a Joseph Gordon Levitt might make a much better Reed? And sill be young enough to portray him for many years. Also I think Jared Keeso is a little to dreamy to be Thing. Maybe this would be a time to bring on a wrestler with acting experience like John Cena into the MCU. Jay Tavare is spot on as well.
  7. Best darn figure in this wave IMO. I remember way back when they showed the protos back in the early ugly days of Hasbro ML. I wanted this so bad. But back then we were just wanting anything they would give us. While I think they made us wait way too long for this I'm sure glad the final result looked this good. And as @Atlantissays. Comic accurate is the way to go. This is why I hope we get some kind of Daredevil wave soon. With a DD update on the Vulcan model and a comic accurate Echo. Before all the Disney redesign takes over and it gets imported into the comics. I'm really not excited about thies TOTEM powers. I don't understand what was so "lame" about her mimic powers but I guess since Taskmaster already explored that ability they've got to do something different. Off the subject but I do hope we get a comic Echo soon.
  8. Amazon has been on a pretty hot streak with their superhero content lately. I hope this doesn't break the trend. I know variants and alternate versions of massively popular characters are fun to explore once in a while but when you take a character and eliminate or change specific things that made them popular in the first place you're just actually doing a different character with a derivative name. Even in the comics they're only relegated to secondary or enhancement character roles. They rarely are able to carry a comic themselves. Possibly a limited series. While I don't think the Punisher was a terrible show it most definitely was not a superhero show. Even though he certainly has his fans I don't expect a not Spider-Man in a Punisher type setting is going to be all that appealing to the masses. But of course that's just my opinion.
  9. I really wanted to like this DD even though it's probably my least favorite look for him. And all the pictures I'd seen previously looked okay. But having this thing in hand it's just junk. Not only does it look awkward when standing straight up but it is crazy skinny for DD. So much so that I can't believe I missed it in the pictures. But looking back it was so obvious. I mean just look at those spindly skinny arms. They are reminiscent of the arms on any MCU Spidey figure. I stood it up to the best DD we have to date. Which is the Black and Red DD IMO and this thing is just so so baaaad. Filed it away in storage bin C. Which is the bin I will probably never dig a figure out of. So at least it'll be in good shape after I'm dead. I wish they would just hurry up and do an update on the Vulcan body. That'll be the definitive one and then they can go on and do all these strange versions of him that they want.
  10. LOL. Isnt that always the case? I guess some artists don't like drawing ugly things. Also see the drastic changes in characters like Guido and Terror. Somewhere down the line they all seem to get a bit of a makeover.
  11. If I had to speculate. And that is my forte. I would say he'll probably make it back in flashbacks from the movie or maybe some footage that didn't make it into the movies as some kind of motivational words for RiRi on her way to becoming a hero. They sure aren't going to spend RDJ money on some Disney+ show that could possibly bomb. If history serves any purpose. Then again it is Disney so we never know. If anyone can help it would be Tony Stark.
  12. Which of course in Feige Speak means of course RDJ's Iron Man will be back. Can't wait. Though it's just a Band-Aid at this point.
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