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  1. I'm not a fan of this figure. While it looks accurate it is really small. It's even worse in hand than these pictures seem. The one thing I hate about these pants legs are it gives Hasbro the chance to skimp on materials and tge result is the figures proportions just don't match. Still in a display hidden among other figures it looks good enough. I feel like this is probably the only Chamber we can ever expecyt.
  2. I have and really like this BAF. I know its an older model but it looks like the was made for Ch'od. It actually looks better in him than Abomination. Now every time I look at that outdated Abomination figure it looks like the repaint/reuse. I only hope that one day they get around to redoing Abomination to be at least as imposing as the Hulk figure. Sometimes you have to go back to go forward. If they did it right I would be happy to pay the Deluxe price to have it.
  3. LOL. I didn't know what you guys were talking about at first because that picture didn't come up on my phone but then i looked it up on EE and I totally see it. Dude looks totally anihilated. There was a time when the biggest reason for TN over ML was for the superior head portriates but that time is over. I totally prefer the ML portrait over this one. It still doesn't look all that much like him but at least he doesn't look like he downed a bag of edibles.
  4. Ha, ha! Right? It's like that Beatles conspiracy where they released 3 albums and a Christmas Album and toured America all within the length of a year and many years later when analysists took apart the schedule they figured they would have had to work like 358 days of the year on an average of 2 hours of sleep a night to have accomplished it. By todays standards of course. Still it was this crazy Herculean feat. Completely off subject but it's one of those things that comes to mind every time a writer comes along and tries to shoehorn a bunch of other stuff in an already full history. Still I'm a fan of Straczynski and he is one of those writers that can create sensational stories without killing off or reinventing a character over and over.
  5. Yes that would be great. Just like the original Spidey and the Ultimte Spidey. Just like it used to be. Sony will never go for it though. Miles is by far the weaker of the two properties. Honestly I don't even think he'd be as strong as he is without Peter Parker adjacency. It's just true. The replacement rarely ever gets as popular as the original. Sony would never be able to match the numbers it has without Peter and probably not without Marvel's help. While it's a great idea Sony would be getting the short end of the stick. Unless Disney just gives them a but load of money and agrees to help the produce the movies which can be arranged.
  6. It looks amazing and it looks like it has pretty good range of movement. I hope they're not trying to hide some flaws with that single pose. If it's as good as they claim I look forward to seeing some redo on some of the more agile females. I just hope they go with more than just the one body style.
  7. Agreed. Waiting their time trying to push these odd movies based on Spider-Villains is not going to have the outcome they need.
  8. You're right about everything in this and it is also very eerie how closely your order list is to mine. Minus the Super Adaptiod. How cool are Clawful and Ram Man? I haven't received mine yet. Were you as on the fence about that Deluxe Beast Man as I was too? I decided to wait and see on that one. Anyway I'm not against reusing parts and maximizing costs at all. I'm actually very pro-reusing parts. My problme is with them just going all out unconscious with re-used parts and calling it new. On some characters it's totally understandable. Like Blizzard needed little more than a new coat of paint and a somewhat accurate head sculpt which I'm pretty sure has been used several times by now and he was good to go. It is what it is. He's not that complicated. But Super Adaptiod he is. They're just going all out lazy about a character it seems everyone wanted and do him dirty like that? It is a new head sculpt. That is always something I will give credit to Hasbro for. All for about a few females that have similar appearances they do put out for a new head sculpt most of the time. But other than that it is 100 re-use on a character that is mostly unique. As far as the body it's cool. The 12 in line is defunct and I don't think anyone will complain about it being used in the ML line. The Hammer the shield the Unibeam are all appropriate but man or man is the Bow and Arrow and the Wings too much to expect? I guess it is. At least for me. It just isn't accurate for the version it looks like they were going for. I guess for the most part he's good enough and if you or anyone else is happy with it I'm happy for you. Truly. It's just that I feel like we waited so long and I was so excited by the announcement I just expected more. Especially at that price. And yes I do have a graps on inflation but after that long standing $20 we had a 3 tier price bump and probably more based on things like the Spider-Man 3 pack. Bad or acceptable it only made me a more discerning customer and this just isn't cutting it for me.. I also remember the Dark Days of Hasbro as Sharty so lovingly calls it but it was what it was and it was all we had at the time and I personally expected them to get better over time and they did to their credit. They got good enough that I don't even mind when they go and redo characters like the fabulous Spiral or Blob or Klaw or Emma Frost or Extremis Iron Man. I actually appreciate it a lot and I shudder to think what ML would look like in the hands of another manufacturer like Mattel or Jakks or the diaper cladding McFarlane. But I don't think expecting them to get better at their jobs over time is a good enough excuse for them to just put in the effort every once in a while and then go fully brain dead on something like this and just expect us not to complain. And I agree with you about a new character is a new character but as I keep saying I'm becoming more and more cuatios about what I fork out for these days and I let my money do as much talking as I do in cases like this. LIke I keep saying. It's just my opinion and my preference on the subject and I was taught long ago that when you have an opinion it's probably best if you have some reasoning to back it up so I've always done so. Credit that to miss Ardiss in high school who always called me a good communicator but a bad writer. And a horrible speller. Anyway don't forget to let me know how that Clawful and Ram Man turned out. Message me.
  9. Im not the worlds biggest MCU toy fan but I could see this and especially with figures like Whiplash and Killian or Batroc and maybe a few other Iron Man suits or even a upgrade for chaacters like Pepper or the terribly done Crossbones. Characters like Chrimson Dynamo and Kurse would make great BAFs. Several people have been wanting some army builders like the Chitauri and Outriders for a long time but maybe they can do that as the next Pulse exclusive army builder. Sadly in the name BEST OF the MCU that probably indicates it'll most likely be just be some of the better rated or hard to find figures from past waves with maybe some new or different paint aps or hopefully some improved head sculpts with the newer technology. Personally I have any and all MCU figures I've ever wanted and really didn't have all that hard a time finding them but i know several people have had trouble locating some figures as I've sold quit a few online so I'm sure there's measurable demand for those figures.
  10. Yes. As I said. I was able to see all these pictures as well but they are of much later versions and even versions where he adapted other powers non related to the Avengers such as the Sinister Six and I guess some random blank body and is clearly not what this figure is based off of. As part fo the Avengers Anniversary line and from just any 6 year olds ability to see what this figure is based off of he's clearly meant to be modeled after the older versions where he battled the Avengers and adapted their powers. I'm not trying to start an argument it just seems cheap. Actually it is cheap but not in price and after such a long wait it would have been nice for a little more effort. Plenty of people are goning to be happy with it I'm sure but with today's prices and the amount of effort they put into all the MCU product I'm just needing a little more. As even MCU Colelctor says. Another pair of hand would have at least been nice.
  11. Yes. Thank you for the confirmation. I've been looking at as many pictures of this character and as many old comcis online as pssible and especially the older classic pictures that this figure seems to be modeled after because newer versions have more dynamic and complicated designs. It's very hard to find any pictures of SA without wings and arrows. Actually it is many times easier to find him without the IM Unibeam than without the wings and arrows. I know that it is literally in his name that he adapts but this simply looks like some version of him pulled out of thin air. As much as they like to use the excuse that they just use Google to find out what these characters look like they certainly didn't do that here. In the end it just looks like they went through and used the cheapest and easiest means to create the figure to somewhat appease the fans and get a pretty nice cash grab using all reused parts. There was a 12 inch Cap that they reused the sheild from. And there was 12 inch Thor they got from the Hammer from and there was a 12 inch IM they just cast the Unibeam from. Hawkeye and Wasp never got the 12 inch treatment so it's easy to see why their powers didn't make the cut. There is literally nothing new about this character aside from the headsculpt which is essential to any new character but otherwise it's 100 percent minimum efforet. Sorry Hasbro you're going to have to do a lot better to get my money.
  12. Everyone seemed to like this look better and oddly enough Carol seemed more likeable as Warbird. Something about insisting on her as Captain Marvel just seems forced and all around terrible. Especially in the comics. She always worked better as a team player not a main character.
  13. I really appreciate my guy MCU Colletor for getting and reviewing this thing so early so I don't give in to FOMO and end up buying it. Super cheap and super lazy. This is the definition of a cheap reused money snatcher. And if I remembre correctly aren't Wasps wings and Hawkeye's arrows part of his bit?
  14. I had a feeling they were goning to just go super bare bones on this one. But I guess the draw is in the three Spider-Guys all in the same box. Not for me thouhg. Need a little more bang for my buck.
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