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  1. ML Series 4 Gambit. Still remember picking him up back at KB Toys. He just looked so cool and awesome. It just expanded from there and I have almost all ML and Classics lines. Now I miss KB Toys so much more. They were the best place to go for ML in my area.
  2. Yea it's sad. I picked up Cyclops and Sabretooth from the Puck series for $20 each and they wanted $50 for Frost. They don't hide the fact that it's because they are rarer. I managed to haggle down the store to $40 because the box was damaged but it's just ridiculous. I've resorted to just buying them online now because the major retailers buy one set and the scalpers get them all at once and the comic book stores jack up the price. It's always been like that though. Nothing we can do really.
  3. Picked up a GOTG set at my local comic book store yesterday. It's a shame that they intentionally charge $30 a figure and then $40 for Nova and RR because they are "rarer to find". If it wasn't for the 25% off the entire store I would have passed.
  4. I saw three sets at my local store in MA and they had to be the worst paint jobs I've seen in any ML figure I've gotten. I'm not usually too picky but these were disgusting. Hopefully I'll have better luck online.
  5. The ratios are super annoying. There's a reason the peg warmers all alwas Cap, Iron or Wolverine. If the ratios were better there would hardly be any peg warmers. It's the price that's killing me. I don't like the increase but it is what it is, but to make one figure double in price cause they decide to short the figure on purpose is ludicrous. I can't fathom how that makes any sense.
  6. I just picked up 3 of the 4 (I have enough Wolverines) at my local comic book store a I have to say I'm very disappointed. This is the first time that I've picked up any figures in retail and the price was jacked cause of it's rarity. I've never had to pay more cause of a variant or chase figure in retail but because Emma Frost is one per case she is double in price than the others? Every place I looked that sold them were exactly the same. Don't know if it's different elsewhere. (I'm in Western Mass). Sad that they couldn't be a standard price like the rest of the figures I've ever bought in stores. Online was the same thing. Just aggravated me that they can do this with a price hike. Ok rant over. Anyone else annoyed by this?
  7. Is anyone finding any new waves now? No one is putting out a new box of sereis 2 anywhere in my area. It's been a while since I saw any Marvel Legends in stores that carried them. I don't want to resort to Ebay but hopefully they aren't done distributing Wave 2 already.
  8. I think that is wishful thinking. I'd assume they would keep putting them out in anticipation for the movie, but you never know. It's just a shame because they could make more money by producing more instead of having people resort to online stores where Hasbro receives no profit for the most part.
  9. Anyone else having trouble finding wave 2? 1 out of 7 Walmarts in a 30 mile radius around me carried one wave of both series, and I got lucky with wave one but just a leftover Cap from wave two. Target was the same thing, one wave and you either get it or miss it. Toys R US got a few waves, one a week for 3 weeks and then nothing. It just makes no sense because my area (Western Mass) used to get a good majority of everything released in decent quantities but since the new launch it's been hard at best.
  10. After calling all 6 walmarts in my area yesterday, i found nothing. I decided to check out the closest one to me after work today, and they were stock full. I got the 6 i needed, but there were still 3 or 4 complete sets there still. Not that it matters much but the MA sales tax goes up tomorrow, so i was able to "save" an extra dollar and change because of that.
  11. Anyone have the UPC's? Nothing in MA yet, but last time i gave them the UPC #'s and they were able to see that they had them and i was able to get the Ares wave; hopefully the same thing for the Nemesis wave now. Thanks.
  12. the shade is the main reason i didn't pick it up. It's too dark and looks more like a bad custom than an official repaint.
  13. I got most of them except the quck change figs, and the blue iron monger. They are all unique in their own way, and i like them. I have most of the iron man figs cause they add a little variety. I think most people that collect these also collect ML, so these are just hasbro's way of offering somthing between ML waves. It's just my opinion, but i'll buy them if they keep coming out, as long as they are not 2 similar. I like the fact that they just make u armors, it's cool that way.
  14. I just bought the new wave on hasbrotoyshop.com last night. They are running at 10.99 a piece. Its the subterranean wave. I couldn't find these in stores yet so i sold myself out and payed the shipping fee. ps. There is a "special no shipping fee for orders over 50 dollars" but it expired a few days ago, so don't pay it any attention.
  15. Wave 5 is showing up on ebay so it's only a matter of time. The way things are going however though, we should get them before the holocaust wave by a long shot.
  16. Those posts will quickly be followed by "MARVEL LEGENDS CANCELED" posts. lol yea thats true to the fullest i didn't see anything, but i just wanted to make sure. thanks for the "update" i guess the wait continues.
  17. Just wondering if the hml 2packs series 2 are out yet. I've been gone for a few weeks and havnt been able to get to any stores since i got home. I thought theyed be out along with maybe the nemesis wave by black friday. any news if there is any would be great. Thanks.
  18. I just don't want to pay the dumb shipping fee. If walmart.com had them that that would be ok but i'm just looking for them without the shipping fee. I'll pay it after they are not sold in stores anymore if i couldn't find them, but until them i'll buy them in the store if they ever show up.
  19. Just wondering if anyone has found any of the new Iron Man figures have shown up in New England. I live in Mass and have not seen them anywhere. We got all the new ML and the new spider-man stuff but nothing on Iron Man after titanium man and the open cockpit iron monger.
  20. A few months ago I was at my Wal Mart just looking to see if there was anything new and sitting on the bottom shelf in plain view was a Prof X from the Galactus Wave just sitting there. I didn't have him yet so i picked him up and i'm assuming he was stashed somewhere and an employee found him and put it back. It rang up 10.99 which i thought was off but w/e i wasnt going to complain since it wasn't in stores anymore so i bought it.
  21. I just picked up the wave last tuesday after being put on hold from various Wal Marts for 20 minutes a piece. Finally my local wal mart had just put them up and i got lucky talking to an employee who wanted to help me out. So far it is the only walmart in my area carrying them. The wave is great, but the one drawback i have that is worth mentioning is that Guardian is red and blue. I understand the light blue, but maybe it's just mine but there is so much blue on the white that it doesn't look right. Other than that glaring issue the wave is pretty good, and ares is great though he def. would have sold well by himself, I'm glad he isnt too big. If they put him in the Torch's place they could have had a better baf. That just my opinion though.
  22. I called and talked to a few toy dept. managers. They all check or know, but i can tell if they are bsing me or not. I call when they first open most of the time because when they stock overnight i can ge them first thing in the am but it's a pain when they dont even have shelf space and stop carrying them.
  23. I have 6 walmarts in the area i'm willing to drive to, and 5 of them said that they aren't getting any in anymore and that everyting is out until xmas. The other one said there chagning up the toy isle next week. Anyone else get this bs about them not carrying them anymore. I thought all walmarts would have them soon at least.
  24. Just picked up 5 plus the wolverine variant today. I got warlock, black spidey and spiral, and when i had them check the back all they had was the black wolverine. I then called a target farther away and when i asked if they could reserve the silver savage they had, the guy said no because it was a "collectors item" bs i had the first target reserve the other 3 b4 i got there, but i had my gf pick him up and the yellow wolverine that was there too on her way over. The wave just showed up today in MA in case anyone it wondering. Now i'm just hoping to find a union jack soon and i'll be all set.
  25. I hear ya, I just picked up the capt. america 2 pack and forge 2 pack online at walmart where they ship 2 the closest store for free. It's just 2 much of a hassle to go and get disappointed cause nothings there. Calling is good, but they don't know what 2 check 4 half the time so it's hit or miss there 2.
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