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  1. Where did you get the wings for that from?
  2. Where did you get the wings for that from?
  3. Went on my weekly hunt a little bit ago and found the new fall of cybertron transformers @. Target. Went to TRU next and came across this jewel
  4. I finally did it and added toroso articulation to Avengers Captain America. Takin a second Avemgers Cap and using the lower body of the one I did with foot articulation. Swapped out the lower arms with the ones I added wrist articulation to. For the articulation, I narrowed down a heroic age Cap torso and hollowed out the already pretty hollow Avengers Cap torso and added a spot in the top portion to attach to it. Gluing the heroic age torso into the hollowed out Avengers torso and attached the chest. And this is the result.
  5. I like the Hulk figure from the Avengers line just cause it's movie-verse Hulk. However, of the big four, I think he really got the raw deal in overall quality. I mean, at least Iron Man/Cap/Thor had some articulation that could make them somewhat bearable. Hulk just really crapped out. So I was at Target today (and they have redone their toy area for The Avengers), and I saw an MU Apocalypse. I picked him up, and using the wrist articulation trick, I added that to Hulk, and using Apoc's ankles, I gave Hulk some foot articulation. It worked out rather well I think. I slimmed down the ankles to try and get it a little more in line with the figure so it wasn't just like this huge ball between his foot and leg. I just wish the head was a little different.
  6. I'm going to be sculpting her some high heels. Don't bother sculpting. Just get a ROC Baroness and swap out the feet. That's what I did for my Emma Frost custom.
  7. Updated Avengers Captain America. Took part of the lower legs of the two pack Daredevil and dremeled his boots and drilled holes to give him ankle articulation. If there was only a way to give him torso articulation.
  8. I gave Avengers Cap some wrist articulation. Used the hands from First Avenger Cap.
  9. Post-Schism Wolverine Parts Main body and upper arms/legs: MU Astonishing Wolverine Lower legs: MU Ult Cap Lower arms: MU Sentinel Wolverine Hands: SS/Wolverine comic pack Wolverine Belt: two modded Cap belts
  10. Sif now has a shield. Carved from a circular Cap shield (was going to use a scalloped first appearance Cap shield, but the wrist connector would have been off after being dremeled and carved and painted). The camera makes it look a little bigger than it really is.
  11. GotG custom q's guys. I got Bug in the works, and I'm at a loss for what to use for a head. Gamora is going to be a straight repaint of the upcoming She-Hulk and I'm hoping to use some parts from the new She-Hulk to do Mantis. Definitely the head, just not sure about the antenna. Prob use the X-23 or upcoming Scarlet Witch body for the base.
  12. Hey guys, I have plans int he back of my mind to do a Venom custom of the new Venom (Flash Thompson). I'm just curious, what would be a good base body for this. While I'm at it, any good base bodies for a modern Doc Strange (I have a spare head).
  13. Looks great except for the yellow rings on the boots. What's the deal there? A lot of the arthas rings on his boots. I went through my Avengers, New Avengers and Z-Men comics and most of them have the rings on the boots on booth sides of his feet at the ankles.
  14. Simple custom and minor levels and colors of paint I used the Astonishing Wolverine, the head and lower arms from the X-Men Box set, and the lower legs and feet from Patch to make his Utopia/Avengers outfit. The X is from the belt buckle from Warpath since I already have consigned the X-Force box set Warpath as custom fodder since I already have X-Force Warpath. Worked out nicely. And here here is:
  15. If I get another one Brian I'll send it to you. I have some ideas in the back of my mind which require said piece and some extra stuff from Wolverine and Deadpool.
  16. Onyx. I actually and working on turning MU Astonishing Wolverine into his current outfit and I took the X from the Warpath belt from the X-Force pack Warpath (using him for parts since I already have X-Force Warpath). It fits and looks perfect scale wise. And it's round. How about that one? It would be a perfect fit for anyone trying to do any current X-Men uniforms with the X on the left chest/shoulder region of the characters.
  17. I'm gonna have to copy that recipe for Odin. I've been wondering how to do a helmet for him since it doesn't look like Hasbro is going to make a helmeted Odin like Thor and Loki.
  18. And finally, Earth 616 Reborn Lady Sif. Sword and scabbard came from Taskmaster, and the cape and skirt were custom made. I'm probably going to do a little trimming on the "fur" which was cotton balls spread out and glued on. But the fact that it nearly towers her head and goes a little too far out to the sides has been bugging me, but I've finally been convinced to fix that. The arms and upper legs are from the Baroness that came with the GI Joe 25 anni Cobra 5 pack with CC, SS, Zartan and Cobra Viper. The lower legs, body and head are from Dark Phoenix. The headgear wings are from Sub-Mariner's ankles. The upper arm armor was custom made by RodimusVTS using styrene. Here's Sif with Thor:
  19. Here's Rogue: Head courtesy of Onyx Phoenix Productions I'm in the process of doing Rogue during the Second Coming when she borrowed powers from Wolverine, Colossus, Angel, Psylcoke, and X-23 (I liked the one cover even though she didn't actually do it in the story where she clearly borrowed Nightcrawler's powers and in the process gained his tail, so I'm throwing in the tail just to give it a little more).
  20. Version 2 of Astonishing Cyclops. I was only pseudo pleased with my original which used a spare Havok I found as a base since I though using the SW Cyclops was dumb since the mold isn't all that great, and besides, gave extra oomph to his nickname "Slim". For those that don't remember when I did him, this is it This is the new version I just took the head from my first version and put it on a painted Jim Lee Cyclops and am now quite content. For his belt I took the circular X logo from his gear and glued it onto an extra SW Thor belt I had. I took the ankle bands from my first version as well. Here he is with 5/6 of the Astonishing X-Men from Joss Whedon's run (Wolverine and Emma are custo):
  21. Yes, but heat it up first (preferably with boiling water for 20 seconds) and then put it on and let it cool and form. The Joe figs offer a great variety of parts, but the heads need to be heated in order to properly sit on the MU necks, otherwise they sit there and just are a little loose.
  22. Hey guys, this is what's going on. I'm working on a Lady Sif custom for my MU Thor to have by his side, and I'm using the following parts. MU Dark Phoenix for body and head Legs I'm gonna use the 25th Baroness My problem is the arms. She has armor on the upper part of her lower arms and the lower part of her upper arms. I was gonna use an ROC Baroness, but the lower arms are sort of what I'm looking for because they kind of look maybe with the proper paint job, kind of "armored", but that still leaves the lower part of the upper arms. Now, I'm not against making it myself out of styrene, but I'd rather not if I don't have to. So does anyone know any female 3.75" figs that have anything I might be looking for. I'm going off of this pic:
  23. Very nice Inhuman Torch man. I like it. Well done. Nice choice with the Nemesis Enforcer wings.
  24. Its not sealed but the paint I use does not chip off when posing. What paint do you use?
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