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  1. For me personally, I'm okay with the Zemo I got from the Winter Solider Movie wave(Build A Shield Mandroid) from years ago. But if I didn't get that, I would of wanted this Zemo. I do like that it is a more Classic looking version of this version of Zemo(Not counting his father/grandfather, depending on how often things get retcon), especially the colours used. I suppose if I ever did get this 1 though, I would use the old ToyBiz as the Grandfather, this version as his Son, and the Mandroid Wave as the current/modern day Zemo(His grandson). At least in my city in Canada, most of the Walgreen Exclusives have shown up as EBGames/Game Stop Exclusives, however some look to only have 1 shipment and you never see it again(Like the Silver Surfer from years ago).
  2. I think some would say that the recent Animaniacs is a good example of a show that's been gone since the late 1990's/very early 2000's, only to come back around 2020 or 2021. From the little bit I've seen and from comments I've read online, it feels like the recent Animaniacs series is a continuation that took a approx 20 years Hiatus before it's return, instead of an entire new series. Though I do wish they gave some focus on some of the other characters in this new series(Like Slappy The Squirrel, Buttons And Mindy, The Good Feathers, etc.), instead of just focusing on the Warner Bros and Sister, along with Pinky And The Brain(Though I do understand why they focus on those because they are the most well known or popular ones from the original series).
  3. While I love 6" Marvel Legends, I still miss the various super/well articulated 4" Marvel figures that Hasbro produced over the years. How I usually treated the 2 scales was that 6" of characters in either my favourite costumes/looks, most of the time "Modern"(At the time), and/or character's design had more details that got brought out more in the 6". The 4" scale figures were most of the time either "Classic" costumes(Up to before the 2000's at least), a decent amount of "Ultimate Marvel" looks, costumes/looks/designs that I either am only okay with or not a fan of(Like 1st Apperaence Wolverine. I never wanted a 5" or 6" figure of that, but a 4" figure is fine since it's smaller), and/or characters who I am not a huge fan of but still want a figure of just to have them. Of course, other times, it was whatever was available in whatever scale, and what I could get. As well, for different takes on certain costumes, I liked the different scales. For example, I have the Comic Book Silver Centurion Iron Man figure in 4" scale, and if Hasbro ever does the Iron Man 3 Movie version of the Silver Centurion Armour, I would like to get that. I have a modern 6" Jubliee(Which is what I wanted for my 6" X-men), but if had done a more classic 1990's Jubliee figure in the 4" scale, I would of loved to have gotten that for my 4" X-men. For Firestar, I got the Classic look in the 4" scale, as I would hope down the road, the 6" scale figures does a look or 2 from the 1990's(Leather Jacket, yellow glasses, etc.). For World War II Cap, I have a 4" Ultimate Cap, and a The First Avenger Cap from the Peggy Carter 2 pack for 6". For Deadpool, even if they are both Red and Black, there designs of my 4" and 6" versions are different looking. For Mysterio, I have the Comic Book look for 4", and the Far From Home Movie look for 6". Of course, for some characters, I got the same costumes and looks in both scales(Like Dr. Doom, Spidey in his standard Red and Blue look, and Black And Gold Wasp), but that's fine, as some characters didn't have different standard looks. What I loved about the 4" was that they sometimes went unique with the decos, which included the "Comic Book" shadows/shading, some metallic looks on some Black Suit Spidey's, and what not. And I the various Multipacks they did, which for me, were usually good value, and help amass a decent amount of figures fast at good prices(At the time). A good amount of my 4" Marvel Universe figures are from Multipacks/Comic Book 2 Packs more than single figures. Not a super fan of the "Retro" style 5POA 4" figures, though I do like that their heads are on a ball joint, and that the heads seem to be nicely sculpted, meaning you might be able to put those heads on some of the older 4" figures. That Spidey head from the line I think has to be the best 4" head for Spidey. But what really kills me about these Retro figures, is that they cost about $18-$20 Canadian, which is the same prices as the Wal-mart Exclusive 4" G.I. Joe Retro line, and the Super Articulated 4" Star Wars: Black Series figures. I mean, I could be more forgiving if they were around $10-$13 Canadian(Which is the average price of the 5POA Star Wars figures), bit $18 Canadian is just too much for these. Will say that during those times after Marvel Universe ended and become Infinite Series and 4" Marvel Legends, I was surprised they didn't re-release the Jim Lee Rogue from that MU X-men Boxset.
  4. Going to want to get Dormammu, Arcade, and AIM Scientist Surpereme. I am wondering if the BAF Dormammu head can fit on this body or not? But even if it doesn't, I want to get it. AIM Surpreme is going to look good with the rest of the AIM 2 pack I got. And Arcade, well, I only really know him from the old SNES Spider-man X-men: Arcade's Revenge video game, so I kind of want to get him just for that. And let's face it, unless Arcade is used in a future movie or cartoon series, I highly doubt we'll ever see another Arcade figure again(Unless Hasbro decides to repaint/redeco the figure down the road, either in the Vintage style packaging, "Fan" or Store Exclusive, multipack, etc.). I kind of get a Kevin Bacon vibe with 1 of his heads. I may consider Red Skull in order to get a more classic look of the character, but it's not a high on my list, so I'm okay with leaving him. Even more so since 6" Marvel Legends figures are now going to be about $33 Canadian, up from around $30 Canadian before hand.
  5. In regards to Rogue using her most well know 1990's Jim Lee inspired costume: "Coming soon from Marvel Legends: Re-issued Jim Lee Rogue, now with Circle Belt Buckle instead of Square Belt Buckle". In all seriousness, while I would probably be okay with a new costume for Rouge, if the artist wants to use Rogue's most well known costume, I'm fine with it. After all, sometimes styles come, go, and then come back again.
  6. I personally don't see why not. I think the Marvel Brand has gotten to the point that Hasbro could do or risk doing these designs. I know for sure that there are some that wouldn't mind some of these versions of characters, and of course, gives them an excuse to help keep some well known name characters being released. I know a friend of mine who would actually love the 1970's T.V. Movie Cap, incluidng his motocycle, and seethrough window like shield. Adn many have stated that they would like Bixby Dr. David Banner and Ferrigno Hulk. As for the Spidey's well, all they have to do is appear the sequal to Into The Spiderverse animated movie, and they would be set. Not to mention, Spidey would probably be the easiest, since it would only invovle a modified Spidey head sculpt, with apporate accessoires to complete the look.
  7. Seems like a good Marvel Select figure. Though I am curious that they are pics of Taskmaster 1st before there are pics of Black Widow, as I would assume they would make a Widow figure too.
  8. Why not. If anything, it gives people more chances to get some other characters/villians. Of course, some characters had some designs different from the comics(Like Doc Ock, Chameleon, and Mysterio to a degree I think is different from the comics), so they would require new or modified sculpts. For the record, the upcoming Mysterio in this line is still more comic based, because of the suit is dark green and has those lines on it. If it was truly based on the 1990's cartoon look, it would of been a light shade of green with no lines(Or maybe just 1 line around the abs area), and he would have a belt. But others use the same designs from the comics(Classic or 1990's at the time) as well(Examples include the Goblins, Venom, Carnage, Electro, Rhino, Shocker, Scorpion, Vulture when he had the youth talons sucking capabilities, Kingpin, to name a few). The only difference(If any) might be the shade of colours used on them. For example, that Scorpion figure from last year's Homecoming Wave was in Dark Metallic Green including his mouth. A 1990's cartoon repaint in a lime green suit with dark green gloves, boots, part of mask, and undies, along with a flesh tone mouth area and the tip of the tail silver, would make it different from the pervious release in terms of paint and close to the 1990's cartoon look, which would still work for a comics look as well(Regardless if he did appear in the comics like this or not). Either way, it would be a good way for people who missed out in past releases(Regardless if they weren't collecting at the time, or didn't have any luck to due to poor release or scalpers) another shot at a character. This also would help comic fans for the designs that are more or less the same as the comics. While for Hasbro, it would help them make use of some past molds(Especially when they are character specific parts), and if required, gives them some new tooling if needed, which would give them more options in their belts for new releases down the road. In the Grand Scheme, Hasbro shouldn't just be limited to comics, and current other media, as past other media is fine with me.
  9. I like the look of Black Widow's suit, especially the bit of gold on her wrist stringers and on the front of the belt. But does anyone think the suit looks a bit more like "Modern MCU" than something from the recent past? I mean, I'm guessing the events of this movie takes place a few years before the events of the 1st Iron Man movie, so I guess around 2000 to 2006 at least. I guess I was expecting a less "Busy" or simplistic looking suit, than a suit with different textures and line designs, because to me, it looks more like something she would wear in the Modern/Current MCU movies. I like it still regardless. Having said that, I guess you could say that her more simplistic looking suits she wore on Iron Man 2 and to lesser extend, the 1st Avengers Movie, were more like a Tactical SHIELD suit with the Avengers suit have a bit of Widow personality elements to it, so I guess I was expecting something a bit more along those lines. But I guess it's not so simplistic so that it looks neat on film. Either way, I may consider a Marvel Legends or Select figure based on this suit. Taskmaster's suit looks nice, and like the design. Will admit, if I didn't get the Comic Book Modern/Ultimate Spider-man Cartoon Taskmaster figure, I would consider this figure. However, I'm happy with what the Tasky I got. Red Guardian looks nice from what little we see. I'm guessing his suit is going to be strongly inspired by MCU's World War II Cap suit, with a few "Recent Past" design elements to it(I suppose more like a Cap suit before Civic War). Depending on how the suit looks, I'll consider a Marvel Legends figure of this design if it gets made.
  10. While I suppose it is a cause for concern, especially with some of the Toy Licensing changes that have happened within the past 2 years(Power Rangers, DC Comics, etc.), I do believe Hasbro will keep the Marvel and Star Wars Licences. Unless of course Disney decides they would rather shop it around to other companies, even more so if Mattel somehow gives them a load of cash for it. I'm sure we'll know by SDCC the earliest, otherwise towards the end of the year. With all the product coming out this year, it sort of reminds me of ToyBiz's final year in 2006 when a whole bunch of stuff was coming out(More Waves, Exclusives, 2 packs, Multpack Boxsets, other somewhat connected 6" comic book lines like Spider-man, X-men, Fantastic Four and I think maybe Hulk, Spider-man And Friends Preschool line, Other Marvel Legends branded stuff like 4" figures, 12" figures, Masterworks, etc.).
  11. The Hulk figure I think was actually from the around 2010 Marvel Legends 6" TRU Exclusive 2 packs, as it had Hulk(Which I think was a repaint and retool of the Wal-mart Exclusive Build A Red Hulk Wave) With Valkyrie. I'm sure a Classic looking ML 6" Ultron will come. Just a matter of when. I'm okay with that Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends release, but I would like it release just for people who want that Classic Look. Having said that, people can always get the Marvel Select 7" Classic Ultron figure, especially since he's a Robot, his height can always change depending on how he rebuilds his body. And I'm sure it will be imposing for those 6" figures as well, and it's still nicely articulated, just not super like Marvel Legends.
  12. I wasn't sure if I'd get this. I mean it looks nice, and I like the costume, but I wasn't sure. But after seeing that it has Swapping heads(Which I swear is Hasbro's Secret Weapon on getting me interested in buying a figure), I have to strongly consider it. Especially more so if indeed a White Costume Emma Frost does come out(Which I assume would be almost a year later), it may not come with either or both heads at all. I'm guess if you got The Wolverine/Build A Puck Wave Emma Frost figure, you'd be able to swap the heads on these 2 if you like. Can't say for sure if you could on that 1st Hasbro ML wave back in 2007, since that body mold is very skinny(Though I will say that the body was did have some nice sculpted details on it. Just that ugly head). Here's hoping that in Canada, EB Games will bring this over, since most of the Hasbro Wal-Greens Exclusives have been sold in Canada as EB Games Exclusives(At least since the ML Wal-Greens Punisher figure). Hoever, I believe the Medusa figure never came at all since I never saw it, and I was looking for that one. I know that in recent years or issues, she wore a black but I did get why. I do know that Modern Cyclops supposely died(Not From the Past Teen Cyclops) around or before she started to wear this costume, but that's it. Works as a Store Exclusive I think because like most people have stated, they would of more like a White Costume version, as the Black Costume isn't well known, and only a few would get it either because they like it or because of the "Exclusive" banner. I mean, could you guys imagine if they did the White Costume version as the Exclusive? People would complain to no end as to why it's an exclusive.
  13. I suspect any other Far From Home figures will be in either some sort of Multipack, a Marvel 80th Anniversary Release style deal, and/or as Store and Online Exclusives(Regardless if it's a single or Multipack).
  14. Any idea if this will include the Extended version that is coming to theatres or not? Just feel that if this released doesn't include the extended version then I'm thinking it might be best to wait and see for that release.
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