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  1. I recalled shortly before X3: X-men United was released in theatres, there was suppose to be a X-men 2.5 DVD release, which in similar concept to X-men 1.5 DVD release, was basically the X2 Movie with some additional scenes added in(Or least, more deleted scenes in the extras), along with some additional content, and some previews for X3. Been trying to actually find it, but I was wondering if it ever did get released? I did manage to recently get 1.5, but I'd like to get 2.5 if it was indeed released. If 2.5 was never released, I can try to get the X2 - 2 Disc DVD version at least. I tried to Google it, but seem to get some conflicting info in that it was released or canceled. Nothing too concreate. Hope someone will help. Thanks.
  2. For me in Marvel 4" figures in 2016 personally, it was more like "The Year Of Thor", as I not only picked up the Thor Comic Book 2 Pack and Ulik, but I also able to back track and pick up some pervious 4" Thor related figures from the 1st Movie, the 4" Infinite Series, and a Loki from the 5POA 4" Avengers Assemble line(Just for the accessories and the head really). Works out anyways, cause most of my Thor related figures are in 4" scale. I still did pick up other stuff too both from 2016 and past years(Mostly thanks to sales and deals), but I'd say a good chunk of it was Thor related theme. Before I do my list, let me explain that I collect both 4" and 6" figures. I do a good chunk of the time get characters in different scales, but sometimes, if the character has been known to have different costumes, I may only get 1 or 2 versions of a character in 6"(Mostly my most favourite and/or "Standard" costumes), and the other costumes that I like or are okay with in the 4" scale(Though a "Standard" costume is sometimes included as well). This way, even if I did get the same figure over and over again in different scales, at least they are in different costumes(Not to concern if it's in the "Correct Era" or what not). Going to do 2 different Top 5 lists, as they are in no particular order, but I'll stick with stuff that was released in 2016, or at the very least, very late 2015(Like maybe December if anything): Top 5 2016 Releases I Own: (1.) 1st Appearance Yellow Daredevil: Always had a soft spot for this costume, but regardless of scale, I always felt I needed to get a 6" Standard Red Suit 1st. After finally getting a Red Suit in Fall 2015(Which I think is the only 6" Daredevil I ever need), and knowing the popularity of Daredevil thanks to the Netflix series, I knew it was only a matter of time before they would re-release the 2nd 4" Mold in the Yellow(Had no interest in the 6" Walgreens version), and felt the 4" would be good enough to represent this costume. Sure enough, we found out that in 2016, the Yellow Suit would be in the 4" scale with the 2nd Mold. Really like the look, as I now have a 4" Daredevil too. If they decided to do a Red Daredevil in the 2nd Mold again, I hope they do a Bright Red, and have the DD Logo be outline in Black. And maybe do Shadowland Daredevil as well with the mold, cause I'll buy both in the 4" scale. (2.) Jane Foster Thor from the Thor Comic Book 2 Pack: Just like it over all, and since again, most of my Thor related figures are 4" scale, goes well. Nice to get the new Thor, as I wasn't super picky on if I got a 4" or 6" scale of her. The Younger Thor is okay, but I wish they didn't make his Head look like a Neanderthal. (3.) Living Laser: Just love the See-through Plastic Purple, and the paint apps(If done right of course), looks really good with it. Wasn't 100% sure if I was going to pick it up or not, but once I saw it, I changed my mine and it became a Must Have. (4.) House Of M Spidey: A better shade of blue used this time when compared to the 4" Marvel Universe version. Just wish it still came with the webbag and the webline. My must have when I 1st heard of it. And Glad they just reused the MU House Of M mold and not that really crappy Spidey Mold they've been using since the Infinite Series 4" Big Time Spidey. Seriously, they need to stop using that mold, cause I may have picked up Kane Scarlett Spidey and more interested in UK Spidey if they used a better mold. I mean, I'd be okay with UK Spidey in 4" scale, but man, that body they are using. And it has nothing to do with less Joints either, because sculpt's body just seem off. (5.) Ulik: Just like the look of this figure over all. Top 5 2016 Releases I Don't Own(Basically judging from reviews, pics, and what not, but I still think are awesome): (1.) SDCC 2106 Exclusive set over all was good and is worthy to own if you can get it. If I have to choose only 1, I think I'd have to give it to Lockjaw though, cause I just couldn't see how they find a way to release a 4" scale of that Dog, but they did. The few 4" Inhumans they've done, they need their teleporting Dog. I have a feeling that if the Inhumans movie does indeed still happen(It's been kind of iffy the last little while), I'm sure they will use the mold again in a Inhumans boxset of sorts. (2.) The TRU Exclusive 4" Captain America: Civil War 2 Packs are good, but if I had to choose only 1 figure, it has to be the King himself, Black Panther. Sculpt is well done and the figure looks fantastic. Was actually going to consider getting the 2 Pack with Agent 13 after seeing pics of the sculpt and would of been fine with a 4" representation of that design, but the 6" in the end won me over thanks to the swapping head. But the 4" is still fantastic regardless, and if the Black Panther Movie uses the same or similar looking suit(Including any minor deco changes), I'll consider it if they do re-release/repaint the figure. (3.) The Deluxe 4" Captain America: Civil War sets are really nice. Like how Cap from his set looks more like his Civil War suit and his cycle is nice. But I'd say Falcon wins if I have to choose 1 not only because of the sculpt, suit, and larger wings, but the little Redwing Drone and a including peg for it to show it flying, and even better, a swapping unmasked head. I didn't pick this up because I was able to get the TRU Exclusive Avengers: Age Of Ultron 4" Hawkeye And Falcon 2 Pack at a very good price, even just shortly after I heard Civil War Falcon. And while the Civil War toy is much better, I'm happy with the Falcon I have, and felt no need to pick the Civil War one. As for the Redwing Drone, I'm sure I can whip something up or use something I can sub for it. (4.) The Guardians Of The Galaxy Comic Book 2 Packs I think are well done. Like the matching costumes for Starlord, Rocket, and Groot, as I like the Blue and white used. Both Single and Comic Book Gamora are nicely done, but I think the slight deco differences in the 2 pack are better with the brighter green hair and the yellow around the eyes. But I think Groot steals the show here for his look and size. Creative way of having his legs separated in packaging in order to have him in the 2 pack packaging. My only complaint about the Groot and Rocket 2 pack is that it doesn't include the Baby Groot figurine/accessory that was used in the past(Both the Guardians Marvel Universe 3 Pack, and the Infinite Series Rocket). I do hope they can do a 4" Comic Drax in a matching theme deco just to kind of complete the team. I haven't see these sets in Canada yet, but I'm thinking of picking them up if they do show up. (5.) X-23 in Wolverine Suit: Just looks nice over all, as I think this is the 1st X-23 in 4" scale. This wave not released in Canada yet. But if it does, going to strongly consider it.
  3. I really like this series of looking at the different costumes and looks of the characters, as well as your opinion on if it needs a remake or not. I do want to add a few things: - While the Spider-man Unlimited Cartoon inspired figure was made during ToyBiz's final years in their Spider-man Classics line(Spin N Trap Spider-man), I do think we could use an updated one. The figure didn't have the cape, maybe use a bit of blue shading if they stick with black on the suit, and the lenses could be a bit of the yellow side than white that the figure used. Perhaps using the cape from the Spidey 2099 figure on a figure. If they really wanted to, they could maybe do 3 colour variants: the 1 used in the show(Which had more red), the preproduction colour scheme(Which had more blue/black, and was almost a reverse of the final show colours. I think this was when the show was still undecided if it was going to be 2099 Spidey or Peter Parker Spidey), and a see thorugh plastic version to repersent the suit in Stealth Mode. - Spider-woman late 1970's/early 1980's Cartoon colours(Wasn't on your list): Okay, so really, the only difference between cartoon Spider-woman and Comic Spider-woman at the time, was basically that the lenses of the mask on cartoon was yellow, while comics was white, and most likely never going to happen. Still, if Hasbro ever felt they need to re-release the Jessica Drew classic Spider-woman in a way that is different from the 2015 release, they could use the brighter colours and colour the lenses yellow. Again, such a minor thing that it will never happen, unless I guess they wanted to do it in some sort of Store Exclusive 2 or 3 pack. And hey, at least it sort of gives people another shot at Classic costume Jessica Spider-woman instead of resorting to scalpers. - Modern Jessica Drew Spider-woman Costume(You called it "All New All Different"): If or when Hasbro ever does make this figure, I hope they give it removable glasses, similar to the recent Captain America Legends Modern Mockingbird figure. Could make the figure more desirable if it allows you to have a unmasked Jessica Drew figure, especially for head swapping purposes on the 2015 Spider-woman figure(Especially for those who aren't fans of the modern costume). From the number of photos of comic book art I've seen, sometimes, the glasses look like normal glasses while other times, it looks like there is something extra on the top part of the glasses(It's not much, but it does make a difference). It would be cheaper for Hasbro to just repaint the Mockingbird glasses(Which I would be totally be okay with), but I suppose they could spend the money on the glasses with the extra stuff. Or give fans both glasses so that fans can pick an choose her look, especially since they would be small accessories anyways. - Pregnant Modern Jessica Drew Spider-woman Costume: Most likely Never going to happen, especially if certain groups go all fussy over it, even more so if it ended up on the 6:00p.m. News on a slow news day(I seem to recall people freaking out about Pregnant Barbie Doll from the late 1980's or 1990's). The only way it would really work is as a either Online or Convention Exclusive of some sort for a limited run. Still give it the removable glasses. Having said that, if they ever did do a "Baby Bump Female" mold, they could maybe re-use it for Susan Storm, Crystal, Medusa, Jessica Jones, and any other female Marvel character when they were pregnant. Or if they are really lazy, for a over weight female character.
  4. I personally think the set is neat as it is. Bit pricy in Canada, but then again, it's no different than if you bought 3 x 6" Marvel Legends figures in Canada. My only grips of the set are: - Nick Fury should of came with the Cosmic Cube/Teseeract, especially since this figure has the same hand that the 6" Legends Red Skull from The Winter Solider line came with in order for that figure to hold his Cube(In which they gave the Red Skull a new hand for him to hold). To make it sweeter, maybe even include a Suitcase to store the Cube in(Just like in the opening part of the 1st Avengers movie). Would of given people another chance to get the Cube for their 6" figures. Maybe also give Fury a Missile Launcher similar to what he used in the movie. - There should of been 1 Hand Gun for all 3, instead of just 2 guns in the set. Just makes sense since they are all Agents, to have at least 1 sidearm for each of them, even if Colseon comes with the Destoryer Blaster. - After reading a review of the set at OAFE, I would have to agree that they should of put a good amount of weapons in the set, to help add value to it. Kind of also make the 3 Pack a Weapon Pack as well. Other than that, I do think it's still a cool set.
  5. A_Spidey_Fan

    Marvel Programming In Canada.

    For Easter 2015 Weekend, Showcase will be showing some Marvel theme movies(All times are in Eastern Time Zone, so please check your local listings): (1.) Captain American: The First Avenger will be on Saturday, April, 4, 2015 from 2:00p.m.-4:30p.m., 7:30p.m.-10:30p.m., and Late Saturday night/Early Sunday morning at around 1:00a.m.-3:30a.m. (2.) Thor will be on Sunday, April, 5, 2015(Easter Sunday) at 5:00p.m.-7:30p.m., and Monday, April, 6, 2015(Easter Monday) at 1:30p.m.-4:00p.m. (3.) The Avengers will be on Late Easter Sunday/Early Easter Monday at around 2:30a.m.-5:30a.m., as well as on Easter Monday at 10:30p.m.-1:30p.m. and 4:00p.m.-7:00p.m.
  6. Only need 1. I do like the idea that you can use the figure as 3 different people. Will most likely stay as JJJ. Hammerhead, I'll just swap Jameson's head out, since it would be rare for the 2 of them to be together. Chameleon however might be difficult since he has impersonated Jameson from time to time, so there has to be an interaction between them. Maybe I'll get a loose ML based body, and try and customize/repaint to a look similar to the 1990's Spider-man cartoon series look..
  7. 1st off, I want to say that the Marvel Select Movie Black Widow for the Age Of Ultron line looks really nice. My question is does anyone know if there is going to be a variant when he suit has some "Tron"-esque light blue so that it represents light up affect on it? Maybe as a Disney Store Exclusive? Granted, I know at Toy Fair, there was sign that said it wasn't the final product, but I am wondering. If you look at Hasbro's 4" and 6" Movie Black Widow for Age Of Ultron, they both have some light blue on the suit, especially around the knee pads, unlike the Marvel Select veriosn. I was wondering if Marvel Select is going to be doing a similar figure, because do like that blue effect on it.
  8. A_Spidey_Fan

    X-men Legends

    I hope Hasbro doesn't plan on doing any Swaps or Varaints for this TRU Exclusive Wave(Can't really see it happening for a Store Exclusive, but you never know). But if they decide to do so, I hope that Modern Rogue that was suppose to come out in the 2013 The Wolverine Legends line is 1 of the figures. At least you only need 4 out of the 5 figures to build Modern Jubilee, which is why I will most likely pick the 4 needed. I really like the Modern Jubilee look. I'll consider Wolverine when I see it in person. Also nice that this TRU Store Exclusive wave isn't a fully 6-8 figure wave as well. The deco of the Unmasked Wolverine's costume I think should of been used on the Masked Wolverine figure back in 2013's The Wolverine Legends line. The 1 from The Wolverine Legends always to me looks incomplete because he doesn't have the X logos on him. It looks like Wolverine has a piece of rubber or plastic being used to represent him being unmasked. If that plastic/rubber piece is removable when you pop the head off, then that will make me wonder why Hasbro didn't just put in a extra swapping Masked head for Wolverine so that fans of this costume can have a masked and unmasked look. Course, I can't rule out that this will cause people to buy last year's Wolverine figure just to get the Masked Head(Something I'm thinking of do if I do pick up the TRU Exclusive Wolverine).
  9. A_Spidey_Fan

    Avengers: Age of Ultron 3.75" Figures

    For the possible 4" Avengers 2 line, I'm currently more curious if they are going to be doing a Quinjet for the line, reguardless if a Quinjet is in the movie or not, let alone if it's a new design or reusing the 1st Movie design. If a Quinjet is going to be in it, I hope that they actually make it so that you can store 4-6 figures Inside The Jet. I don't care if it's a new mold or remodifying the 1st Avengers Movie Quinjet by removing the roof missile launchers feature to put a compartment to seat a few more figures. 1 figure in the cockpit, 1 at the back area, and 2-4 in the middle. Already, you can have a small team of Avengers inside the jet it's self. 1 thing I did like about the 1st Movie Quinjet was that it had a clip on at the left side of the cockpit so that you could clip a flying character to make it look like that flying character(Say Iron Man) was flying beside it. If Hasbro makes a Quinjet for Avengers 2, then they should expand on that and have 2 clips on each side, so that you can have 2 flying characters clip on to make it look like they are flying besides the Quinjet. Another feature that was kind of neat on the 1st Movie Quinjet was that it had some footpegs to have a figure or 2 stand on the jet. Granted, it probably does look silly(Like why would a guy be standing on the top of the jet as it's flying), however with a little imaginiation, you can have say a powerful villain figure on top of Quinjet trying to bash or attack it(Since Ultron is going to be the baddie, then you could have Ultron on top of the jet as it's flying, maybe trying to hack in to it's systems, or just trying to rip it apart), or you can say that Iron Man is using some sort of electro magnetic field on his boots, or Spider-man hitching a ride, or what not. So that's something I think they should keep on the Quinjet. So if Hasbro were follow my suggestions, and a Quinjet toy was made for a 4" Avengers 2 line, then fans and kids could get a Quinjet that could probably hold around 8-10 figures, with 4-6 on the inside, 2 on each clip on at the sides of the cockpit, and 1 or 2 at the top of the jet it's self. It would defently be a Team Transport Jet of sorts if they did, instead of going cheap and only have 2 characters inside the jet only.
  10. Thanks for answering the question as best as you can DSTZach. Getting a few articulated 6" figures loose has been 1 of the things I was thinking about. Another option I was thinking about was sculpting some legs for the Hydra soliders, either out of clay or even Play-Dou. I too plan on getting the re-issue Julia Spider-woman/Arachne figure when it comes out later this year. This 1 I regreat not getting when it 1st came out. I do hope maybe in the future, the Jessica Drew Spider-woman could be re-released in a metallic red and metallic yellow deco, perhaps as an exclusive like Disney Store(Though I assume Disney Stores getting her will only happen if Jessica Drew Spider-woman was used in the Marvel Movies).
  11. I have a question for anyone who has any of the more recent Diamond Select Star Trek figures(The 1 where there is no leg articulation but the figures do have swappable legs) and any of the Marvel Select Spider-woman figures and/or variants. All the Select Spider-women's come with 3 pre-posed half Hydra bust like figurines that attact to the bottom of the based that the Spider-women figures come with. Meanwhile for the more recent Diamond Select Star Trek figures/figurines, they all have a bottom part of their body(Legs down) that can be separated and swapped with other recent Diamond Star Trek figures, to give the figures a different pose. My question is can you use the legs of the recent Select Star Trek figures on any of the Hydra bust like figurines from any of the Select Spider-woman figures? The reason I ask is because if they can, then maybe people could be able to customize 3 fully body non-posable Hydra soliders for display purposes, which would be welcome news for me when I get 1 of the Select Spider-woman's.
  12. A_Spidey_Fan

    Figure Gimmicks

    Fro 4" figures, it depends on the action feature, how it's done, how it's sculpted, if it's a simple to use and effective, how much articulation is lost, and(More importantly) does it make sense for the character. Iron Man and Cyclops having light up features(Chest on Iron Man, eyes at Cyclops) makes sense, so long as they don't loose most of their joints(Cyclops may only be able to turn his head side to side, but other than than, he should loose his other joints. Iron Man may loose waist joint, but he can still have his other joints like a ball jointed head, arms, etc). Spider-man only for his eyes to repersent his Spider-Sense(Again, same like Cyclops). Brawlers like Hulk can have features similar to He-man's "Thunder Punch" or if their hands are big enough, Spring like "Kung Fu Grips"(Similar to the 2008 Hulk Movie line where Grey Hulk had it, or 8" G.I. Joe Sigma 6's 2007 figures), but still have a good # of joints. Glow In The Dark can be neat(For the 4" The Amazing Spider-man line, there were 3 TRU Exclusive figures repainted with Glow In The Dark paint parts on them). Squeeze leg activated features could work so long as the legs and/or enough of the other joints are still there, and the feature is done well. Water Colour change could be neat, just choosing the right character for it(Maybe Absourbing Man could work here). After the whole Magnets situation back around 2008 or so(Were kids were swallowing some strong magnets toys), I don't think we'll see Magnets in toys again, at least not anytime soon. It's when they do action features that either don't make sense for either the character(Why would Wolverine had light up eyes?), aren't done too well, and/or seriously effects the figure's sculpt and/or articulation(For the 5" Spider-man 3 Movie line, there was a Kraven The Hunter figure, but it was pretty much crappy looking because you could see the action feature part on his leg not hidden well. Plus, from what I've heard, the whipping action didn't work at all). At any rate, doing action features on 4" scale action figures can really be tricky, but with some strong design and innovative thinking, it's possible that it can be done. Toy Biz has shown that 6" figures with action features can really be nicely done, and still be very well sculpted and have a very good # of joints. Perfect examples was their 6" Lord Of The Rings lines, some various X-men lines, and some of the various Spider-man lines(Ultimate Rhino and Mystero are good examples). Of course, where there are good ones, there was also some really crappy ones, esepically where over time, the action feature actually runions the figure(Such as those with a rubbery face where you push the button, their mouth/jaw opens. If that rubber doesn't hold up after a while, the action feature is going to tear up and damage the face of the figure. Figures like this included Movie Sabertooth and Mobrius, however these figures were still nicely articulated). Hasbro has done a few 6" Action Feature based figures, and some of them are either on the okay side, or really crappy. Comic Book Venom has a squeeze a leg and he moves his arms up and down as his wips around his wips, but he still has some moveable joints(Not Super Articulated, but he has ball jointed head, arms, elbows, legs a bit, wrist, and I think simple knees). This is kind of okay for me. I'm surprised they haven't done a Comic Book Whiplash like this yet. But I've seen some others that don't look too well, including Movie Avengers Hulk(His mouth opens and he kind of moves his arms up and down but not too well).
  13. For the BAF Jubilee wave, anyone knows if you have to buy 3 or 6 figures to complete her? Because if it's just 3(Like say the 3 Villian figures that each have a variant), I might be okay with it, but it's all 6, I'm not sure. I remember how hard it was for me to finally build Terrax when I decided I wanted both Variant Commander Rogers and Stealth Iron Man instead of the regular verisons, and how much of a pain that was to finally complete(Normally, I don't buy all the figures of a BAF wave, unless I get like 4 or 5 out of 6 figures, and I get some of the figures at a good price). For Wave 3 Iron Man 3 line, defently going to want Pepper Potts as Rescue. That said, I'm surprised they haven't released that 6" Whiplash figure they showed a prototype of back in 2010. For Captain America: The Winter Soilder, defently going to want Movie Black Widow and Comic Book Modern Baron Zemo. Will consider Movie Winter Soilder, and Cap's costume in the movie, but I still need to see what the 4" verisons are going to look like 1st, because if those look good enough, I'll get those. For Spider-man, that Classic/1980's-1990's Black Cat does look really nice. I wonder if they are going to do a variant of Black Cat where they replace the black with blue, because in that Classic costume, they sometimes either colour it dark blue in the comics, or some statues sometimes make it a shinny blue. Or even do a variant were it's the modern costume? Will decide on Black Cat once we get more details, probably by Toy Fair 2014. Really do hope they keep their promise on releasing the variant figures of the various waves, and that they consider keeping the Build A Figure piece(Though to be honest, if they did that, that would mean they would have to consider re-releasing the other figures that make up the Build A Figure for those waves). Otherwise, it sounds like they may instead just release them without the Build A Figure pieces as singles or 2 packs. It wouldn't necessary affect me, but I do know that it would upset a lot of people. An example of this was in DCUC, they had a wave with Hawkgirl and Gentleman Ghost who were shortpackage/hard to find, as they had pieces to complete Giganta. Mattel did re-release them in a V.S. 2 pack, but many people were upset that they didn't come with the 2 Build A Figure pieces to complete Giganta(Which to me, doesn't make sense with one 2 pack, unless you were doing 2 packs of all the other figures in that wave, or re-release the other figures of the wave as singles. Otherwise, you only have one 2 pack with 2 BAF pieces, but the single figures are no longer around or hard to find). Maybe Hasbro should also consider re-releasing those Wal-mart Exclusive Marvel Movie 6" figures in some format, but this time, in regular retail(Best option, but maybe for a wave with no Build A Figure pieces), or as a different store exclusive (Not Wal-mart, but maybe this time as Target or Toys R Us Exclusives). Maybe use the 2 Caps and Nick Fury(1st movie and Avengers) in the Winter Soilder Movie line(Maybe with no Build A Figure pieces for those who already got them), and if they do decide to do a Thor Movie line, a repainted Thor in 2nd move colours with a swappable head(Build A Figure Piece), and Avengers Loki in both Avengers(No Build A Figure piece unless they decide to do variants) and Movie 2 colours(Build A Figure Piece).
  14. A_Spidey_Fan

    Marvel Programming In Canada.

    Showcase will be showing some Fox produced Marvel based movies on Saturday, July, 27, 2013-Sunday, July, 28, 2013. 1st, 2005's Fantastic 4 movie will be on Saturday, July, 27, 2013 at 1:30p.m.-3:30p.m.and late Saturday, July, 27, 2013 night/early Sunday, July, 28, 2013 morning at around 12:30a.m.-2:30a.m. As well, 2006's X-men: The Last Stand will be on Saturday, July, 27, 2013 at 3:30p.m.-6:00p.m. and 10:00p.m.-around 12:30a.m., and late Saturday, July, 27, 2013/early Sunday, July, 28, 2013 at around 2:30a.m.-5:00a.m. I'm assuming Showcase is showing this 3rd X-men movie to help set the stage for viewers who decide to go watch The Wolverine in theatres(Movie comes out Friday, July, 26, 2013 thought). Here are 2 links from the Showcase website, with the 1st to their Fantastic 4 website, and the 2nd to X-men: The Last Stand site: - http://www.showcase.ca/showDetail/115913/FantasticFour - http://www.showcase.ca/showDetail/148547/X-MenTheLastStand
  15. A_Spidey_Fan

    What would you ask Hasbro?

    These are my questions. Use whatever ones you wish to use: (1.) For the 4" Marvel Universe line, would you consider doing some vehicles, even some small ones? For characters like Ghost Rider, he seems incomplete withouth his Hellcycle. How about for small vehicles like Motocycles, do something similar to the Movie lines, where you have a Deluxe price point, and have them come with a articulated figure with a small vehicle. Maybe even consider doing 1 wave of 4 different small Fantastic 4 vehicles with articulated figures that combine to form The Fantastic Car if you feel that doing a Fantastic Car in a bigger box isn't an option at this time(At least until Fox's rebooted Fantastic 4 movie comes out). (2.) Are you going to continue doing 5 Points Of Articulation figures for the various Marvel Movie lines(Like Iron Man 3, The Amazing Spider-man, and The Wolverine which is more comic book based but that's beside the point), or are you going to be going back to more articulatied figures(Like the Thor 2 figures that are coming out later this year)? With The Amazing Spider-man 2, Captain America: The Winter Soilder, and X-men: Days Of The Future Past coming out in 2014, and The Avengers in 2015, this is something that has to be seriously address. On a personal level, I do want to point out that I'm okay with the Avengers Movie amount of articulation, however keep in mind that I don't speak for everyone. (3.) X-men: First Class didn't get a dedicated moive line, just a TRU Exclusive Comic Book based line(Which was alright by the way). Is X-men: Days Of The Future Past going to have a dedicated movie line with designs based on the movie(Or even pervious X-men movies), along with some comic book based figures as well? (4.) The 4" Iron Man 3 figures don't have any comic book based figures in the line. And from the few Thor 2 figures that were shown at Toy Fair 2013, it seems to be the same. For the various 4" Movie lines, are you going to continue doing Comic Book based figures, or are you going to no longer do Comic Based figures? Just want to point out that a Movie toyline is usually a bit more better in terms of options and variety of figures if you include some Comic Book and other Source Material(Video games, various cartoons, concept art, even made up stuff sometimes though not always) figures in the Movie line. (5.) If the rumours are true, what's up with the 6" The Wolverine Marvel Legends figures being a Comic Book Store Exclusive? (6.) A while back, some pictures of a 6 pack for the 4" Iron Man 3 line showed some very well articulated figures, which includes Movie Marks I-III, VI, 42, and a Tony Stark figure. Is this going to be an exclusive and if so, what store exclusive is it? Also, since there is a 4" Tony Stark figure, will there be a 6" Tony Stark figure that's similar to this as well? (7.) So back around 2011 or 2012, Hasbro had to fire a # of people, and got some new people for their various brands, which from the looks of things, included Marvel, Star Wars, and G.I. Joe, considering the cost cutting measures that have happened in those lines(4" Star Wars, Marvel Movie and G.I. Joe Movie figures having less articulated figures for example, along with the infamous Marvel Bonkazoinks). It seems that whenever something similar like this happens, there always seems to be an excuse of a Learning Curve, but my question is Why Would There Even Be This Learning Curve In The 1st place? Even if the people working on these brands are new, shouldn't they have data that states the Standards that they are expected of their work, and know what sells as an action figure and what doesn't. Even with this day and age of the Internet, a few quick looks at some of the message boards and Youtube video reviews could give them some data, even if they never join any of them. At the recent Joecon, the Joe team stated that they realize it was a mistake to have the vehicles come with less articulated figures, eventhough something similar to this happened back around early 2000's when G.I. Joe had just come back to retail, and again back then, the Joe Team(Who I assume maybe different from today's team) realize it was a mistake to put lower articulated Joe figures out. Isn't there some sort of Minimum Standard for each brand that reguardless of if it's old or new people coming into the brand, that they must either aspire, abide, or even surpass, all based on your data and your own personal history in selling action figures(Esepically when you look at your history with G.I. Joe)? (8.) Not a question, but a suggestion. When Avengers 2 comes out, can you either make a new Quinjet mold, or at least modify the Quinjet from the 1st Avengers Movie line to fit a few more figures Inside it? The cockpit and the back dock areas are a good place, but I think maybe some carpartment in the middle of the jet to hold around 2-4 more figures inside the jet would be ideal. If you are modifying the 1st Movie Quinjet, I suggest maybe removing the roof missile launchers, and replacing that with a capartment to hold a few more figures. This way, you have a Quinjet that can hold at least a small team of Avengers. Speaking of The 1st Movie Quinjet, I thought having foot pegs on the roof of the jet was weird at 1st, then then thought it was kind of neat in terms of options of display(Either having something like Thor landing on the roof of the jet similar to the movie, or even having a villain figure be on the roof of the jet attacking it to add some play value), so keeping that wouldn't be an issue I think. As well, I thought it was neat that you had 1 clip on for flying characters(Like Iron Man) to give the idea that the flying character is flying beside the jet. However I do suggest that for Avengers 2's Quinjet, that you have 2 clips for flying characters, 1 on each side, to add more playability. This way, you can give the illusion of 2 flying characters beside the jet, and if you make a Quinjet that can hold about 4-6 figures Inside it, kids can have a good size team of Avengers ready to go into battle all on the Quinjet(Add about 2 more with the foot pegs on the roof, and the team is now a size of 6-8 characters).

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