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  1. Thanks for answering my question. Again, it's only because most 1st Appearance Spidey figures usually have a Red Spider, so to find out that it was Blue all along, is kind of a neat tibit for me. I currently don't have a 1st Appearance Spidey in my collection(Regardless if it's 4" or 6"), only because I've never felt the need for it, though I will admit, that 4" Marvel Legends 5POA Retro 1, I may consider, only because I think it's kind of unique how they did the web wings on that figure. Having said that, I will admit, this 6" with the Blue Spider at the back, sort of interests me, and would help stand out a bit more than my other 6" Spidey's, so I could consider it. We'll see. I like how this classic style Moon Knight has 2 swapping heads, so that you can have either the White Mask, or the Black Mask. I personally don't view Moon Knight as someone that I would get multiple versions of, at least in 6" scale, as I've really like the kind of modern armoured look, and even that Disney+ Series Mummy look. His business suit look isn't too bad, but I don't feel the need to get it, unless I want a pure white business suit for swapping head reasons. And for the record, I don't have any Moon Knight figures at this time. But the fact that it has 2 swapping different colour masks, I will admit, has me interested as well, enough to consider it as a maybe. All I know if this was maybe 2 or 3 years ago, before the price increases, these would of been "Strongly Consider" instead of "Maybe Consider". Can't blame you on that. There are times where I get a figure, only for them to do a minor upgrade a year or 2 later, and I will usually not double dip(Example: I got the 1st Ben Reliey 1990's Scarlett Spider in the regular Marvel Legends line, and then a few years later, they re-released it with a bit of a better deco, but also the unmasked Ben head, and I had to declare that I wouldn't double dip just for the Ben swapping head). Will admit for me, it may depend on the characters if I may double dip on the same costume but I can make exceptions, including if 1 has painted details and the other has sculpted(Think Captain America, and 1 having sculpted chainmail, and the other is painted), if it's been a good few years since I got a figure in a specific costume(Even more so if it's a better head sculpt, more accessories, and/or added a decent amount of joints), if feel there is a actual need or if I'm just happy with the older figure, if the new release is in a multipack that has a figure I really want, etc. 1 trap that I've so far haven't fallen for, is buying new Single release figure in the same costume of 1 I already have just because the new figure has Pin-Less Joints. They may get me with a Multipack if the Multipack has a figure or 2 I really want(That has already sort of happened with the Renew Your Vows 2 Pack, as I only really wanted the MJ as Spinneret figure, as the Pin-less Spidey was just a added bonus for something I didn't really need, but was okay to get), but not a Single Pack, at least so far.
  2. Quick Question: Did Spidey's costume in his 1st appearance in Amazing Fantasy#15 had the Blue Spider logo at his back? Only asking because other 1st Appearance Spidey figures usually have a Red Spider, so I always assumed it was Red. Unless in the comics, there were 1 or 2 Panels in that instead of Red, the colourist made it Blue. But just curious really.
  3. Or use a Black Sharpie if you want to go cheap. As for Ben Reilly's 2nd/Beyond Corp. Spider-man Suit from a just pervious comic book storyline about a year or 2 ago, I like that they are doing it, as it's 1 I will strongly consider(I mean, if it wasn't for the price hike, I would of said for sure). However, I keep thinking that the suit is more Red and Blue, not Red and Black. I mean, I guess it really depends on the colourist on how they handle blue and black sometimes, but still. Depending on how I feel and after I check out some reviews, I may just hold out until they re-release it again in Red and Blue(Or Red and Blue with the front logo done in Black if anything). We'll see. Also, is that Dr. Doom the 1 from Secret Wars where he gets the Beyonder's powers? Because I'll strongly consider it if it is, and it comes with some swapping heads for Doom(Like Handsome head and maybe a scar head).
  4. Just wanted to add in that the only other thing missing is at least swival wrist joints at least as well, but I'm still okay with these. Seems like the normal Spidey might have a Boot Cuff Joint as well. In terms of designs, I'm curious if they'll back track and do some pervious MCU based ones, or if this will only focus on both Comic Book designs and designs based on more upcoming movies. I'm still looking forward to checking out some of these as some more characters(Granted, limited amount I would think at this time), designs, and/or decos come out. Either way, these still seem like they have a good amount of articulation, and are not 5POA. I mean, they even had knee joints, something that some of those basic/cheaper/kiddy 6" lines didn't have. I was okay with basic leg joints, but having no knees was enough to tell myself not to even consider most of them(Though I did pick up a few at very cheap prices). Again, if Hasbro decides to do 4" G.I. Joe in Mass Retail again, they would also need wrist joints, even if they are just swival. In regards to ankle joints, I'm always concern that once those joints go, then the figure will no longer stand, even if they have figure stands for them, even more so for 4" figures. I would say the same for older 6" Marvel Legends figures from the ToyBiz era, as well as some early Hasbro(Most more recent Hasbro Marvel Legends seem to have ratchet ankle joints as far as I can tell, so I'm not as concern for those). So that's why I feel for these at least, I'm okay with no ankle joints.
  5. Just a fair warning: As far as I know, that Half Regular/Half Symobite Spidey with the black Web, it never got released in that same way/deco. It was only released as the Regular Suit. I know as I was desperately looking for that 1 when the line came out, but sadly, never saw any, nore did I read any reports of it existing in any form, regardless if it was in low numbers, earlier release before a running change happened, a "Chase", etc.
  6. Seems like most are downing this line. I'm personally okay with it. Some characters may seem a bit shorter when compared to their pervious approx 4" versions, but they seem okay. These ones might actually be about 3.75". Yeah, these are more meant to compete with Spin Master's 4" DC and League Of Legends Stuff, and the Jaswares 4" Fortnite stuff, but both those and these Marvel figures are still okay. I do think though the Spin Masters League Of Legends and Jaswares Fortnite stuff do have more joints than the Spin Masters DC and these Marvel figures though. In regards to articulation, yeah, they aren't Super Articulated, but they are still well articulated. I think they have the right amount of joints to make them decently poseable enough. I think the only thing missing really is the waist joint, and probably the Swival bicep joints. Otherwise, still good enough for me at least. From this wave, I might consider Miles, only because I don't have a 4" Miles(I have 4" of the other characters already). We'll see how the character selection goes down the road, but I wouldn't hold my breath of a huge character universe selection like how the pervious 4" Marvel Lines did it. If we are lucky, some characters may get this 4" treatment if they end up in a MCU movie or a future cartoon series. Right now, besides some of the more well known Spidey Villains, various Marvel Villains I can see happen include Thanos, Loki, and Kang at least. Dr. Doom, even if he hasn't had a MCU version yet, I can also see, only because Hasbro has done a few Doom figures in the 6" Kiddly lines. If these had came out when the Black Widow movie came out, I'm sure we would of seen a classic inspired Taskmaster figure as well, but nowadays, can't say for sure. In a unrelated noted, I do think if Hasbro decides to do 4" G.I. Joe in Mass Retail again, they might consider using these as the basis of it, though I would say their G.I. Joe would need waist joints, and ball jointed biceps at least.
  7. Disapponted that they didn't do a normal size approx 6" Cassie. I don't mind here Giant Form being the BAF, but it's weird we don't get her in 6" scale at this time. I suspect if anything, they will release a 6" Cassie later on, as I suspect it will be in a Mulitpack of sorts. I wager a 2 pack with Scott Lang Ant-man, unless they go left field and give us Hank Pym and/or Janet Pym, and make it a 3 Pack with them. Or a 3 Pack with Scott, Kang, and her. But I suspect it will more be 2 pack with Scott. I do like this Scott Lang Ant-man's design. I need to check out my collection, but I don't remember if I bought the a regular size 6" MCU version or not(I still have stuff I haven't opened in years). I don't remember if Civil War had a regular 6" one or not but I feel I would of gotten it if they did, however I know they had his Giant Man form. I passed on the 1st Ant-man Movie, as well as the Ant-man And The Wasp(Didn't like the smirk look on his face), as I don't think Endgame had a 6" figure as well. At any rate, going to Pass on Ant-man 3 Scott at this time, only because there is a part of me that really thinks they are going to put him in a 2 Pack with Cassie. We'll see. Nice little updates with Wasp, but I'm okay with the 1 I got in Ant-man And The Wasp, as I think I would only want the Short Hair head of Hope. Not enough of a reason for me. Kang is a must have for me, even more so after I missed out on the recent Comic Book 1. The design is pretty fateful to the comics, and I like the added cape to the figure, as it gives up a "Conqueror" look to him even more. I suspect though they may decide to re-release Kang with a non-blue head down the road, but I'm okay without it, as Blue is Kang to me. Don't need Ultron(I'm okay with the 1 released back during Iron Man 3), but it's good for those who missed out on the Classic Look. Egghead looks nice, as he is a maybe for me. I know nothing about Crossfire(May have to do a bit of research on him), but he seems like a really cool design villian, enough to put under "Strongly Consider".
  8. I personally won't mind this figure down the road, as I'm familiar with whatever Marvel V.S. Capcom video game it's from. Already got the 1990's Animated version, and I'm okay with it being a repaint. Though I have to admit, maybe having a Rohodes Head would of been nice as well, since the 1990's Animated Version gave us a Stark head. If anything for anyone wanting to find a justified reason to put it in their Iron Man Hall Of Armoury, with the Black and Blue colour scheme, you can always re-purpose it as a sort of Stealth Armour version of the 1990's Modular Armour, instead of having it as a War Machine Armour. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Modular Armour was never in Stealth related colours in the comics, but still a fun visual look if anything. Mind you, if Hasbro Really Wants an Excuse to repaint the 1990's Modular Armour in different colours(Regardless if it's as Iron Man or as War Machine), there were other colour variations to the suit colours, as I could see them do so under the Gamerverse Banner, a Single Pack for the 1990's Iron Man Cartoon series, or as exclusives for Stores if they all of a sudden need their own Iron Man Variant figure(Suspect the Silver and Red Iron Man would end up as Target Exclusive, and the Blue and Yellow Iron Man would end up as a Wal-mart. Maybe 2 Tone Green War Machine as Walgreens). Though I'd hope they only do this mold only once every year or 2 years at least moving on, just to give us a bit of a break from the mold. Here are some links from a Wiki call Super Combo, with pics on Iron Man and War Machine's variant colours as reference: - https://wiki.supercombo.gg/w/File:Mvc2-Ironman.png - https://wiki.supercombo.gg/w/File:Mvc2-warmachine.png I highly doubt I'd buy them all(Maybe the 2 Tone War Machine Green Armour, and the 2 of the Iron Man ones), but still a neat option for Hasbro if they really needed an excusive to re-release the mold again.
  9. In regards the Teen Franklin and Valeria Richards 2 Pack: Count me in the group that would of preferred more Kid verisons than Teens. Having said that, nothing wrong with Teens, just would of preferred kids(Watch, about 2 years from now, they do the kids version, and it will be a Convention Exclusive of sorts, with the rest of the Fantastic 4 and Dr. Doom). If my funds for this year warrant it, I'll strongly consider this 2 Pack. I haven't followed the comics for a long time, but I could of swore that within the last decade I guess, there have been some Time Travelling or alternate dimensions of the Teen/Adult versions of the characters arriving at Modern times, sometimes interacting with their younger counterparts, other times interacting with the 4 or even Dr. Doom. I think 1 comic had Adult Franklin interacting with his younger self and warning him of something, telling him not to tell his parents that it is him, just before Sue came in thinking that Adult Franklin was a treat, ready to protect her younger son. And I think there was another comic(I think during the Future Foundation era), where Doom was saying that he pretty much was about to become a god of some sort on an alien planet/dimension, only to say that it was beneath him, as a teen/adult Valeria gave her Doom(Who I believe sees Doom as her uncle) a peck cheek(Well, cheek part of the faceplate, but you get the idea). You can always say that this 2 pack are 1 of those time travelling versions of the characters if you are having a hard time putting them in your collection. Another consideration is that while maybe not the right costumes, but I suppose they could also work as MC2(The world of May Day Parker as Spider-Girl) versions of the characters as well(Though I don't know if in the Spider-Girl universe/timeline, if they were still in their teens or early adults). For those who provided explination on Franklin's black hair: Thank you for explaining it. I would of been puzzled as to why he had Black Hair instead of Blonde. Having said that, regardless if it's Comic Accurate or not, I think Hasbro should of still included a Blonde Hair Swapping Head, for those who want a more, I guess, "Proper" Teen Franklin Richards(If that makes sense to anyone). If I get this 2 Pack(My toy funds this year so far are not going to be as good as it used to be due to person issues in life), if down the road, I find a loose Franklin or even just the head on it's own at at good price, get the loose figure/head and just paint the hair yellow.
  10. For me personally, I'm okay with the Zemo I got from the Winter Solider Movie wave(Build A Shield Mandroid) from years ago. But if I didn't get that, I would of wanted this Zemo. I do like that it is a more Classic looking version of this version of Zemo(Not counting his father/grandfather, depending on how often things get retcon), especially the colours used. I suppose if I ever did get this 1 though, I would use the old ToyBiz as the Grandfather, this version as his Son, and the Mandroid Wave as the current/modern day Zemo(His grandson). At least in my city in Canada, most of the Walgreen Exclusives have shown up as EBGames/Game Stop Exclusives, however some look to only have 1 shipment and you never see it again(Like the Silver Surfer from years ago).
  11. I think some would say that the recent Animaniacs is a good example of a show that's been gone since the late 1990's/very early 2000's, only to come back around 2020 or 2021. From the little bit I've seen and from comments I've read online, it feels like the recent Animaniacs series is a continuation that took a approx 20 years Hiatus before it's return, instead of an entire new series. Though I do wish they gave some focus on some of the other characters in this new series(Like Slappy The Squirrel, Buttons And Mindy, The Good Feathers, etc.), instead of just focusing on the Warner Bros and Sister, along with Pinky And The Brain(Though I do understand why they focus on those because they are the most well known or popular ones from the original series).
  12. While I love 6" Marvel Legends, I still miss the various super/well articulated 4" Marvel figures that Hasbro produced over the years. How I usually treated the 2 scales was that 6" of characters in either my favourite costumes/looks, most of the time "Modern"(At the time), and/or character's design had more details that got brought out more in the 6". The 4" scale figures were most of the time either "Classic" costumes(Up to before the 2000's at least), a decent amount of "Ultimate Marvel" looks, costumes/looks/designs that I either am only okay with or not a fan of(Like 1st Apperaence Wolverine. I never wanted a 5" or 6" figure of that, but a 4" figure is fine since it's smaller), and/or characters who I am not a huge fan of but still want a figure of just to have them. Of course, other times, it was whatever was available in whatever scale, and what I could get. As well, for different takes on certain costumes, I liked the different scales. For example, I have the Comic Book Silver Centurion Iron Man figure in 4" scale, and if Hasbro ever does the Iron Man 3 Movie version of the Silver Centurion Armour, I would like to get that. I have a modern 6" Jubliee(Which is what I wanted for my 6" X-men), but if had done a more classic 1990's Jubliee figure in the 4" scale, I would of loved to have gotten that for my 4" X-men. For Firestar, I got the Classic look in the 4" scale, as I would hope down the road, the 6" scale figures does a look or 2 from the 1990's(Leather Jacket, yellow glasses, etc.). For World War II Cap, I have a 4" Ultimate Cap, and a The First Avenger Cap from the Peggy Carter 2 pack for 6". For Deadpool, even if they are both Red and Black, there designs of my 4" and 6" versions are different looking. For Mysterio, I have the Comic Book look for 4", and the Far From Home Movie look for 6". Of course, for some characters, I got the same costumes and looks in both scales(Like Dr. Doom, Spidey in his standard Red and Blue look, and Black And Gold Wasp), but that's fine, as some characters didn't have different standard looks. What I loved about the 4" was that they sometimes went unique with the decos, which included the "Comic Book" shadows/shading, some metallic looks on some Black Suit Spidey's, and what not. And I the various Multipacks they did, which for me, were usually good value, and help amass a decent amount of figures fast at good prices(At the time). A good amount of my 4" Marvel Universe figures are from Multipacks/Comic Book 2 Packs more than single figures. Not a super fan of the "Retro" style 5POA 4" figures, though I do like that their heads are on a ball joint, and that the heads seem to be nicely sculpted, meaning you might be able to put those heads on some of the older 4" figures. That Spidey head from the line I think has to be the best 4" head for Spidey. But what really kills me about these Retro figures, is that they cost about $18-$20 Canadian, which is the same prices as the Wal-mart Exclusive 4" G.I. Joe Retro line, and the Super Articulated 4" Star Wars: Black Series figures. I mean, I could be more forgiving if they were around $10-$13 Canadian(Which is the average price of the 5POA Star Wars figures), bit $18 Canadian is just too much for these. Will say that during those times after Marvel Universe ended and become Infinite Series and 4" Marvel Legends, I was surprised they didn't re-release the Jim Lee Rogue from that MU X-men Boxset.
  13. Going to want to get Dormammu, Arcade, and AIM Scientist Surpereme. I am wondering if the BAF Dormammu head can fit on this body or not? But even if it doesn't, I want to get it. AIM Surpreme is going to look good with the rest of the AIM 2 pack I got. And Arcade, well, I only really know him from the old SNES Spider-man X-men: Arcade's Revenge video game, so I kind of want to get him just for that. And let's face it, unless Arcade is used in a future movie or cartoon series, I highly doubt we'll ever see another Arcade figure again(Unless Hasbro decides to repaint/redeco the figure down the road, either in the Vintage style packaging, "Fan" or Store Exclusive, multipack, etc.). I kind of get a Kevin Bacon vibe with 1 of his heads. I may consider Red Skull in order to get a more classic look of the character, but it's not a high on my list, so I'm okay with leaving him. Even more so since 6" Marvel Legends figures are now going to be about $33 Canadian, up from around $30 Canadian before hand.
  14. In regards to Rogue using her most well know 1990's Jim Lee inspired costume: "Coming soon from Marvel Legends: Re-issued Jim Lee Rogue, now with Circle Belt Buckle instead of Square Belt Buckle". In all seriousness, while I would probably be okay with a new costume for Rouge, if the artist wants to use Rogue's most well known costume, I'm fine with it. After all, sometimes styles come, go, and then come back again.
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