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  1. The Johnny Blaze ML looks kinda retarded. And his bike looks like a power-wheel or something.
  2. Naw Im not getting angry bro. I just hate when ML are compared to DCUC. They both have their flaws. They are two seperate toy lines made by two seperate toy companies. I agree Mole Man is gay, but atleast they could have made a more modern looking Penguin. Detective Batman looked like he jumped out of the "Super Friends" cartoon. I prefer the Grey/Black Bats since I think it represents the most current realistic portrayal of the character. Superman Blue/Red was a badly conceived plot concept from the 50's or 60's that DC thought would be a good marketing tool to up sales on the Superman titles after the whole Death/Reign/Return/etc of Superman storylines were over... and it failed. They are very well done figures for sure... but who would have even placed them in their top 100 most wanted DC figures? No one. They needed either a Superman or Batman in the wave. Christ... look at DCSH, we had variants of Superman and Supergirl with a different colored "S" shield? Atleast when Hasbro has pulled this it made since i.e. Green Quicksilver. When did Supes ever have black on his "S" shield besides in Kingdom Come and that Supes "S" is styled different and he looks like a grandpa. As far as Batman Beyond being one of the best-selling DCUC... I cannot understand that. That show could not hold a candle to one of the best cartoonds of all time... Batman: The Animated Series. The design and premise of the show was stupid. Not musch different then X-men: Evolution or Spider-Man Beyond or w/e the hell it was called. Guess I am a purest when it comes to comics because besides stories that are one-shot tales of alternate realities like "What-If?" or "Elseworlds" with some exceptions like "The Dark Knight Returns" or "Kingdom Come", I despise non-canon universes i.e. Marvel's Ultimate universe. I am not bashing EITHER lines... I am just saying its not really fair to say one line is doing better then the other or is superior to the other, etc. Sure, Hasbro has had some screw-ups... hell, I was one of the one's that was completely disgusted when I first saw Hasbro's ML's... but they have gotten alot better. If you dont like one of the lines, dont buy it. But dont bash it. And dont be like "Blah-blah Marvel is better than DC" or vice-versa because its bs either way. Enjoy the figures my friends... these are the golden years to be a comic fan and action figure fan!!!
  3. 1) I agree with you regarding all of the Fantastic Four EXCEPT Sue. There has not been a perfect version of her done yet. MAYBE the two pack one will fix that... lets hope it does. 2) You say no more repeats... Negative Zone and FF Costume Spidey??? Six-Arm??? Wanna talk obscure... Old Man Logan. 3) The ONLY version of Havok made was the shitty FA version with the stupid metal rings all over his costume. EVERYONE has been clamoring for a modern version of him. Pretty sure your in the minority here guy.
  4. We cannot honestly say much about the new Juggernaut because that is the one-up and not the final product. As far as his scale... he is obviously kneeling so he could be fairly large. And YES... Spiderman fought Juggernaught atleast 2 times.
  5. I love my FO Hulk but I would be willing to buy a new Hulk if and only if he had fists. No more other versions of Hulk should be released though. Also no more Wolverines. I would love to see one more Spidey put out... one with sculpted webbing over his entire body that is properly painted with McFarlane or JrJr-esque eyes. As far as the FF, just give me a d@mn decent Sue Storm and be DONE with them(hopefully the two-pack one will be). The speedo Namor is way too scrawny. How about an actual GOOD Venom? Hasbro has been trying to give us the T-Bolts version... but they keep mixing up the two different versions. We have a Venom out now wiith the correct Spider emblem, but otherwise looks like the Brock Venom. We have a Venom coming out in the next wave with the correct pupils and even the tail that I have read the Gargan Venom sported at first, but the wrong Spider Emblem. I would love a new Apocalypse correctly scaled... the first one looked like Danny DeVito and the BAF doesnt count. BOTH Red Skulls have more or less sucked so I think it would be nice to get one in a suit as opposed to his Nazi get-up or his stupid FO power-suit or w/e the hell it was. Would love a modern Cable. Both She-Hulks sucked... but the HML2 is so much better looking with the Savage She-Hulk head... if she only had fists she would be the bee's knee's. A Silver Surfer that was properly scaled and that didnt look like some X-Files alien reject would be nice. The ONLY Iron Man that I wish they would make is an actual current armor aka Extremis armor Iron Man. But dude... seriously... DCUC isnt any better. DCUC is DCSH with a different name and C & C figures. EVERY wave has either some form of Superman or Batman or ONE of their main supporting characters that HAS ALREADY BEEN RELEASED IN THE DCSH LINE. I love DCSH and DCUC and I am not bashing the line, but Mattel is not any better than Hasbro honestly. Honestly, who would have picked "Detective Batman" or gay-ass Penguin from series 1 to be made over characters such as Green Arrow a friggin Parademon? Did they need to release another Nightwing when the DCSH was so well-done or another Robin? Did ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT AND SOBER MIND REALLY want Superman Red/Blue??? Batman Beyond and Ares? Come on... Mattel isn't doing any better then Toy Biz or Hasbro man.
  6. The End Hulk is actually one of Hasbro's best figure's that they have ever put out. The paint, details, and even articulation are outstanding... too bad he is so obscure. Nonetheless, quality-wise, he is a great figure. Wendigo is as well.
  7. Its because Marvel's EIC is a tool (Quesada).
  8. Love that custom Warlock by Jin man... considered bidding on it on EBay but it went for WAAAAAY too much.
  9. http://www.thefwoosh.com/forum/viewtopic.p...&start=1110 As requested. The first pic on this page of Sentry fighting Iron Man has the Ka-Zar head on Sentry. Looks outstanding IMO. Doc Samson would be suitable as well. I know someone that makes this head as well as others and will actually make one, paint it, and ship it to you, all for 7 bucks so let me know if anyone is interested. Thats how I am getting my new Sentry head!
  10. F**K no. And I would hope to GOD that if they were ever to be made they would not be included with the regular (616 universe) line of Marvel Legends like those gd $h!++y movie and ultimate figures are.
  11. Already been done... check the Fwoosh forums.
  12. Zombies is just a fun story... but Apes... come on.
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