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  1. revSears

    Avengers Movie: Heroes and Villains

    I'm going to be very strange in my response especailly on the related question of the avengers roster. I love Thor! one of my fav comic characters, but i would love to see avengers done realisticly. I know that Thor is going to be in it but i'd prefer he was out. My dream team would be: Cap, Iron Man, War-Machine(unless the armor isn't around yet, or has been destroyed either way. If is somehowactive in the universe it only makes sense he would be on the team, or at least cameo), Smart Hulk, I could take or leave Giant-man and wasp, Vision as the computer avatar at the base (kinda like Jarvis) and w/ Shield agents: Hawkeye and Black Widow as back ground help. No super powers just a sniper and a spy that are on the team to help keep the heros even more under Fury's Eye. Villain? Ultron. I think A.I. gone bad that can build other robots (think vol 3 w/ all of the ultrons) could be a terrifying villain. He could be building an army. It would be simple to use widow to discover this and report it back to Fury to get the ball rolling. Ultron could even take over Vision. other good ones: Hulk, the team could be formed to take him out. The skrull would be neat but might invlove too much cloak and dagger for a good big budget action flick. Doom and Magneto would both be neat, but aren't going to happen. Zemo would be a stretch but could work. Aleins were done int he ultimate avengers toon movie very well, i don't want to see a live action version of that though, it would cheapen both.
  2. revSears

    It's cold in here and we need Tom-1

    I hate to be the one to point out how wrong you are but... That's the #US1# ADC #US1# you remember
  3. revSears

    ebay changes user names

    Just another reason why Ebay has become the suck. I can remember when they used to sell living chest sets :) i miss the crazy auctions that made no sense and didn't get pulled down that quick.
  4. revSears

    It's cold in here and we need Tom-1

    Thanks Joe but it doesn't look like i'm the one receiving :) We love you Claim!
  5. revSears

    This is not Art

    But it must be done..........artistically. Make a clown do ballet and swan kick him repeatedly in the nuts then as a twist, the clown DOES NOT cry.
  6. revSears

    Skarapz is Getting MARRIED!!!!!!!

    BURN!!! Y'know i've never preformed a wedding like this, but i might just make an exception for you guys. God Bless buddy! I saw it on here awhile back and i'm slacking with my tni visits sorry!
  7. revSears

    It's cold in here and we need Tom-1

    hey Tom! Be Safe out there buddy! It's great to see all us old adcers posting, y'know what this thread needs? a couple of infamous photo shopped pics of clam, anyone still have them? @firedevil@ Btw Blackmada, anyone who remembers me is Naz is at the top of my cool list. Maybe I need to ask JayC to change my name Back. Once i started preaching i threw it out but i've slowly started using it here and there. Just cause it sounds weird, it's for my fellow geeks and nerds, not my congregation.
  8. revSears

    It's cold in here and we need Tom-1

    What's with all these old people that just pop up sporadically and say random things ? :) Btw Dustin, your poems have always terrified me. Glad to see your still around.
  9. revSears

    comics into movies opinion :)

    It's painful to say it guys but comics are for kids. There i said it, and i know it's a shocker. yeah they could do these movies better, stay true to the chars and everything but the truth of the matter is they are only going to put forth enough effort to make money. These are not Artistic films, these are cash cows, they aren't going to overthink these things and the truth is, kids like a giant splash of too much suger in the ceral and i think that is what both X3 and spidy3 were about, craming in as much as they could for the kids so the Kids would go in expecting everything. You just have to get them in one once to sale a ticket don't you? or to buyt he dvd once don't you? Kids will buy the toys before hand, or even after a bad movie. Marketing is simply more important than story telling. Spidy 3 also reaked of Raimi giving execs just what they asked for.
  10. revSears

    X-MEN 4

    X2 didn't really cover a lot of new ground and X3 was pathetic, I think it was on par with the Double Dragon or Mario Bros. movies. To make an X 4 you would need to do several things, most of which are impossible, take the focus of wolverine (who was characterized entirely wrong) and somehow undo a lot of the things done in X3 (Cyclops and Prof X's death at least) that could be done with sinister, or Cable changing the Time-line to set up for an Apoclypse movie, or even Phoniex herself but it would be tricker cause that was the phoneix most of us are thinking about. It was just a split personality. The wolverine push by marvel and probably fox to had a large part in killing the franchise, How can a team function w/o a leader? I understood and accepted the setup in X1 of a Cyc/wolvie combo as the leads and that would have worked perfectly. The leader and the renegade. The wolvie push, has kept me away from x comics for a long time and now the toon too. Just cause he is cool does not make him the star! he can't be everywhere at once... i'm ranting again aren't I?
  11. revSears

    Go to the Movie Section!!!

    please get rid of the wire THANKS! #US1#
  12. revSears


    if i had the net at home, i would post more, but i don't, so oh well. But my big hinderance to posting in the movie forums and others, is the WIRE. I loathe the thing.
  13. revSears

    George Lucas: Jealous windbag??

    IT was silly! no i didn't like the prequals, thought they were silly too but Lucas, as arrow said has done more than that. Even with Their silliness it went well as a set of family films steadily going dark, spiderman set out as a comic adapation and became a comedic adapation, not the way to go in my opinon. But in the end he has just as much right to complain as anyone else.
  14. revSears

    First Look at XMen cartoon

    HAHAHAHAHA! crap! i'm sorry this is why i hate wolverine he is the least intersting part of the x-men and has been made so up front he has killed the whole franchise for me.
  15. revSears

    Spidey 3....

    Some spoilers! It had it's scenes that were beatiful. Especialy the crane scene. BUt overall i'd give this movie a big fat F. I hate to say it but it was highly disapointing and a very big stinker of a movie. Venom never named himself didn't get near enough exposure, if i didn't know who he was, seeing him would have offered 0 interest. Sandman was not important to the story, he slowed it down. THe black suits anger could have been effectivly shown on the goblin rather than murdering sandman. The jazz number was way too over the top. The love story was way overdrawn. Rather than seem crazy Harry just seemed stupid, or high. Brock seemed a little creepy at first but was still not brock in my mind. The damage a single pumpkin bomb could do changed through out the movie. Small burn to harry's face vs. completely vaporize Eddie Brock. Sandman didn't die leaving a dangling plot thread. Way Way Way to much of Peter parker's face showing up in the spiderman suit. Surely someone would have seen him, which btw really hurt 2 for me as well. And finaly the ending was terrible. IT could have been half way redeemed if Peter simply dropped to his knee, held out the ring and said simply "forgive me" It suffered a lot from what x 3 did, lets crame everything in so if we can't make another fans can say they have seen it on screen! I hate to say it but i just think this movie stunk. Hopefully they WON'T make another one. I really these negative reveiws will stop at least some people from going. I would have hoped they learned from x-men. I don't want them to keep making bad movies!

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