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  1. The 3.75 boxset came with her, so it would be a given, imo. EDIT: The Maryjane figure came with her. My bad.
  2. I would like to see the rare figures from the two pack like Dark Phoenix in the wave. However, I would imagine the best of wave being the popular 90s era X-Men figures from the recent wave like Beast, so maybe?
  3. For me, I would like to see a Sp8derman and his Amazing Friebds pack in 6 inch form. I understand that Hasbro did one for the 3 3/4 line years ago, but i would like to see one in the Legends line, possible with a more rectangular iceman and Bobby Drake head.
  4. You know what I mean. The proofs are sent overseas to be used as guidelines for the factories producing the figures.
  5. Incase the video caused a bit of confusion, the Hercules toy shown in the clip is an artist's proof, not a mass produced final. That said, the paint used on the proof isn't illegal - they are the type of paints you can find at your local Hobby shop. The ones found on the massed produced toy is. The making of the video isn't a video on making a finalized toy, but as mentioned above, it is to make an artist's proof or prototype, which is sent to the China as a guideline of how to paint the toy.
  6. Cry yourself a river. People voted for Black Widow because she's a popular female character whose Toy Biz version looked like a strung out heroin addict. One of the worst figures Toy Biz ever made. Deadpool you want yourself, so you really don't have any room to complain about people "voting for things we already had." Valkyrie we didn't already have, so that's a wash. The rest of the characters are Hasbro picks, so the voters didn't really have any control over that. l agree. The reason ppl wanted a new black widow since the previous one was awful, the custom (the actual figure hasbro is making looks a lot better imo; a potentional BC custom) shown for the polls was appealing, and BW is going to be in the new IM movie. The same thing goes for Deadpool even if , say, the Toybiz version was easy to find. There are always goin to be somebody upset with the results of the polll. The polls are done not just for those wants characters that aren't made yet but also those who's previous figs sucked ass or where hard to find.
  7. I think none of the figs have originalbods As for black widow, I think she only has a reused wigg since the HS looks new.
  8. The movie DP is known to have a horrible character design If Hasbro did 6 inch ver of that fig, it would be a peg warmer Hasbro only makes the more sought after movie toys for the 6 inch scale esp how movie figs do not sell a year after a movie comes out The comic ver is one of most heroes in the MU that is in demand I mean the movie ver is easy to find whereas the marvel universe is hard to find Hasbro did a smart move in doin a 6 inch of wade wilison seein how the toybiz fig goes for 60 opened.
  9. Appears that Black Widow has Sheena's wig despite that the headsculpt looks new.
  10. Icons legend ver of Jean Grey sculpture shrunk with movie phoenix hair as Whitephoenix?
  11. Suprisingly the animation seems to be done better than Robot Chicken. Also, I wonder if that fig used is a custom is an upcommin toy. I doubt it since it eppears to be a repainted pyro with a cheaply made helmet: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player...tid=12154189001
  12. With the two pack ver bein made by Hasbro, the orig version might not go for much despite the newer bein a repaint and prob only comes with one transformed hand
  13. Maybe they're leftovers or that somebody have been usin recast parts and a thor buster i.man to make it
  14. The toy lacks any great detail is simply cuz the body was intended to be for a different green hulk fig The body was originally for a Mcguiness style Hulk. Too bad they did not use another body like, for instance, FO Hulk. However, if they did used that body instead, I would assume they have to redo the abs/upperbody since the toy wasn't hollow and I would imagine fans complainin about them using an existing toy as a baf.
  15. He said the toy was hollowed!? LOL I only have the limbs of FFF, so I didn't know he was, but what the review said is quite bias imo. I mean, a lot of the build a figs are hollowed, even the tb figures. For example: Sentinel, Monkeyman, and Pitt are hollowed because it cost a lot to m ake them solid and bein hollow does not make the toy cheaper imo.
  16. l am quite happy I have listened to the clerk in gettin Dragonman rather than Kang. I wanted Kang, but was not sure if that I should and asked the clerk who to get. He told me Dragonman since he is bigger, so I did.
  17. Which type of collector are you? Do you like movin your figures or just display them? If you like to play with your toys, you should get the hasbro one because the tb version's paint scratches off EASILY. If say, you move his arm, some of the paint will scratched off since it does not adhere to the plastic as well as other paint. As for the Hasbro ver, the only bad thing is the lack of diecast(the board) and no magnets. However, you can fix this problem by stickin magnets in the repaint and gettin a TB surfer board. Personally, the hasbro version lookes better just because the applications are smoother and no paint scratches, but the toybiz version is made better for having no pegs on the board and havin magnets on the feet.
  18. one of my fav figs is Captain America that was packed in with red skull.
  19. And Doom Saber is being the stereotypical pervert who has a sex joke as his signature. I've always wanted to say that. BTW-Dont go over my bridge Billy Goats Gruff! At least I am not the one who has a pic of several ml female toys with the caption of calling them "hot." So who is the pervert here??? Calling the kettle black again; you seem to keep doing that. LMAO Also, be original in replyin my comment other than copying me since it shows how unintelligent you are. LOL However, you are not worth my time and I am glad you are banned from posting a few days. Man, it was about freakin' time! Now back to the real topic at hand, if you want the old ml figs online, MARVELFAN, you can also go to http://www.youbuynow.com/search.php?PHPSES...=marvel+legends Hope that helps. And Grog, play with fire and you get burrrrrnnn!!!!
  20. Prefer hasbro over TB since the former is awkward and odd looking. Also, TB version is the first female ml, so it would naturally look worse than the newer one
  21. ML came out 6-7 years ago, when the dude was like 5.. More than anything, the dude is happy to find a Toybiz figure at some nline site that isn't over 30 dollars. The thread is not spam or anythin and the forums is not only for us geeky collectors who has a picture of female action figures as their sigs or ppl with videogame characters as their avatars. Marvelfan, l have some old ml toys misb for retail. If you want any, pm me I personally do not see what the difference if this poster posted about this or if someone who is 30 posted about findin a ml falcon non variant at some website. If he likes Zemo, more power to him. Also, Grog demands attention since he clearly is trollin here so he can act big. Also, MARVELNEWS.com isn't your forum, Grog, it is J's. He wanted this forum to be for kids hence the reason swear words are banned and why I have to change the way I type whenever a kid shows up at the forum's chat.
  22. Grog is just being your stereotypical troll who wants to have the last say and won't stop until you guys stop.
  23. wow. I might buy since the toy will be compatable with the hasbro stuff
  24. I'm the child? You probably got your dad to write that I'f you have not noticed,its just the way i am.Have been for about 2 years (On this board). Its amazing how because i have beaten you,you bring up the "Your a child" card.Bravo.How original. Hypocrisy.Seeing as im going by what the Marvel hand book says,that she hulk is 7 inches,and in her 1st appearance she was considerably thinner than O'brien,the marvel team are wrong? I mean they made the character.Obviously a Dim witted fan knows better than them. Others may have liked her larger,but guess what? She's spot on what her scale in the comics is! Yes,she is. Lets look at your newest post. What relevance does it have to my previous post? Is it because i am right you choose to make a post totally unrelated to the thread? A post saying that i am a child? Is it to make yourself feel better,and take away from the fact that YOU are the child? And,inflammatory language? Where? WTF? Is that it? A term used by people in a daily basis,is inflammatory? News to me. YOU are on the message board,where i clearly arrived before you.Is that another thing? I arrived before you and out of jealousy point the word child in my way? Issues,issues,issues. You may want to visit this site to sort those issues out: Here If you fell for that,you must be an idiot.Every adult in their right mind would never fall for that.Your defeated.I never back down,so the more you reply,the more I reply. stol...borrowed from a different forum: Trolls are easy to spot, they're big, hairy reptiles with horns and teeth and they want to get as big as they can so people pay attention to them because their mothers didn't hug them enough when they were children. Though some trolls use camouflage and can be hard to spot. A forum troll is a person who purposely types something to incite annoyance, trying to get people to fall for their trap to create drama and/or make the thread sink faster than the Titanic (hey, several hours is fast for a thread). EXHIBIT A: (This troll is trying to get people to burn innocent kittens, notice how he is a relatively decent size. He has confidence, but hungers more attention.) EXHIBIT B: (Feeding the trolls is what he wants, because more food makes him bigger and causes more attention to himself. Now he can gather enough energy to charge his laser and cause some destruction if he gets big enough. This is bad.) EXHIBIT C: (When you give your attention ELSEWHERE and not to the troll, he grows hungry, and his power saps and he grows smaller and smaller, powerless! This is exactly what they -don't- want, and they will get smaller and smaller until they poof like Pac-Man after being molested by the red ghost.) Now have fun, and play nice. In other words, Jormungand, do not feed ze troll since he wants a lot of attention unless you feel like messing with him/her/it. In regards to the savage figs, I like how Hasbro is restockin on the toys at their site since it lets a lot of folks to get it.
  25. Nice pics, although I encourage you to see if they have one similar for the Blob Wave, with She-Hulk in it - two of your four images were broken links - was one of those the Blob Wave?. Or simply stand the figures next to each other if you have them. Blob She-Hulk could have been re-used and more importantly, she is scale accurate with other figures in her height range - Thor (Blob or ML 3 Series) 6' 6" and Hercules - 6' 5". Savage She-Hulk is simply a disappointment to those who care about a modicum of scale accuracy. Not to change the subject too much, but the Kazar figure would be a nice mold for other speedo wearing Marvels - can we try Namor again guys? Or how about Arkon? :) There was only 2 images,genius. Blob she hulk reused? No way.Too much detail in it.I'd say you might be the ONLY one to care about the EXACT height of a figure.Your seriously gonna say its an inaccurate figure because its .5 inches off? Seriously.These are figures.Toys.They dont HAVE to be accurate in every single way.It's as accurate as you will ever and would ever get with a FA(First Appearance) She-Hulk. She hulk from the blob wave too detailed!? I don't see how that can be a problem esp how the toy has the same base as Ann O'Brien from the monkeyman series though some parts are different. Besides, they would cover up the outfit with clothin like they did with the other shehulk toys. Not sure about you guys, but Hasbro could have asked Toybiz to get the molds of Conan and Ann O'Brien for the sdcc figs since I think the former is a better figure to use for the loin cloth guy instead of punisher. i think what he is trying to say is that the detials like the costume and the glove and boots will show up in a repaint. They did a repaint with the SDCC 07 She-Hulk but you can see all of hml 2 details. I know what he means but most of the details would be covered up with a cloth outfit. I mean, Savage She Hulk uses the She Devil's body and when you remove the cloth, you can see that she has a jungle bikini on, which is not accurate. Like I said before, Hasbro could have just ask Marvel toys for the Ann O'Brien top and use that instead especially how the toy uses some of the same parts as she hulk. WTF are you talking about? She would need a new figure all together.If they did retool it it would have to be one hell of a retool.They would have to get rid of the Abs since she didnt have that many at the time. They would have to make her chest and neck clear,new hands,new feat,new head.Too much.I dont know but did we ever see what was under her torn dress in the first place? She's hardly naked in the comics.Must be some kind of bikini. And pooda-I was quoting my post instead of typing it all out again replying to GreenLanternPrime. I know WTF I am talkin about, but WTF are you talkin about? REREAD MY last comment since I said they should have used the Obrien body even if the clothing covers up most of the detail. Obivously you haven't seen the Ann Obrien toy. Hasbro can just use thee Obrien torso minus jacket, the shehulk arms and the sdcc hands The Obrien toy is a retooled She hulk and I doubt it is hard for Hasbro to get the molds from Marvel Toys.., so yeah, I know what the WTF I am talking about!!! Before someone tells me that the lbch fig and shehulk does not have the same parts, look again! They have the same upper legs and arms sans the sleves. Obrien arms are double joint though Shehulk has the traditional hasbro ball joints on the arms. this is also Hasbro, who usually would rather leave details not coloured than retooled. It is HAsbro's way to say that if it isn't coloured, it isn't there. For instance, the Doc toy for the joe line still has the medal that Duke sports cept it isn't coloured Well,I was talking about The She-Hulk having to be retooled.And that Ann O'Brien is just freakin stupid.No way She-Hulk had that many muscles and was that well built in her FA.This conversation is just retarded.If you dont like the figure,dont buy it.If you did buy it,you should have LOOKED before you bought.It is the greatest representation of the character in this period of time we're ever going to get."Oh My God! She's ABIT underscaled! How could you hasbro? God knows you have made perfect figures so far! Woe is me! You should have used the Man O'brien sculpt,which would just be so far off you'd think it was the hulk! Woe is mee!" LMAO Who said I hated the Hasbro savage She hulk figure?? I never say boo hoo or that that the toy is too small? I never really whined about the size. I just said they should have used the Orbien toy simply because someone said that she is too small. So please, don't put me in that catagory since I never really cared about the Savage She hulk's sized. I also think your comment stating the Obrien toy is, how you say, "stupid" just because she has ab muscles is silly especially how it can be seen by others that it "stupid" for Hasbro using a figure with molded folds for a toy that is almost nude like Kazar and punisher or for a toy that is too small like the She Devil and Savage She Hulk? Besides, the clothes would cover the ab muscles. Just sounds like an excuse of you to get back at me for my previous comment. How mature....
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