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  1. An Awesome new Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Thor has been announced! 6-INCH-SCALE COLLECTIBLE FIGURE: Fans, collectors, and kids alike can enjoy this 6-inch-scale figure, inspired by the character from Marvel Entertainment MARVEL COMICS-INSPIRED DESIGN: This 6-inch scale Marvel’s Ragnarok figure features sculpting and deco inspired by his appearance in Marvel Comics’ Civil War arc PREMIUM ARTICULATION AND DETAILING: This 6-inch Legends Series Marvel’s Ragnarok figure features premium detailing and articulation, and is a great addition to any Marvel collection MARVEL UNIVERSE IN 6-INCH SCALE: Look for other Marvel Legends Series figures (each sold separately) with comic- and movie-inspired characters, including Spider-Man, Captain America, and Black Panther (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability) Pre-order from Target.com
  2. jwmp_show takes a look at the Marvel Legends Retro Falcon Action Figure from Hasbro. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  3. xcorpeo takes a look at the new Excalibur 3 Figure Pack of Meggan, Captain Britain and Shadowcat figures from Hasbro. This figure is sold as a Pulse Exclusive here in the US and has seen some release overseas already!. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION
  4. Shown below via troycollectstoys are in-hand images for the new 6" Marvel Legends Classic Richard Rider Nova figure with Qubit from Hasbro. This figure out of the blue apparently is already dropping at EBGames stores in Canada. Here in the US the figure will be sold as a Walgreens exclusive, but no word on when it might start showing up, though I expect soon. The next figure slated for release in this cosmic themed Walgreens/EBGames line is Quasar which is supped to be released in late spring. Check out the in-hand Nova images below and happy hunting.
  5. J Hernandez takes a look at the new 6" Marvel Legends Red Hand Ninja figure from Hasbro. You can pre-order this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  6. ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Kang the Conqueror figure from Hasbro. You can purchase this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for these figures below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about them in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  7. ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Spider-Man Retro Kingpin figure from Hasbro. You can purchase this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  8. Images for what appears to be some kind of portrait featuring promotional artwork for the upcoming Disney+ MCU animated series has hit the internet. Since it looks pretty dead-on to what we've seen in the trailer I am going to assume this is legit though I don't know where it was found or who took the image. It may have been found somewhere overseas. We previously told you how the second wave of Disney+ Marvel Legends figures coming later this year should contain at least 6 figures based on the new animated show. We know one of the 7 regular figures in the wave will be based on Loki and we have no indication on what show the Build-A-Figure from this wave will be based on. Disney+ Wave 2 – August 2021 F0167 – Assortment UPC: 5010993791385 Wave 2 – Unknown (BaF) • F0329 – “What If?” Figure 8 – 501099379724 • F0330 – “What If?” Figure 9 – 501099379729 • F0331 – “What If?” Figure 10 – 501099379727 • F0332 – “What If?” Figure 11 – 501099379725 • F0333 – “What If?” Figure 12 – 501099379726 • F0334 – “What If?” Figure 13 – 501099379728 • F1097 – “Loki” Figure 14 – 501099379723 In the promotional artwork we see Peggy Carter as Captain UK. That's what I am calling her for now, but don't know what her official designation here is gong to be. Based on the trailers it looks like one of the stories will show us What If Peggy had gotten the Super Soldier Surem during WWII instead of Steve Rogers. I would say the chances of this one making the wave are very high. We see T'Challa as Star-Lord. Again from the trailer it looks like when Yondu comes to Earth to collect Peter Quill as a kid, he instead takes T'Challa who then becomes Star-Lord and likely leads the Guardians of the Galaxy. Since Killmoger is featured in the artwork, my guess with T'Challa's absence from Earth he ends up becoming Black Panther. I would say at least T'Challa as Star-Lord has a good chance of getting a figure in this wave. Dr. Strange, Gamora, Thor and the one who I believe is Black Widow in the bottom left corner all look pretty much like they have in the MCU, so I don't know if any of them would be up for figures in this wave. Black Widow is looking pretty buff, so I don't know if that means perhaps she gets some Super Soldier Serum as well or what. I suppose this could be a good opportunity to give us an updated Thor 1 movie figure, which is what the design seen here seems to be based on. Finally we have The Watcher, who is a cosmic being tasked with observing events as they play out in the Multiverse. Could he be the Build-A-Figure for the wave? In the trailer we also saw some kind of Zombie Captain America which I think has a good shot at getting the figure treatment in this wave. As previously reported, there is also a new Mega Deluxe $50 Marvel Legends figure coming from Hasbro this year based on the What If animated series. Marvel Legends Deluxe figure #f2992 - $50 While not shown in this new promotional artwork, I have a feeling that one will be based on the Iron Man Mark I suit being used by a non-super soldier Steve Rogers, again something seen in the trailer for the show. I have also seen indications there will be a LEGO set released based on this one. Other than having a very solid indication that "What If" themed Marvel Legends are coming this year, I don't have any solid info at this time on what exact figures we will see, so this is all primarily just speculation based on things seen in the trailer and now this new promotional artwork. Only time will tell what actual figures we will get. The What If series is said to air on Disney+ sometime this summer.
  9. With a new year upon us, it seems like the dreaded price increase for Hasbro's 6" action figure lines is also upon us as well. Earlier today we were treated to our first Marvel Legends pre-order for 2021, and with that many couldn't help but notice the increase in price from the normal $19.99 to $22.99. I've been doing some checking, and while not officially confirmed by Hasbro yet, this price increase seems to be for all Marvel Legends releases as well as other 6" lines like Hasbro's Star Wars Black Series. I haven't checked on every single 6" line Hasbro does, or other scales of figures from Hasbro, so I can't say for sure how it will impact things like Power Ranger, G.I. Joe Classified or even smaller scale lines or things like Transformers. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see some kind of price hike all across the board. From what I can tell you should expect to see prices increase with products seeing release around July time frame. While seeing prices increase is never a good thing, it should also be noted that Hasbro has held off on increasing their prices for these things for several years, and truth is the prices only go up on these things, not down. I also don't know what kind of impact these price hikes will have at the big box stores like Walmart and Target. Those stores often are given discounts the smaller guy doesn't get, just because they order so much more inventory, and they could likely take on a price increase without raising prices on the consumer, at least for a while just to try and thin out the competition. Small retailers don't have that luxury, so this kind of thing tends to hurt them more than the larger stores. We will have to wait and see how all this plays out.
  10. With the final episode of the Disney+ The Falcon And The Winter Soldier series having aired yesterday I thought it would be fun to look at how the action figures based on the show coming from Hasbro and Diamond Select Toys stack up with the actual characters. Note you should wait until you've watched the final episode of the show before reading this article. Also note some of these figures have not yet been officially announced by the companies and we will be referencing figure images that leaked out several weeks ago for some of these. The official reveals for all of these should be coming this Monday (4/26). From Hasbro we have seen a total of 5 figures coming to the Marvel Legends line with John Walker (Captain America), Baron Zemo, Winter Soldier, John Walker (USAgent) and Sam Wilson (Captain America). Out of these 5 figures, 2 have been officially revealed (Zemo, John Walker Captain America), 2 we have seen blurry in-hand images leak out for (Winter Soldier, John Walker USAgent) and one we have yet to see at all (Sam Wilson Captain America). From Diamond Select Toys we have seen images for the one Marvel Select 7" Sam Wilson Captain America figure which will be a Disney Store exclusive. So for Marvel Legends lets first take a look at the John Walker Captain America figure which is being released as a Walmart exclusive. Other than perhaps adding so 5 o'clock shadow to the face I think Hasbro has nailed this figure pretty good with both the masked and unmasked head sculpt. The likeness to actor Wyatt Russell with the unmasked head seems to be pretty dead on. Based on images we are giving Hasbro an A+ on their Marvel Legends John Walker Captain America figure. Next up is the Marvel Legends Baron Zemo figure. It was nice Hasbro gave us both the unmasked and masked headsculpt even though Zemo barley wore the mask in the show. Again Hasbro seems to have nailed the likeness of actor Daniel Brühl with the unmasked headsculpt. Based on images we are also giving Hasbro and A+ for this one. So for the next two, we only have these blurry images and while I doubt it, I suppose it's possible the final released versions could change from what is shown here. For now we will say these grades are tentative and if we see something better when official images are released on Monday, we will re-access these grades then. So first we have the Marvel Legends Winter Soldier. Overall a pretty basic figure but it seems to be a nice update to the previous Winter Soldier figures we have gotten. The quality of the image makes it hard to say for certain how good the likeness is, but for now I am going to give this one an A. For the final Marvel Legend figure we have seen, we have John Walker USAgent. Sadly this is by far the weakest figure in the line as it appears all they did was just repaint their Captain America version black. They didn't include the white stripes on his chest and they still have the star on his helmet. The symbol on his chest may be inaccurate as well but I can't say for sure. I can't fault the figure for not having a shield since they didn't show him with a shield as USAgent in the show. This is the one I hope will look different when we see the official images on Monday, but again I doubt it. My guess Hasbro had to base this one on concept art and not the final version. Customizes I am sure will have a pretty easy time making this one look more show accurate,and since I doubt this is the last time we will see USAgent in the MCU, I am sure Hasbro will get another crack at him at some point. Based on this image I am giving this one a D. Again we have not yet seen any images for the Marvel Legends Sam Wilson Captain America, so we will have to wait until Monday to grade that one. We know the Build-A-Item for the Disney+ wave these figures will be part of are Sam's wings. So I hope Hasbro makes them very show accurate and includes features like a detachable Red Wing, retractable wings and the ability to attach the shield on his back. Hasbro dropped the ball on the comic book version of Sam Wilson as Captain America when they didn't even bother to include wings, so hopefully this figure will more than make up for that. Now while we haven't yet seen the Hasbro version of Sam Wilson as Captain America, we have seen the 7" Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select one. Again this one will be sold as a Disney Store exclusive. My guess it will be officially revealed through Marvel on Monday, but I don't know if it will go up for pre-order then or not. Overall not a bad looking figure. DST's seems to have captured the likeness of Anthony Mackie and his new Captain America costume. The figure doesn't seem to have much for features and accessories though. Based on images it does not appear they included a detachable Red Wing or gave the shield the ability to be stored on the figures back. The wings however do appear to be detachable For now based on the images we've seen I am giving this one a B. So which Falcon And The Winter Sold... or is it Captain America And The Winter Soldier figures are you most looking forward to? Also be sure to check back Monday afternoon for better looks at all of these figures.
  11. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Shang-Chi: And The Legend Of The Ten Rings 6" Wenwu figure from Hasbro. This figure is part of the Shang-Chi wave which should see full release by 4/25. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  12. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Shang-Chi: And The Legend Of The Ten Rings 6" Shang-Chi figure from Hasbro. This figure is part of the Shang-Chi wave which should see full release by 4/25. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  13. Billy and Troy Brownfield let us know that they discovered at their local Target in Indiana the new Marvel Legends movie based Shang-Chi and comic based Tony Stark AI figures. These are part of the Shang-Chi Mr. Hyde Build-A-Figure wave which will be a mix of movie and comic book based figures. While it's very surprising to already be seeing these hit Target stores, the weird thing is that this Target only seemed to get just solid cases of these two figures. Hasbro often offers retailers solid cases for certain figures, but generally only the smaller retailers will order those. It's unusual to see a big box store like Target order solid cases. Billy says the figures scanned up with individual codes in the Target system as opposed to the normal assortment code. There were 5 Shang-Chi figures and 6 AI Tony Stark figures. The Shang-Chi movie is due out in theaters on September 3, 2021, so generally figures like these wouldn't be out until a month or so before the movies release. Of course the movie was originally supposed to be out earlier this year and got delayed due to COVID, which I am sure has screwed up the distribution for these figures. Still Hasbro hasn't even officially announced the Shang-Chi movie figure, and as we reported yesterday, the movie figures in the wave due contain some movie SPOILERS. Shang-Chi himself isn't really that spoilerish and the AI Stark figure is comic based, so I suppose it's possible Hasbro made special arrangements to start shipping the figures out in parts to the big box retailers, starting with the non-spoilers ones. However if that were the case you would think the Civil Warrior figure which is another non-movie figure in the wave would also be hitting stores now. I guess only time will tell how wide spread the release of these two figures actually are and when we will start seeing the rest of the figures in the wave hit shelves as well. Thanks to Billy and Troy for the heads up and image of their find.
  14. Hasbro’s Marvel Brand Team Dwight Stall, Ryan Ting and Dan Yun have been doing the social media rounds talking with fans after last week’s Hasbro Fan Fest event. I have gathered up the various interviews they did and highlighted below what I saw as possible relevant new info that came from each Interview. Each video is about 20+ minutes or so long, so you can watch them in full below if you would like. ShartimusPrime - The Haslab Sentinel will start shipping to people starting in August. As for the next Haslab Marvel project, there will be an update before August. They can’t stop making MCU figures based on concept art because they have to have movie product out on shelves in that prime movie window which is right before and during the movie’s release. Hasbro is currently working on product for Thor: Love And Thunder No way around marbleized paint on certain figures, especially with ones using metallic paints. This has to do with injected plastics. They are always trying to look to ways to be innovative with their figures. Shartimus wants toe articulation. If they did toe articulation it would be limited to only certain characters. Dwight has talked to Jesse Falcon about possible doing a Mangog figure and would like to see that happen. Shartimus read a list of ten figures people wanted made and Dwight said at least one of those would become reality. The list was as follows: 1. Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 2. Classic Comic Book Dr Strange 3. Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider 4. True Classic Comic Lizard 5. Knull God Of The Symbiotes 6. Retro Wave Rhino 7. Red Suit Daredevil using Sunfire mold 8. Edward Norton Movie Hulk 9. More Fox X-Men figures (no specifics) 10.Avengers Endgame Final Battle Mrk 85 Iron Man *Note, as we’ve reported on MarvelousNews, a final battle Mrk 85 Iron Man should be coming as a 2-pack with Thanos in the Infinity Saga line, so that is likely the figure Dwight was teasing. MCUCollector24 - The Infinity Saga line will give them a chance to do characters not done or redone better from the MCU movies. Dwight would love to do a Marvel Legends Role-Play Taskmaster helmet from the Black Widow movie. Dwight before the interview started was looking at the first images they had gotten for whatever item was being teased with the Excalibur sword they showed the other month. He didn’t share those images or say what the product is. The next X-Wave after the second Age Of Apocalypse wave won’t be themed on any particular storyline. It will be a mix of various X-Characters Pin-less tech is the big reason why we are now seeing double-hinged elbows more and more for female figures. There is a clean arm female double-hinged elbow figure coming. They will be replacing the Silk buck with a new on that has the new seamless double-hinged elbow and knees. They aren’t announcing yet which female character will debut this new buck. Dan Who? Reviews - They want to go back and do more 6” Toy Biz Retro cardback figures. They see a lot of potential for figures from the Disney+ shows and while they might not get to every character right away, they will be looking to go back over time to do more. Dwight purchased one Haslab Sentinel for himself. They have already been brainstorming for a third Marvel Haslab item. They talked about how they had taken notice of the McFarlane Spawn Kickstarter in regards to possibly doing cheaper items for Haslab in the future. For the next Haslab Fantastic Four item, it should cost in the same neighborhood as the Sentinel. Don’t expect all figures to go pin-less anytime soon. It will continue to be something they pick and choose where they can use it. They just got approved a new comic based female arm that will have double-hinged pinl-less elbow. They also have an all new replacement for the BuckyCap buck. They aren’t revealing which character will debut this new buck, which should have the pin-less technology. They will be announcing this figure soon. It will have a cooler name than BuckyCap. 3.75” Retro Marvel Legends aren’t meant to replace the 6” Marvel Legends. Its just something extra they are doing. Shield agents male and female, Doombots, Skrull foot soldiers, white and or black outfit Hand Ninja’s are all things they have looked at for possible upcoming HasbroPulse army builder figures. They’ve talked about splitting Build-A-Figures up between 2 waves. But they also can do just larger figures as stand-alone deluxe type figures. (Note: We know there should be a MCU Iron Monger figure coming which will cost around $70 for the Infinity Saga wave. I am guessing this is the type of figure Dwight is referring to when it comes to doing a bigger character as a stand-alone.) They’ve talked about doing a Punisher Van and Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider car, but those would likely be $100+ items. Dwight suggested maybe something for future Haslab projects. Ryan has been pushing for accessory packs. Boog_ACBA - They might bring back some Hasbro Pulse exclusives but no promises. Omega Sentinel extra head sculpt was an after thought as something fun to add, but they didn’t spend a huge amount of time researching. No plans to re-issue it with updated paint apps any time soon. No plans for the Dormammu figure to change from what we saw in the promo images. The flames will be red. US Marvel Legends MSRP for regular figures is $22.99 now. Prices going up all around, not just Marvel Legends. Due to changes in the business and part of an overall US marketing pricing strategy. They put as much as they can in every figure and usually make more than what costs allow them to include. Sometimes those things get added to reissues and such. Again accessory packs brought up that have been pitched by the team members, but no traction as of today for that. They want to know what kind of accessories people want like weapons, heads, blast effects, ect ect. What specific accessories because the word accessories is a pretty broad term. You should be able to swap the new Cannoball’s legs with the older one. This is not 100% confirmed, but they think you should be able to. They have not seen any negative feedback on the new pin-less technology. They want to use it more and more but there will be times they can’t. They have costing limitations and there are tons of existing parts in their library of tools that they aren’t just going to stop using. Repeating the Haslab Sentinel will start shipping around August. They can’t commit that there will be a Marvel Haslab every year. The next Marvel Haslab project will be officially announced before the Sentinel starts shipping. They’ve talked about comic themed waves for Avengers but nothing specifically planned right now. Obscure characters the Hasbro team would like to do include Reavers Pretty Boy, X-Men Armor with armor. Blue Marvel and Isaiah Bradley Captain America. Favorite Iron Man armors the team would like to see made - House Of M, Extremis, Modular Iron Man repait with more video game/cartoon type brighter colors. Sounded like there won’t be any rider series figures released this year as they focus on Deluxe figures, but then because people have talked rumors of a Hawkeye on Skycycle coming, they joked about getting in gear to make it happen. Hard to tell how much of that was serious and or just spoofing on the rumors. Modular Iron Man will be 2 per case in the Iron Man wave not the Guardsman. The Fwoosh - They wanted to do a more classic Crimson Dynamo for the Iron Man themed wave Build-A-Figure but thought it was to soon after the Black Widow version. They also thought about doing Titanium Man but didn’t want to do that with DST getting ready to release a Marvel Select version. So URSA Major was the next choice. Dwight hinted that a Grizzly will happen using parts from URSA Major as well as new parts. They are aware of the demand for a new updated Toad figure. They know they have to get a new Toad out there in the line. Dwight also said a new Watcher needs to happen that he would like to see. When the movies go cosmic that will give them more room to do more comic book based cosmic stuff. Kastor’s Korner - The FF Carded 6” Retro Doom was originally intended to be released at the overseas conventions last year, which of course didn’t happen. Hinted we might see a 6” Retro Iron Man themed wave sometime down the road. Again they will be doing more Pulse exclusive army builders, and sounds like an announcement for the next one will be coming soon. Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) from MCU should be possible if they ever decided to do one. Meaning there isn’t any red tape the Hasbro team is aware of that would prevent it from happening. Hogan came up because Kastor really wants one. Toy Bro - Again a Retro Carded 6” Marvel Legends Iron Man wave is hinted as being possible. Again the Modular Iron Man figure re-done with brighter colors like from the Capcom video game is mentioned. At one time Dwight said the URSA Major BAF wave was actually planned to be an Iron Man Retro wave but then they added the BAF. Dwight would also love to do a Ghost Rider Retro wave. They don’t have to be a purist with these Retro lines. Meaning they aren’t limited to just characters that were released in original lines the Retro waves are based on. They started with 20 items for consideration for the second Haslab Marvel project which they whittled down to the one. The Fantastic Four anniversary is a major reason they picked the one they did. They also wanted to make sure it was something they thought would see enough demand for from fans. Pixel-Dan - If they ever saw enough demand for reproducing the classic 5” Toy Biz Marvel figures, they might consider it, They have talked about doing vehicles and playsets for the 3.75” Retro line. Retro 3.75” figures should be available everywhere by the end of the month. For the Haslab Fantastic Four item, they said they had seen some good guesses out there for what it will be, but then mentioned they might be throwing a curve ball. They want it to beat the Haslab Razorcrest which was the most successful Haslab project to date. They then joked they should make something that gets blown up, referring to how the Razorcrest was destroyed in the Mandalorian series shortly after that Haslab project ended. They just got the deco approved from their Marvel partners for the Marvel Haslab #2 project and things are moving along nicely with it.
  15. For a long time now Marvel Legends collectors have been asking Hasbro to give their female Marvel Legends figures double-jointed elbows. Something for the most part Hasbro even today seems very reluctant to do. Well it looks like the folks working over on Hasbro's 6" G.I. Joe Classified line have no such qualms about giving the female characters double-jointed elbows. Thanks to Douglas who has posted an in-hand image for the new Classified Lady Jaye figure, we can she that she very much has double-jointed elbows, and she doesn't even have sleeves to remotely cover them up. So what do you think after seeing this figure, should Hasbro give all their 6" Female figures double-jointed elbows including the ones in the Marvel Legends line?
  16. Yesterday as most of us were tuned in to see what new Hasbro reveals that were to be had from the Hasbro Fan Fest event, new images for the upcoming Shang-Chi wave began popping up on social media. The figures apparently have started showing up for sale . Since the people passing these images around on social media never bother to give credit to the original source, it's very hard to say for sure where these are being found, but some of the images definitely show the figures being sold with $23 price tags on them. We had seen some initial images for this wave pop up last week, but the new images showing up online give us much better look at the figures in the entire wave as well as the bio's on the back of the package. Since this wave is a mix of comic and Shang-Chi: The Legend Of The Ten Rings movie figures, I am breaking up this news post in to two different ones. I am keeping this post SPOILER FREE in order to give folks who don't want to see movie spoilers our first best look at the Build-A-Figure in the wave which is a comic book based Mr. Hyde figure. Below you will see an image from the back of the package for one of the figures in the wave that shows the figure fully assembled. The other image is a close up of the actual figure which was taken by someone who obviously purchased the wave and assembled the figure. Why they only posted a close-up IDK. The image was posted by rektangular, but I don't think he is the one that actually has the figures in hand. In my second post I will go into more detail about the actual figures in the wave and the SPOILERS they reveal about the upcoming movie. The Shang-Chi movie isn't due in theaters until September 3, 2021, so I don't expect the movie figures to be officially released until later this summer, but with them apparently already seeing some kind of limited release, it's only a matter of time be fore we start seeing more and more images of these.
  17. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Tony Stark AI figure from Hasbro. This figure is part of the Shang-Chi wave which should see full release by 4/25. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  18. MCUcollector24 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Classic Richard Rider Nova figure from Hasbro. Here in the US this figure will be sold as a Walgreens exclusive. In Canada it's being sold as a EBGames exclusive. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  19. ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Mega Deluxe M.O.D.O.K. figure from Hasbro. You can purchase this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  20. Yesterday new images started showing up online for Hasbro's upcoming Shang-Chi Marvel Legends wave which contain a mix of both comic book based and Shang-Chi: And The Legend Of The Ten Rings figures. I have broken this post up into two parts, one that is non-Spoiler giving us our first best look at the Build-A-Figure for the wave which is a comic book based Mr. Hyde figure. This post which does contain MOVIE SPOILERS is to show you the new images of the actual movie figures as well as the back of the packages revealing the bio's for the characters. Last week we had seen some initial images for the wave leak out, but we didn't see the character bio's. So first this is how the entire Shang-Chi wave breaks down: -Shang-Chi (Movie) -Death Dealer (Movie) -Wenwu (Movie) -Xialing (Movie) -Iron Man (Tony Stark AI) (Comic) -Civil Warrior (Comic) Again the Build-A-Figure for the wave is Mr. Hyde (Comic). Hasbro officially revealed the comic book Civil Warrior and Tony Stark AI figures back in February. So now for the movie based figures. It's funny because you can tell that most people posting these images on social media really don't care about the figures themselves, they are more interested in posting about the movie spoilers to be had in the figure bio's on the back of the packages. Also because people on social media never bother to give credit to the original source, it's hard to determine who the original person to post these was. The images seem to originate from multiple people and you can see the figures in one of the images have $23 price tages, so someone is actually selling these in a store some place. The movie isn't due out until September 3, 2021, so I don't expect the figures to be officially released until later this summer. Anyway lets get to the bio's and the MOVIE SPOILERS to be had in them. When we first heard about the terrorist group The Ten Rings in the original Iron Man movie, most assumed this would end up being an organization run by Iron Man's arch-nemesis in the comics The Mandarin, who of course wears 10 mystical rings that given him his powers. Later in Iron Man 3 we learned the MCU Mandarin wasn't really the big bad guy he was in the comics. Well now we are learning that the Ten Rings Organiztion is actually run by Shang-Chi's father Wenwu. Here is how the figure bio for Wenwu reads. Wenwu Shang-Chi's father Wenwu is the feared leader of the Ten Rings Organization, which has lurked in the shadows of the MCU since the very beginning. Shang-Chi Trained since childhood by the mysterious Ten Rings Organization, Shang-Chi must confront the past he thought he left behind when he is drawn back into his father's web. Xialing When her estranged brother Shang-Chi suddenly shows up in her life, Xialing must choose between the solitary life she has created for herself or join her brother in the fight against the Ten Rings. Death Dealer Death Dealer is one of the most formidable oppents Shang-Chi has ever faced. I see some online declaring Wenwu the MCU's real Mandarin, with the one we saw in Iron Man 3 only being a fake imposter. Whether that actually turns out to be the case in my mind remains to be seen, but I guess time will tell.
  21. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Mega Deluxe M.O.D.O.K. figure from Hasbro. You can purchase this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  22. Revealed today via Marvel is our first official look for the upcoming Marvel Legends 6" Baron Zemo figure from Hasbro. Last week we saw the Walmart exclusive John Walker Captain America figure revealed which is still available for pre-order. Zemo is part of the regular wave of Disney+ Marvel Legends figures that will feature figures of Winter Soldier, John Walker, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Vision and Loki from the upcoming Loki series. This wave will have a build-a-item as opposed to a Build-A-Figure which will be Falcon's wings. We saw official images for Scarlet Witch and Vision revealed a few weeks ago and images for Walker, Winter Soldier and this Zemo leaked out the other week. You can check those out here, but caution for SPOILERS from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney+ series. Check out the new images below.
  23. ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Avengers Infinity War Marvel Legends 6" The Children of Thanos Boxset from Hasbro. The set which is being sold as a Amazon exclusive includes updated figures of Thanos, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, and Cull Obsidian. Check out images for this set below in our IMAGE GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  24. We've previously told you how the next X-Men themed wave of Marvel Legends figures coming later this year from Hasbro should include another round of characters from the classic Marvel Comics storyline called Age Of Apocalypse. As you may recall the first wave Hasbro did for this which saw release last year included figures of Wild Child, Dark Beast, Jean Grey, Morph, Nate Grey (XMan), Sunfire and Weapon X. The Build-A-Figure for the wave was Sugar Man. Hasbro also released a stand-alone Deluxe Apocalypse figure as well. So who from the Age Of Apocalypse is going to be in the second wave? All we really know at this point is the wave will include 7 figures and 1 Build-A-Figure. They wave should be out late summer or early fall. F1005 – Assortment UPC: 5010993840021 • F1006 – 5010993839636 • F1007 – 5010993839605 • F1008 – 5010993839599 • F1009 – 5010993839582 • F1010 - 5010993839629 • F1011 - 5010993839612 • F1091 – 5010993839643 Since we don't yet know any of the specific figures in this wave, we thought it would be fun to speculate on possible candidates we would like to see included. NOTE these are purely guesses based on figures we would like to see and should not be considered anything more than that. We do however welcome you to share your own thoughts in the COMMENTS SECTION below letting us know which figures you want included in the wave. Ok so lets start off with the most obvious choice for this wave which is Sabretooth. We got his partner Wild Child in the first wave, so I would be amazed if Hasbro doesn't do this one for the second wave. Sabretooth Next up as being a logical choice is Magneto. In the Age of Apocalypse storyline, Magneto essentially assumed to role left vacant by Professor X who was killed in this reality. It would also be an easy figure for Hasbro to do making slight adjustments to the last red costume Magneto they gave us. Magneto Where Magneto goes Rogue should follow. Since we only got one female figure in the first wave I am thinking we might see the same for the second wave. Rogue Of course after Rogue, I can't help think of Gambit. Back in the day Toy Biz gave us non-Marvel Legends figures of both Rogue and Gambit from Age Of Apocalypse in a 2-Pack. Gambit One I personally would really like to see is Iceman with all the jagged ice sculpting he sported during Age of Apocalypse. Iceman While I don't know how likely it is that they would do him, I think one that would go over well with many fans is Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler Honestly to keep it realistic for this last one I feel I should come up with some version of Wolverine they could do. Maybe a bald version of the one we got in the first wave. Instead I am going to go with another one I would like to see which is Quicksilver. Quicksilver So that's it for my guesses of the regular figures in the wave, but what about the Build-A-Figure? The two most obvious choices to me would be either Colossus or Nemesis. We got a Nemesis Build-A-Figure years ago from Hasbro, but he seemed like a popular choice when people were trying to guess what the BAF in the first wave was going to be. Still for me personally I think I would rather see Colossus. Nemesis Build-A-Figure or Colossus Build-A-Figure So that's it. Like I said before, these are all just GUESSES, but it will be interesting to see how many I get right when Hasbro gets around to officially revealing these. Let us know in the comments which characters from Age of Apocalypse you want to see in figure form?
  25. Back in August 2019 Hasbro announced a company wide initiative to remove plastic from all of their toy packaging by the end of 2022. For many of their products this likely won't be that difficult to do, however when it comes to the world of collectible action figures like say Marvel Legends, that isn't as easy as it sounds. You see many, at least those who still do their primary figure buying at physical stores, as opposed to online want to be able to see the figures they buy before handing their cash over. This is for a number of reasons. One is so they can pick the figure with the best paint applications, since all figures aren't created equally when they ship from the overseas factories. Another reason people want to see the figure they are buying is to make sure it's the actual one listed on the packaging. You see an all to common problem that has developed in the hobby is the act of figure swapping. This is when someone decides to switch out an old figure with the new one and then put it back on the pegs. Usually these people will buy the figure, go home switch out the new figure with an old one and then take it back as a return. The stores who have know idea what the actual figure in the box should be take it, and then eventually put it back on their shelves to be resold. If one can't see the figure inside the packaging, then they have no way of knowing if a figure swapper has gotten to before they have. Recently Hasbro has been selling army builder Marvel Legends figures which are sold exclusively online. These figures come in a unique closed box that features nice artwork on the outside. This packaging is totally comprised of cardboard, and has no plastic on it. The boxes are smaller than regular Marvel Legends packaging and the figures cost about $5 cheaper. So is this something Hasbro could switch the entire line over to? Dan Yun from the Hasbro Marvel brand team poses a question not to long ago on social media asking what people thought about the closed box troop builder packages... Was this just a random question Dan posed because he was bored, or was he trying to do some research, getting customer feeback about the new packaging? Most of the responses he got seemed to totally ignore the packaging aspect of his question, as people instead honed in on the troop builder aspect of it. Still this got me wondering, could they be considering this style of packaging for the entire Marvel Legends line? Is it at all practical for a mass retail produced action figure line? For myself, I have no problem if they went to a closed box style for their action figures. I think modifications would need to be made to make it more difficult to take the figure out of the box and put a different one back in, but otherwise I would be fine with it. Of course I do most of my figure shopping online these days, and I open all my figures, so packaging to me is just something that goes into the garbage. Since Dan didn't seem to get many responses about the actual packaging, I thought I would pose the question here for you all. Do you like the closed box packaging, and would it be practical for a line like Marvel Legends at mass retail? If not, then how do you think they can live up to the company mandate of no plastic in their packages by 2022? Let us know your thoughts on this in the COMMENT SECTION below.
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