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  1. While the figure has been hitting physical stores for over a month now, the new Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends 6” Magikfigure from Hasbro is finally available for purchase on their website.
  2. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Vintage Vision figure from Hasbro which comes with an extra Ultron head. You Can purchase this figure now at Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY!
  3. Review By: UltimateToyCollector Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors premiered during the weekend of New York Comic Con 2018. The show is a continuation of the six Marvel Rising: Initiation animated shorts that launched this summer. The show features Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Patriot, Quake, Inferno, America Chavez, and more. The show is now the Disney Channel and Disney XD. "When a threat no one could have expected bears down on the Marvel Universe, this ragtag, untrained band of teens have no choice but to rise together and prove to the world that sometimes the difference between a 'hero' and 'misfit' is just in the name." Secret Warriors focuses on a new team of diverse younger heroes. It introduces some of the lesser known characters within the Marvel Universe to a larger audience. Of course with great writing and animation comes great marketable products! In comes Hasbro! Hasbro has launched a full line of Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors figures, accessories, and costumes. My five year old daughter actually schooled me on the animated and some of the products. She even almost changed her Halloween costume to one of the new Ghost-Spider costumes. Recently Hasbro Pulse sent over a very cool box filled with Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors products. As the Holiday season approaches I’d definitely recommend these for any children who love Superheroes or Barbie style figures. Hasbro has released a basic (Training Outfit) assortment with limited articulation; Secret Warriors assortment with more articulation and accessories; Secret Identity assortment with more articulation, accessories and outfits; Ghost-Spider Web Slinger; Marvel Rising Dress Up Sets; and Walkie Talkies. Products ranging from $12.99 to $29.99. The show and the products focus heavily on strong female characters as well as a good mixture of minority characters. My daughter loves Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel but equally loves Ghost-Spider (or as I know her in the comics as Spider-Gwen) and Squirrel Girl. Being the father of a smart 5 year old girl, I definitely believe in strong positive female characters and I love to see characters that she can relate to. One character I’m excited to see is Riri Williams’s Ironheart introduced into the series and look forward to seeing a figure of the character. Check out my video reviews and image gallery below.
  4. ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Gamerverse 3.75" PS4 Spider-Man Vs Mr. Negative 2-Pack from Hasbro. You can purchase this now at our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for this two-pack below in our GALLERY and let us know what you think about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  5. This is a new segment we are launching here on MarvelousNews where we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer Darcreign and his photo of the Hasbro Marvel Legends Sauron Build-A-Figure in the Savage Land. Sauron In The Savage Land By Darcreign Be sure to Give Darcreign a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comments below. The wave with this figure is currently available at our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys.
  6. In what seems like a last minute addition to Hasbro's Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years anniversary Marvel Legends line from Hasbro comes this repaint of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie 6" Ultron Build-A-Figure. The figure comes in the same style of packaging we have seen for all the MCU Anniversary figures with the red and black box that has a bio for both the character and the movie the character is based on. This is the second figure we've gotten in this line for Age Of Ultron. The first was the Target exclusive Hulkbuster vs Hulk 2-Pack. The box also has the same kind of movie artwork on the side as the other figures in this line, however I can't say if it fits in with the art collage that can be created with the others. It is very similar to the art work featured on the Target 2-pack but not identical. The figure itself is a straight up repaint as the original Ultron Build-A-figure, and like with that one this figure does not feature any accessories. The only difference between this figure and the original is that this one has a superior paint job. The metallic metal parts have a much more cohesive look to it than the original version and the red markings are a bit more distinct as well, especially with the head. While the figure does look better than the original due to the paint, I am not sure that is enough to warrant getting this figure again if you already have the original, especially since this new figure costs $25 at retail. I guess it just depends on how big of a fan your are of Ultron or if your just a completest and want to have all the figures in this Marvel Legends sub-line. The figure has started to hit Best Buy stores and is currently available for pre-order at places like Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for the figure below in our GALLERY!
  7. Hasbro continues to eek out 3.75" Marvel Universe figures which now under the Marvel Legends Gamerverse banner with video game based figure 2-Packs. This set is based on the Contest Of Champions phone app game featuring Civil Warrior and The Collector. The Collector is a re-issue of the one they did a couple years ago for one of their SDCC exclusive boxsets with some very minor paint variations. The Collector does not come with any accessories and has the rubber joint syndrome that many Hasbro 3.75" figures these days suffer from. Civil Warrior is a new figure and is based on an alternate universe version of Captain America who wears an armor. The figure comes with a Captain America shield with a hole in the middle so you can connect a translucent blue blast effect piece. I guess in the game he can shoot a beam of energy from his shield. This doesn't work to well on the figure though because the blast effect piece is heavy enough that when you attach it to the shield it weighs down the figures arms pretty bad. I would recommend just setting that piece aside, however that does leave a big glaring hole on the shield. I personally got this set because I am a big Cap fan and wanted this variation of the character, and for that reason alone I guess I would say the set is worth getting. If you don't already have the previous SDCC version of The Collector then its a good figure minus the rubber joints. The headsculpt on that one is really good and definitely will make the set worth picking up. Check out our GALLERY of images for this set now as well as ShartimusPrime's own video review and take on the set below and then let us know what you think of the set in the COMMENTS SECTION. If you decide to pick this set up, you can get him now at our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys.
  8. This is a new segment we are launching here on MarvelousNews where we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today's photo we are spotlighting Photographer Toyzlife and his photo showing off the recent Hasbro Marvel Legends Lady Deadpool. The photo is titled Lady Deadpool. Lady Deadpool By Toyzlife Be sure to Give Toyzlife a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think about the photo in the COMMENTS SECTION. This figure is currently available for purchase from our sponsor Megalopolis.Toys at a discounted price of $14.99
  9. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Vintage Hawkeye figure from Hasbro. You Can purchase this figure now at Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY!
  10. Shown below are the official images showing off the newly re-revealed Marvel Legends 6" Puma and 6-Armed Spider-Man figures. Both have been confirmed to be rounding out the upcoming Spider-Man Kingpin Build-A-Figure wave due out early next year. The other figures in the wave include Modern Symbiote Spider-Man, Red Goblin, Black Cat, Silver Sable and Night Thrasher.
  11. We are bringing you coverage of the Hasbro Star Wars, Transformers and Marvel panel taking place at the Lucca Italy Comic Con. We are trying to live-stream of the panel below. We will also be updating this post with information about any new reveals made during the panel for Marvel. Thanks to the folks at GuerreStellari.Net for live-streaming the event for us. Not sure if there will be any kind of English translation in this panel or not. They are starting with Marvel with Hasbro's Ryan Ting. They of course start by recapping stuff that we already saw announced at other conventions. Talking the MCU 10 Year line. Now talking about the Marvel Legends role-play as well as the second wave of Black Panther Marvel Legends figures due out by the end of the year. Talking about the Marvel Legends Black Order Ebony Maw & Corvus Glaive announced at NYCC as well as the line up for the Captain Marvel wave which was fully revealed last weekend at the Paris Comic Con. Now talking about their Canadian Fan Expo and MCM reveals but not revealing any additional details like exactly what waves the figures will be released in. Now talking about the Professor X and Deadpool Rider series releases and the next X-Men wave which includes the Jim Lee style Beast that was revealed last weekend at MCM. Now they are talking the Kingpin Build-A-Figure with the final two additions for the wave being Puma and 6-Armed Spider-Man which were supposed to be revealed here for the first time but accidentally got leaked out at the Paris Comic Con last weekend. They ended with some teases showing comic images of Brother Hood Of Evil Mutants (Toad, Scarlet Witch and Qucksilver), X-Force #1 and a third image I am not sure what it is. Maybe Infamous Iron Man? Marvel portion is over.
  12. ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Marvel Legends A.I.M. Soldier figure 2-pack from Hasbro. You can purchase this now at Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images below for this set.
  13. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Vintage Black Panther figure from Hasbro. You Can purchase this figure now at Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY!
  14. Hasbro this morning posted to their Instagram account this image of concept art for what seems to be a comic book based 90's version of War Machine, which is leading some to believe that Hasbro might be trying to give us a clue for an upcoming Marvel Legends figure they have in the works. The one strange thing about this art work that is not in keeping with the 90's armor is that it looks like the arc reactor on his chest is shaped like a star as opposed to a circle. The star would be more of an indication of Iron Patriot, however the rest of the armor, especially the helmet looks very much like the 90's War Machine and Hasbro labels the image as War Machine. Hasbro has posted similar types of concept art like this before, but it's always been for Marvel Legends figures that had already been released. Hasbro has done various 6" figures of War Machine from the movies and even did an Ultimate version many years ago, but only Toy Biz has done any kind of 6" Marvel Legends War Machine figure from the 90's comic book era. Hasbro did do a 3.75" Marvel Universe comic book based War Machine, so it is possible that this concept artwork was used for that figure. Only time will tell I guess. What do you think, should Hasbro do a new 6" 90's version of War Machine from the comics?
  15. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Vintage Scarlet Spider figure from Hasbro which comes with an extra unmasked head. You Can purchase this figure now at Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY!
  16. This weekend will be a busy one as Hasbro is attending two overseas conventions with the MCM London Comic Con and Paris Comic Con. While the Hasbro panel at MCM isn't until Sunday, we have what already looks like a few new reveals for Marvel Legends to share with you which includes a new Spider-Man Puma figure and Six-Armed Spider-Man. Could a Man-Spider figure be far behind? Also we have a new look at the New Warriors Night Thrasher figure which was announced at NYCC a couple weeks ago. Night Thrasher is part of the Kingpin Build-A-Figure wave, we aren't sure about Puma and 6-armed Spider-Man yet, though it does seem likely they are part of the Kingpin wave as well. A big thanks to Ben Piper on the heads up for these images that have surfaced online. Sorry we don't have a name for who originally took these (If you know who did please let us know and we will update with the proper credit). We should have some more images of these to share with you soon. The Hasbro panel at the Paris Comic Con is slated for later this morning around 10:45am ET, so we will likely be getting some more reveals there and then as we mentioned before there is a Hasbro Marvel Legends panel at MCM is on Sunday at 8am ET.
  17. Just checked on the Gamestop site and called in to see if this was a mistake and it is not! Originally labelled as shipping 12/30/18 Anyone else excited?
  18. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Vintage Classic Ant-Man figure from Hasbro. You Can purchase this figure now at Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY!
  19. First shown at San Diego Comic Con in July, Hasbro has released one of their "In The Model Shop" videos showing how the upcoming 6" Marvel Legends Hercules figure was made.
  20. Hasbro has released packaged images for the upcoming Marvel Legends 6" Riders Series Professor Xavier with Hoover Chair and Deadpool with Scooter. Look for these to be out by early 2019.
  21. Marvel Gamerverse 3.75" Figure 2-Packs Up For Pre-Order At BBTS Figures Jay Cochran - October 01, 2018 [ edit post ] Imagine the action as the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe face off with these Marvel Gamerverse two-packs. Taneleer Tiva, known as The Collector, is a member of the Elders of the Universe whose primary pursuit is collecting and (sometimes insatiable) hoarding. He tasks players, known as Summoners, with collecting heroes and villains such as Civil Warrior, the Captain America of an alternate Earth ravaged by civil war. Heroes and villains of the Marvel and Capcom universes collide in the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Trained extensively in the art of combat and espionage and outfitted with state-of-the-art tech, Natasha Romanova is the super spy known as Black Widow. Ryu won the Street Fighter martial arts tournament to test his skill, starting a never ending quest for self-improvement. After learning that with great power there must also come great responsibility, Peter Parker becomes the crime-fighting super hero called the Amazing Spider-Man. The web crawler takes to the streets of the Big Apple to face villains like Mister Negative, the ruthless gang leader of the Inner Demons and one of the most dangerous threats to ever sweep through the city. You can pre-order these now at BigBadToyStore.com. The Collector figure Civil Warrior figure Shield Effect piece Black Widow figure 2 Pistols Ryu figure Alternate hands Effect piece with stand PS4 Spider-Man figure Web effect piece Mister Negative figure
  22. Obviously there is no way to really know for sure, but something sure does seem fishy with Hasbro's new Amazon exclusive Marvel Legends Series Wolverine and Sentinel 2-pack. Is the massive online etailer trying to create an illusion of demand by having this latest exclusive constantly sell out in minutes if not in seconds? The set which here in the United States was originally slated to be a Toys R' Us exclusive was later switched over to an Amazon exclusive after the toy retailer closed it's doors. The set is nothing more than a newly packaged re-issue of the 12" Sentinel that Hasbro originally released under the 3.75" Marvel Universe line with a modified Old Man Logan figure made to look like the Wolverine from the classic X-Men story line called Days Of Future Past. The original Marvel Universe Sentinel toys while pretty cool eventually ended up being sold at discount chains like Marshals for a drastically reduced price. Amazon originally started listing this new 2-Pack about a month ago and every time it has been listed at the $100 price tag it has sold out in minutes. Just yesterday the set was listed 3 different times as being in stock and then sold out very quickly. Then again this morning at 7am ET I received an email notification it was back in stock again only to click on the link to find out it was once again sold out. It literally sold out between the time I got Amazon's email notification telling me it was back in stock and 2 second's later when I clicked on the link. Even if this was a completely brand new item and not just a reissue I would have a hard problem believing a high-priced item such as this was constantly selling out that quickly. Since we have no way of knowing how many of these sets Amazon has to sell, its near impossible to tell what kind of volume these are selling at, but one really has to wonder how can you have an item sell out 3 different times in one day and then have it back in stock. I could see getting something, then it sells out and then getting more in a month later, but in one day??? People on eBay are already trying to sell the item double its regular price and the frustration of more collectors who actually want it grows daily, but is this a case of real demand, or just a etailer trying to make it look more popular than it really is???
  23. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends A.I.M. Soldier figure 2-pack from Hasbro. You can pre-order this now at Megalopolis.Toys. Check out images below for this set.
  24. With so many new Marvel Legends figures constantly being thrown at us by Hasbro, I often like to recap everything we know about the line after a major news event like this weeks New York Comic Con. So here is a breakdown of everything we know or think we may know up until today. First if you haven't already, be sure to check out my video recapping all the reveals made on Thursday's Hasbro Marvel Round Table. So starting off with the 6" Marvel Legends Rider Series we are getting early next year (if not sooner) the new Deadpool with Scooter and the X-Men's Professor Xavier with 90's Hoover Chair. The Deadpool set will include Deadpool, Dogpool, Squirrelpool, red scooter, sticker sheet to help customize the scooter and an alternate Bob the hydra soldier headsculpt that can be used with a preexisting Hydra Soldier figure. The Professor X set comes with Professor X, Hoover Chair with arm controls,removable blanket and stand. It also comes with a Cerebo helmet with telekinetic effect piece and alternate Shadow King headsculpt that will fit on the upcoming Spider-Man Kingpin Build-A-Figure. Speaking of X-Men, we got several new reveals for the next X-Men wave. At San Diego Comic Con we learned that the next wave would include figures of Blink, Gambit and Reavers Skullbuster. At the Canadian Fan Expo we saw a new Weapon X figure which Hasbro revealed this week was also part of this X-Men wave. And then this week we saw a new X-Factor Forge, 90's Jim Lee Style Jubilee and Caliban Build-A-Figure revealed. That leaves one more X-Men figure for this wave to be revealed. It is not likely the Mystique figure revealed at the Canadian Fan Expo as we are pretty sure that will be a Walgreens exclusive. The Guardian and Wendigo figures that were also revealed during the Canadian Fan Expo are likely going to be part of the next Deadpool wave, though that has not yet been confirmed by Hasbro. For the next Spider-Man wave, we had seen previously at SDCC the Modern Symbiote Spider-Man, Red Goblin, Black Cat, Silver Sable and Kingpin Build-A-Figure. Kingpin will have alternate head. This week it was revealed the original New Warriors leader Night Thrasher would be joining the line-up. A skateboard that fits on his back will be included. That means there is likely one-two more figure for this Spider-Man wave to be revealed. Both the X-Men and Spider-Man waves should be out by early next year, if not sooner. On the Avengers front, we don't have a whole lot of concrete details for the next wave. At San Diego Comic Con they revealed a new Hercules figures but did not confirm what wave or how it would be released. This week they revealed a new Beta Ray Bill figure with Stormbreaker, but again did not tell us what wave this would be part of or how it would be released. We do know Bill will not be a Build-A-Figure. We also saw this week that the remaining two members of Thanos' Black Order from Avengers: Infinity War will be getting the figure treatment. Ebony Maw & Corvus Glaive have been in high demand by many collectors, but Hasbro was once again mum on the details of how or where two would see release. Finally we have Nighthawk and Living Laser that were revealed at the Unboxing Convention. It's possible all six figures will be part of the next Avengers wave, but right now we can't say for sure. Surprisingly nothing this week was revealed for the Captain Marvel MCU wave that was partially revealed via Amazon a could weeks ago. So at this time all we know is that we will be getting Captain Marvel, Skrull, Young Nick Fury and Mar-Vell. The Build-A-Figure will be the Kree Sentry revealed at the Unboxing Convention. Two, possibly three more figures should be on tap for this wave, one of which is likely the comic book based Genis-Vell revealed at SDCC. For Marvel Legends store exclusives we got a good look at the packaging for the upcoming Gamestop PS4 Spider-Man which will be out by the end of the year. Hasbro this week revealed a Marvel Legends Hail-Hydra Figure 2-Pack which is a shared exclusive between Gamestop and online etailers. This set features Supreme Leader Captain America and Arnim Zola. You can pre-order it now at places like Megalopolis.Toys and it will be released in March 2019. For a second 2-Pack, look for a new one based on the classic comic storyline called "Kraven's Last Hunt". This set will feature an unmasked Black Costume Spider-Man and Kraven figure with new headsculpt. No details on how or when this one will be released, but my money is on it being a Target exclusive. This year's Marvel Comics Unlimited Subscription service figure has been revealed and it's Punisher Venom. Using Hasbro's recent Venom mold this version has a Punisher like symbol on it's chest and comes with two weapons. Hasbro's second wave of 6" Marvel Legends Toy Biz Tribute figures which includes Ant-Man, Wasp (blue outfit), Black Panther, Scarlet Spider with unmasked head, Sleeveless Hawkeye and Vision with a new cape and random Ultron head should be hitting shelves any day now. as will their second Black Panther movie wave which includes Black Panther with new unmasked head, T'Chaka, Erik Killmonger in fatigues with removable Wakandian ceremonial mask, Ulysses Klaue with alternate gun arm, Vibranium Powered Black Panther and Ayo with two alternate heads so you can army build the Wakanda’s Dora Milaje. The Build-A-Figure will be M'Baku (Man-Ape). We still don't know how the Black Panther MCU Shuri figure teased at SDCC will be released. There also a few remaining teases Hasbro showed at SDCC we don't have any more details about such as the Magneto helmet or the headsulpt that looks like Quicksilver. One other thing I should note. Hasbro during their roundtable made indications that the Thing figure was rounding out their series Fantastic Four Walgreens exclusive while X-Men would be taking over with Magik which is hitting shelves now. This by no means we won't be seeing the likes of Dr. Doom or or Super Skrull at some point, but if we do they might be done as a general release. Hasbro also indicated that they know they are overdue for a newly sculpted comic book based Hulk figure and Bag-Head Spider-Man is on their list of ones they want to do.
  25. With Hasbro releasing so much stuff for Marvel Legends this year I am curious if that makes you more excited for the line or less. I know it's def harder on the wallet but do any of you get overwhelemed and start loosing interest and quit collecting or does it get you more hyped every time you see new stuff?
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