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  1. Hasbro today has announced a new Marvel Legends "Fan Vote" which they plan to kick off during Toy Fair on February 22. Right now they are only showing silhouettes of three female choices right now. One on the far right looks to be a new Elektra. The one in the middle might be a new Lady Sif and the one on the left is pretty generic looking, maybe a classic She-Hulk? You will have to sign up for an actual HasbroPulse account if you want to try and vote.
  2. One of the fan favorite features from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game is the option to utilize a variety of memorable suits. By completing every hologram challenge Peter Parker leaves for Miles Morales, fans can unlock an awesome costume with futuristic takes on it! Capturing detail look of the aspiring hero in his fancy suit, Hot Toys is excited to unveil the highly-anticipated 1/6th scale Miles Morales (2020 suit) collectible figure from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The highly accurate figure is crafted based on Miles Morales in 2020 Suit from the video game, includes a newly crafted masked head with LED light up function and multiple interchangeable eye pieces for different expressions; a newly developed body; 2020 Suit with LED light up chest panel to recreate the signature design; finely textured jacket with red Spider emblem; interchangeable hands for signature poses; assorted spider-web effect accessories; and a dynamic figure stand with cybernetic workshop inspired backdrop for complete display.
  3. Keeping in mind that I have not personally gotten my hands on every single Marvel Legends figure Hasbro released in 2020 (and Hasbro released a lot), I still wanted to compile a list of my top 5 favorites figures. This of course is based on the ones I actually own, meaning there could be cooler figures out there, I just haven't gotten them yet. For instance the Age Of Apocalypse Sugar Man build-a-figure looks really nice, but because I wasn't personally interested in the regular figures in that wave I don't have that one to be able to say for sure. Another thing that factors into my list is character preference. There could be a really well made figure out there, but if its not of a character I am personally interested in, I probably didn't get it. Ok so now that we have gotten that clarification out of the way, here is my list of Top 5 favorite Marvel Legends for 2020. 5. Armored Daredevil While not a bad figure in anyway, this one makes the list because I have always loved the Armored Daredevil costume, and was very happy to see Hasbro make a figure of it this year. If I wasn't such a fan of the costume itself, this one probably would not have made my Top 5. Check out my original review for the figure here. 4. Movie Deadpool This is the only X-Men/Deadpool movie figure I ended up getting this year. I think Hasbro did a nice job with Deadpool, but it was annoying having to buy it in a 2-pack with Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Not only was Warhead a character I wasn't terribly interested in getting a figure of, I also didn't think it was a well made figure. Still like many, I had been hoping for a movie Deadpool figure for some time and glad to finally add it to my collection. Check out this original review of the set by ShartimusPrime. 3. Strong Guy Possibly my favorite Build-A-Figure for the year, this one put us one step closer to completing the 90's X-Factor team. I loved the headsculpt on this one and the size works nicely with the other X-Factor team members. The Peter David written X-Factor comics from the 90's are some of my favorite reads and was very happy to add this one to my collection. Check out this original review of the figure by erivera94. 2. Dr. Doom The wave with this figure technically started hitting shelves in late 2019, but officially I think it's considered a 2020 wave. I know I personally didn't get my hands on it until 2020. Dr. Doom is one of my favorite villains and I think Hasbro did a great job giving us an updated figure of him with this one. I love things like the added jets on the back, though it would have been nice if they had included jet blast effect pieces. Of course you can use ones from other figures like the Walmart Black Widow if you have it. Hasbro did a second Doom this year for their Retro Fantastic Four line, but I didn't get that one, mainly cause I was pretty satisfied with this first figure. Check out this original review of the figure by ShartimusPrime. 1. Deluxe War Machine My favorite Marvel Legends figure of the year I would say is the new Deluxe War Machine. An updated comic book based War Machine was long overdue, but I think Hasbro really delivered on this one. With all the added weapon and weapon effect accessory pieces along with a very nicely sculpted alternate unmasked head of Jim Rhodes, I have had a lot of fun displaying and posing this one. Check out my original review of this figure here. So there you have it, my Top 5 favorite Marvel Legends for 2020. Let me know what your favorites where in the COMMENTS SECTION below.
  4. While 2020 has been crazy year all around and there was nothing normal about this year's San Diego Comic Con or lack there of, we thought we would still throw together one of our recaps of all the things we know are coming for Marvel Legends as well as a few things we think we know are coming this year/early next year. So first thing we want to suggest is, take any kind of release date listed here with a grain of salt, even more so than usual. Some things are running late but surprisingly we are seeing many things released much sooner than initially indicated. Things that weren't supposed to be out until the fall like the recent Retro Spider-Man wave and Deadpool Strong Guy Build-A-Figure wave are already hitting shelves now. Normally we try not to cover things in these lists that are already out, but this year that is harder to determine with so much already out overseas. So while some of these things have already started to see a limited release, we thought we would start the list with the X-Men movie stuff. First off we have the Amazon exclusive X-Men movie Logan in wife beater shirt. This figure was initially listed for pre-order back in February, but has yet to be released. It's currently unavailable for pre-order or purchase on the Amazon website. Next up we have the X-Men movie Professor X and Magneto 2-pack which features headsculpts for both the young and old versions of the characters. They are joined by a second X-Men movie Logan figure, this time featuring the character with a brown leather jacket. and Mystique from the first X-Men movie. These are available for pre-order at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com and should be released everywhere later this month. Joining the X-Men movie figures are several figures from the second Deadpool movie. First up is the Walmart exclusive Cable figure which includes teddy bear. Cable is due out in October. The pre-order for the figure is currently sold out on Walmart's website. For regular releases, Hasbro is doing a 2-pack with Deadpool himself along with Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Joining them is a single release of Domino. These three figures are also listed with an October release date and available for pre-order at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. I should note all the Deadpool 2 movie figures including Cable have been seeing release overseas already as well as some of the X-Men movie ones. Rounding out the X-Men movie figures is what would have been a San Diego Comic Con exclusive for this year. It's a 2-pack featuring Logan and Professor X from the Logan movie. This set will go up for pre-order at some point on the HasbroPulse website and be available in September. Hasbro had also planned a second SDCC exclusive this year with the Hellfire Club boxset. This set includes figures of Donald Pierce, Jean Grey Black Queen with alternae Selene head, Sebastian Shaw, and Emma Frost. Like the Logan boxset, this one will be available for pre-order at some point on the HasbroPulse website and be available in September. Next up is the Old Man Logan and Hawkeye 2-Pack with Baby Hulk. The Hawkeye figure will feature Hasbro's new pin-less technology that they first announced during Toy Fair back in February. This set is being released October and is available for pre-order at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. For other two-packs, look for one with a new figure of Legacy Rogue and Pyro. This will be out by end of year and is also available for pre-order at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. A new Classic Storm and Thunderbird two-pack is coming to Target stores on October 4. The pre-order for this figure is currently sold out. Storm like the Old Man Hawkeye figure will feature the new pin-less technology. Amazon is getting a new 3-Pack featuring Psylocke, Nimrod, & Fantomex . This set is up for pre-order now and slated with a November 1 release date. For you Punisher fans, Hasbro is releasing a new rider series set featuring Frank Castle on a black motorcycle. Besides some cool weapons, you also get the viking helmet based on the 5-issue limited Marvel Comic series called Punisher Kill Krew. This is due out in September and available from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. On Haslab now is the new 26.3-inch tall Sentinel figure with 6" Bastion. Bastion also comes with an alternate Sentinel Prime headsculpt. As I type this, the crowd-sourcing campaign has 20 days left and has 12,640 backers. The initial goal was 6k. Since the campaign started, several add-ons have been included to the project. You now get two 18-inch Sentinel “bendy wire tentacle” accessories, alternate battle damaged head and hand, alternate Master Mold head and female 6" Sentinel Prime figure. It's unknown if any more additions will be made to the project before it ends this month. Back during Toy Fair Hasbro launched a Fan-Vote where people could choose from one of the three choices that included new figures of Silk, Lady Sif and Elektra. The winner was originally supposed to have been announced and released at SDCC this year. Since Comic-Con didn't happen, Hasbro has now said the results of the fan poll and presumably the winning figure itself will be made available sometime this Fall. For Fan-Channel releases, we can look for an updated Kingpin figure released on Retro cardback. This figure is due out in November and available for pre-order at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Mysterio is also getting a similar treatment with the retro cardback. It will be out in October. It to is up for pre-order at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. A new Deluxe Toxin figure is also coming in November. You can pre-order it now at our our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Another Walmart exclusive coming from Hasbro this year is the Venomized Captain America figure. It's due out in September, and the pre-order for the figure is sold out on the Walmart website. So that is it for everything we know 100% about, but there are a few other things we have a pretty good idea are in the works. First we know a Venom themed wave is due out later this year. This wave will likely include among others, the Venomized Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales Spider-Man figures that were first shown at Toy Fair back in February. We also know there was an Eternals themed wave originally planned to be released this year. Hasbro has said that wave was pushed back to 2021 since the Eternals movie release was delayed due to Covid. There is the yellow glove Hasbro teased in their last live-stream video. The going theory is that this will be for a new Rogue figure. Just speculating, but I envision this being an updated Jim Lee style figure with new headsculpt and new alternate hands. Possibly included in some kind of 2-pack with a new Gambit figure. There was also the second tease Hasbro made in that video that leads me to believe some kind of Stilt-Man figure is coming, possibly a Build-A-figure for a future Spider-Man wave. Then there is the long-rumored Walgreens exclusive Silver Centurion Iron Man figure we are still awaiting confirmation on. And the HasbroPulse exclusive Hellfire Club Goon army builder figure we have recently seen strong indications for coming. And finally two other Fan-Channel exclusives we have seen listed by various overseas distributor sites Marvel Legends Eternals Villian Deluxe Figure F05755L0 EAN:5010993749713 Marvel Legends Vintage F4 Redeco E96275L0 (Our best guess is this will be the Dr. Doom figure in white we had previously seen rumors for) So that's it for now. I know there a few other rumors that have been floating around the net since Toy Fair, but we will leave it at these for now. Since Hasbro didn't actually do anything special for SDCC this year, we do expect they will continue to do video stream reveals for Marvel Legends on a semi regular basis throughout the year. They will also continue to do reveals on the first Monday of every month. We will of course update you all on those as they happen. Let us know in the COMMENTS SECTION below what your most looking forward to in the coming days?
  5. After every major Hasbro reveal event, I like to do a recap of everything we know or have a pretty good idea is coming in the line Marvel Legends line. With the Pulsecon reveals the other weekend, I thought now was as good as time as any for a new recap segment of What We Know, Think We Know And Kinda Know. We will start off with one of the reveals from Pulsecon that has already started hitting shelves. It's The Avengers Mr. Fixit Build-A-Figure wave. This wave has the Stealth Captain American and Environmental Suit Iron Man figures from the new video game, as well as comic book based figures of Kang, Thunderstrike, Falcon and Jocasta. The Mr. Fixit Build-A-Figure is also based on the video game. This wave has been hitting Target store shelves, but you can also pre-order the figures at places like our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The official release date on these really isn't supposed to be until late October or early November. Another item announced at Pulsecon was the new Marvel Legends role-play Stormbreaker Electronic Axe. This should be out by December, and is also available for pre-order at BigBadToyStore.com. While we are on the subject of non-six-inch Marvel Legends items. We know Hasbro is launching a new line of minimal articulated 3.75" "Retro" figures. Available now exclusively on the HasbroPulse website are 2-pack featuring Captain America/Black Panther, Iron Man/Cyclops, Spider-Man/Electro. If you buy all three sets then you can also get the metallic Iron Man/Black Panther 2-pack. Hasbro says they will be launching next year an entire retail-wide line of these type of "Retro" figures on single cardbacks which will cost $10 each. The Haslab Marvel Legends Sentinel was fully funded earlier this year and will be shipping out to folks in the fall of 2021. Moving back to 6" figures, we will be seeing our first Vintage Collection Fantastic Four figure released this year. It will be a figure of Doctor Doom that will come on a cardback made to look like the old Toy Biz 5" Fantastic Four line. This will be released as a Fan-Channel exclusive. More Vintage Collection FF figures are heavily rumored to see release next year. Hasbro also continues to release more X-Men Vintage Collection figures with Rogue and Gambit. These are coming as Target store exclusives. Hasbro said at Pulsecon that these will be out in 2020. While I can't say 100%, a Target employee recently told me that these two figures would start hitting physical stores as early as the 15th of this month. According to them they will be put on a special endcap display along with more of the Storm/Thunderbird 2-packs. Just this past Monday, Hasbro officially announced their new Spider-Man Vintage Collection Black Cat figure. This is another Fan-Channel exclusive which will be out by the end of this year or early next. The figure is available for pre-order at our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The first official wave of 2021 should be the Spider-Man themed Stilt-Man Build-A-Figure wave. Hasbro partially revealed this wave at PulseCon, showing us the new Into The Spider-Verse Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider with Spider-Ham figures. Other figures for this wave they revealed included the army builder The Hand Red Ninja comic book based figure. This one will include the extender leg pieces for the Stilt-Man Build-A-Figure that they also showed. The other figures that round out this wave will most likely include Peter B. Parker and Prowler from the Into The Spider-Verse movie as well as a comic book based Frog-Man. While this wave is technically listed for 2021, we will likely start to see it hitting shelves at the end of this year. While we are on the subject of Spider-Man, we also know a new Firestar figure is in the works, which will see some kind of single release. Original reports indicated this figure would also include a pack-in of her dog Ms. Lion. Hasbro did not show that when they revealed the figure as Pulsecon, but that doesn't mean it won't be included. There is also going to be a repainted Ms. Marvel figure which is made to look like she is cosplaying as Spider-Man. This is being released through the Marvel Comics Unlimited digital subscription service. While not confirmed by Hasbro yet, we also have good indications that we will see the release of a Spider-Man Vintage Collection J. Jonah Jameson figure. This will likely be done as another Fan-Channel exclusive. Other things we know coming in 2021 include a new X-Men wave. This wave will feature House Of X/Power Of X themed characters. The figures Hasbro revealed at Pulsecon include Professor X, Magneto (white outfit) and Moira MacTaggert. At Pulsecon Hasbro suggested this wave would see release around the same time that the Haslab Sentinel starts shipping out to people. No word yet on what the Build-A-Figure for this will be. Hasbro also revealed they will be doing an All-Villains themed wave for 2021. The two figures they showed for this wave include Arcade and Dormammu. As a Deluxe release, we will also see an all-new sculpted comic book based Thanos figure. No word on if this will be an exclusive or not, but most likely it will be done as general release. Speaking of Thanos, we still don't know what to make of the charred looking arm Hasbro showed as a tease earlier this year. Coming to Walgreens and EBgames sometime in 2021 will be a new "Fallen" Silver Suffer figure, which will include Thor's Mjölnir hammer. Other items we know are coming are figures based on the MCU The Eternals movie. We've already seen a Ajak (Salma Hayek) figure leak out, which looks like will be done as some kind of one-off figure. We also saw the Deluxe Kro figure leak out just the other day, which (UPDATE) will be a general release. Besides those two, there will be a regular wave of figures released which should include movie versions of Ikaris, Sersi, Makkari, Sprite, Phastos, Kingo and Druig. No word on the Build-A-Figure for this wave, but I am still holding out hope it will be the Celestial Arishem the Judge. Another movie wave we know is one based on Shang Chi. This will likely see a mixture of comic and movie based figures. As of right now Shang Chi: And The Legend Of The 10 Rings is slated to be released on July 9, 2021. The Eternals is slated for release on November 5, 2021. I expect the release of any movie based figures from these films to be timed with those dates, assuming they don't get delayed again. So that is what we for now. More "official" reveals should be coming fairly soon from Hasbro. I also expect we will be seeing more "unofficial" reveals hitting the net very soon, so stay-tuned. As always we will do our best to keep you up-to-date with all the latest Marvel Legends happenings.
  6. Last week during Hasbro's live-stream Marvel Legends event, they gave us a clue for one of the figures they will release in 2020. The clue indicated it would be a figure Toy Biz did originally for Marvel Legends that Hasbro has yet to redo. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of figures Toy Biz did back in the day for Marvel Legends that Hasbro has yet to give us modern versions of. I also share my thoughts on how likely I think each choice is for getting the figure treatment this year. Now I am sticking with just Marvel Legends figures Toy Biz did and not veering off into 6" sublines like Spider-Man and X-Men for this list. I also am not including Galactus. Hasbro has done a more recent Galactus figure, and while technically it was released for the Marvel Universe line and not Marvel Legends, I am counting that one as a Marvel Legends. Plus there is no way they would do Galactus this year. To start the list off, I had to go back all the way to the very first wave of Marvel Legends that Toy Biz did. The figure is of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member Toad. The funny thing about the Toy Biz Toad figure is that while technically released under the Marvel Legends banner, it actually was created for a line that predated Marvel Legends. That is why the articulation was not as good as other figures in the wave. Hasbro has been going heavy on X-Men related characters this year, and I think it's long overdue that we get an updated Toad. I give Toad an 80% probability of being included in the line this year. The next figure on the list is Howard the Duck, which was technically released as a pack-in with the Toy Biz Silver Surfer figure back in 2003. Hasbro did give us a Howard figure for the 3.75" line, but I don't see them giving us one in 6" for this year. If or when they do, I would hope it is also a pack-in like the Toy Biz one. I give Howard the Duck a 10% probability of being included in the line this year. Wesley Snipes Movie Blade figure is the next figure on the list. Assuming Hasbro could get the likeness rights, I could see them possibly doing a tribute figure to the movie that really kicked off the modern era of Marvel movies. I don't see it happening this year, but maybe when we get closer to the release of the new MCU Blade movie. I give Movie Blade a 5% probability of being included in the line this year. Besides Blade, Toy Biz also did a Thomas Jame movie Punisher figure. I don't see Hasbro ever doing this one. I give Thomas Jane Punisher a 0% probability of being included in the line this year. Hasbro also seems to be on a Hulk kick recently, and it doesn't hurt that the character of Maestro is appearing in comics again. Toy Biz did this one back in 2005, and I could definitely see Hasbro doing a figure of him in the somewhat near future. I give Maestro a 75% probability of being included in the line this year. Hasbro has given us a few different MCU Hulkbuster Iron Man figures for Marvel Legends, but never a comic based one. Toy Biz did one back in 2005, and while I could see Hasbro doing an updated version eventually, I don't see it happening this year. I give comic based Hulkbuster Iron Man a 30% probability of being included in the line this year. This next one I wasn't sure I should even include here. It's Angel in his red (or blue) X-Men outfit. Toy Biz did this one back in 2005. Technically Hasbro has done an Angel figure, but it was based on the character's original X-Men uniform and was released in a Toys R' Us exclusive boxset. Technically that version of Angel was based on a Worthington from the past that had traveled to the present, which made him different from the regular Angel, well kinda. Despite technicalities I feel like that boxset Angel disqualifies him from this list and therefore don't see much chance of seeing this figure released in 2020. I give Angel a 8% probability of being included in the line this year. The next four figures were originally released by Toy Biz in a Young Avengers boxset back in 2006. The set included figures of Asgardian (Wiccan), Hulking, Iron Lad and Patriot. Out of those four, I would say Hulking and Wiccan have the best chance of getting modern figures since they are playing a decent size role in the comics these days and just got married to one another. If Hasbro was bold they would make a wedding 2-pack, but I don't see that happening, at least not this year. I give Asgardian (Wiccan), Hulking, Iron Lad, and Patriot a 45% probability of being included in the line this year. Another boxset Toy Biz did back in 2006 was one that included the likes of Tomb Of Dracula, Frankenstein Monster, Werewolf By Night and Living Zombie. With movies like Blade and Morbius on the horizon, we could definitely see Hasbro giving these classics the action figure treatment, just not this year. I give Tomb Of Dracula, Frankenstein Monster, Werewolf By Night, and Living Zombie a 45% probability of being included in the line this year. While neither Toy Biz or Hasbro has given us a Mephisto figure, Toy Biz did give us his son Blackheart back in 2006. I don't really see Hasbro doing the same any time soon. I give Comic Blackheart a 15% probability of being included in the line this year. The one Age Of Apocalypse figure Toy Biz gave us that Hasbro has not yet is Sabretooth. Since we have already gotten Wild Child and this is the anniversary year for the Age of Apocalypse storyline, Sabretooth seems very likely in my view to get the figure treatment from Hasbro. I give Comic Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth a 95% probability of being included in the line this year. One I am sure we will see eventually is a comic book based Falcon. Toy Biz gave us a Classic Falcon back in 2006, and I think Hasbro will do the same once the Falcon and Winter Soldier series hits Disney+. I don't see it coming this year however. I give Classic Falcon a 12% probability of being included in the line this year. Mojo which Toy Biz did as a Build-A-Figure back in 2006 is long overdue from Hasbro. After all Hasbro has given us versions of Spiral, Longshot and Shatterstar, so Mojo seems like a given. My guess is when Hasbro does a Mojo figure, it to will be done as a Build-A-Figure. Because of that, I would say 2021 is the soonest we might see that figure done by Hasbro. I give Mojo a 20% probability of being included in the line this year. Another obscure Iron Man armor Toy Biz did that Hasbro has yet to do is the Thorbuster armor. Since Hasbro loves Iron Man, I could see them doing this one down the road. I give Thorbuster Iron Man a 10% probability of being included in the line this year. Modok was another Build-A-Figure Toy Biz did back in 2006 that Hasbro has yet to update. This is another one I definitely see Hasbro doing, but once again as Build-A-Figure. I give Modok a 30% probability of being included in the line this year. It's hard to believe Hasbro has yet to give us a comic book based 6" Mandarin figure for the Marvel Legends line. Toy Biz did one in 2006 and Hasbro has done a movie one and a comic book one for the 3.75" line. It's only a matter of time before they get around to it for the 6" line, but I'm not sure if 2020 will be the year. I give comic based Mandarin a 50% probability of being included in the line this year. The final 4 figures were all released by Toy Biz in a House Of M boxset back in 2006. They did figures of Hulk, Iron Man, Inhuman Torch, and It. Like Age of Apocalypse, I could see them doing a wave to celebrate that iconic story, just not this year. I give House of M Hulk, Iron Man, Inhuman Torch and It figures a 10% probability of being included in the line this year. So assuming I didn't miss any, these are all the possibilities for Toy Biz figures that Hasbro has yet to do, with one of them getting the figure treatment later this year. My best guess would be either the Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth to round out the Age of Apocalypse roster or a Toad figure to go along with the likes of Mystique, Blob and the new Pyro. Who knows -- based on other clues Hasbro gave last week for new 2020 figures, maybe we will see an updated Blob figure and Avalanche (done for the first time in the actual Marvel Legends line) to go along with Toad??? Let us know in the COMMENTS SECTION which Toy Biz figure you want to see Hasbro give an update to next.
  7. ReepPop who organizes both NYCC and MCM released this official statement for the status of this year's conventions which will be going virtual.
  8. Via Thebrickfan.com is a look at the packaging for a couple new Avengers based LEGO sets coming this summer. Shown are the Avengers: Wrath of Loki (76152) – 223 pieces and Avengers Helicarrier (76153) – 1,224 pieces sets.
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