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Found 112 results

  1. After he’s finished revealing the Maestro’s shocking origins in the current limited series MAESTRO, writer Peter David will return to reveal the tales behind Maestro’s terrifying rise to power in MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX! In this thrilling new series, the legendary Incredible Hulk scribe will team up with artist Javier Pina to uncover even more secrets behind his landmark story Future Imperfect. The man once known as the Hulk now answers only to THE MAESTRO! After deposing Dystopia’s ancient ruler, the Maestro will now set his sights even higher. With unbridled ambitions, Maestro decides it’s time for the entire planet Earth to recognize him as their one true god! But the Maestro will soon find out that he isn’t the only immortal left…and if he wants to truly dominate the planet, he’ll have to face the most powerful beings in creation! “I am thrilled that, twenty years after I created him, the Maestro still intrigues people so much that the first series garnered the sort of success that demanded a follow-up,” David said. “As long as folks want to keep reading about him, I'm happy to keep giving them stories.” The secret history behind the saga of Maestro continues to unravel in MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX #1, on sale in January! MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX #1 (OF 5) Written by PETER DAVID Art by JAVIER PINA Cover by DALE KEOWN
  2. This December, Knull makes his long-dreaded arrival in KING IN BLACK, the next chapter in Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s redefining run on Venom. No corner of the Marvel Universe will be safe, and in January, fans can witness all the chaos Knull is set to unleash during this monumental event in KING IN BLACK: PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES. In this thrilling series, all-star talents join forces on stories that will set up key moments in the event, featuring epic clashes between Knull’s army and your favorite heroes, the return of fan-favorite characters, surprising revelations about the Venom mythology, and introductions to exciting new players in the Marvel Universe. KING IN BLACK: PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES #1 kicks things off with two essential KING IN BLACK chapters that fans won’t dare to miss! Teaming up with artist Guiu Vilanova (Web of Venom: Wraith), writer Clay McLeod Chapman (Scream: Curse of Carnage) returns to the adventures of Scream. Amidst Knull’s takeover, Scream is forced to take on her siblings, the other Life Foundation Symbiotes, in an action-packed family reunion that will prove once and for all who the strongest Venom offspring really is. Next, writer Frank Tieri and artist Danilo Beyruth (Web of Venom: Carnage Born, Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage) will take readers back to the Ravencroft Institute. Picking up directly on the developments from Tieri’s recent Ravencroft series, this haunting tale will house surprising discoveries about Knull’s legacy on Earth and reveal the role that Carnage’s ancestor, Cortland Kasady, has to play in things to come. These two exciting tales are just the beginning of what KING IN BLACK: PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES has in store. Stay tuned for more information on what’s to come in KING IN BLACK: PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES when it begins in January! KING IN BLACK: PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES #1 (OF 3) Written by CLAY MCLEOD CHAPMAN and FRANK TIERI Art by GUIU VILANOVA and DANILO BEYRUTH Cover by TONY MOORE
  3. Captain Britain vs. Isca Witness a battle to the death in EXCALIBUR #14, Chapter 15 of X OF SWORDS. EXCALIBUR #14 Written by TINI HOWARD Art by PHIL NOTO On Sale November
  4. This November, Marvel honors Indigenous history with MARVEL’S VOICES: INDIGENOUS VOICES #1, a landmark special exploring the legacy and experiences of Marvel’s incredible cast of Indigenous characters in stories told by renowned Indigenous talent. Today, Marvel is proud to present one of the covers of this upcoming book, a striking depiction of one of Marvel’s most prominent Native characters, Dani Moonstar, by Eisner award-winning artist Afua Richardson. Known for her work on the critically acclaimed series, Black Panther: World of Wakanda, Richardson brings the New Mutants leader to life in this vibrant piece showing Moonstar readying her psionic bow for her latest battle. In MARVEL’S VOICES: INDIGENOUS VOICES #1, geoscientist and Lipan Apache writer Darcie Little Badger and acclaimed Whitefish Lake First Nation artist Kyle Charles will team up for a Dani Moonstar story, as the Cheyenne super hero faces the crucial question of what her Indigenous heritage means in the new era of mutantkind. Don’t miss this startling tale or Richardson’s stunning variant cover when MARVEL’S VOICES: INDIGENOUS VOICES #1 goes on sale November 18th!
  5. Knull is coming. The God of Symbiotes will make his long-dreaded arrival this December in KING IN BLACK, the monumental event that delivers on everything Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman have built up in their groundbreaking run on Venom. To celebrate this epic storyline, readers can see Knullified versions of their favorite Marvel heroes on twisted variant covers coming in December. These chaotic versions of heroes like Captain America, Thor, and Storm reveal just what happens when Knull’s overwhelming darkness overcomes the Marvel Universe as we know it. You can see some of these glorious covers now featuring an all-star lineup of amazing artists including Skan, Ken Lashley, Taurin Clark, Iban Coello, and more! Be on the lookout for more Knullified variant covers coming your way and brace yourself for Knull’s impact this December in KING IN BLACK! BLACK CAT #1 KNULLIFIED VARIANT by TAURIN CLARK BLACK WIDOW #4 KNULLIFIED VARIANT by SKAN CAPTAIN AMERICA #26 KNULLIFIED VARIANT by JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCO CAPTAIN MARVEL #24 KNULLIFIED VARIANT by TRADD MOORE CONAN THE BARBARIAN #17 KNULLIFIED VARIANT by E.M. GIST FANTASTIC FOUR #27 KNULLIFIED VARIANT by JUAN FERREYA GHOST RIDER: RETURN OF VENGEANCE #1 KNULLIFIED VARIANT by KYLE HOTZ THOR #10 KNULLIFIED VARIANT by KEN LASHLEY VENOM #31 KNULLIFIED VARIANT by FRANCISCO HERRERA X-MEN #16 KNULLIFIED VARIANT COVER by IBAN COELLO
  6. Renowned X-Men writer Fabian Nicieza (X-Force, Deadpool) and celebrated artist Ron Garney (Captain America, Daredevil) are taking the unstoppable Juggernaut in a bold new direction with a brand-new series! JUGGERNAUT #1 hit stands yesterday, and fans learned that Cain Marko’s new path is as full of destruction and mayhem as ever before. The action continues next month when a matchup that True Believers have debated about for decades comes to life. That’s right —it’s Juggernaut VS Hulk in an epic clash that will shake the Marvel Universe to its core—literally! Retailers, don’t forget to order your copies of this action packed issue by Monday, September 28th! JUGGERNAUT #2 (APR200889) Written by FABIAN NICIEZA Art by RON GARNEY Colors by MATT MILLA Letters by VC’S JOE SABINO
  7. Today I take a look at the new Marvel Legends Deluxe 6" War Machine figure from Hasbro. You can purchase this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. The backdrops featured in this review were provided by our sponsor DoramaPrints.com. For a 10% discount, use the code MN10 during checkout. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  8. The Mad Titan has returned. In the aftermath of an Eternal’s death, Ikaris goes up against Thanos in the heart of a city twisted by time. This epic battle will be explored in ETERNALS #2 and will reveal the monumental role Thanos will play in this bold new vision of Jack Kirby’s classic Marvel creation. In ETERNALS, mastermind creators Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, Uncanny X-Men, Thor) and Esad Ribić (Secret Wars, King Thor) will take readers on an unpredictable journey that will change everything you thought you knew about this enigmatic group of heroes. This groundbreaking series will serve as a perfect entry point for longtime fans or those experiencing these iconic characters for the first time and will redefine what it truly means to be ETERNAL. Don’t miss the shocking return of one of Marvel’s most feared villains when ETERNALS #2 hits stands in December! ETERNALS #2 Written by KIERON GILLEN Art and Cover by ESAD RIBIĆ
  9. Marvel’s newest super team is here! Meet The Union, a team composed of heroes from all over the United Kingdom, in an exciting new series from writer Paul Grist (Judge Dredd, Jack Staff) and artist Andrea Di Vito (Annihilation). Union Jack along with a host of spectacular new heroes have banded together just in time to take on the galactic threat coming in Marvel’s 2020 event, Empyre, but that is only the start of this team’s epic adventures. “40 years ago, Roger Stern and John Byrne introduced a new Union Jack into the pages of Captain America! This is the comic I've been waiting 40 years to write!” says Grist. “New heroes! New adventures! And a team that’s falling apart before it's even begun!” Joining Union Jack will be the best heroes the UK has to offer including Snakes from Northern Ireland, Kelpie from Scotland, The Choir from Wales, and their fearless leader, the legendary Britannia! With new heroes comes new designs and hit artist R.B. Silva (Powers of X) was delighted to provide dynamic looks for the whole cast! “I really like Medieval themes. With Britania and Kelpie, I wanted them to look like medieval warriors and I just simplified and modernized it from there,” Silva explained. “For Snakes, I thought of the visual for the Executioner. Someone the enemy will fear from just a look. And for the Choir, more of a light visual, something that can enable quick movements. On her knife I put 3 dragon's heads. I know on Wales’ flag they have a dragon with only one head but I thought, why not three?” See Silva’s cover below as well as his eye-popping character designs and prepare to meet these new heroes when THE UNION #1 hits stands this May! THE UNION #1 (OF 5) Written by PAUL GRIST Art by ANDREA DI VITO Cover by R.B. SILVA
  10. Since 1982’s groundbreaking limited series by industry legends Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, Wolverine has enjoyed numerous acclaimed stories in the pages of his solo comic series. Over the years, top industry talents including Larry Hama, Mark Millar, Jason Aaron, Paul Cornell, Steve McNiven, and Alan Davis have contributed to the character’s incredible legacy, and this December, Wolverine pops his claws for his 350th issue. Written by Benjamin Percy with art from longtime Wolverine artist Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic, WOLVERINE #350, the eighth issue of the current run, will celebrate the iconic hero with a story that takes him back to one of his most classic eras. When a secret enemy starts making moves against Wolverine’s old crew, Team X, Logan has to go on the hunt before more bodies pile up. As the mystery deepens, he’ll pick up the scent of his old compatriot, the mutant known as Maverick. What follows will be a dangerous adventure that will introduce new enemies, redefine old allies, and give Wolverine plenty of opportunities to do what he does best. This special extra-sized issue will be both a celebration of Logan’s history AND a perfect jumping on point for new readers! “Listen up, bub. Wolverine is my favorite comics character, and I'd consider myself lucky to write him at any point in time, but especially now. The Dawn of X has brought about a rich, exciting, and inarguably historic era for the X-Men,” Percy said. “This is a milestone moment, and now we have a milestone issue to mark the occasion—Wolverine #350. That's a number to celebrate. “Even as we look back and value the wealthy arsenal of stories already available to us, we can also look forward, because there’s so much rotgut whiskey and berserker mayhem and pop-clawed SNIKT-ing to come. What are we doing to celebrate the occasion? We're giving you an oversized issue, offering even more action-packed, mystery-filled pages to shove in your eye, drawn by both Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic. And appropriately, we're delivering a story that celebrates the past even as it looks toward the future. “I'm not going to reveal too much about what's behind the curtain, but get ready for an enemy I've been geeked to write since I first got the job. Legacy House is coming. And X-fans...know that we're not only headed to Madripoor, but we're bringing back a character you've all been missing: Maverick! So as soon as the dust and blood settles after X of Swords, be sure to get your SNIKT on with Wolverine 350.” Celebrate Logan’s great legacy when WOLVERINE #350 hits stands this December. WOLVERINE #8 (LGY #350) Written by BENJAMIN PERCY Art by ADAM KUBERT & VIKTOR BOGDANOVIC Cover by ADAM KUBERT
  11. Vita Ayala makes their NEW MUTANTS debut this December, launching the book into a thrilling new era as the series’ new writer! Ayala will be joined by artist Rod Reis, a rising superstar who’s already brought his unique and kinetic art style to earlier issues of the hit series. On the edge of mutant society, the younger generation of X-Men cut loose in the Wild Hunt—going big, blowing things up, and combining powers to see who gets crowned king of the mountain! In the aftermath of X of Swords, a mysterious threat has taken root on Krakoa. This ancient enemy is powerful, hungry, and all too familiar to the New Mutants, and it’ll take X-Men from all generations to stop it. Join Magik, Dani Moonstar, Karma, Warpath, Wolfsbane, Warlock, Scout, and more of your favorites in an unpredictable series that will explore uncharted territory of the new mutant status quo that kicked off in Jonathan Hickman’s groundbreaking House of X! “The New Mutants (as a group of characters, and as a book) are the center of the Venn diagram of things that I love, and I am honored and stoked as all get out to be able to follow Jonathan [Hickman] and Ed [Brisson] on the title,” Ayala said. “The New Mutants are perfectly situated to start digging into some of the weird and dangerous stuff that lies just under the surface of the new Krakoan nation, to go poking at things that bite back, so expect them to be getting into all sorts of trouble… *ominous laugh*” Be there for the next great X-Men saga when NEW MUTANTS #14 hits stands this December. NEW MUTANTS #14 Written by VITA AYALA Art and Cover by ROD REIS
  12. The dark history of Arakko will soon be revealed, and when it is, the very future of mutankind will be at stake. Now, witness the cataclysmic showdown between the sword bearers of Arakko and the ten mutants who will stand up to defend the new mutant nation of Krakoa in Pepe Larraz’s breathtaking key art for X OF SWORDS. This fateful clash and many others are what await readers in this crossover epic written by Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard, and all the current writers of your favorite X-Men titles. The next chapter in Hickman’s bold reshaping of the X-Men that began in House of X, this story will stand alongside influential X-Men crossovers like The Mutant Massacre and Messiah CompleX. The victories will be legendary, the losses will be heartbreaking, and the revelations will send shockwaves throughout the Marvel Universe. This sprawling saga will have a lasting impact on the future of the X-Men, forever changing the fate of the franchise’s most prominent characters. "I'm consistently thrilled to see X-Men characters with swords and goblets, alongside dragons and things,” Excalibur and X of Swords: Creation writer Tini Howard told SYFY Wire in a recent interview. “It’s really unexpected, but so fun. These are fantastic heroes and they do fantastic things. Yes, it is super rad to see the X-Men with swords. Thank you all for understanding that.” Raise your swords for the next great mutant milestone when the crossover begins in X OF SWORDS: CREATION #1, on sale September 23rd! X OF SWORDS: CREATION #1 (JUL200583) Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN & TINI HOWARD Art and Cover by PEPE LARRAZ Key Artwork by PEPE LARRAZ with colors by DAVID CURIEL
  13. LOGAN. PATCH. WEAPON X. WOLVERINE. The mysterious mutant has gone by many names and lived many different lives. Now, experience him unleashed in his most ferocious stories ever crafted. Beginning in November, WOLVERINE: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD will feature Wolverine’s wildest adventures. New tales of the best there is all packed together in unadulterated black and white format told through the lens of an all-star cast of creators! The blood starts to flow in WOLVERINE: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #1. Return to the Weapon X program with Gerry Duggan and Adam Kubert, and encounter a new revelation from Wolverine’s shattered memories. Then, join Matthew Rosenberg and Joshua Cassara on an explosive deep-cover spy mission from Wolverine’s association with NICK FURY. After that, head into the wilds with writer/artist Declan Shalvey as Logan finds himself in the crossfire of a deadly trap! WOLVERINE: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #1 (of 4) Written by GERRY DUGGAN, DECLAN SHALVEY, MATTHEW ROSENBERG Art by ADAM KUBERT, DECLAN SHALVEY, JOSHUA CASSARA Cover by ADAM KUBERT
  14. X OF SWORDS, the massive X-Men crossover tying into each and every X-Men title, kicks off next month! By November, this sprawling story will reach a senses-shattering conclusion, and the covers for these exciting final chapters were unveiled today. X OF SWORDS will continue writer Jonathan Hickman’s grand vision for the X-Men that began last year in the hit series, House of X and Powers of X. Hickman and Excalibur writer Tini Howard join every current X-Men writer—Gerry Duggan, Benjamin Percy, Ed Brisson, Zeb Wells, Leah Williams, and Vita Ayala—to deliver the next great X-Men milestone. Featuring breathtaking art by Leinil Francis Yu, Carmen Carnero, Pepe Larraz, Stefano Caselli, Joshua Cassara, Mahmud Asrar, Phil Noto, and more, X OF SWORDS will be an unforgettable saga that will go alongside classic crossovers like The Mutant Massacre, Age of Apocalypse, and Messiah Complex in X-Men history. “X OF SWORDS is by far the biggest story we've done since HOUSE OF X, with every series coming together to tell one tale,” X-Men Editor Jordan D. White promises. “It's crazy, it's epic, it's fun, it's tragic... you're gonna love it! I know I do.” Amidst the dramatic battles and unbelievable twists, fans will get introduced to a host of new X-Men enemies when a mysterious group of swordbearers emerge from the land of Arakko. Get a closer look at these exciting new additions to the X-Men mythos in the newly revealed covers, including their enigmatic leader—a brand-new character who will send lasting shockwaves throughout the world of mutants. See all of November’s covers by visiting marvel.com and don’t miss a moment of this groundbreaking era of X-Men when X OF SWORDS begins next month! X-MEN #14 Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Art by MAHMUD ASRAR & LEINIL FRANCIS YU Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU X of Swords, Chapter 12 The Lovers. A Garden. A chasm of secrets. MARAUDERS #14 Written by GERRY DUGGAN & BENJAMIN PERCY Art by STEFANO CASELLI Cover by RUSSELL DAUTERMAN X of Swords, Chapter 13 A toast. A dance. A dinner served: Part I MARAUDERS #15 Written by GERRY DUGGAN & BENJAMIN PERCY Art by STEFANO CASELLI Cover by RUSSELL DAUTERMAN X of Swords, Chapter 14 A toast. A dance. A dinner served: Part II EXCALIBUR #14 Written by TINI HOWARD Art by PHIL NOTO Cover by MAHMUD ASRAR X of Swords, Chapter 15 Two swords. Two cups. Two must answer. WOLVERINE #7 Written by BENJAMIN PERCY & GERRY DUGGAN Art by JOSHUA CASSARA Cover by ADAM KUBERT X of Sword, Chapter 16 Endurance. Survival. The true lesson of pain. X-FORCE #14 Written by BENJAMIN PERCY & GERRY DUGGAN Art by JOSHUA CASSARA Cover by DUSTIN WEAVER X of Swords, Chapter 17 Chivalry gives way to fury. A knight must kneel. HELLIONS #6 Written by ZEB WELLS Art by CARMEN CARNERO Cover by STEPHEN SEGOVIA X of Swords, Chapter 18 Chaos. Deceit. A hero returns. CABLE #6 Written by GERRY DUGGAN Art and Cover by PHIL NOTO X of Swords, Chapter 19 A son. The stars. A Fool and his bravery. X-MEN #15 Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Art by MAHMUD ASRAR Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU X of Swords, Chapter 20 A great division. Bitter victories. Bitterer hearts. EXCALIBUR #15 Written by TINI HOWARD Art and Cover by MAHMUD ASRAR X of Swords, Chapter 21 A game abandoned, but a great gamble remains. A Tower answers. X OF SWORDS: DESTRUCTION #1 Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN & TINI HOWARD Art and Cover by PEPE LARRAZ X of Swords, Chapter 22 The wheel of fortune turns. The unfortunate fall. A sword against the darkness.
  15. One of the most influential X-Men artists of all time, Chris Bachalo’s distinctive style brings the tortured soul of Madelyne Pryor to life in a stunning new variant cover for HELLIONS #4! The Goblin Queen has returned and will stop at nothing to taste vengeance for the wrongs committed against her. Check out Chris Bachalo’s hair-raising variant cover below and see Madelyne Pryor raise hell when HELLIONS #4 hits stand next month! Retailers, don’t forget to order your copies by Monday, August 17th! HELLIONS #4 Written by ZEB WELLS Art by STEPHEN SEGOVIA Variant Cover by CHRIS BACHALO (JUL208169) Sketch Variant Cover by CHRIS BACHALO (JUL208170)
  16. Keep an eye on Jason Aaron and Javier Garron’s latest Avengers epic, “THE AGE OF KHONSHU” for startling revelations about Moon Knight amidst a thunderous clash with a disgruntled god bent on reshaping the world in his image! Then, gear up for the grand return of the cosmic chaos-bringer of life and death in Jason Aaron and Javier Garron’s “ENTER THE PHOENIX,” on sale in December!
  17. “Venom Beyond,” the latest mind-melting story in Donny Cates’ acclaimed run on VENOM continues in September with VENOM #28! With incredible art by Juan Gedeon, “Venom Beyond” finds Eddie Brock and his son, Dylan, trying to find their way in a dangerous new world. This monumental story is packed with monstrous new threats, mysterious new allies, and an eye-popping variant cover by regular VENOM artist, Ryan Stegman! Check out Ryan Stegman’s cover below and pick up VENOM #28 when it hits stands on September 16th. VENOM #28 Written by DONNY CATES Art by JUAN GEDEON Variant Cover by RYAN STEGMAN
  18. What happens when Black Widow’s deadliest enemies discover a way to take her out? Find out this September when Eisner-nominated writer Kelly Thompson (Captain Marvel) and rising star artist Elena Casagrande (Catwoman) take the Marvel Universe’s greatest spy on a heartbreaking thrill ride into uncharted territory. Natasha Romanoff's world is upended when the superspy Avenger finds herself trapped in a mystery that even she can’t solve. Your first clues about the mission that could mark the end of Black Widow await in this top-secret trailer! “It’s a bold new vision for Black Widow and one I am really hoping people can get excited about,” Thompson told Marvel.com earlier this year. “Our first arc has some of the stuff you would expect in a Black Widow book, but I think twisted in a new way that’s interesting – and where she ends up at the end of this highly personal and life changing story is ALSO interesting!” Discover all the secrets of Natasha Romanoff’s latest adventure when BLACK WIDOW #1, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Elena Casagrande and colors by Jordie Bellaire, goes on sale this September. Pre-order your copy today online or at your local comic shop! For more information, visit marvel.com.
  19. Shang-Chi embarks on the adventure of a lifetime when his new series launches this September. Written by Eisner Award-winning writer Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese) with incredible art by Dike Ruan (Spider-Verse, Black Cat) and Philip Tan (Uncanny X-Men), SHANG-CHI #1 will mark the beginning of a bold new era for the master of martial arts. When an ancient and evil secret society calls upon him, Shang-Chi will be forced to return to a life of danger he thought he left behind and undertake an epic quest of family, betrayal, and justice. To get a taste of what’s in store for Marvel’s greatest fighter, check out superstar artist Ron Lim’s exhilarating variant showing Shang-Chi doing what he does best, and don’t miss SHANG-CHI #1 when it hits stands this September! SHANG-CHI #1 Written by GENE LUEN YANG Art by DIKE RUAN and PHILIP TAN Variant Cover by RON LIM
  20. Next month, two comic book greats join forces to deliver a Fantastic Four tale for the ages! Industry legend Neal Adams and Eisner Award-winning writer Mark Waid bring you FANTASTIC FOUR: ANTITHESIS, a modern Marvel blockbuster jam-packed with a fan-favorite roster of Fantastic Four heroes as well as a new villain guaranteed to send shockwaves throughout all of fandom. While Mark Waid is no stranger to Marvel’s first family, having penned a character-defining run back in 2002, FANTASTIC FOUR: ANTITHESIS will be the first full-length Fantastic Four story ever illustrated by Neal Adams. This all-star creative team sat down for an interview with Marvel host, Lorraine Cink, to spill details about their highly anticipated series! “Working with [Neal Adams] has been on my bucket list since I was kid,” said Waid. “This was the perfect opportunity.” “There’s lots of surprises,” promises Adams. "We got to really jam a lot of stuff in there.” FANTASTIC FOUR: ANTITHESIS #1
 Written by MARK WAID
  21. Last month, the first of Marvel’s Timeless variant covers were unveiled. Now is your chance to see the additional covers in this incredible collection coming your way this October! These gorgeous covers feature Marvel’s greatest heroes brought to life by the iconic art of legendary artist Alex Ross. Behold Marvel heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Jean Grey in painted portraits, depicted in their most classic and beloved costumes. Don’t miss your chance to begin collecting all 28 of these stunning variant covers at your local comic shop starting in September! “Nobody else embodies the term Timeless quite as well as Alex does," Executive Editor Tom Brevoort told ComicBook.com last month. "His work makes people relate to these fantastical characters in an entirely new way--they become plausible and real without giving up their larger-than-life qualities in the process. He's also just about the hardest-working guy in the business--his output, given its quality, is truly staggering.” See below for a complete list of the Timeless Variant Covers available in October. To see all fourteen Timeless covers, visit marvel.com. Stay tuned to Marvel next week for a rare glimpse inside Alex Ross’s incredible creative process and see how his timeless imagery was made into a magnificent mural in Marvel’s NYC offices! -AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 50 SPIDER-MAN TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT -DAREDEVIL 23 DAREDEVIL TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT -EXCALIBUR 13 NIGHTCRAWLER TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT -FANTASTIC FOUR 25 BLACK BOLT TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT -FANTASTIC FOUR: ANTITHESIS 3 MEDUSA TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT -HELLIONS 5 PHOENIX TIMELESSS VIRGIN VARIANT -MARAUDERS 13 ICEMAN TIMESLESS VIRGIN VARIANT -NEW MUTANTS 13 COLOSSUS TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT -SHANG-CHI 2 SHANG-CHI TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT -SPIDER-WOMAN 5 SPIDER-WOMAN TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT -THOR 8 THOR TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT -WOLVERINE 6 WOLVERINE TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT -X-FORCE 13 BEAST TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT -X-MEN 13 CYCLOPS TIMELESS VIRGIN VARIANT
  22. Marvel has released this teaser for Web of Venom Empyre's End which is a King In Black lead-in title. Look for it in October 2020.
  23. X OF SWORDS, the next great X-Men crossover, kicks off this September and rages on in October with Chapters 3-11. Over the last few days, the covers for the October chapters were unveiled, and fans got their first look at the X-Men’s newest foes in Pepe Larraz’s cover of X OF SWORDS: STASIS #1. This mysterious group of swordbearers come from the land of Arakko, and the X-Men will have to draw swords of their own to defend the new mutant nation of Krakoa. Arakko and its visitors are shrouded in mystery, and none more so than the group’s leader. While her identity remains classified, her story is sure to shock X-Men fans everywhere. Spinning directly out of Jonathan Hickman’s X-MEN and Tini Howard’s EXCALIBUR, X OF SWORDS will be a massive mutant milestone that each X-Book will take part in. Every current X-Men writer— Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard, Gerry Duggan, Benjamin Percy, Ed Brisson, Zeb Wells, Leah Williams, and Vita Ayala— have come together to craft a modern epic that will go down in X-Men history! Joined by incredible artists like Carmen Carnero, Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, Viktor Bogdanovic, Matteo Lolli, Mahmud Asrar, Phil Noto, and Rod Reis, the dramatic battles in store for the X-Men will be unforgettable. Prepare to meet these major new players in the X-Men mythos when X OF SWORDS begins in September! WOLVERINE #6 Written by BENJAMIN PERCY Art by VIKTOR BOGDANOVIC Cover by ADAM KUBERT X OF SWORDS, PART 3 Descent. Penance. A legendary power reclaimed. X-FORCE #13 Written by BENJAMIN PERCY Art by VIKTOR BOGDANOVIC Cover by DUSTIN WEAVER X OF SWORDS, PART 4 Stealth. The power within. The burden of knowledge. MARAUDERS #13 Written by VITA AYALA Art by MATTEO LOLLI Cover by RUSSELL DAUTERMAN X OF SWORDS, PART 5 A secret flight. A long journey. A Thief and a Queen. HELLIONS #5 Written by ZEB WELLS Art by CARMEN CARNERO Cover by STEPHEN SEGOVIA X OF SWORDS, PART 6 Desperation. Help from unexpected places. An advance into the unknown. NEW MUTANTS #13 Written by ED BRISSON Art by ROD REIS Cover BY MIKE DEL MUNDO X OF SWORDS, PART 7 Diligence. Discipline. A sword of the self. CABLE #5 Written by GERRY DUGGAN Art and Cover by PHIL NOTO X OF SWORDS, PART 8 A hand held aloft. A mystery in the stars. An ace up the sleeve. EXCALIBUR #13 Written by TINI HOWARD Art by R.B. SILVA Cover by MAHMUD ASRAR X OF SWORDS, PART 9 Opposition. Despair. The dark night of the soul. X-MEN #13 Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Art by MAHMUD ASRAR Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU X OF SWORDS, PART 10 Lessons. Longing. What has begun cannot be undone. X OF SWORDS: STASIS #1 Written by TINI HOWARD & JONATHAN HICKMAN Art by PEPE LARRAZ & MAHMUD ASRAR Cover by PEPE LARRAZ X OF SWORDS, PART 11 A ritual. A parliament. A game begins.
  24. This December, the entire Marvel Universe braces itself for KING IN BLACK, the latest installment in writer Donny Cates and artist Ryan Stegman’s revolutionary take on the Venom mythos. Knull is coming, and when he arrives, everyone from the Avengers to the X-Men will learn just how unprepared they are to face off against the God of the Symbiotes. Everything in Cates and Stegman’s landmark run on VENOM has led up to this monumental story, and readers will finally witness Eddie Brock’s climatic standoff with one of Marvel’s most terrifying villains. With each mind-bending twist and turn, the stakes will be raised like never before as KING IN BLACK flips everything you thought you knew about Venom and the world of the symbiotes upside down and inside out. Learn more in a special video announcement from the mastermind creative team, and stay tuned for more news about what to expect when KING IN BLACK lands later this year! "As far as event books go, this is the coolest, darkest, most heavy metal, Cthulhu dark horror thing I’ve ever been able to do,” promises Cates. “I still can’t believe that Marvel is letting us go as dark and scary as we’re going.” “One of the things I’m most proud of in this series… is the creation of the character Knull,” Stegman says. “We have some new designs that we’ll be unveiling throughout the series that are really cool and really creepy.” Ready or not, don’t miss KING IN BLACK #1 when it hits stands this December!
  25. Today, Marvel Entertainment announced three iconic franchises – ALIEN, PREDATOR, and ALIEN VS. PREDATOR – will be launching all-new stories with Marvel Comics starting in 2021! The new comic series will feature new and classic characters from Earth and beyond to explore never-before-seen corners of both the Alien and Predator universes. Following the debut of Alien in 1979 and Predator in 1987, the films built a cult following and expanded rapidly to include toys, games, novels, and comic books, eventually leading to 2004’s landmark crossover Alien vs. Predator. Marvel’s new stories will draw from all of these properties, building on decades of multimedia storytelling. Get a first look at next year’s deadly new chapter with spine-chilling cover art by David Finch! “There’s nothing more thrilling than a story that will keep you at the edge of your seat, and Alien and Predator have delivered that time and time again!” C.B. Cebulski, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, told IGN. “I can clearly remember where I was when I saw each of these modern masterpieces for the first time, and reveling in how both masterfully weave extraterrestrial dread and drama into some of the most iconic scenes we’ve ever seen on film. And it’s that legacy that we’re going to live up to!” “The incredible legacies of both franchises offer some of the most compelling and exciting worldbuilding in all of science fiction,” said Marvel Editor Jake Thomas. “It is a thrill and an honor to be able to add to that mythology and continuity with all-new stories set within those universes.” “Alien and Predator are the two of the most identifiable, iconic characters of all time, and I love them for that,” said Finch. “But mostly, it’s being fortunate enough to be a kid when they were new. I’ve seen every movie they’ve ever been in, and I cannot wait to see them wreaking havoc in the Marvel Universe. I drew my pictures of them with a massive smile on my face.” “As a visual medium, comics are the perfect place to build on those moments, and we here at Marvel are honored to begin telling these stories for fans everywhere,” added Cebulski. “As our release schedule continues to return, we can’t wait to share more in the coming months!” Details on upcoming ALIEN and PREDATOR comic book titles, collections, reprints, and creative teams will be shared at a later date.
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