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Found 10 results

  1. On May 19th, award-winning writer Gene Luen Yang and rising star artist Dike Ruan continue their bold transformation of the Shang-Chi mythos in a brand-new ongoing series. To celebrate this exciting new chapter, SHANG-CHI #1-6 will have a collection of spectacular variant covers by renowned artist Michael Cho that foreshadow the epic brawls that await readers in each issue! After the events of his last series, Shang-Chi has finally taken his place as the leader of the Five Weapons Society. But using an evil secret organization as a force for good won’t be easy, and it’s about to get a lot harder when Marvel’s biggest heroes start to question his motives! Each issue of the action-packed first arc will pit Shang-Chi against a different Marvel hero including Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine. In addition, the series will introduce new villains with sinister goals for Shang-Chi and his newfound family of warriors. The new series is perfect for longtime fans of the character and newcomers eager to learn more about Marvel’s greatest fighter! For more information, including a first look at SHANG-CHI #1, visit Marvel.com. Retailers, don’t forget to order your copies by Monday, April 26th! SHANG-CHI #1 Written by GENE LUEN YANG Art by DIKE RUAN Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU (MAR210556) Variant Cover by MICHAEL CHO (MAR210561) On Sale May 19th!
  2. erivera94 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Shang-Chi: And The Legend Of The Ten Rings 6" Shang-Chi figure from Hasbro. This figure is part of the Shang-Chi wave which should see full release by 4/25. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  3. Billy and Troy Brownfield let us know that they discovered at their local Target in Indiana the new Marvel Legends movie based Shang-Chi and comic based Tony Stark AI figures. These are part of the Shang-Chi Mr. Hyde Build-A-Figure wave which will be a mix of movie and comic book based figures. While it's very surprising to already be seeing these hit Target stores, the weird thing is that this Target only seemed to get just solid cases of these two figures. Hasbro often offers retailers solid cases for certain figures, but generally only the smaller retailers will order those. It's unusual to see a big box store like Target order solid cases. Billy says the figures scanned up with individual codes in the Target system as opposed to the normal assortment code. There were 5 Shang-Chi figures and 6 AI Tony Stark figures. The Shang-Chi movie is due out in theaters on September 3, 2021, so generally figures like these wouldn't be out until a month or so before the movies release. Of course the movie was originally supposed to be out earlier this year and got delayed due to COVID, which I am sure has screwed up the distribution for these figures. Still Hasbro hasn't even officially announced the Shang-Chi movie figure, and as we reported yesterday, the movie figures in the wave due contain some movie SPOILERS. Shang-Chi himself isn't really that spoilerish and the AI Stark figure is comic based, so I suppose it's possible Hasbro made special arrangements to start shipping the figures out in parts to the big box retailers, starting with the non-spoilers ones. However if that were the case you would think the Civil Warrior figure which is another non-movie figure in the wave would also be hitting stores now. I guess only time will tell how wide spread the release of these two figures actually are and when we will start seeing the rest of the figures in the wave hit shelves as well. Thanks to Billy and Troy for the heads up and image of their find.
  4. Yesterday as most of us were tuned in to see what new Hasbro reveals that were to be had from the Hasbro Fan Fest event, new images for the upcoming Shang-Chi wave began popping up on social media. The figures apparently have started showing up for sale . Since the people passing these images around on social media never bother to give credit to the original source, it's very hard to say for sure where these are being found, but some of the images definitely show the figures being sold with $23 price tags on them. We had seen some initial images for this wave pop up last week, but the new images showing up online give us much better look at the figures in the entire wave as well as the bio's on the back of the package. Since this wave is a mix of comic and Shang-Chi: The Legend Of The Ten Rings movie figures, I am breaking up this news post in to two different ones. I am keeping this post SPOILER FREE in order to give folks who don't want to see movie spoilers our first best look at the Build-A-Figure in the wave which is a comic book based Mr. Hyde figure. Below you will see an image from the back of the package for one of the figures in the wave that shows the figure fully assembled. The other image is a close up of the actual figure which was taken by someone who obviously purchased the wave and assembled the figure. Why they only posted a close-up IDK. The image was posted by rektangular, but I don't think he is the one that actually has the figures in hand. In my second post I will go into more detail about the actual figures in the wave and the SPOILERS they reveal about the upcoming movie. The Shang-Chi movie isn't due in theaters until September 3, 2021, so I don't expect the movie figures to be officially released until later this summer, but with them apparently already seeing some kind of limited release, it's only a matter of time be fore we start seeing more and more images of these.
  5. An image for an upcoming LEGO set based on the Shang-Chi: And The Legend Of The Ten Rings movie has popped up online. With this image we get our first glimpse at Shan-Chi (Simu Liu) himself from the movie as well as his outfit. The set looks to be titled "Reptile At The Acient Village" and contains a big dragon as well as mini-figures of Shang-Chi, Xialing, Wenwu, and Death Dealer and some type of animal or creature named Moris. Thanks to Ironspider428 for the heads up.
  6. Last year, award-winning writer Gene Luen Yang and rising star artist Dike Ruan transformed the Shang-Chi mythos in a critically-acclaimed new series. And today, Marvel Comics is proud to announce that the incredible team will continue their bold work on the character this May in a new ongoing series. SHANG-CHI #1 will kick off a surprising new journey for Marvel’s greatest fighter as he finds himself on the opposite side of Marvel’s heroes. After the events of his latest series, Shang-Chi has finally taken his place as the leader of the Five Weapons Society but using an evil secret organization as a force for good won’t be easy. And it’s about to get a lot harder when Shang-Chi’s fellow super heroes from Spider-Man to the X-Men to the Avengers, start to question his motives! Don’t miss what happens when Shang-Chi and his newfound family of warriors collide with the Marvel Universe’s biggest heroes! “I'm very, very thankful for all the support that we got for the Shang-Chi miniseries. I mean, the first two issues sold out,” Yang said. “I'm thrilled that we get to continue the story of Shang-Chi and his siblings in the Five Weapons Society. We're going to show how Shang-Chi's brand-new role affects the rest of the Marvel Universe. We'll have him interact with old friends and new foes... and even old friends who become new foes. Dike Ruan and I are already hard at work. The stuff I've seen from Dike so far has been his best yet.” Through their expansive world-building in their previous series, Yang and Ruan have successfully modernized Shang-Chi for a new age. Don’t miss the next revolutionary story in his saga when SHANG-CHI #1 hits stands in May. SHANG-CHI #1 Written by GENE LUEN YANG Art by DIKE RUAN Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU On Sale 5/19
  7. Looks like BenIrvin has been doing some retail store computer searching and discovered a number of new Marvel Legends wave listings. As always the listings don't give us much info in the way of specific figures, as code names are used. It does however give us an idea of whats in the pipeline. One of the most interesting things of note is the listing of a new X-Men wave. This is possibly the House of X wave Hasbro had previously said earlier in the year was coming and/or might contain the 4 figures Hasbro teased in their last live-stream event. 5010993791453 MVL X MEN LEGEND ASST 5010993790289 - MVL X-Men Legends 2 5010993790166 - MVL X-Men Legends 3 5010993790531 - MVL X-Men Legends 4 5010993790159 - MVL X-Men Legends 5 5010993790524 - MVL X-Men Legends 6 5010993790258 - MVL X-Men Legends 7 The four teases Hasbro gave in that live-stream said 1. We would get one figure that was a character Toy Biz did and Hasbro hadn't. 2. An old Hasbro Marvel Legends figure getting an update. 3. A 3.75" Marvel Universe figure being done in 6" form. 4. A character that had never been done before. Earlier this week Dan Yun from Hasbro posted on social media saying the 4 figures teases in the last live-stream would be part of the same wave, though it looks like he since deleted that tweet. Oh and then there was the hand with the yellow glove Hasbro teased two live-stream video's ago which was likely for some kind of new Rogue figure. Toad, Avalanche and a new Blob Build-A-Figure seem to be fan-favorite choices for getting the figure treatment and would fit the criteria of Hasbro's recent clues. Other waves discovered is a new Spider-Man one which is likely the rumored Into The Spiderv-Verse wave we told you about the other day with the Miles Morales Spider-Man, Peter B. Parker, Spider-Gwen and Marvel Comics versions of Frogman and Hand Ninja. This wave may see a Stiltman Build-A-Figure which we think Hasbro was teasing two live-stream videos ago. This should be the first wave listed for 2021, however we will likely see out by end of December. 5010993790951 SPD LEGENDS - SULFUR 8 5010993791040 SPD LEGENDS - METHANE 5010993791064 SPD LEGENDS - MANGANESE 10 5010993791071 SPD LEGENDS - LODINE 11 5010993790937 SPD LEGENDS - SANDSTONE 12 5010993790920 SPD LEGENDS - SAPHIRE 13 The next wave is the long rumored second wave of Avengers figures due out this year. This wave should include a mixture of video game and comic based figures. There is also a possibility the Build-A-Figure will be Modok from the new Avengers video game from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics that will be out on September 4. 5010993791385 AVN LEGENDS ASST 5010993790814 AVN LEGENDS MSE 1 5010993791125 AVN LEGENDS MSE 2 5010993791132 AVN LEGENDS MSE 3 5010993791026 AVN LEGENDS MSE 4 5010993790890 AVN LEGENDS MSE 5 5010993790982 AVN LEGENDS MSE 6 5010993791101 AVN LEGENDS MSE 7 The final wave is completely new to us and listed simply as SHC which could be for Shang-Chi. The names are code names so no help there on determining what they are. There is the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings movie currently slated for a May 2021 release, but with so much uncertainty in the movie world it's unknown if that will get pushed back or not. Originally there was going to be an Eternals themed wave due out this year but that got delayed when the movie did. 5010993791545 - SHC LEGENDS ASST 5010993786510 - SHC Legends Captain 1 5010993790463 - SHC Legends Pirate 2 5010993790470 - SHC Legends Sailor 3 5010993786527 - SHC Legends CWS 4 5010993790494 - SHC Legends Yacht 5 5010993785780 - SHC Legends Halo 6 As always these listings are subject to change so do treat them as rumors until we get official confirmation from Hasbro. Hopefully Hasbro will give us details on most of these at the end of the month when they hold their virtual Pulse-Con on September 25-26.
  8. Announced earlier today by The New York Times in an exclusive interview with writer Gene Luen Yang, Marvel Super Hero Shang-Chi will be getting a brand-new limited series this June. Known for his Eisner Award-winning work, American Born Chinese - the first graphic novel ever to be nominated for a National Book Award – Yang will be teaming up with artists Dike Ruan (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) and Phillip Tan (Black Order) to craft the modern adventures of Marvel’s beloved master of the martial arts, with an all-new costume designed by artist Jim Cheung! Yang could not suppress his excitement for the new series. “I mean, it’s Shang-Chi,” he told The New York Times. “He’s probably the most prominent Asian — I guess he’s Asian-American now since he’s moved over here — Asian-American super hero.” In this new series, Shang-Chi’s fight for justice will collide with his past. When the hero finds himself pulled back into the fold, no one will be ready for what will be unleashed. With a target on his back after the revitalization of his father’s secret society, the balance of power will shift in an epic tale of succession, family, and betrayal. “The basic idea that his father is a supervillain is still there,” said Yang. “Zheng Zhu has been around a very long time. He has other kids besides Shang-Chi, so we’re going to explore some of those sibling relationships.” Equipped with incredible knowledge and skills in the martial arts, Shang-Chi’s action-packed exploits have been thrilling readers for almost 50 years. Since his introduction, Shang-Chi has become a breakout hero in the Marvel Universe, appearing in multiple series as well as his own successful and acclaimed solo run. SHANG-CHI #1 (OF 5) Written by GENE LUEN YANG Penciled by DIKE RUAN WITH PHILIP TAN Cover by JIM CHEUNG
  9. In this segment called Marvelous Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today. For today we are spotlighting Photographer Aliska and her series of photos of the Marvel Legends Shang-Chi figure titled "Martial arts vs Man-Thing". You can purchase Marvel Legends from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. "Martial arts vs Man-Thing" By Aliska Check out more images below and be sure to give Aliska a follow on Instagram and let her know what you think of their work in the comments below.
  10. Destin Daniel Cretton has been picked up by Marvel Studios to helm the Shang-Chi project. The project will feature the studio's first Asian lead and is based on the classic character known for his martial arts prowess. The script is being penned by Wonder Woman 1984 screenwriter Dave Callaham and will update the character for modern audiences. Marvel is said to be planning on assembling a largely Asian-American and Asian cast for this feature. Shang-Chi first appeared in 1973’s Special Marvel Edition No. 15 and was created by Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin. The character being born in China to a Chinese father and a white American mother was trained as a martial artist assassin by his father, the infamous pulp villain Fu Manchu, but later became a hero after rebelling against his father's ways. Shang-Chi was a hit character in the '70s, and recently saw a revival as a member of The Avengers during 2012’s Marvel Now! Publishing event. Marvel head Kevin Feige is producing, with Marvel’s Louis D'Esposito, Victoria Alonso, and Jonathan Schwartz executive producing. Source: THR
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