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Found 5 results

  1. Last week during Hasbro's live-stream Marvel Legends event, they gave us a clue for one of the figures they will release in 2020. The clue indicated it would be a figure Toy Biz did originally for Marvel Legends that Hasbro has yet to redo. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of figures Toy Biz did back in the day for Marvel Legends that Hasbro has yet to give us modern versions of. I also share my thoughts on how likely I think each choice is for getting the figure treatment this year. Now I am sticking with just Marvel Legends figures Toy Biz did and not veering off into 6" sublines like Spider-Man and X-Men for this list. I also am not including Galactus. Hasbro has done a more recent Galactus figure, and while technically it was released for the Marvel Universe line and not Marvel Legends, I am counting that one as a Marvel Legends. Plus there is no way they would do Galactus this year. To start the list off, I had to go back all the way to the very first wave of Marvel Legends that Toy Biz did. The figure is of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member Toad. The funny thing about the Toy Biz Toad figure is that while technically released under the Marvel Legends banner, it actually was created for a line that predated Marvel Legends. That is why the articulation was not as good as other figures in the wave. Hasbro has been going heavy on X-Men related characters this year, and I think it's long overdue that we get an updated Toad. I give Toad an 80% probability of being included in the line this year. The next figure on the list is Howard the Duck, which was technically released as a pack-in with the Toy Biz Silver Surfer figure back in 2003. Hasbro did give us a Howard figure for the 3.75" line, but I don't see them giving us one in 6" for this year. If or when they do, I would hope it is also a pack-in like the Toy Biz one. I give Howard the Duck a 10% probability of being included in the line this year. Wesley Snipes Movie Blade figure is the next figure on the list. Assuming Hasbro could get the likeness rights, I could see them possibly doing a tribute figure to the movie that really kicked off the modern era of Marvel movies. I don't see it happening this year, but maybe when we get closer to the release of the new MCU Blade movie. I give Movie Blade a 5% probability of being included in the line this year. Besides Blade, Toy Biz also did a Thomas Jame movie Punisher figure. I don't see Hasbro ever doing this one. I give Thomas Jane Punisher a 0% probability of being included in the line this year. Hasbro also seems to be on a Hulk kick recently, and it doesn't hurt that the character of Maestro is appearing in comics again. Toy Biz did this one back in 2005, and I could definitely see Hasbro doing a figure of him in the somewhat near future. I give Maestro a 75% probability of being included in the line this year. Hasbro has given us a few different MCU Hulkbuster Iron Man figures for Marvel Legends, but never a comic based one. Toy Biz did one back in 2005, and while I could see Hasbro doing an updated version eventually, I don't see it happening this year. I give comic based Hulkbuster Iron Man a 30% probability of being included in the line this year. This next one I wasn't sure I should even include here. It's Angel in his red (or blue) X-Men outfit. Toy Biz did this one back in 2005. Technically Hasbro has done an Angel figure, but it was based on the character's original X-Men uniform and was released in a Toys R' Us exclusive boxset. Technically that version of Angel was based on a Worthington from the past that had traveled to the present, which made him different from the regular Angel, well kinda. Despite technicalities I feel like that boxset Angel disqualifies him from this list and therefore don't see much chance of seeing this figure released in 2020. I give Angel a 8% probability of being included in the line this year. The next four figures were originally released by Toy Biz in a Young Avengers boxset back in 2006. The set included figures of Asgardian (Wiccan), Hulking, Iron Lad and Patriot. Out of those four, I would say Hulking and Wiccan have the best chance of getting modern figures since they are playing a decent size role in the comics these days and just got married to one another. If Hasbro was bold they would make a wedding 2-pack, but I don't see that happening, at least not this year. I give Asgardian (Wiccan), Hulking, Iron Lad, and Patriot a 45% probability of being included in the line this year. Another boxset Toy Biz did back in 2006 was one that included the likes of Tomb Of Dracula, Frankenstein Monster, Werewolf By Night and Living Zombie. With movies like Blade and Morbius on the horizon, we could definitely see Hasbro giving these classics the action figure treatment, just not this year. I give Tomb Of Dracula, Frankenstein Monster, Werewolf By Night, and Living Zombie a 45% probability of being included in the line this year. While neither Toy Biz or Hasbro has given us a Mephisto figure, Toy Biz did give us his son Blackheart back in 2006. I don't really see Hasbro doing the same any time soon. I give Comic Blackheart a 15% probability of being included in the line this year. The one Age Of Apocalypse figure Toy Biz gave us that Hasbro has not yet is Sabretooth. Since we have already gotten Wild Child and this is the anniversary year for the Age of Apocalypse storyline, Sabretooth seems very likely in my view to get the figure treatment from Hasbro. I give Comic Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth a 95% probability of being included in the line this year. One I am sure we will see eventually is a comic book based Falcon. Toy Biz gave us a Classic Falcon back in 2006, and I think Hasbro will do the same once the Falcon and Winter Soldier series hits Disney+. I don't see it coming this year however. I give Classic Falcon a 12% probability of being included in the line this year. Mojo which Toy Biz did as a Build-A-Figure back in 2006 is long overdue from Hasbro. After all Hasbro has given us versions of Spiral, Longshot and Shatterstar, so Mojo seems like a given. My guess is when Hasbro does a Mojo figure, it to will be done as a Build-A-Figure. Because of that, I would say 2021 is the soonest we might see that figure done by Hasbro. I give Mojo a 20% probability of being included in the line this year. Another obscure Iron Man armor Toy Biz did that Hasbro has yet to do is the Thorbuster armor. Since Hasbro loves Iron Man, I could see them doing this one down the road. I give Thorbuster Iron Man a 10% probability of being included in the line this year. Modok was another Build-A-Figure Toy Biz did back in 2006 that Hasbro has yet to update. This is another one I definitely see Hasbro doing, but once again as Build-A-Figure. I give Modok a 30% probability of being included in the line this year. It's hard to believe Hasbro has yet to give us a comic book based 6" Mandarin figure for the Marvel Legends line. Toy Biz did one in 2006 and Hasbro has done a movie one and a comic book one for the 3.75" line. It's only a matter of time before they get around to it for the 6" line, but I'm not sure if 2020 will be the year. I give comic based Mandarin a 50% probability of being included in the line this year. The final 4 figures were all released by Toy Biz in a House Of M boxset back in 2006. They did figures of Hulk, Iron Man, Inhuman Torch, and It. Like Age of Apocalypse, I could see them doing a wave to celebrate that iconic story, just not this year. I give House of M Hulk, Iron Man, Inhuman Torch and It figures a 10% probability of being included in the line this year. So assuming I didn't miss any, these are all the possibilities for Toy Biz figures that Hasbro has yet to do, with one of them getting the figure treatment later this year. My best guess would be either the Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth to round out the Age of Apocalypse roster or a Toad figure to go along with the likes of Mystique, Blob and the new Pyro. Who knows -- based on other clues Hasbro gave last week for new 2020 figures, maybe we will see an updated Blob figure and Avalanche (done for the first time in the actual Marvel Legends line) to go along with Toad??? Let us know in the COMMENTS SECTION which Toy Biz figure you want to see Hasbro give an update to next.
  2. Toy Biz was the first company to really successfully implement the Build-A-Figure concept with their 6” Marvel Legends line, where pieces of a larger character based figure would be included with a number of individually packaged normal sized figures. The idea was two-fold. It gave people more incentive to purchase all the figures in a wave so they could complete the larger figure, hence increasing sales for a company. It also allowed larger based characters to be released, that might not otherwise be feasible to do because of packaging restraints, allocated retail shelf space and price. In the beginning we were treated to building sized characters such as Galactus, Giant Apocalypse and the Sentinels. Overtime the Build-A-Figures were shrunk down so they were usually still larger than a regular figures, but not super big. We got the likes Onslaught, Modok, Mojo and many others. The Build-A-Figure concept became so popular and successful, that many other toy companies started implementing similar type figures in their own action figure lines. In recent years however, we have started to see a new trend emerge from Hasbro, who of course took over Marvel Legends and the Build-A-Figure concept from Toy Biz years ago. More and more we are seeing the Build-A-Figure being reissued, completely assembled and in it’s own packaging. These figures are usually sold as a more expensive deluxe figures. Some of of these deluxe figures are primarily just re-paints, while others incorporate more sculpting modifications, which allow them to offered as an almost completely new figures. This new trend of course has been received with mixed reactions from the collectors. Some view it as an easier way to obtain the larger characters, since they no longer need to buy the individual figures in a wave. Others who purchased the full waves in order to complete the Build-A-Figure, feel a bit taken advantage of with Hasbro now re-releasing them individually, especially the ones with only slight modifications. Some argue that Hasbro should do away with the Build-A-Figure completely, and just release the larger characters as deluxe figures. The downside too that is, Hasbro would likely see a decline in sales for certain individual characters released in a wave, especially those more obscure characters that many aren’t as familiar with. Hence making it less likely they will continue to release those more obscure guys. Even the variety of larger scale characters might become more limited, as retailers would likely only want to carry the well known characters. While it can sometimes be a pain to buy a figure you really don’t want, in order to complete that Build-A-Figure you do want, I think the pro’s of the concept still out weight the con’s of it. As for the deluxe figures, I think its better when the figure has significant modifications to it, but even in the case of the recently announced Kingpin repaint that only has slight modifications to it, I like we are getting a second one so we can use one of the bodies with the Shadow King head sculpt that Hasbro released with the Professor X figure. Now we get to have both Kingpin and Shadow King on our shelves without having to purchase two Build-A-Figures. Let us know in the COMMENTS SECTION. Should Hasbro continue with Build-A-Figures, go with just deluxe figures or continue to do both?
  3. For my latest interview, I got a chance to sit down with David Vonner, who is currently a Design Manager on Mattel's WWE line of action figures. Before that David worked at Hasbro, and was the driving force behind their 3.75" Marvel Universe line. Before coming to Hasbro, David got his start making action figures at Toy Biz working on Marvel Legends and LOTR figures. We talk about all those things and more in the interview. David was at Atomic Basement Comics in Long Beach, CA during the interview. He also wanted you to know that you should support your local comic book stores.
  4. BigBadToyStore.com has up for pre-order the second wave of Marvel Legends 6" figures that pays tribute to the old 5" Toy Biz figures with the packaging. The wave includes Ant-Man, Wasp (Blue Outfit), Black Panther, Scarlet Spider, Hawkeye and Vision. Vision comes with an Ultron head, Scarlet Spider comes with an unmasked head, Black Panther comes with fireball effects, Ant-Man comes with a miniature Wasp and Wasp comes with a miniature Ant-Man. These will be out in October.
  5. Some of you may have been online looking for the new 2016 X-Men Deadpool. If you've been to Ebay then you may have notice series 6 ones popping up for under $40. If you have been curious about them or if it's an affordable alternative to the authentic one that runs way over $100, check out this video review I did covering this figure. Checkout other videos too. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO ---> https://youtu.be/bxQZrXVEVg4
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