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  1. Updated 06/27/2012 Disregard All Previous List as many figures are gone Here Goes Marvel Legends Icon Hasbro Thor Nightcrawler Daredevil both Versions Silver Surfer Target Versions Wolverine Brown Variant Marvel Legends Icon Toybiz Beast Both Version Damage boxes, but Figures in tact Ironman both Versions Wolverine Yellow Suit Hulk both versions DCSH (mint in package) Batman and Batgirl 2 Pack Black Suit Superman Supergirl Bane Loose Darsied Loose DCU Classic Spectre both versions Big Barda Variant Booster Gold variant Superman long hair Variant Deadman Variant Martian Manhunter variant Wonder Woman x2 (not wave 4) Gotham 5 never been opened SDCC Manbat white x2 SDCC JLA Starro (no spores) x2 and loose figures without Starro DCU Green Lantern Wave 2 3 pack with Dex Star, etc Young Justice Aqua Lad 6” Young Justice Red Arrow 6” Young Justice Sportsmaster 3.75” DCSH Complete Sets with most Variant (mint in package) Trigon Wave Kilowog Wave Legendary Superheroes (mint in package) Madman Variant Judge Dead Variant x2 Body of Bones 2 Pack Savage Dragon with Shirt on Ann O’Brien Variant Marvel Legends Hasbro (mint in package) Yellow Jacket Variant Jean Grey Variant Scarlett Spider Variant Marvel Girl Variant Quicksilver Variant Silver Wolverine Diamond Emma Frost Black Queen Silver arm Planet Hulk Punisher Variant Complete Nemesis Wave I also have some of the 2 Packs, but these are pending so I will post what is left so I will post soon Fantastic Four Toybiz & Some Hasbro (mint in package) Skrull and Variants and 3 loose Ben Grimm Astronaut Variant Invisible Woman Half Invisible Flame on Human Torch Half Flamed on Johnny X-men Classics Toybiz (mint in package) Magneto House of M Wolverine Juggernaut Stealth Beast both Versions Tech Gear Beast Fantastic Four 12” (minor wear to package) Invisible Woman and Variant Human Torch and Variant Mr Fantastic Thing Dr Doom Marvel Select SpiderWoman Variant Iron Sipderman Bucky Cap Skrull 3 Pack Diamond Emma loose Spiderman Signature Series Hasbro (mint in package) Complete Series with Dr Ock and Green Goblin and Rare Punisher Barbies (wear to package) Batgirl both versions Harley Quinn Elektra Invisible Woman Poison Ivy Marvel Universe Hasbro (mint in package & loose) SDCC Sentinel Purple version Skrull 3.75” Clor (loose) Loki (loose) MOTU She-Ra SDCC Mo-Lar vs Skeletor Battle Cat I have a lot more but need to find them Movie Masters Batman Series (mint in package) Two Face Harvey Dent Joker with missile launcher DCUC (Loose Figures) Parademons both version Red Lanterns from wave 2 x3 Toyman Negativeman Variant Luthor in Battlesuit Black Hand Blue Version Azreal Star Sapphire DC Direct Karu-Sil in plastic mold still Cheetah variant battle damaged (puppy tried to fight her – he lost) More to come loose figures – may think of selling my whole DCU Waves 1-20 complete collection Spiderman Classics Tailstrike Scorpion Variant Electro 2nd version Mysterio (Hasbro Version) Lizard (Hasbro Version loose) Spiderman Movies Series Wrestling Suite Peter Spiderman 1 with Gargolye x2 Spiderman 1 Battle damaged Spiderman Spiderman 2 Battle Attack with Dr Ock Here are my extra BAF/CnC pieces: Marvel legends Red Hulk - Head and rt arm Annhilus - torso Blob - rt arm x2 Apocalypse -lt leg (variant black) Fin Fang Foom - lt leg Nemesis - lt arm,rt leg Ares - lt arm Giantman - lt arm (mid) Brood - upper torso,4 front arms, 3 back ones DCU Classics Metallo - head and torso Solomon Grundy - rt leg Stel - rt & lt leg Grogg - rt arm & leg Despero - rt arm Kalibak - rt leg Gigianta - lt arm x5 Trigon - rt leg Antimonitor - head and lower torso Nekron - upper & lower torso,rt arm & leg Arkillo - left leg x 2, upper torso x3 This is just the tip of the iceberg, my fellow collectors!! As I will be moving soon I will take what I paid for them plus shipping to you (those outside the US – I ship as gifts so you won’t be charged extra on your end) and will update when I find more. I also have Star Trek Figures, Terminator 4 Figures and a lot of Ghostbusters figures as well. And as always if you have something that you are looking for and need it for a good price my rarities will be the next to be posted. By the way, I do work full-time so please be patient with my returning your PMs. Thanks, Robbie
  2. robbie

    ML in 2012

    We need to see the following first: Firestar Bulldozer Enchantress Guardsmen Modern Havok Klaw Modern Luke Cage Maverick 1st Appreance Ms Marvel 1st Appreance Sunfire Jim Lee Jean Grey (not my choice, but highly wanted) Piledriver 1st Appreance Storm Thunderball US Agent Lady Bullseye Hood Nuke Constrictor Fantomex. White Phoenix Brother Vodoo Multiple Man Multiple Man Bi-Beast Terror Inc The Amazing Bagman Moonstone Ms Marvel Liliandra Aurora & Northstar Gladiator AIM Sholdier Iron Patriot Skrull Soldier And no duplicates like Spiderman,Hulk,Capt America, FFs,Ironman and Wolverine! Give us what we want, Hasbro!!!
  3. robbie

    Hasbro ML Holiday Wish list

    careful what you wish for... hasbro will make them in to 3.75"... and then us Legends Collectors will be screwed again.
  4. robbie

    New 2 packs

    Here is my SHIELD army. Please to enjoy!
  5. robbie

    New 2 packs

    TRU has them backordered and now I don't get to build a SHIELD Ironmen Army!!
  6. The devils in hell hate us. some dude is selling the debunked ff movie series 4 figures still in package for... what for it... $1,7000!! dude, if I was rich, I'd think of it. Got an Blue Wasp, Luke Cage, Extreme Pyslocke, etc...? ahhh! toybiz, those were the days.
  7. Yes, they are shorter, but still cool! Great auction items. Stan Lee is a good deal.
  8. robbie

    New 2 packs

    Oh and this one is almost complete. Thinking of adding Ironman and Nick (Toybiz version)
  9. robbie

    New 2 packs

    Please to enjoy! I made this with She-hulk head and photoshop - had to add something to keep the head in place.. What does everyone think?
  10. robbie

    Figures in action (again)

    I got my 2pack wave 3 and got this pic together. A sad day indeed!
  11. So Hasbro has f*ed us again. In the begining, we got pictures for 1st fan choice and no other figures from the other poll (silver samuri,northstar,aurora,lilandra,fa storm...), but this time actual figures!! And we only get to choose 3!! I want them all. I don't care that they reused some heads,bodies;they all look awesome - some of them i am not even familar with. BRING THEM ALL ON, Hasbro!! And to add insult to injury> I still can't get over Firestar as an 3.75" and now Jim Lee Jean, Original Sunfire, and guarenteed Warpath, but wait there is more... No Nemesis wave anywhere other than San Diego where some of us couldn't be there. (i paid 2x for them from Canada, but I feel everyone's pain being a fellow hardcore 6" Marvel Legends fan) And why no pics of Titanium & Crimson Dynamo. Teasing and all that. I know I should wait until Sunday, but I am mad & I am not going to take it any more!!!!
  12. robbie

    Two-Pack Iron Man

    I'm not posting any more pics of the girl. I'm sure someone will post some pics of her in a couple months. ...okay... odd. I agree YERY ODD.....????? but there are plenty of explenations: A. his only camera broke B. he ran out of space on his memory stick C. He got hit in the head and forgot how to up load pics OR D. HE DOES NOT OWN THESE YET. Or E. I don't take requests or give a $hit about what pictures some guy wants to see. I bought the set for Iron Man, not the broad. I will take the broad!!
  13. robbie

    Two-Pack Iron Man

    OK, again I caved!! (my last cave was Nemesis wave and i did not get egg on my face since they still have yet to be released here in the USA - 6+ months later). So I was on ebay and found the lot of 7 2pack figs and I bought them. Yes, I know I gave into scalpers(?), but I need these, like a fat kid needs cake. I am going to build an army so it really won't matter in the long run. And to add insult to injury, I also got the Nick/Hand ninja from another auction. I know I will hopefully have these within 2 months, but really couldn't wait. And I hope these aren't counterfiet and the seller is legit. Anyone else caved??
  14. If this is true, then I am happy. Seems like Hasbro is taking lesson from Mattel and keeps using the same mold for different characters so that they can hopefully pump these out that much quicker. Like about it Lady Bullseye has Black queen head and elekta body. Warpath has Kazar's head and crossbone's body. MM has someone's head and Ult Nick Fury's body. I don't mind it as long as I keep getting 6" figures!

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